Postal Worker Uncovers Ballot Tampering in Michigan

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A Michigan postal worker is coming forward with evidence that ballots have been tampered with. A Barlow branch postal worker interviewed by James O’Keefe of Project Veritas has provided specific details on how workers were instructed to change dates on late ballots.

The postal worker told O’Keefe, “we were issued a directive this morning to collect any ballots we found in mailboxes, collection boxes, just outgoing mail in general, separate them at the end of the day so that they could handstamp them with the previous day’s date.”

The previous days date being Nov. 3, the final date ballots must be stamped to legally be counted towards the 2020 election. Michigan election law requires ballots to be received by the election clerks “before the close of the polls on election day.” (8 p.m. in Michigan)


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So, ballots that were received after the deadline were then separated and stamped with a previous date to then be sorted and sent through express mail to distribution centers. This is an obvious attempt to circumvent Michigan election law and allow late votes to be counted.

The Trump campaign has pushed hard to end vote counts for fear of election tampering such as this.

O’Keefe asked the whistleblower, whose identity has been kept a secret for fear of retaliation why he came forward.

“That’s sketchy. I don’t like sketchy. It screams corruption. Also, knowing the postal office’s leanings politically. It didn’t seem quite right,” said the whistleblower.

The postal worker also encouraged other workers to come forward and report it if they experience similar directives.

“Report it. How are we supposed to have any integrity in this country if we are just going to let things slide based on scaling issue?” he said to O’Keefe.

When James O’Keefe reached out to the Barlow Brach Post Office’s supervisor, Jonathon Clarke regarding the ballot tampering Clarke quickly hung up the phone.

  1. well there ya go the dnc will do pay hide delay change use wrong writing implament’s and anything they can think of to obstruct the rights of voters mostly by disinformation

      1. We ALLOW this by acquiescing. We AGREE to be ruled by cheaters by letting them cheat withjout consequence. WE all pay the consequences of our actions, both good and bad, why should these idiots be any DIFFERENT? Elections have consequences, SO DOES CHEATING! Every race that involved cheating should go to the opponent, i.e. Trump and ALL of the GOP persons running for office SHOULD BE AUTOMATIC WINNERS! Do you THINK that anyone would try to cheat AGAIN, then? Cheaters are people who are LOSERS — LET THEM LOSE AND DISAPPEAR!!!!

        1. I am NOT pro-GOP, BTW, I think that ALL career POLITICIANS are crooks, most long-proven by their records and also the MONEY that they personally made from being in office. I think we should ALWAYS look for ANY frauds in their elections and INVALIDATE THEM ALL. Just sayin’….

          1. Some of our politicians make lots of money by owning hotels that are used staff and ‘foreign dignitaries’.

          2. The only reason that all politicians are crooks is because fine people like you refuse to stand for election.
            Is it because it it is to hard or is that it just does not pay enough?

          1. difficult to do all of the great things that he and the GOP in the senate have accomplished with the trash in the demoho party, the media hores and the sluts in hollow woody all having PMS meltdowns ALL day Every day ..oh I forgot that azzwipe clown roberts in the supreme court and other trash in black robes put on the bench by that african ahole ..

        2. Agree – we allow this! What hppened to the American spirit? Did the Democrats run over it? I think we need to do just what they do – stick together and demand a total recount of votes, truthful, unbiased media, and representatives that work for the betterment of Americans (not catering for lifetime votes by giving away continuous perks).

    1. The DNC and their constituents have become the devil’s advocates with no morals in their fight for total and absolute power and corruption.

      1. TRUE. But this ALSO pertains to ALL politicians who make a career (and a fortune) by staying in their offices. HONEST ELECTIONS would amount to term limits to all who are criminals, and would be the NATURAL CONSEQUENCE of always giving the races to the opponents of discovered cheaters. THAT would be TRUE JUSTICE. Hold them all to their oaths and to HONESTY. Or FAIL THEM. Those caught must ALSO be prosecuted, then crime will no longer be an “advantage”, as these idiots seem to think!

