Fox News Host Tells Voters Not to Vote for GOP Senate Candidate

Fox News
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Fox Business host Lou Dobbs isn’t a big fan of South Carolina GOP Senator Lindsey Graham.

On his show “Lou Dobbs Tonight”, Dobbs said, “well just to be clear I don’t know why anyone of the great state of South Carolina would ever vote for Lindsey Graham.”

“It’s just outrageous. This is the guy who keeps saying stay tuned,” Dobbs lamented. He said he was going to get to the bottom of Obamagate with the Judiciary committee which has been a year and a half – actually longer – of absolute inert, inert response to these pressing issues of our day.”

Dobbs then quoted what President Trump said about Lindsey Graham in 2016:

“I think Lindsey Graham is a disgrace, and I think you have one of the worst representatives of any representative in the United States…I don’t think he could run for dog catcher and win again. I really don’t. Other than that, I think he’s wonderful…He’s one of the dumbest human beings I’ve ever seen…The guy is a nut job.”

Dobbs prefaced Trump’s quote by saying, “I believe the President’s words about the Senator then apply today.”

Dobbs also stated he believed Graham has betrayed Trump “at almost every turn” in addition to betraying the American people and his oath of office.

“He has done absolutely nothing to investigate Obamagate except to tell everyone to stay tuned time and time again. Stay tuned,” Dobbs continued.

“Senator Graham needs to be tuned out in South Carolina,” Dobbs concluded.

You can see Dobbs remarks here:

Dobbs’s comments are something Democrats could turn into a powerful ad heading into Graham’s contentious reelection.

Graham is locked into a tight race against former South Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Jamie Harrison. A recent poll from Morning Consult on October 22nd show Harrison leading Graham by 2 points. Most of the other recent polls show the race within a single point, but an outlier poll from Siena College and the New York Times show Graham leading by 6.

  1. I totally agree. He was John McCains yes man, he’s now on his own and floats with the wind. For a while I did start to trust him, but he’s done nothing but talk.

    1. In other words he is, in this case, just like Biden. He takes a seat and does absolutely nothing with it but talk.

        1. McCain was one of the worse Navy pilot’s ever…crashing three jet fighter’s…one of which he crashed on the deck of a carrier…almost setting off all the bombs he was carrying…His last crash was over enemy territory where he was captured by the Viet Cong…this is how he injured his shoulder…Being an Admiral’s son he was given preferential treatment by his capturer’s the Viet Cong.

    2. I see much of this as blackmail…..When John McCain passed Lindsay got much better….But then somehow Lindsay became wishy washy again. I’m afraid there’s many in DC that are being blackmailed. Drain the swamp !

  2. While he may be a part time RINO he is still better than any democrat. If he goes down the whole Senate is in jeopardy. I for one have no desire to live in a Socialist Hell Hole…

      1. He’s been in the same spot too long to do any good. If he hasn’t done anything already, he never will. He’s just too complacent, self centered and lazy…the problem with all senators that last longer than 12 years.

      2. That is what I am trying to find out.What is his and all the others jobs? If all they do is set around and talk about how to spend out tax money and make laws we must follow (but not them); why do we need them? If one man can demand how they will vote (or one woman in the House) why do we need to pay all these people to do what?

      1. If we lose the senate and the house we will lose America. Even if Trump wins they will fight him even harder and more effective than they did for 4 years.

    1. I agree with you – he’s better than any Democrat and we can’t afford to lose a safe Senate majority. (I do agree with Dobb’s critique, but it should be done via a Primary – not the general election)

      1. HardtoThrill: I agree. I like Lou Dobbs but it was wrong of him to say don’t vote for Graham days before the election. Graham is better than that democrat running against him!!!

  3. I totally and completely agree. Linsey Graham has betrayed President Trump many times and he has done so using several “back-stabbing methods!” Now, with that said, we also cannot afford to have him replaced with a Democrat. We all know their agenda and we cannot afford to lose a seat in the Senate. Should a new Republican emerge to take Linsey’s seat I would be the first to support them and kick in money for their campaign efforts. Graham has proven to be a RINO extraordinaire and his major accomplishments have primarily been to cover his own ass!

