Joe Biden: Soft on Terror

An Iranian government jet departs Geneva after collecting $400 million worth of Swiss francs that Obama-Biden furnished for the ayatollahs. Photo: Screenshot of planespotter video via Wall Street Journal.

NEW YORK — Here is one more reason voters should defeat Joe Biden at the polls today: He is soft on terrorism:

Biden, often in cahoots with Obama, pulled his punches, opposed anti-terror efforts, and even stuffed terrorists’ pockets full of cash.

Most conspicuous is Biden’s hypocrisy regarding Obama’s finest hour: the liquidation of al-Qaeda founder, Osama bin Laden.

“GM is alive, and Bin Laden is dead,” Biden bragged on the campaign trail as he and Obama sought re-election in 2012, largely on the success of that secret mission in May 2011.

But Biden was a flashing red light on the night of the raid that wiped out this butcher in Pakistan.

Biden told a 2012 Democrat retreat that Obama asked his advisors whether or not to proceed. Most offered inconclusive responses. “On the one hand/on the other hand,” Obama heard.

Biden was more assertive. As he told the Democrat pow-wow:

“(When he) got to me, he said, ‘Joe, what do you think?’ And I said, ‘You know, I didn’t know we had so many economists around the table.’ I said, ‘We owe the man a direct answer. Mr. President, my suggestion is don’t go. We have to do two more things to see if he’s there.'”

Those “two more things” remain a mystery.

Biden later changed his story, and claims that he told Obama privately to trust his instincts.

But former defense secretary Robert Gates’ 2014 memoir, Duty, bolsters the story that Biden told Democrat two years earlier.

“Joe Biden and I were the two primary skeptics,” Gates wrote. “Biden’s primary concern was the political consequences of failure.”

So, former secretary Gates, an astonishingly non-partisan figure, and Biden’s original story both contradict Biden’s latter-day assertion that he counseled President Obama in 2011 to heed his inner Obama when deciding what to do about bin Laden. Gates and Biden’s original story also portray the former vice president as hesitant, if not hostile, to the operation that placed a bullet between bin Laden’s eyes.

Two days after this mission, Biden blabbed about it on air and publically identified the specific military unit that executed it. The parents of several members of that detachment recall their sons contacting them with paramount urgency.

Karen Vaughn told Catherine Herridge, then with Fox News Channel, “Aaron called me and said, ‘Mom, you need to wipe your social media clean of any reference to me or any of my buddies,’ and he actually said to me, ‘Mom there’s chatter, and all of our lives could be in danger including yours.’”

Petty officer Aaron Vaughn was a member of the anti-bin Laden unit. He later was killed, along with 16 other special-forces members, when their helicopter was shot down. The Vaughns and other Gold Star families blame Biden’s loose-lipped victory lap for their sons’ violent deaths, presumably in a fiery act of revenge by terrorists who saw the bullseye that Biden witlessly placed on their backs.

“We expect better out of the high-ups in our government,” said Billy Vaughn, Aaron’s grieving father. “I believe what the administration did then — I believe it was criminal.”

Biden and Obama both allowed ISIS to grow from an idea into an organization. Ultimately, it expanded to the size of two New Jerseys, as Obama-Biden’s rules of engagement hindered U.S.-led forces and left ISIS free to resurrect crucifixion (for real) and hurl gay men fatally off of tall buildings, just because they believed Allah told them to.

It took President Donald J. Trump to unshackle U.S. forces, which then turned the evil caliphate from an organization back into an idea — with zero acreage to its name.

Obama-Biden also embarked upon the notorious Iran-nuclear deal. This pact, which made Neville Chamberlain look like George S. Patton, included America’s unfreezing $150 billion in Iranian financial assets and air-freighting some $400 million in freshly printed Swiss francs. These funds were released and delivered, respectively, despite then-secretary of state John Kerry’s admission to CNBC: “I think that some of it will end up in the hands of the IRGC or other entities, some of which are labeled terrorists.” IRGC refers to Iran’s radical Revolutionary Guards.

In a bold operation, President Trump atomized IRGC leader Qassem Soleimani, arguably Earth’s most notorious terrorist. Obama-Biden could have killed him years ago. However, according to Israel’s Haaretz newspaper, the former administration warned the Iranian terror master to watch his back, as Israeli agents closed in. This reported heads-up came about when the Iran-nuclear deal was in place.