          1. But Trump takes no salary.
            But he does use Air Force One for all of his campaign travel.
            Not mention it’s decoy and escort fighters.
            The bill for that is about ~$700,000 an hour.
            His annual salary does not even cover the transportation costs for a two rallye campaign day.

            The Biden campaign pays for his travel.

          2. How many hours did Trump put on Airforce One for campaign rallies compared to any other President?
            How many for golf weekends?

          3. Check judicial watch’s freedom of information facts and you will find out exactly. Not to mention Michelle’s excursion with forty of her friends a nd security!

          4. yes just think of all of the times he flew to Hawaii and those times he visited his birthplace in kenya to leave millions while the first ho had her OWN plane and her entourage had 3 or 4 more planes.. the first ho needs to have staff you know ..

          5. And how many times did Obama take his family on vacation using Air force one?? Or to “his homeland” But it’s ok for him, just not Trump to rerun for president. . . ??

          6. Honestly if you’ve never left the basement, then the Biden campaign pays nothing for his travel. For any day trips he could probably have travelled by Uber.

          7. he never campaigned because the “fix was in” why get in a huff when you know that the election board $luts will take care of the vote ..

          8. Trump paid all his travel expenses to win the first time . Incumbent always has travel advantage. So did Obama. Besides, the (media of Joseph Goebbels on steroids) all news organizations including big tech Facebook, except FOX wouldn’t report any of Trump’s accomplishments and actually censored his comments on ballot harvesting by key battleground states. Similar to book burning in 1935 Germany. Not to mention “ANTIFA- BROWN SHIRTS”. Go read your history.

          9. Don’t forget “how far Biden has to travel”. OMG……. A real Barn Stormer. His Basement…..

          10. Biden isnt president. . . But Trump uses the tools he’s been given for his campaign?! Like everyone else does?! Makes sense. You forgot to mention how much his security is. . . But that’s ok, right?! Cause (Everyone together) HE’S THE PRESIDENT and that’s what our presidents use to be president. Air force one and president security, they kind of go with the job. . .

        1. We need a law which will prevent them from being lifetime politicians…term limits! ‘Sure wish someone would work on that!

      1. Public condemnation and outcry is really ALL THAT IS NEEDED, you realize, as we are ONLY able to be governed with our CONSENT, and we can WITHOLD THAT and stop ANY attempts by working together FOR OUR NATION. We just have to say “NO”, as Barbara Bush once said — but BY OUR ACTIONS, not merely in words. We have FAR more power, if we understand our ACTUAL Sovereignty, than most realize — we institute change, one person at a time, and mostly by EXAMPLE.

        1. I understand your idea but any group that wants to do a legal change must have leadership of the group or that group will be treated as a mob and nobody wins. We the citizens have the time before Jan to fully take all states voter lists and compare names to ballots when looking at mail in and then check voter numbers to number of ballots counted. For example last night I noted that at one point the number of votes in (%) was 95% for the President’s race but only 93% was counted for the Senate race. Now both those are on the same ballot why were they not the same?

      2. Interesting. When I replied and talked about the power of Sovereignty that we cause change, ONE PERSON AT A TIME, it wenbt to “moderation”. “just say “NO” is a POWERFUL concept, but is in your ACTIONS, not merely words.

        1. Funny the way the “moderators” do not want us to show simple solutions. I guess they ARE “dangerous” to those who think they can STOP US!

    2. The answer to THAT is to invalidate ANY race that won with ANY fraud proven, make their opponents the winners. It would wipe out fraudulent activity overnight, wouldn’t it?

        1. Submit the documented information to the public. It is obvious and not even hidden, most see it that do not attempt to deny what facts show.

    1. It is totally possible the Postmaster had no knowledge of this crime……it could have been the branch supervisor or this one postal employee! Who knows!
      I have no doubts that voter fraud was rampant because the ethics, morals, character, etc. of the Dems has been on full public display for the past four years! They will do anything to anyone at anytime to accomplish their goals and we are all aware of what that has been and will continue to be!
      Any and everyone with proof to present as evidence that will stand up in court should bring it forward NOW! Gossip and rumors will make no difference and will just be stirring up the big bucket of excrement creating a worse smell (my dear old grandmother used that as an example about idle gossip about someone or something)!