      1. No, unfortunately he is the lesser of two evils. One thing that everyone seems to be avoiding is his anti-2nd Amendment attitude for several prior elections and his active “Red Flag Act” support. He is another Republican Rhino like Collins. Hopefully, the next election will bring forth a
        new, honest Republican candidate we can rely on and be proud of.

        1. The time is clean house of RINOS is during the mid terms and not during a general election, unless we have healthy majorities. As I’ve said it before, our side never learns from their opponents. They STICK TOGETHER, ALWAYS! The problem sometimes is that people complain about a certain member of Congress, but then they won’t vote or support the challenger. Name recognition goes a long way. But, in Graham’s case, I hope and pray he’s reelected.

    1. I agree with none island girl. Would you prefer a democrat and that we lose the Senate????? You have to vote for him. Worry about him next time with a viable candidate. We always seem to kick ourselves in the ass. Oh he’s not perfect where the democrats stick together even if they are breaking laws.

  4. Dobbs is upset with -0- done on ObamaGate (who isn’t) – so he prefers to put a Democrat in? His argument makes no sense at all.

    1. Dobb’s postion is “Dont reward Graham by re-electing his for doing nothing,
      Graham or a Democrat senaror form SC are 6 of one and half a dozen of the other.

    2. This is pure stupidity. The young guy running against him has zero experience and one more idiot joining the squad. What is wrong with you people? Getting the President reelected with no house and or Senate means zero!

      1. I totally agree with you. They must be crazy to not vote for him. If they sit back and don’t vote for graham, dems will win the senate and trump will be impeached again for breathing and the dems will have vote to boot him.

  5. Lou Dobbs is one that I have a lot of faith in. He is never compromised. Nobody tells him what to do. He may not be right in this case. Again he may be right. In other words he is a human being and entitled to his opinion right or wrong. I will still be turning him on every time he is broadcasting.

    1. I will too. I like lou dobbs a lot, but don’t tell us to not vote lindsey graham otherwise dems win. Then he will have a hell of a lot to complain about.

  6. Coney-Barrett might be his lifeline, but only if she’s confirmed. If she’s not confirmed, he’ll be gone with no monument.

    1. Any Senator who did not vote for Barrett’s confirmation and is up for reelection next week should be voted out of office by their constituents.

  7. His job is fair and unbiased reporting, what he did is not a part of his duty, he should at least be suspended.

  8. I can’t believe how many stupid people we have in this country. That is the one voting for Biden. Do people now days know what communism is marxisim socialism in short it means YOU WILL NOT HAVE ANY MORE FREEDOM IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY !!! Pick up some older history book read learn understand you are inviting COMMUNISIM INTO U.S.A. AND IT WILL HAPPEN IF YOU VOTE FOR BIDEN. media has lied to every single one of us. Fox I believe has been fair but should have more about what’s going on in the election and the Biden’s.

    1. You should watch Newsmax and OAN one America news they are great and even Fox is turning in part too liberal for me. Some of their hosts and guests.are down right nuts. Example Chris Wallace. Juan Williams etc etc

    1. Yes, me too. I agree. We must unite to keep the Senate and possibly take the house.
      This is so infuriating!

  9. This is the kind of thing that absolutely makes me so mad! If the President loses the Senate and we don’t regain the house, his hands are tied and they will attempt impeachment again, only this time they will succeed. Look at who’s running against him? Someone who will go to WA and be part of the squad. Our side has learned absolutely NOTHING from the KKKRAKAS. We NEVER UNITE WELL! This guy must have a beef with Graham???? For anyone voting in SC, please support Senator Graham. Better than the alternative.

    1. CRUZ is not a damn way in hell..that man has done more for us conservatives, via his legal work for the supreme court than any senator in there right now..please don;t lump him with those RINOS..Perhaps you meant Romney! now that I would agree with NOT TED CRUZ never, ever..

  10. I would think that if you have a brain, this should have been decided with Primaries. Now is not the time to NOT vote for the republican. What, do you want a Democrat in there that can possibly change the senate to dems? Don’t be stupid. If you feel that strongly against him, then next time introduce a strong conservative in the PRIMARIES!!!!!!

