Democrat Congressman Comes to Biden Accuser’s Defense

Representative Ro Khanna a Democrat from California has assured Biden accuser Troy Bobulinski that he will help defend him against partisan attacks from the Democrats.

Khanna said he will defend Bobulinski against claims that he is a “partisan hack.”

According to Fox News:

Bobulinski — who says he was once involved in a joint-business venture with Hunter Biden and Jim Biden — has come forward with documents, including emails and text messages, claiming that he met twice with former Vice President Joe Biden. Those claims conflict with the Democratic nominee’s statements that he has had no involvement with, or discussions about, his family’s overseas business ventures.

Fox News obtained an email from Khanna on Friday Oct. 30, to Bobulinski, offering him well wishes and support — while saying he isn’t commenting specifically on his claims.

“Tony, hope you are doing okay. I did give an on the record statement to The NY Times that I know you, you have always acted honorably with me, and you and other family members supported me,” Khanna wrote. “I have told any media outlets that have asked the same thing.”

Khanna wrote that he has “refused to comment on the details of your allegations because I don’t have personal knowledge about that, but have said I respect your service to our country and that you have never been a ‘partisan hack’ in our interactions and have talked about putting country over party.”

Records show that Bobulinski has given money to multiple Democrats including multiple times to Khanna.

Bobulinski’s account runs counter to Biden’s claims that he never discussed Hunter’s overseas business dealing with him.

  1. “I know you but I will not comment until I need to regarding the damning allegations you have made against my candidate for President until such time that it will be politically helpful to terminate his presidency”, is that pretty much what we are to take from that Mr. Khanna.

    The representative knows its all true but while he likes his constituents votes, he likes the power of being a party in control more. If everyone knew that the truth would come out eventually there would be a lot different response by them in real time.

  2. As the evidence mounts more Dems will abandon Biden. The only thing this criminal posing as a politician has done in an almost 50 year criminal career is enrichen himself and his family. His actions should draw attention and beg investigations of all politicians who enter office with barely two copper pennies to rub together and in a short time are multimillionaires. There is no honor among thieves and the rest of the criminals posing as politicians in his party will flat out throw him under the bus to save their gravy train.

    1. As a teacher, I had students try to bribe me with money on several occasions. I laughed at them out loud. Girls tried something other than money. I just ignored them. Scorned?

    2. You have a bullseye in fact in the very center! I’m hoping President Trump is able to derail the gravy train and that those on it aren’t able to simply walk away but truly held to account for their almost instantaneously becoming millionaires over night or piling on millions on top of their fortunes. I’m okay with rich folks being just that, but if they acquired it at our expense then off with their heads! 🇺🇸 TRUMP MAGA KAG 2020 AND BEYOND!!

  3. We ALL know how anyone can tell whether Joe Biden is lying—if his lips are moving, he is lying! I am eager to see just how many other Dimocrats are involved.

  4. People keep saying that the Democrats and the never Trumpets hate Trump.
    That may be true in some cases.
    But every one in those two groups are in desperate fear of him.
    He is not a corrupt politician and he knows who is.
    When the F.B.I. and D.OJ. are finally cleared of criminal partician hacks they will be made to pay the price.

  5. He has a “D” behind his name. I would not allow him near this witness with a ten foot pole. We have already seen what an incompetent attorney can do for a person i.e. Michael Flynn.

  6. I am debating whether this communication even helps. Bobulinski or our understanding. You can believe him, he is honest, but I have no idea what he is saying and I’m still voting Democrat?

    1. You are a typical demonrat! You need to stop taking the medication big Pharma Hillary prescribed for you! Your brain just might recover.

  7. Big Tech like Fake News have chosen to back the Liberal Democrats. Have the FCC pull their license to operate if they refuse to immediately change their policy. No more favoritism. No more censorship against Religion, Conservatives, or Republicans, or your license to operate will be pulled. That means you will be broke in just a very short while. Got it?

  8. Good for Bobulinski! It takes a lot of guts to come out and say anything damaging about one of the Chosen Democrats. Soon even the most avid Democrat believers will have to acknowledge that the Biden Crime Family are guilty of very serious crimes. Will they be able to escape too?


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