        1. It doesn’t matter. What IS important is to enforce CONSEQUENCES for cheating. Will we REALLY obey a so-called “leader” who “won” by CHEATING? We just have to show this ALWAYS in our daily LIVES. Demanding honesty WORKS, we just have to DO THAT.

          1. That is why the Dems have been working to remove voting rights and guns from the public.

          2. Not exactly, they have improved the ability of likely Democrat voters but refuse verifiable voter ID to vote (which is even required in Mexico). Dem states have issued drivers licenses to non citizens which due to reciprocal laws enable them to move to other states and have a valid license issued (with motor/voter laws) they can vote (mostly for Dems). Making it possible for more fraudulent votes is not improving voter rights. BTW name to me any government assistance program you can apply for and receive without a valid ID.

          3. What were the consequences for cheating in the 2016 election?
            How many people went to jail?
            The very same number of people who will go to jail for voter fraud in the 2020 election?

          4. None, because the deep state is involved and will not prosecute themselves. That is the problem until now.

      1. Equally possible that it could be at the direction of the Union reps. We already know their political leanings

        1. It happens every election. The Democrats get caught lying and cheating, but never get punished. They win and grin and laugh at us, like Harry Reid did when he got caught lying. He simply said with a grin. “We won didn’t we”?

          1. The Democrats have been caught lying and cheating.
            And yet they still lose.
            And yet the Republicans refuse to charge, indict, trial, convict and incarcerate Democrats.

      2. I have no doubts that voter fraud was rampant because the ethics, morals, character, etc. of the Reps has been on full public display for the past four years!
        Just saying it makes true, soooo true……..

    2. . . and every other Federal worker that was not elected and who can hold their job/position for life – leading to more corruption.

      1. The only Federal workers who have political job protection are Civil Service employees. They make up 28.3% of the Federal work force.

    3. As a MINIMUM. But ALSO make the parties of the races thatr were defrauded into INSTANT WINNERS BY DEFAULT. THEY did not cheat, and the consequence of cheating is TO LOSE!!!!

      1. We SHOULD simply make ALL election “races” go to the individual who was NOT found to have been aided and abetted by fraud, that would be fitting consequence for fraud in elections, and it would pretty much END fraud. Then we would have to also watch for false-flag frauds, made to apparently show the other was the fraudster — but that is usually easy to tell, just look closely at the past RECORDS, criminals are pretty consistent,. they don’t live an honest Life and THEN commit a crime!

        1. Although both Georgi and North Carolina have 100% completed ballot harvesting and is supposed to be over, they refuse tom give Trump and the GOP the electoral votes he won. And the vote count continues to slowly catch up to him as if it really isn’t over. Sure looks like cheating to me.

    1. So do I AND, the Dems are going to find out they have been used by marxist terrorists as they are made aware and to understand they CANNOT control these violent wild animals! Nancy said it all, “people are going to do what they are going to do”! The Dems are going to find out how right their cult leader was!
      This is all going to play like a bad novel and I plan to stand back and watch it play out one chapter at a time! I wonder how much they will put up with, what will they do to stop it or will they wave the white flag of surrender! They will find a brand new respect for law enforcement, if only they can find people willing to join the force! This is going to be a nightmare and will get so much worse before it gets better!
      Stay safe all you true patriots!
      God bless and save America!

      1. It is simpler than you seem to think. Just DEMAND CONSEQUENCE for their actions and frauds, and if rthey do NOT, they are not worthy of obeying, ARE THEY?

          1. You are stuck on the criminal behavior of the Democrats, who thought themselves untouchable. Time to give them the FDR TOUCH of 1939 — it IS actually the SAME SITUATION, and Trump DID ready us for that.

    2. Stand Down and Stand Ready! We will possibly have to fight to keep this country a Republic. We don’t break windows and loot though. We make it clear it is a Republic and we will defend the Constitution. If they want a war, then they’ll indeed have one.

