Fox News’ Heavy Hitters Covid Scare Sends Network into Panic

Fox News
Jim.henderson / CC0; WIkimedia Commons

Some of the biggest names at Fox News Channel are now under quarantine after flying together on a private plane.

According to USA Today, a memo from the network to employees disclosed that “a few” individuals within the organization tested positive for coronavirus.

One of the people who tested positive was on a private plane which took Fox News personnel to last week’s presidential debate in Nashville.

Fox News has not disclosed who tested positive, but according to the AP Fox News Hosts Bret Baier, Martha MacCallum, Juan Williams, Dana Perino, and Fox News President Jay Wallace were on site for the debate.

According to the Daily Beast, the stars have been advised to quarantine and undergo regular testing.

Baier has acknowledged this and said he’s tested negative three times in a row.

This is posing logistical problems for the network leading up to election night coverage as the network will now only allow “people critical to the broadcast” into headquarters.

MacCallum, Baier, Perino, and Williams were all expected to have large roles during the networks election night coverage.

This is causing chaos for the network.

According to Daily Beast:

“Everyone is in a panic about election night,” said one current Fox News staffer.

All four of those stars were expected to play key in-studio roles for Fox’s election-night coverage. But now it’s unclear how the network plans to proceed with its top talent potentially unable to gather in the same room.

“I believe it will put election night-plans into chaos,” another current Fox staffer told The Daily Beast under condition of anonymity for fear of retaliation. “It will be like starting from scratch… It’s not good for anyone.” The employee added: “It’s insane that there’s a possibility the anchors will have to host the biggest night of 2020 from their homes.”

It’s unclear how Fox News will proceed with its election night coverage, but expect it to look much different than it has in the past.

        1. I’m part of the immunocompromised 1% and you’re full of it. I’ve been on lockdown since March but just because I’ve an issue, doesn’t mean everyone else does. I’ll be confined until a vaccine but others shouldn’t be punished due to my circumstances. But we know, you all only care about your select chosen few, the rest you couldn’t care less about. And your #’s of fatalities is skewed and everyone knows it. Even the CDC is being more honest than you apparently choose to be. They’ve tallied every death as if due to covid for politics only, but reality is just because you have covid and die from a car accident while carrying it doesn’t mean the death was due to the virus, it was due to the car accident. In any case, please carry on as usual as you’re about to see what doing so is going to give you. Like so many others, I didn’t vote in 2016 when my conscience wouldn’t allow me to vote for either. However my ballots already been cast this time and for the first time in my life I have voted a straight republican ticket. I don’t like Trump’s mouth either but you all have become the much bigger evil. Now you’re going to find out that most of us detest bullies and liars.

    1. Because the democrat’s must have something to gripe about. Apparently they will do OR SAY anything to keep the country locked down — this way, Biden doesn’t have to present or say anything. — Our silent “dumb-founded” presidential candidate.

    1. I love Jesse and Greg when I watch the clips posted from their shows.
      Juan would just be a downer with his liberal talking points. He can quarenteen until after the Holidays. He’ll need the time to recover from Trump deranged syndrome.

      1. Juan can Quarantine PERMANENTLY, go over to some other loser network… the ones who think Cuba is great!!!

  1. I don’t care cause I quit watching fox news, they have to many whiney liberals on there now so I just watch news max

      1. A young cable news station with no news reporters, just regurgitators.
        It must be comforting to find a ‘news’ outlet that confirms your preconceptions.

    1. 255,000 Americans now think Covid 19 is all bad.
      How many deaths will it take for you to see that covid 19 is all bad.

      1. Albert, pains me to respond to someone with a testa dura, but I can’t help myself.
        What are you doing on this site????
        The huffpo would welcome you with open arms, where you can spew your dribble.

      2. Only problem is that 255,000 people (inflated) did NOT die OF covid. They died with the virus in them. Most died of heart disease, cancer, pneumonia, or, in one Florida case, in a motorcycle wreck!

          1. Next to nursing homes hospitals are the very best place to get Covid-19.
            No one should drive a motorcycle if they want to avoid Covid-19.