Haaretz cited Kuwait’s al-Jarida, and explained that it’s “assumed in the Arab world that the paper is used as an Israeli platform for conveying messages to other countries in the Middle East.”

As Haaretz’s January 1, 2018 dispatch continued:

The report says Israel was “on the verge” of assassinating Soleimani three years ago, near Damascus, but the United States warned the Iranian leadership of the plan, revealing that Israel was closely tracking the Iranian general.

The incident, the report said, “sparked a sharp disagreement between the Israeli and American security and intelligence apparatuses regarding the issue.”

Joe Biden is naïve, soft-headed, and dead wrong on terrorism. Voters should strike a blow for national security today and keep him in his basement for four more years.

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.

  1. We would get these RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORIST ATTACKS back here on American Soil…..Hasn’t anybody noticed that under Trump they have MAGICALLY STOPPED…???!!!!!

      1. I guess you never read anything but the local papers. There have been numerous j’had attacks in America. The fake news never told you about them.

        1. What is your prime example?
          I do so hope you are not going to try to use Orlando.
          There are so many who agree with the objective, if not the methodology.
          How many people have Muslims killed in the US?
          How many Muslims around the world have been killed by Americans?
          By American war materials?

          My local paper is the home paper of the Boston marathon.
          A couple of marginalized/alienated kids caught adrift. They remind me of Timothy McVeigh, America’s favorite home grown terrorists. , but of course they were not nearly as successful. I mean really, pressure cookers and fireworks.
          If only when they were younger that some nice young Priest had taken them under his wing in his bedroom in the Rectory. By the time they were 30 they could have been very rich.

          You do know about the Oklahoma City bombing don’t you?

        2. Yor prime examples of RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORIST ATTACKS here on American soil, since 9/11?
          How many have died?
          More than Timmy managed in Oklahoma City?

      2. 911 wasn’t !, that was a swamp FF to keep the wheels of war grinding, Trump knows , the 1st bombing of world trade center however was ,and remember the recent guy driving trucks into people , also the compound in new Mexico training kids , killed one kid , of course liberal judge let them go .The Grapevine has been talking of sleeper cells being quietly removed in US by ‘men that move quietly’.

  2. The Biden Crime Cartel should be locked up but instead the criminal deep state and their fake “news” media along with big tech censorship of the truth are trying to install the SOB into the White House. Blood will run in the streets.

    1. What else is new, blood has been running in streets the entire time Trump has been in office.
      Mostly Black blood.

      1. BS, if clueless liberals want to riot their blood is on their hands . if any recidivist armed fellon in the US is dumb enough to try and rush armed cops what the fricking heck do you think will happen !? ,to get a trembley bottom lip because they happen to have a dark shade of melanin is as stupid and racist as you can get !. [ my very real condolences to families though, so much of what they suffer is due to crap demonrat management of ..anything really , did Elijah Cummings do one iota of good for his community?, yet somehow had multi million dollar art work on his walls ??. besides how can ‘peaceful protests’ be causing blood shed ? did you not hear Gary Nadler say the rioting was’ all in trumps mind’ , you can’t have it both ways , funny really as the seatle mayor has now asked for the nat guard to come and sort out the mess , Trump offered the first night of riots .

        1. If a cop feels that his life could be in danger he has every right to put a full clip into the back of a fleeing perp.

      1. The world is watching ,and praying, for Pres Trump wwg1wga , see the pro trump rallies all over the world we are may they are few, God wins

  3. What possessed Obama to give the Iranians all that cash?? Watch out Biden and ‘OBama- Rama- Lama- Ding- Dong’ will do it AGAIN! Biden will place Obama BACK in a Position Of POWER! They are a SET!

        1. It is disrespectful to not capitalize the B in Black as it is also disrespectful to not capitalize the the first A in America, but you knew that.

          Nothing wrong with Blacks in power as long as they’re White, enough, on the inside.

    1. Black mail , they were threatening to show the world they knew he knew were BL was , he spent months every year hunting with falcons in Iran . BL died in egypt a couple of years before the seal team 6 raid , Iran also knew that ,and pakistan . The poor fake BL sap they dumped in the med, with no dna proof or anything, was the reason team 6 were assassinated, lose ends . This is why Trump used team 6 to do the Nigerian job, poke in the eye for OhBumAh and a subtle hint maybe ‘ don’t go anywhere sunshine we can get you anywhere ,even kenya’ .. sorry i mean Nigeria !.