  11. Even a RINO Republican is a better choice than any Democrat. In this election we need EVERY Republican we can get if we are going to keep Democrats from turning America into a third world nation. Graham has issues but when push comes to shove he’ll vote with Republicans.

  12. Dobbs needs to stop playing for the other team. Sen Graham was key to getting Kavanaugh confirmed, after Gorsuch, now again for Barrett. Perhaps the most important achievements for the Trump Admin.

    1. Exactly. I didn’t like him much but when he blasted the dems for the show they put on with Cavanaugh he won me over. I have more respect for him than any Dem. Get out and vote SC and keep him in the Senate.

  13. graham’s not the only one; i was born farmkid, conservative, life-long republican & former marine & we’ve been bitching about the clintons & their commie democrat comerades since the 80s. we were never, ever able to do anything about’em until trump came along; worst part? hillary stuck her head in the noose & the repubs need only follow trump to pull the lever. bare in mind that hillary’d have railroaded any of’em, but they let their jealousy of trump take their eye off the criminal bitch who escaped the noose & now we’re (en)trapped by dems who will show no mercy & with a republican party full of fence sitters who are all bark & no bite, who needs enemies? still votin republican coz i hate dems

  14. The time to criticize Graham is during the primary. The senate is too important to just give a seat to a Dem. ANY gop is better than ANY dem. They vote as a block and will NEVER vote against the radical leftist agends

  15. Sometimes people grow with the job and circumstances. I developed respect for Lindsey when he blasted his collegues over their disgraceful treatment of Judge Kavanaugh. I would vote for Graham.

  16. I keep getting emails asking me for money from Gram and I keep responding , I’ll send you some money when you get off your ass and keep your word , the only person in DC that has kept his word is Trump the rest of them are all talk and no action and I’m sick of it

    1. I did the exact same thing!!
      (Believe me, as a white (person of “no” color) former fed agent…MALE no less… who was the victim of reverse discrimination (by senior SES level bureaucrats…WHITE of course) don’t EVER count on your elected republican representatives to be there for you because they won’t be. If you’re lucky, you might get a form letter thanking you for contacting their office followed by boilerplate b.s. as to why they can’t do anything.)
      Now I hear from all of them…. begging for money,
      Is it any wonder Trump hates them all like we do!!!!!

  17. Graham is way better than the alternative…and he did stand tall for Kavanaugh against the Democrat $hit storm.

  18. Lindsey is starting to remind me of Joe Biden. Can not depend on his word from one day to the next. I used you think he was a true Republican but now I am not sure any longer.It is sad to see because we need everybody to be a reliable, stable conservative. What has happened to you Lindsey???

  19. Dobbs should have pushed that line of thinking during the PRIMAIRIES ….. Now the GOP needs to hang on to the Senate…..


  21. As much as I agree with Mr. Dobbs, there is no Republican to replace Mr. Graham, and we can’t afford to lose a single Republican Senate seat to the Democrats. Mr. Graham really has everyone by the short and curlies.

  22. This should have been said during the primary, assuming he had any real opposition. Now he’s in a fight for the seat, and we don’t need any more Democrats in the Senate! He does seem to be all talk and no action, but now is not the time to criticize him and tell people not to vote for him! Put the pressure on him beginning Nov. 4, but keep the Senate “red”!

  23. Some say a lot, but do very little. Faith and promises without work is an empty vase without flowers. No beauty, no sweet perfume of success! Get off the pot or get the job done!

  24. Lou Dobbs is nothing but a loud mouth egotistical blow hard that thinks he know everything and nobody else know anything. He disagrees with some one then all of a sudden he is the omnipotent one and knows all. He is nothing more than a big mouth that needs to be taken off the air for disruption of the airwaves.

    1. It is very difficult to be in the public forum and not make seemingly contradictory comments, or forget, or mis-speak, or skip, or slip with a cuss word. It is impossible to speak perfectly 100% of the time, unless you are Jesus Christ. And, it is impossible to step up to that level, we being fully human! I’d have my ’15 minutes of fame’, if I were to speak publicly…then minute 16 I’d screw up. Its just a human thing, ya know?

