Former Fox News Host Bombs in New Gig

Jim.henderson, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Shepherd Smith spent 23 years at Fox News. Most recently, he hosted “Shepard Smith Reporting” before leaving the network in October 2019.

Smith was a big critic of President Trump and evening anchor Tucker Carlson while at the Fox News Channel which caused turmoil inside the studio.

This summer CNBC signed Smith to host “The News with Shepard Smith” on CNBC from 7 to 8 PM. At his new network, he serves e chief general news anchor and chief breaking news anchor.

However, Smith’s new gig – which began earlier this month – might not last long.

The former Fox News star has hosted big-name guests, but it hasn’t been enough to bring in viewers.

According to Mediate the new show is flopping:

Bringing in an average of 343,000 total viewers in its first week according to Nielsen, the show dropped to 268,000 in its second week, 254,000 in its third, and is set to continue to decline for week four (ratings for last Friday will be in later today).

The 25-54 age demo ratings have been significantly lower, going from a meager 58,000 average viewers in the show’s debut week to just 48,000 the week later.

Between September 30 and October 22, The News with Shepard Smith was at the bottom of 7 p.m. cable news ratings — behind MSNBC’s Joy Reid, CNN’s Erin Burnett and Fox News’ Martha MacCallum — with an average of 272,000 viewers.

What’s worse is Smith is even lagging behind Lou Dobbs Tonight reruns on Fox Business at 7 pm. The show initially airs at 5 pm.

When at Fox News, Smith averaged well over one million viewers per day suggesting that Fox News viewers have largely not followed him over to CNBC.

CNBC released a statement to Mediate claiming viewers have responded well to Smith’s new show and stating that it will take time for viewers to form new viewing habits.

If viewers don’t form new viewing habits, Smith could be back off the air in the hyper-competitive cable news market.

    1. Glad Shep is gone from Fox. Never liked him! Now Fox needs to clean house of the other leftist they hired. If we wanted to listen to leftist garbage, we could tune into one of the LAME STREAM MEDIA alphabet channels.

  1. Once the cancel culture hates your guts, there is no redemption. I knew this would happen. As we say down here, you done pee’d in your chili.

    1. I completely agree!
      I remember watching him way back in the day if we were on vacation. Lib all the way.
      We all know what karma is? A b——tch

  2. We at FOX didn’t like his Bias attitude so why should anyone from FOX follow him. No, GOOD RIDDANCE to BAD RUBBISH !!

  3. Shepard Smith couldn’t get along with half the staff at FOX. Other than stupidity, why did CNBC hire him? Oops, forgot that stupidity runs rampant at CNBC and most other networks.

  4. Shepherd Smith followed his own instincts and went down his own path, some people don’t like viewers watching everything they do, feel its too invasive. Shepherd is in many ways like Lebron James, they win championships when 70% of the audience is missing.

  5. Smith is a liberal, read that as a communist sympathizer, and has been since Trump was elected. I for one do not miss the queer acting S O B, and would miss Juan Silliams and Chris Wallace even less.

    1. Agree 100% Now maybe Fox will run off the Radiclib exec they hired to help run Fox into the ground. That’s where most of the liberal trend at Fox is coming from.

    2. So why not enhance Fox’s profile and dump Chris Wallace. He trues but can’t hide his LEFEST profile.

  6. Well he made his bed now he can sleep in it and I’m sure CNN will hire him he has all the qualifications and he’ll be better at it than any of the idiots over at that crappy place he is even a real reporter not a hack Obama holdover

  7. Shep shit is queer walks light in is shoes do not watch him read a good book will be far ahead night

  8. Except for the real conservative shows on Fox I just don’t watch Fox anymore. Too many democrats running network. I watch AON for news

    1. Like me , you found the best. When Chris or Brazil are on, or any of the other liberals now scattered through Fox I switch to OAN. They have the best investigative reporting on during the week ends also. What OAN needs is a Hannity or Callson to round them out. They are new, it will take time.

  9. somebody pls convince the piilsbury doughboy, cavuto, to follow smith to cnbc, which has become a train wreck

  10. Never cared for him. Fox with Ryan in the board is getting too left for me. I dvr a few of their shows. Watching Newsmax a lot now….. Greg Kelly, Chris Salcedo and Grant Stinchfield.

  11. Shep Smith undoubtedly spent too much time watching himself in the mirror and taking himself seriously. In no way was he ever entertaining and just about as
    welcome as another pimple on a teen agers face.

    There are others still clinging to their long time jobs on Fox with the same political bias that should be very careful . . . It is ALL about ratings and NOT their petty political positions.

  12. Shep was aggravating to watch and he sucked (no pun intended) when he was at Fox. I was glad to see him gone.

  13. CNBC isn’t a great news organization in my humble opinion Trump haters all. Shep outlived his position at Fox because he was the liberal side of the Fox news and everyone knew he was. It wasn’t until he turned into a never Trumper that he started rubbing his audience in the wrong way which caused turmoil in the networks head office. One thing I figured he needed to go to a very liberal network and he was hired by CNBC, problem is his years associated with Fox the very liberal audience doesn’t trust him either and here he is with failing ratings does not surprise me in fact it kind of delights me and the old adage payback is a bitch. I pray that Donald Trump wins this election I know that will piss him off royally!

  14. No surprise here. Smith was a failure on Fox from the time he began to use his platform for somewhat bizarre, leftist/lgbtq/anti-hetero views. Perhaps he always held those views, but for years he seemed to be in synch with most of the talented Fox lineup. Until he wasn’t. Every time we saw him, he seemed to be angrier and we changed channels whenever he appeared. Goodbye, Shep. We liked you until you made clear your dislike for us.

  15. Smith would have and should have bombed many, many years ago had he not been surrounded by legitimate journalists. He drifted into the realm of far left fantasy and deserves his obit!


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