      1. Easier than that. I understood as a child that when you get into a physical confrontation it is because you LOST all the REAL issues — and it is now a lose-lose. You will either be hurt, or you will hurt THEM — and have to watch over your shoulder. You have to intimidate or control while in CONCEPTS, and not ALLOW your opponent to hve the thoughts that he could frame into a physical confrontation. Take out the leaders quietly. and there will be no “cannon-fodder” to deal with. That is what FDR did when HE activated the Marine Reserve in 1939 against the Nazi attempt to take us over, this is very similar, but is the Globalists and Chinese (CCP), with their bought and owned Democrats and establishment RINO’s, equally bad (the same). Trump activated them months agoand all they need to do is to take out the leaders. These are all soy-boy ciowrds who are delusional and think they are powerful, and would collapse almost instantly — and this DOES include China. China cannot support the logistics of real combat, they will implode if they try. We have more going than most of us have noticed, I am not too worried just yet.

        1. Most bullies only understand one thing. A good old fashion butt whipping. In school I had to whip several folks who were bullies. I also had to stand up for some who were under attack but were unable to defend themselves. I always tried to talk my way out of a fight, and succeeded sometimes, but sometimes you just have to stomp someone to convince them to be nice. The Democrats are like that now. Talk will not sway them. Jail time will!

          1. They more call out for the firing squads, I think. No sensde in wasting jail space on them.

          1. I’m NOT. It has been different battles of the SAME war. It HAS to be finished this time, or we will go through the cycle again.

      2. The “moderator here does NOT like simple solutions, my comment is “awaiting for approval”, interestingly bad english. I apologize for typos, I type too fast when I comment at times, LOL! Anyway, it is easy enough really, we need to just NOT give consent to being “ruled” by criminals and IDIOTS. Trump already activated the Marine Reserve, months ago, people forget this. Look up what happened the LAST time it was done by FDR in 1939, a very similar situation to now. Over 1,000 problems were terminated quietly and then it all settled out — I expect it to be similar this time, probably we need well OVER 1,000 terminations, I KNOW that Trump does NOT LIKE being so firm, so he will err on the side of letting too much go, most likely, but it WILL be an improvement. He is afraid of taking out too many of the criminals and breaking the government, so would rather get them to let up rather than terminating them as SHOULD BE DONE. It is better than you think.

        1. That was pretty much the main points, I imagine one of these hours the others will pass as well, nothing actually deserving of “moderation”, although solutions in the hands of many have a way of BECOMING, don’t they?

    3. Only if we fail to do it by control and simply NOT OBEYING those we know are criminals. WE actually DO have “THE POWER”, just don’t use it too well or with any coordination.

        1. Biden is, as you are well aware, that is PROVEN. Trump never was, or he would have fallen as fast as these BOZO’s will.

  2. Now just is it that the actual Party representatives in Michigan have not had one word about this. Now most things put out by Project Veritas  has later been proven to be incorrect in many different ways, I choose to believe the party Representative in the states not any media source.

      1. He is, and does not matter. Better to surround him with his failure so that he just falls away, that is why I answered him seriously. NOT for HIM — he could not understand, but other readers will and DO!

    1. I and most people choose to believe our eyes and ears when Project Veritas has recorded and released video, now that WILL stand up in a court of law! I have found them to be credible….a lot more credible the the Dem leadership has been to the American people!

      1. We just need to enforce CONSEQUENCES. If a fraud is found in an electoral race, the one who did NOT cheat should be automatically the WINNER — then fraud will just disappear, won’t it? Who would want to cheat if that made their OPPONENT WIN?

    2. Project Veritas has never been proven to be faulty. The powers that be are putting out that narrative, but it is totally false.

      1. Yes, the Globalist-run media learned to call everyone who discusses what THEY THEMSELVES (the Globalists) have published and crowed over “Conspiracy Theorists”. What a HOOT that people are called that for writing or talking about THEIR programs, as they come out to be seen. It is THEIR CONSPIRACIES, and those discussing about their words are NOT THEORISTS AT ALL! The Globalists are a psychotic bunch, and their words are so bizarre that it sounds like WE are crazy — but they are SERIOUS! We are looking at a series of interlocking conspiracies done out in the OPEN, realize that they ARE crazy, and WE are SANE to deal with them NOW!