        1. Yes the 255,000 number is inflated. At this point the Trump’s CDC is projecting that we will not reach 255,000 until the week before Thanksgiving.

          It is medical doctors who sign off on the cause of death.
          Doctors by background, intelligence and training tend to be very Conservative.
          Why are they lying on death certificates?

          People who drive motorcycles get Covid-19. People in motorcycle accidents go to hospitals, and excellent place to pick up Covid-19.

          Do you by any chance have any of the details of the Florida motorcycle wreck Covid-19 death?
          It is always fun to flesh out anecdotal ‘evidence’.

      1. Albert, you are one of the SHEEP! The CDC’s data on COVID Survival Rate by age group:
        0-19 years 99.997%
        20-49 years 99.98%
        50-69 years 99.5%
        70+ years 94.6%
        Death from Covid 19 is being GROSSLY inflated! We are now a nation of scared spineless wimps.

        1. Ollie, you just can’t fix stupid!
          He’s gonna vote for slow joe. That’s all he’s campaigning on.
          We all know he has NO AGENDA, except raising taxes and locking us all down.

        2. What people aren’t considering is the increase in drug and alcohol problems, suicide and depression – they are all up because of the COVID lockdowns! I see how it is negatively affecting our children. The yearly flu kills people too but we don’t go into lockdowns every year. If we did, we would NEVER be opened. A nurse told me this is the “election infection” and I have to agree.

          1. Just imagine what this country would be like without Trump’s leadership.
            How in his first three years in office he was able to cut our drug, alcohol, suicide and depression rates by 16.381%

        3. As of today the CDC has reported ~8,900,000 cases and ~228,000 deaths for an overall survival rate of 98.4%. The fact that it affects mostly
          older people is just too bad for them. Anyway, they are just a drag on our economy, they consume more than they produce.

          Who is grossly inflating Covid -19 deaths?
          Trump’s CDC whose numbers you just quoted?

        1. My uncle caught it.
          He quit whining on August 14, 2020 @ 8:41 pm, cause of death, pneumonia, due to his bodies reaction to the Covid -19 virus.
          We was a lifelong whiner.
          The silence is golden.

    1. Perino has one of the worst speaking voices on cable. In fact the three most annoying speaking voices on cable are all at Fox. Dana Pirino, Jessica Tarnof and Neal Cavuto.

    2. I have always thought of Perino as a RINO.
      From the GWB era. It must pain her to defend President Trump from time to time.

      1. Is the current definition of a RINO is any lifelong Republican who prefers that Trump were not the president?

        To be a Republican and not love Trump and all that does, or does not do, make you a RINO in Trump Speak?

    3. Fox is not worth watching.
      They are trying to tear down Trump from the inside.
      Trump is too stupid to see it.

  2. They should be more worried about Biden selling USA and it’s citizens to China. And making USA a communist country. Mainstream media won’t air this because they are mostly owned by Democraps . look for hunter biden and laptop on YouTube Dan Bongino it is the trurh

    1. Tucker Carlson had the whole Biden expose on his show tonight. Bobolinski and Tucker took up the whole show with facts and logic about the Biden crime family. If Biden and Hunter aren’t indicted immediately, before the election, then there is no justice,

  3. I see no reason they can’t proceed with the coverage from their homes. Biden seems to be running his entire campaign from his basement.

  4. Mainstream media just wants to scare everyone about the China virus although the is bad making USA. A COMMUNIST COUNTRY is worse that means you will not have any rights to anything at all no guns food nothing

  5. There is a lot of Democraps involved in this including FBI,CIA. They have been covering this up for the last 3 years. And Biden says the public is so stupid we don’t deserve the truth. And if you Google how to change your vote it will tell you how to do it if you voted early

  6. Communism in United States is not a funny thing to joke about . This not a joke. Communism, socialism, Marxism, if you do not know exactly what this means get your books out and read and learn. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. So you have children grandchildren wives, daughters. All of their lives including your will be in jeopardy if Biden gets in office

    1. The public schools are mostly forbidden to teach about communism and the holocaust. That rule, is in preparation of taking over America.