  4. The facts in evidence say just the opposite of what the article is saying, under Obama Iran and 6 other countries including the USA made a deal to limit their atomic energy expansion including the limiting of refining materials to a bomb grade nuclear product, and Trump did away with that deal and only because Trump wanted to do away with everything that Obama did because Trump never though and voiced it often that Obama was not a legal President, even though all other agencies who are responsible for that decision disagreed with Trump. Now I am sure under Biden that agreement will be put back in place and the other countries who were in the agreement will be back on course to enforce the agreement with monitors put back in Iran and video equipment turned back on.

    1. seriously ! so wrong I’m not even going to bother , please do some research, on both sides, what was the Clinton ‘atoms for peace’ deal ? , gave bombs to Iran, and kim , so evilly stupid .also research Islam as trump said when in India ,’ islam is the number 1 existential threat to world peace’ , he well knows they are only pawns of the Loserfairey too.

  5. It will be a sad day indeed if Joe Biden is elected pres.! He suffers from dementia and has a host of other phyisical liabilites as well! He is unable to do much and is certainly unable to be pres. of anything, let alone the USA! One can only hope that the Americans come to their senses and ensure that Biden is removed! I’m aware that many people are not pro-Pres. Trump but he has done a great job for America for the past four years and will contiue in that vein should he be re-elected!

    1. The sad day was Nov. 3.

       I’m aware that many people are not pro-Pres. Trump but he has done a terrible job for America for the past four years and has lost reelection.


    1. Biden is 3.9% older than Trump.
      Is 77 too old to be President?
      If Trump were to be re elected he would be 77 in the the third year, is that too old?
      What medical professional, who as actually met him, have diagnosed Biden as being senile?
      The world has been laughing at us since the day Trump took office.
      The joke is over.
      Your all caps makes you look soooo desperate.

      1. Mr. Hess, do you disagree with the Tax Rate Cuts or the Immigration Laws or the repeal of Red or Green Tape? Anything else you specifically disagree with that President Trump has done? You are a _Ucking Joke!

        1. not to mention world peace breaking out ! ,hitting Vladimir hard ,sending anti tank missiles to Ukraine [ OhBumAh sent blankies !}. it is a long list, whilst crazy nancey eats high end icecream and refuse to lift a finger for the people

          1. How did Trump hit Vladimir hard, he is still standing, he is still dominating the Middle East and scaring the hell out of Europe. .

            How many tanks has Trump’s anti-tank missiles killed.
            How is that favor of investigating the Bidens going?

            What were Nancy and her families donations to charity last year?
            Did you know that high end ice cream can cost almost as much per pound as a good steak.
            Yeah Nancy does have a weakness for high end ice cream (Trump is a man of people, he prefers Mcdonald’s Soft Serve) but that skinny little wretch is lucky if she pound down a 1/4 pound a day, that could pay for two meals at a homeless center.

          2. How many people worldwide have died as a result of military action while Trump has been in office?
            I can feel the peace, the love.

        2. Craig no one in my extended family got a tax cut, we are all lower middle class. You have to rich to see the tax cuts.
          My small city has been 30%+ immigrants for will over 150 years.
          We do not have a problem with immigrants, do you?
          All eight of my great grandparents were born in the city.
          Were all eight of yours born in the country?
          It seems to be the first and second generations from greenhorns that have a big problem with immigrants.

          1. The police give a ticket for J walking, Is it legal for people to enter this country without permission? Apparently you are one who promotes lawlessness. What I see in our country is an increase in lawlessness, terrorists taking over cities and failure of government to do their job.

        3. My extended family so no tax cuts, we are lower middle class.
          The small city that I live in has been 30%+ foreign born ever since 1776.
          We have no immigration problem.
          Our arrest rates are lower for the foreign born than the native born.
          Some of the foreign can be deported but none of the native born.

      2. BS , if your memory goes back , Trump took a full cognitive function test ,just to put they lie to the haters , Biden refuses to do the same ,absolutely typical demoncrat , one law for you one for us ,and we make them up as we go along !.

        1. Trump took his cognitive test in his fourth year on office.
          Will he be releasing the results?
          Or do we just have to take his word for it?
          Wath about his taxes?

          On what day(s) did Biden refuse to take a cognitive test?

          There is no law regarding taking and releasing the outcome of a cognitive test.
          Same goes with releasing taxes.