      2. Another “awaiting approval”. LOL, understand that Conspiracy Theorists” is a name given to people discussing REAL conspiracies that have been LONG-published by rthe Globalists, they just want us to not DEAL WITH THEM. So they demean anyone who dares to discuss what they have said. It makes it harder because the Globalists ARE psychopaths, and what they plan IS INSANE — but it IS THEIR PLAN, and their words, not something fabricated by others. They WILL LOSE, and they know this as well, but they are at the “Hail Mary” stage, throwing everything they have on the wall, hoping enough will stick (but it is NOT).

        1. Eventually, the rest will come out, they seem to HATE solutions that we can share and use, I suppose they realize this is dangerous to them.

    3. Actually, EVERY fraud discovered should become an INSTANT WIN for the opponent who was defrauded. It THAT is done, fraud would be more dangerous to the perpetrator, and would disappear when the consequence is LOSS to the HONEST OPPONENT.

    1. Democrat leaning cities and states and literally taken away the integrity of the vote. We do not even know if Donald J. Trump got twice as many votes in states like California and Oregon and Washington, with this kind of chicanery going on.

  3. The Formula For DNC Prosperity Theirs and NOT WE THE PEOPLE!
    With Their Absurd and TREASONOUS ACTION!
    There is a SPECIAL Place in Hell For Those.
    Enjoy the INFERNO REGIONS!

    1. They are bought-and-paid-for by the Chi-Comms and the Globalist puppet-masters. It is Epstein all over again, using pederasty and satanic rituals to blackmail and control governmental people todo their will.

  4. time for federal law enforcement officials to get a search warrant and confiscate all the ballots in ? and subtract them from the count be trump or biden.

      1. Not even needed. Just apply the consequences of CHEATING wherever it is found. It is very SIMPLE. The consequence of cheating in an election is for you opponent to INSTANTLY BE A WINNER. Then fraud will simply dry up and disappear.

  5. Send in the feds and postal inspectors. Round up all mail from that postoffice with the last date of suspected date. Then determine if they were hand cancelled from that post office. Very easy to commit this kind of fraud. Shameful.

        1. Better to simply use CONSEQUENCES of actions — if fraud was found in an electoral race, the opposition that was defraude WINS automatically. Thjat would remove the “benefits” from cheating and would create honesty in elections very quickly.

    1. Best to simply not count ANY mail votes, that would have an honest overall result. Take the legal principle that is a lie is caught ONCE, ALL is considered to be a lie from thjat source — it works quite well here.

  6. This should not even take a week to decide who our president is. Supreme court does not even have to get involved. It all points to corruption and to the DNC. And I’m surprised that Ihan Omar did not get disqualified to even run for office. There is evidence that the Muslim community she represents were being bought.

    1. If the proof of her cheating were to simply cause her AUTOMATIC LOSS and FAILURE, cheating would have a NEGATIVE value to cheaters, and would stop it completely after a short time. Just demand honesty, and if a fraud is found, disqualify the side that TRIED to win that way. There are CONSEQUENCES for crime, just DO IT. Crimes only “work” if there are NO CONSEQUENCES. SO WHAT if cheating makes ALL votes in an area be invalid? The net result is that the people running the fraud LOSE. It that not what we really WANT? HONESTY IN LIFE?

    2. YES. Actually, some of THEM are honorable and turned her in to the Project Veritas. Not ALL Muslims are liars, as is commonly thought.

  7. If this is happening in Michigan, I’m wondering where else is this happening. The next question is how far up the chain of command at the USPS does this go? The USPS is a union run entity and most unions seem to side with the Democrat Party. I think this might just call for a full blown FBI investigation. But sadly I don’t put much faith in Director Wray putting much effort into investigate this matter because if Trump does win Wray’s days are numbered.

  8. hiss their plan all along. To throw this election into total chaos to the point that a true and accurate count will never happen.

    Im still in disbelief they allowed anyone to just show up and hand in a ballot. No ID required.

