Former Democrat Says It’s Time to Walk Away From the Left

White House [Public Domain]

Brandon Straka is walking away from the Left and encouraging others to follow suit. In a powerful message, Straka clearly explained the misconceptions surrounding conservatives and how the Left has let America down. The Walk Away campaign founded by Straka helps embolden voters to abandon the Left.

Straka addressed the common misconception pushed by the Left that all conservatives are homophobic and that Trump plans to take away gay rights if he’s re-elected. The Trump administration has pushed legislation that would decriminalize homosexuality across the globe and Republicans have appointed the first openly gay cabinet.

Protests for racial equality and justice have been happening across the country for months now following the death of George Floyd. Democrats have continued to push the narrative that conservatives are racists, in an underhanded effort to keep the Black community voting for Liberals. However, conservative politicians have actually helped restore funding for historically black universities and the Trump Administration has created more than 9,000 opportunity zones across the country. President Trump also signed the First Step Act into action in 2018 which helped release 3,000 prisoners, over 90% of which are black.

Democrats have attempted to blame Republicans and President Trump for the catastrophic damages across the country due to unruly riots. However, President Trump has openly condemned the violence and damages to businesses across the country, seen especially in Democrat-run cities. President Trump has openly called for law and order to be restored to the country while Biden has catered to mobs and violence overrunning the country.

The Left has pushed their liberal agenda on Americans and silence anyone who has a different opinion. Cancel culture has become second nature to progressives who will blackout any ideas that don’t conform to their prescribed ideologies. Democrats have resorted to pathetic tricks and tactics to keep people from forming their own opinions and keep people voting for Liberals.

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mary e chandler
mary e chandler
24 days ago

Everything he has said is true, i once was a democrat until hillary clinton, i saw the writing on the wall, after bengazzi, she wasnt fit to be president, Our military comes first and she didnt put it first, therefore she certainly didnt deserve presidency. I always was democrat, but it was the turn when democrats started to go the other way, they overlooked wrongs, they didnt stand up for what was right anymore, they were only looking out for themselves, and not the people and good of the United States and its citizens. Trump came along and clearly loves this United States, and has done the very best he can in his promises with out the help of congress because they have shown nothing but selfishness and hate and promoted nothing but selfishness and hate which is not what this or any country should be about. Hate is what destroys us, they openly hate, i went to drs. office, had a black female dr. somehow it got brought up i was republican, she said so that means i hate you and you hate me, my reply was i hate noone, her reply was we dont talk politics here. What the heck, in the drs office, I couldnt believe it for a dr of any color or race to say that to me. It shows that they are promoting hate. I never had seen her before and certainly will never see her again. What they want isnt democracy, its control, pure control, over all of us, thats not what this beautiful country was built on. It was built on Freedom. We need to stand up for our Freedom. Biden isnt fit to run for office, do they care, no, they just want anyone to beat Trump, anyone whom they think can take office long enough for people like harris to take over presidency, and she is not fit to do so either and God forbid Nancy Peloski as vp, i shudder to think of that. So for all of you that havent voted yet, sit down and think hard about your vote and what it means to this great country, think about hate and love think about freedom and socialism where you will be told what to do, guns taken away, babies killed, etc, think long and hard, trust your gut, dont just vote your party, vote with your head and vote whats right for the country, Freedom, Freedom.

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