        2. Like his taxes, Trump has refused to release the results of his cognitive function test.
          When did Biden refuse to take a cognitive function test?

    1. Yes it is time for the states that consume more in Federal taxes than they produce to secede. The Trump landslide states.

  7. Please, show us the TAX PAYERS, the list of things that Joe Biden had done during his 47 years working as an Elected Officer of the Country that were for the Good of America and Her Citizenry! Thanks!

    God bless America!

    1. Biden has shown the taxpayers the list of things that he has done during his 47 years working as an Elected Officer of the Country that were for the Good of America and Her Citizenry!
      A very clear majority of taxpayers have now voted for Biden.
      Trump has never won a majority of the votes.

        1. You are so very right.
          The anti-democratic Electoral College is such a wonderful invention.
          What with it being based on the fact that a negro is only worth 3/5 of real man.

  8. Biden is just a puppet for the deep State, the UN and the Soros One World Order. The President will be Harlot Harris, just another puppet. Pray like you have never before! With your whole Heart!

  9. I guess we all have to face the fact that We The People are about to usher in a new administration. Trust me, I FRIGEN hate the fact that the Demonrat underbelly cheated their way into the Whitehouse using Joe the Trojan horse to get Heels up Harris in…poor pathetic Joe was used by the Dems and shame on his corrupt AF family for allowing it. Once Nasty Nancy has let the dust settle, she will orchestrate an internal coup using the 25th Amendment and cortinate Harris as the new face of the far left machine. Many of the things you hold dear in life will be stripped away. Goodbye free speech, goodbye the right to arm/protect yourself, goodbye to your reasonable healthcare options, goodbye to a free market…everything you do or think will be controlled by the new socialist regime. Sounds wacky but, hold onto your hat, the winds of change are coming.

    1. I guess we all have to face the fact that We The People are about to usher in a new administration.
      Just like we did four years ago.
      I do so hope it will be orderly.

      1. You do mean like Hitlery did and have never conceded… Let’s let all the court sabre rattling finish. We have been waiting for “orderly” for four years. SMH! I certainly don’t see DJT going away quietly, not on a bet.

  10. We need to prepare ourselves for the worst experience of our lives. In fact it promises to be the worst experience in U.S. history. The wall will come down. Taxes will rise. The border will open. Opportunities will close. Minimum wage will rise. Private wealth will decline. Foreign relations will worsen. Imports will rise. Military will weaken. Government services will rise. I could go on.

  11. BIDEN the “IMPOSTOR”, that’s the name for him through HISTORY. From now on, and if he ends up stealing the 2020 “ELECTIONS”, he won’t be my PRESIDENT. My only PRESIDENT is DONALD J TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for ever….

    1. Here, here Frances! I am observing ALL of this from Afar in Western Australia! President Trump was cheated and so should fight ALL “Electioneering” as far as he is able! From what I’ve seen he can Win this and get some of the “called” States back for himself and expose the way it was done in Court! What a _Ucking Joke if it wasn’t so serious!

  12. You get the government you voted for. Unfortunately half the country, along with you will be victims of your stupidity.. Bad enough you will be Marxist, you will be Europe with the rape gangs and random slashing in the streets. The only one drinking champagne is the evil Hungarian who financed Americas downfall. Your celebrations will be short lived. Your hangover will last for years.

    1. Here, here Grace! I am observing ALL of this from Afar in Western Australia! President Trump was cheated and so should fight ALL “Electioneering” as far as he is able! From what I’ve seen he can Win this and get some of the “called” States back for himself and expose the way it was done in Court! What a _Ucking Joke if it wasn’t so serious!

  13. Joe Biden has not been certified as the winner of any states, let alone any of the highly contested states headed for mandatory recounts, or states where our campaign has valid and legitimate legal challenges that could determine the ultimate victor.”

    1. Here, here MedicRN! I am observing ALL of this from Afar in Western Australia! President Trump was cheated and so should fight ALL “Electioneering” as far as he is able! From what I’ve seen he can Win this and get some of the “called” States back for himself and expose the way it was done in Court! What a _Ucking Joke if it wasn’t so serious!

  14. The media will be b.s’ing us telling us that all of our so called “allies” are ecstatic that Biden was elected.
    They won’t tell you that’s because they know their exorbitant foreign aid payments have been restored.
    Indeed, we have the best allies money can buy.


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