      1. Where have you been. The schools have been teaching socialism and how to hate america for years. We have had too many Democrats in office to do anything about it and the Republicans, since Reagan and before president Trump were all cowards.

      2. Specifically which public schools are forbidden from teaching about Communism and the Holocaust?

        My son just spent a month studying the Holocaust (the H in Holocaust is always capitalized, if you had studied it you would know that) via remote learning.
        They studied Manifest Destiny last year, from the White man’s point of view….. .

    2. Yet there are far too many that think this would be a good thing. I have people on Facebook that want to vote for true communism. They don’t believe Biden is left enough! Our education system has completely failed to teach the truth and instead have indoctrinated them to believe that communism is the answer. If they believe in communism so much, there are many countries they could move to – don’t destroy ours!

      1. There is no shortage of people in this country who think that Biden is not to the Left enough just as their are people who think that Trump is not to the Right enough.
        Do you think that Trump is far enough Right?

        How is it that the most technologically advanced nation in the world has a completely failed education system?

        Most people in world would give up there first born for a chance for their second born to be educated in the US.

        How many billions of dollars do foreigners spend every year to have their children attend our completely failed education system?

        If you don’t like our education system there are many countries you could move to. Where would you move to to get a better education for your children? Russia? Mississippi?

    3. The United States is in fact a Socialist country
      Social Security
      Subsidized housing (Section 8)
      Tax subsidized low income housing construction loans
      Tax subsidized mortgages (deduction for loan interest paid)
      Obamacare (even without it you can always receive free care in an emergency room)
      And the list goes on.

      How many of your children, grandchildren, wives and daughters have had these benefits?
      All of their lives…..

  7. According to [Daily Beast]/ this is a reliable source? hardly..snooze fest! they seemed to be able to do “the Five” yesterday, and Bret Baier & McCallum were on their shows..
    I suppose now this is an excuse to bring in Chris Hahn (Schumer sidekick) and Donna Brazille (Hillary-lite) , if you do, you sure as hell better bring in some conservatice heavy hitters that have earned in like Dan Bonjino, Judge Janine Periro, Sara Carter, Emily Companyo (sp?) , the lawyer from Seattle/CA. area that subs on The Five, Degen (Fox Business) Liz from Fox Business..Greg Gutfeld, Huckabee, hell.. there’s plenty of others..even Trish Reagan (fired) should be brought back, if they are in such dire straits, should never have fired HER to begin with..

  8. I am wondering how these and other news media are getting all these tests when there are people out here who cannot get their first one?

  9. Hidden makes an argument for an annual close down/lock down since he is advocating for the Corona lockdown now even though the death rate is less than the ordinary flu.

  10. Well…that would not be a totally bad thing esp. if the far left looneys like brazille are left off…

    1. It is too bad that you write at a fourth grade level.
      Does that put you at the center of Trump’s demographic?

  11. I do not wish for anybody to get sick, but if we do not have to punish to see weasel wallance I am for it. By the way how is this guy still on TV???????? It is travesty for what he done and still doing to President.

  12. Heavy hitters???????????????????? Bret Baier, Martha MacCallum, Juan Williams, Dana Perino, and Fox News President Jay Wallace – give me break. when I saw that headline – thought they were talking Tucker, Hannity, Dobbs, Ingraham, etc – NOT these bunch of losers…..

  13. 99%+ survive who cares. But who lets all these key network people fly on one plane? That’s ridiculously bad management.

  14. You see the mask don’t help. Regardless of where you are, the virus is all around us. So why are they making such a big deal about this? It’s called MONEY.

  15. I don’t know what the obsession with Fox of having Martha McCallum present at these debates, elections, etc. This gap-toothed hillbilly (no offense to hillbillies) lied for years saying she was born and raised in New Jersey. Truth caught up to to her, and now she just says when she “used to live in New Jersey”. She was born in Buffalo, New York. the way she keeps grunting on camera while a guest is speaking is indicative of her ignorance.


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