Biden Promotes Endorsement from Anti-Semitic Group Funded by Soros

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Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden is promoting an endorsement from a leading Muslim-American Anti-Israel group funded by liberal billionaire George Soros. Emgage, the anti-Semite group consists of Muslim leaders who have accused Jews of dual loyalty to America, defended terrorist groups, and even collaborated with Muslim-Brotherhood affiliated organizations.

The Emgage letter was signed by local, state, and federal officials that have promoted Israel boycotts such as Rep. Ilhan Omar, who has come under fire in the past for her anti-Semitic remarks. Biden said he was “honored” to receive the endorsement.

In Biden’s appreciative message he claimed he was inspired by Emgage’s “one million Muslim voters campaign.” The campaign is a nod to the anti-Semitic Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan’s Million Man March in D.C. Emgage has praised Farrakhan in the past.

According to The Washington Free Beacon:

While Biden has vowed to govern as a pro-Israel president, the Democratic Party’s alliance with anti-Israel leaders has complicated Biden’s message, as evidenced by his pledge to confront Israel over the building of Jewish homes in disputed areas. The Washington Free Beacon reported on concerns Biden would be pulled left from pro-Israel voters earlier this month, when it was revealed that Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris, worked with the Council on American-Islamic Relations, one of the nation’s top anti-Israel groups and advocates for boycotts of the Jewish state.

“With Joe Biden, we will have a seat at the table and will address and heal the deep wounds that fracture our country,” the Muslim officials wrote in their letter to supporters of Emgage PAC, which claims to be the largest Muslim PAC in the country.

Rep. André Carson (D., Ind.), one signatory, has refused to denounce his ties to Farrakhan and would not rule out future meetings with the anti-Semitic leader.

Former representative Keith Ellison (D., Minn.), now the Minnesota attorney general, is also a Farrakhan supporter. “Keith would go on all the time about ‘Jewish slave traders,’” associates recalled of Ellison when he was an activist at the University of Minnesota in the 1980s.

Republicans have been skeptical over Biden’s claims he will act as a pro-Israel president claiming the former vice president will most likely appease anti- Israel leaders. Over the weekend a group of prominent Orthodox Jewish leaders penned an open letter of endorsement for Trump. In the letter, the leaders praised Trump’s efforts to keep houses of worship open throughout the Coronavirus pandemic.

  1. Minnesota voters are nuts….why do they elect these foul balls? Beware of Biden….he is dirty in more than one way.

    1. MN voters and MI, too, have large communities of Muslims and that is why they elect thesefoolS! IMHO, they have no place in our governments, city, state and country. They want Sharia law in America and they are all anti-America!! Think Rashadia Tliab, Ilham Omar, etc!

    2. They “elect” them because Minnesota has all but been overrun by an enormous influx of Somali “refugees”, the largest concentration in the United States according to the CDC:
      In the United States, Minnesota is home to the largest Somali community, with the majority residing in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area (Hennepin and Ramsey counties), as well as St. Cloud and Rochester [17]. Many Somali refugees and immigrants have also settled in the Seattle metropolitan area, as well as Columbus (Ohio) and the surrounding area [14, 18].”
      Obama, alone, “resettled” 70,000 in Minnesota. Omar’s entry, like many such, has been documented as fraudulent yet nothing has been done about it.

  2. SIRIS+CCP+ aby dabi+ ukeaine+how many more??? What does ot tale to LOCK THEM UP?? Joe, Jom nad HUnter BIDEN???? LICK THEM ALL UP and then WAKE up the FBI and DOJ to indict them!!!

  3. Biden worked under the Muslim in chief, so of course he’d get their radical supporters. Radicals stick together but actually secretly hate each other, re: Commies and Muslims.

  4. MAGA 2020! Trump Landslide! There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth by the melting snowflakes … again!

  5. He is saying what he thinks voters want to hear. If elected he will go back to the Obama, Clinton, Pelosi and the other Socialist, Marxist agenda to make the US a third world country.

    1. I am more worried about KAMALA HARRIS than I am Biden. That woman is EVIL! She is the most beligeren, condescending, and arrogant person that I have seen. When she questions anyone that is being considered for a job in Trump’s Cabinet, she is a WITCH!.
      She and Nancy Pelosi have already planned to take out Biden as he is really, and place Kamala as President. She actually said “a Harris Administration” during one of her speeches!

  6. Sorry to say that Carson is from Indiana(Indianapolis). His is a “legacy” seat–got it when granny died and the poor idiots allowed him to “inherit” the seat!

