NYPD Union Endorses Trump

Krokodyl / CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)

An NYPD Union has become the latest to endorse President Trump joining a growing list of law enforcement organizations endorsing the President.

According to Fox News:

In a statement to Fox News, president Ed Mullins said that the SBA encourages citizens “to vote for President Trump.”

Mullins cited the Trump administration’s “full support” of police officers while the other party would “abandon, defund, and politically indict police officers.”

“The Trump Administration has an undisputed record of supporting police officers at a time when many other segments of society are abandoning or openly attacking us,” Mullins said.

“The Administration publically pushed back on irresponsible policies ranging from sanctuary city mandates releasing dangerous criminals back onto the streets, to efforts to deny officers of body armor and other life-saving gear, to misguided mandates revising operating procedures in ways that endanger officers and public safety.”


The largest police union in the country, the Fraternal Order of Police held a vote on whether to support Trump and voted overwhelmingly to support President Trump’s reelection.

  1. Cops everywhere know they have conservatives watching their backs and us conservatives know we have cops watching ours,the democrats take every opportunity to stab both of our groups in the back and that’s why we can’t turn our backs to them,ever!!.MAGA 2020

    1. Conservatives love unions that believe in Truth, Justice, and the American Way.
      Gimme Gimme unions can go to hell.

      1. Police Unions
        Gimme more money
        Gimme more protection from prosecution for my professional behaviour.
        Gimme more benefits.
        Gimme lifetime job security.
        Just like every other union.

        What is the Truth?
        Did George Floyd get Justice?
        Did George Floyd die the American Way?
        Did George Floyd die like he was an owned slave?
        Police unions can go to hell.

  2. Newt Gingrich said it best when he wrote an Op Ed about people boarding up their storefronts in democrat-run cities. It’s sad that they’ve reached the point where they can no longer rely on their own government to protect them because police are ordered to stand back and watch the vandalism and looting happen.

    1. All cities of any size are Democrat run.
      As indicated by the 2016 and 2018 election results the Majority of Americans are Democrats, or at least vote that way.

      Of the eleven US cities with over a million population only one has a Republican mayor, that city is in California. Why is that those cities have Democrat mayors? The same reason that Trump lost his one national election, voter fraud?

  3. I would have to say the reason they now endorses TRUMP is these other over rich union people is because they want cover their butts. I have read recently there were a lot of them running for BIDEN. Wonder where there came from. That is one WORTHLESS org. Don’t trust unions they will take your money every time and way of they get a chance. And do very kettle to nothing at all for you . except make the numbers on your check smaller. They are not worth the so call “union dues” we have way to many crooks that have played to make laws to fit the greed need. Like the internet should have never been put out until there were no threat of anyone ever hacking accounts. Much less having online banking . and having to pay some other company to safe guard your online account no the internet providers should be held accountable. Free to the public. Life lock my butt. Greed. Pay them with your money to protect your money hmmm I do have a problem with that . just like banks charging to use a debit card 2$3$5$ that is bull as well it’s by now just free money to them . Greed greed greed way to much of it. Greed money and power. We should be charging banks to hold our money and they can keep that stupid little 2% interest a year. Or less .

  4. defund the police NO .. But there is a lot of crooked cops as well. Decatur IL. I have seen with my own eyes a cop sell pot and crack out of his squad car . I do know the police get paid about the same as a teacher that’s bulls–t. Chicago is another of course Damocrap state . I used to live their yaers ago . and did witness a white cop beating the out of a black man with his stick. The black walked passed my house singing some song minding his own business. And cop locked his brakes up jumped out of car said nothing to the man at all and started beating him. And I was close enough if the cop would have said anything I would have heard it. I know there is good and bad in every business government orgs. That is something that needs to be done about. Defund no way.

    1. When Kennedy was elected the biggest joke around was that all the dead in Chicago got out of the cemetery and voted for John Kennedy.

      1. Yeah, good ol’ Mayor Daley “dug up” the votes, and the “boys” handled the wards for Joseph P Kennedy for a big pay day. But I loved JFK nonetheless–met him when I was 12!


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