  25. Shame on Lou Dobbs for making such a vicious statement against Senator Lindsey Graham. Senator Graham is a TRUE PATRIOT! I used to be a fan of Lou Dobbs…but no more!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. LD has the right to speak how he feels. LD has many good points. It doesn’t mean that he is 100% right – just that he has the right to his opinion, be it bitter or sweet.

  26. Think about this , fellow patriots, if Graham is defeated we then have a dam demoncrap in that Senate seat, we cannot afford to have that! The time to get rid of Graham is in the primary.

  27. Lou, Shame on you! You should have voiced your opinion during the primary. Now you’re just providing fodder for the Democrats. We South Carolinian’s believe Graham has moved full support to Trump. You’re tardy interference doesn’t help!

  28. If Graham loses and his loss means the Republicans lose the Senate…….that would be stupid. We need to keep the Senate. A bad Republican is better than a Democrat any day. If we lose the Senate and the Presidency, our nation is doomed. We don’t need to shoot ourselves in the head.

  29. We need to keep the senate.. Th ande last thing the South Carolina people should do, is disavow their conservative values, and skip over Lindsay Graham, and vote for his democratic opponent. That is just plain stupid..If you think Senator Graham has been tooooo moderate, as a Republican, you sure aren’t going to replace him, with a solid conservative, by voting for his lame democratic opponent, who is currently trying to BUY that senate seat, PAC money, from nasty Chuck U. Schumer. . Sometimes you just got to hold your nose, vote with your party, and hope for the best..Please don’t let personal malice, including TV talking heads like Lou Dobbs, influence your decision, now is NOT the time. I happen to usually like Lou Dobbs show, but I DO NOT agree with him in this particular matter..Vote for Sen. Lindsay Graham!!

    1. Agree. LG is still ‘better’, at least he is a body filling in a void – lol, than a democrat who goes along party lines. Remove LG, and a void will be created – and you know what happens to voids??? They fill up with something that can be worse.

  30. You are 100% correct lou. But I will never vote for a damn democRAT reguardless of what he’s said or done. Now if another republican can get in for the vote between him and graham I will vote for the other guy but never for a damn democrat. So you see it’s either lindsey or jamie harrison and jamie is a bought and paid for clown by pelosi and schumer. GET IT!!!!!!!

  31. I am really wondering what these people do daily while in their positions? How can they be so busy it takes weeks to assemble for a vote? I always thought they were all equal in that one vote is all they can do. What exactly do they do besides walk down halls, stand in front of microphones and proclaim how great they are, and talk about how they are fighting for us and need to be reelected so they can continue doing what?

  32. I agree with Lou. This moron been saying I’ll get to the bottom of many scandals and nothing happens. Hillary was never looked into. The FBI matter with Comey and the rest – NOTHING and now Hunter. Make all these people come to Congress under oath, not if they feel like coming in. What a jerk. I’m voting for Trump (Rep) but I would not vote for Graham.

  33. This race is akin to the 2008 Obama vs McCain race. Neither candidate was worthy of the office and Obama was an outright disaster. The time to get rid of Lindsey Grahamnesty was in the primary. And if anybody believes Jamie Harrison would be more supportive than Grahamnesty of President Trump or conservative causes, they’re sadly mistaken. And a win for Harrison might tip the majority in the Senate from Republican to Democrat or at least dilute the power of the Republican majority. No, Graham is much less of an evil than Harrison.

  34. How sad it is that Sen. Lindsay Graham is all talk, NO ACTION! However, his opponent is FAR WORSE! This is a case needing to vote for the least BAD option. We need Graham’s “R” in the Senate. We can hold his feet to the fire, after the election!

  35. I’m reluctant to let a Dem get in office. My recommendation is to lobby Mitch to demote Lindsey, put someone with some real drive in charge of the Judiciary Committee. If his seniority means LG has to head a committee, make it the least important committee in the Senate. And he should never again be on Maria Bartiromo’s show. I would have long ago told LG to not come back until he had results to report.


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