  9. This sort of fraud has happened all through the vote counting in most states to suppress our vote and skew the results to the worst candidate of the DNC and really worst VP running mate even by the battles of DNC candidates of their own selection in the insane asylum during their own primary. The fact that this duo is suppose to be the winners of this election is outstandingly flawed. Get behind Trump, this is blatantly ELECTION FRAUD!

    1. It is nothing new at all. We need to simply set it so that ANY FRAUD in an election that is found, automatically makes the OTHER party in each race be the WINNER! That will END THE FRAUD, would it not?

  10. A Lawsuit should be filed with the United States Postal Service in the area which they were doing this, and the individual reporting it will have to come forward, so it can be rectified, but all those involved in the scam should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and fined.

  11. People of the United States of America! If you want your ballots counted on Election Day and you are late, for mailing your ballot, you take the said ballot in your envelope, and lookup your Elections Division Office for your City, and get into your car and drive to said location and go inside and drop off your ballot. That is what I did, and anyone can do it. I dropped off my ballot the day before election day, at the County Elections Division, so I knew it would be counted and not thrown away by a collector of any kind.

    1. I tried in CA, they gave us mail-in ballots, in my community we ALREADY got absentee ballots. What I found, though, was that when I went to the polling place they printed me a new mail-in ballot and a new envelope. They had no scanners to record votes, only put mine into a sealed drop-box, which of course, means NOTHING. So it was fixed all the way, here. To MY WAY OF THINKING, all the results of the vote in CA should be exactly reversed, with every “winner” (by fraud) losing to their opponent. SIMPLE and CLEAN.

      1. I voted in Merced, which is NOT a hotbed of the fraud here, but if that principle would simply be appliecdx to ALL VOTING, just THINK of how little fraud there would be! Just invalidate EVERY race that was caught in any fraudulent behavior and make the OPPONENTS be the winners — that will END fraud for good. Just use CONSEQUENCES of people’s actions.

  12. There is a war coming. We, as American patriots, must take up arms and destroy those that seek to destroy this country and our Constitution. We have to stop the DNC terrorist organization by any and all means available. LOCK AND LOAD.

  13. If a dumbass like me immediately thought “vote by mail” was an opportunity for dumbocraps to cheat,
    WHAT WERE THE “SMART” people thinking?


  15. I offer praise to this postal worker, it took courage and a desire to do what right. I suspect this is not an isolated incident. Many OIG’s inspectors reports provides fraudulent, criminal abuse and mishandling of mail thats includes mail thrown in dumpters, mail hidden in storages, mail found in waste, mail burned, and now falisfaction of postmark on mail in ballots for the most important election in our lifetime.

    This sounds like it might be a order from higher level management’s isued to stations and districts to their subordinates employees, and its most likely not in writing, proabaly concuurred by others executives and made even have some political connections, the employees supervisors/managers even though they knows it wrong to follow illegal instructions which imposing great deserves to our democracy and to the world and the supervisors/managers most likely didnt questions the legitimate. Hope this is not the case, but want be surprised if it’s factual.

    Some peoples are denied the chance to observe the opening and counting of mail in ballots, now we have a better understanding as to why. So unfortunately.

  16. If everyone was honest especially the so called mainstream Media we would not be in a stirred pot of bull s–t damocraps are the most corrupt people on the planet the politician’s not the people that were brainwashed to vote for them . I just can’t believe any person in their un-druged mind would want to become slaves and loose everything no home no car no money no RIGHTS that is communist way 1619 project go to hillsdale college site and read about what it is and who is responsible for this . hint damocraps and 1619 in the text if you will read on their site this is what caught my eye SLAVERY NOT FREEDOM this is what Biden and KAMALA is pushing for . anyone that wants should seriously be put in a mental ward don’t matter young or old .

  17. Whole lot of cheating going on. We going to win in the end. Whole lot of cheating going on. It is the Democratic way, listen to what I say. Whole lot of cheating going on.