  7. Biden is a has-been. He can’t think straight and will be no match for the fools he is going to employ if he some how pulls off this win… will be the biggest swindle of the century if he is promoted to the White House. Even worse is his cohorts…..they are all evil to the core and will destroy this country inside the first year. Crossing my fingers that America is
    smart enough to see this bad news bear coming to ruin all of our lives…..

  8. I am still wondering why certain House members are still in office if they have broken the law in sooooooo many ways??? I mean they are throwing it right in our faces and still smiling for the cameras….I am sure we (most of us Americans) would already be doing time???

    1. They are protected by the corrupt Democrat Members of Congress and the liberal-leaning judges. It will continue until they are removed.

    2. You got that one right the have and the have nots… the difference of the political elites and us pheasants . Look to the works of Goya in regards to the Spanish war. History is about to repeat itself if not careful.


  10. Only a few more days to right this ship we call America and guide her back to the country we all know and love…vote nov.3,2020…Trump 2020

  11. The guy is a nut case and needs to go sit in his rocking chair , and the power behind him is well aware of this fact , he is a puppet , and anyone with a normal brain knows it .

  12. We can count on Sleepy Joe to do the opposite of what he says. That seems to be a requirement for Democrats. Whatever they may say is the opposite of what they mean. That results in the observation that Democrats LIE about whatever it is that they are saying.

  13. George Soros. is guilty of treason and should be charged as such and not allowed to fund any groups in the USA

  14. Joe you are a nut for admitting this along with being under investigation for Federal crimes. See you in prison.

  15. Biden has been and will continue to sell out America to the communist Chinese party. He has proven that filling his own pockets comes before our country and people.

  16. I hope the laws that apply for the terrorist are the same laws that would apply to the people who fund terrorists as well as those who conspire to set it up. All the players should be brought before the court and let the court decide based on facts and records. How can Biden and Obama, on the campaign trail, claim there were no crimes in their 8 years and that their administration had a clean slate. YEAH RIGHT. Look at what we know from Tucker, Hannity, Ingraham, and Levin. Others on Fox News deserve equal credit. Biden’s quid pro quo and Hunter’s lap top says it all. Most likely, crimes were committed then as they are now but the liberal media protects the Democrats. Even a few at the FBI have helped the radical left get away with crimes. Comey must think he can get away with anything. His memory seems to be fading fast when it’s convenient for him but I’d ask him 1 question. Do you remember the THIRTY THREE THOUSAND Emails, under SUPOENA, smashed Blackberrys, and the unsecured server at Hillary’s. Do you remember that Jim? Then the media would help in their usual ways like concealing the facts from their viewers and it appears they collectively conspire to report the same lies to all their viewers because their news is reported almost word for word at several networks. Opinions by liberal media fools people from all walks of life. It’s everywhere. Newspapers, Liberal TV Networks, and the Social Media are feeding us lies intentionally and propagandizing us subconsciously. They are collectively trying to steal this country from WE THE PEOPLE and give the Democrats to turn America into a Socialist country. That is a recipe for failure and we need Trump, and no one else, running this country to drain the swamp and put America back on the right path. I wonder who we will find as the swamp starts to drain..

  17. Anyone with half a brain should see how the epithets thrown out by the left apply to them Biden is a racist anti-semitic pedophile opportunistic lying worthless pos who does not care about his constituents but only for himself a perfect example why we need to do away with professional politicians through term limits because it encourages slackers like him who love to eat at the public trough and abuse power to enrich himself

  18. Those who are old enough to remember, or have taken the trouble to LEARN what really happened on December 7, 1941, will know that when Pearl Harbor was attacked on that date by the sneak attack of the Japanese, their original plan was to invade the West Coast of the United States. In fact, our West Coast was completely vulnerable to invasion at that time with little to no defense to ward it off. Admiral Yamamoto of the Imperial Japanese Navy had spent several years in America and it was his statement that in America, there “is a gun behind every blade of grass” was the ONLY thing that saved our West Coast from Japanese invasion. Admiral Yamamoto believed that every American was armed! That was his way of expressing it. THAT is the true VALUE of our Second Amendment!!!

    Those who promote strict gun control (in addition to those gun control laws that are ALREADY on the books) should remember this and give serious thought and consideration to THIS part of history, as well as what has happened in other countries that have tried to ban all guns!!! Disarming the citizenry is the first step to invasion by another country OR a hostile takeover from within!!!

  19. There is not one elected dim wit who has not accepted Soro’s money via his shell groups. And Soros is behind the brownshits of Antifa and BLM who were used by his idle Hitler in Germany before WWII that Hitler caused.

  20. This election was stolen, the spineless, repukesshould not concede, but like usual they will coward, and turn on Trump, how pathetic, these incompetent, repukes have become, this is just the beginning, of the end.


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