  18. The AFGE is all in for the Democrat Party and Marxism. Why are mail in ballots not over night or at least two day delivery items??? If Dancing With The Stars can tabulates millions of votes in just minutes, why can’t the government when tabulating votes??? And what’s up with being able to count and the House and Senate yet not the Presidential Race, are they not on the same ballot???? Send the Feds in to get a handle on this World Class Criminal Conspiracy!!!! People need to be Perp Walked!!

  19. OMG there is no end to the deciet, the lying, and no reprisals, none, zero. Bet the Postal Inspection does nothing on this. The DOJ, thre FBI does nothing, are all these agencies part of the ‘dark state’.

  20. A complete election do-over in any state that fraud is found, mainly the states still in question ,not a recount but election, paid buy both parties voters, and if the dems do not want to pay for it , I am sure that the republican voters would gladly do so.No mail ins, unless disabled,and swear to it. Poll watchers made of one democrat and one republican per counter, to be held within 30 days and all signatures must match,and if not who will ever have trust in this government again.

  21. I am so glad that I am so old I wont see the eventual end of this beloved nation, which seems to be dying from the inside, The postal service was once the living example of trustworthiness. The FBI was one also. Americans used to see the FBI as the “Untouchables”, and knew that only truth came from it. Now, of late, we have to doubt both the FBI and USPS. I suggest that even those who are not religious learn to say a prayer for this country.

  22. This guy did just what he was supposed to do when he saw a criminal act being performed, he reported it. When you get on with the postal service, you are asked questions of your integrity and how you would respond. He responded correctly.

  23. The Supreme court must decide this election, the democrats were extremely corrupt!
    Biden is not my president of any one else’s president!

  24. It should be an automatic 25 years in prison for any and all election tampering/fraud of any kind and in any amount. The election process has become a big crooked charade!

  25. The voting seems to have gone pretty much gone along with population density.
    The 1% seems to be pretty much in high population density areas.
    Trump is both.


  27. Attention Bill Barr……….attention Bill Barr………where the hell are you and the DOJ???
    You are a disgrace. All the corruption that is going on and you have your head buried in the sand.

  28. Y’all are sad. Trump doesn’t care about you while he dances on stage at his rallies. He is a reality TV star…just let that sink in. He is a brand. He sells his name. He sells those stupid hats and pockets the cash. NONE OF THIS AFFECTS HIM. Y’all got played. I’m not saying Biden is worth voting for, but seriously, Trump never cared about you or your “freedoms” because after he leaves the White House he just goes back to his resort. The dude was a democrat that supported the Clintons before he decided to run. It’s all a farce. He gets off stirring you up and it WORKS! Can’t we just put this behind us and get a real leader of the GOP? It’s so sad how y’all are desperate to be heard so you put your faith in a clown. Wake up and let’s fix this.

  29. PRESIDENT TRUMP won this election legally following all laws but it was stolen from him and some Republican Party members are caving in and not standing up for our President. I think it may be time for PRESIDENT TRUMP and the rest of us to form a brand new political Party made up of members that do not bend over in front of the Democrat Party. This is exactly why and how Democrats always end up defeating the Republicans. I sent a complaint into the DOJ that my civil rights along with those of all Republicans, Conservatives, and unaffiliated voters were denied when the laws set forth by the Constitution were not followed in allowing mail-in ballots to be used with absolutely no valid control over who received them or filled them out and the FACT that they were being received days after the polls closed. None were legally authorized by the state legislatures as required by the Constitution and therefore are invalid. This election must be either invalidated or every single vote in Michigan, Nevada, Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and North Carolina must be re-counted and determined if it was actually a legal vote. As it stands Joe Biden broke every record that Barack Obama set. Now who believes that?

  30. What is AG Barr going to do to resolve this fraud or tampering? What will the FBI do or can do to make arrest or indict those who are cheating or making false voting against President Trump?

  31. I believe tampering with the mail is a federal offense — no matter who is doing the tampering. What’s happened to enforcing the f****** law in this country ???? They should be all over this BS and also ALL the deceased who managed to come alive for 1 day just to vote and ALL the illegals who managed to become citizens for 1 day just to vote. WHERE THE F*** IS LAW ENFORCEMENT ?????? There was absolutely ZERO integrityin this election. What a f****** disgrace !!!


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