Billionaire Defends Bad Investment in Biden

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Billionaire Mike Bloomberg stepped out of the presidential race after famously securing a record-low amount of support from Democrats. Since then the billionaire has helped funnel millions of dollars through his Independence USA super PAC in an effort to elect Democrat Joe Biden. Despite the fact Biden lost in key swing states like Florida Bloomberg claims his investments helped the Democrat win in other states.

In his own attempt to become president, Bloomberg spent a massive $1 billion and had nothing to show for it. Then from September until the end of the election, Bloomberg spent over $100 million to help Biden in swing states Florida, Texas, and Ohio. Not a great return on investment considering Biden lost in each of those states.

In a report from Fox Business:

“Our singular goal was electing Joe Biden,” senior Bloomberg adviser Howard Wolfson told Fox News. “We believe that Joe Biden is going to be the next president and we believe that we were successful in terms of our efforts to help him.”

“As we said from the start, we didn’t get into Florida because it was cheap, easy, or a must-win state. We got in to run a rear-guard action against Trump and to force him to defend his home state with his time, attention and resources,” Bloomberg senior adviser Kevin Sheekey explained.

In the 2018 midterms, Bloomberg’s efforts were a contributing factor in helping the Democrats regain control of the House of Representatives. Bloomberg aides highlight that 21 of the 24 House races Bloomberg weighed into in 2018 flipped to the Democrats.

Yet Wolfson told Fox News that,“given how close some of the House races turned out to be in Trump districts, Mike’s contribution was critical in holding the majority…I got to believe that if Mike had not done what he did, the results might have been worse.”

Bloomberg made another bad investment in Dems trying to retain control of the House. Republicans have been able to flip a number of seats, however, Democrats will ultimately still have control. Control of the Senate is still up for grabs and will most likely be determined by the results of two runoff elections in Georgia.

    1. Tells you a lot about them doesn’t it ? Talk a good line about caring for the people in need that we should help, but keep all of theirs. Then blow a fortune like this, for what ? Nobody does that unless they are trying to get something in return. I wonder how much of that money was made due to Trump policies ?

  1. BIDEN IS NOT OUR PRESIDENT. Biden will never be our prez. and we will fight him every inch of the way. He is a pedophile like his son Hunter. They are corrupt and Biden is being controlled by China and Iran. Biden you better not give anything to Iran and China. WE are watching. All you counters are fakes and just as corrupt. I hope your breaking laws puts you in jail. If religious God is watching and you will go to hell for your sins.

    1. He’s not my president either. I don’t like cheaters or liars and Biden family fit that bill. It is so disgusting and disheartening.

  2. Our military will probably get decimated again while China’s gets stronger.
    China will probably be our sole source of pharmaceuticals.
    China will continue stealing our intelectual property.
    China will keep most manufacturing while our unemployment figures rise.
    We’ll end fracking and become energy dependent on foreign oil as before.
    Plus so much more.
    Say “bye bye!”.

  3. Mike Bloomberg is a despicable person. A real fruitcake. When he passes away, he will finally realize you can’t buy God and his billions will be worthless. He will have gained the world and lost his soul. That’s a bad deal any day of the week.

    1. His CHOICE is GLOBALISM!! Him, and the rest of the Globalists, THINK that they are going to RULE THE WORLD!!! I’ve got news for ALL of them!………AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN!

  4. He ‘believes’?? Sorry, ‘BELIEFS’ are NOT FACTS!! An the FACT IS…..POTUS Trump WON BY A MEGA LANDSLIDE!! LibTards aren’t even hiding their CHEATING…..FRAUD….CRIMES any longer. WE ALL SEE THEM!!

  5. Amazing all these billionaires that hate America There will come a time of judgement and money will not be a protection

  6. Typical democrat! Full of excuses and won’t take responsibility for anything. Regardless of what he says, he spent over a billion dollars and literally has nothing to show for it. Trump knew florida was not a given and spent his time there to secure it. Bloomberg is a joke and will go down in history as the biggest loser ever. Imagine spending over a billion dollars and falling flat. Doesn’t make your case for your beliefs!

    1. That wasted money would have built a lot of housing in black neighborhoods or helped a lot of soup kitchens. The rich only take care of their own. Bloomberg is the bottom of the barrel.

  7. Biden did NOT WIN … the Democrats are trying to steal the Election from the Citizens of the USA ! WE THE PEOPLE OF THE USA DO NOT APPROVE OF BIDEN !

    1. @downright Your correct! Our country new name is United Socialist of America!! The USA (United States of America) as we knew is no more!
      I could NOT believe that we are becoming the new Venezuela.. Soon the comrade AOC will be the prez, we will be best friends with Cuba, Iran and China will manipulate the P.O.S that fraud put in OUR white house!! He’s not our prez, never will.

  8. I think turn about is fair play they tried Trump twice for no crime at all in the Russian Collusion Hoax let’s begin the paperwork to have Biden impeached if he makes it into his first hour of Presidency then file immediately for Harris to be impeached as well we have enough true crimes committed by both to have them unseated!!!

  9. Not to worry Joe Biden is not OUR President and never will be They will over come all of his fraud and find the truth It might take a little bit of time but its going to be worth it in the end and all of these states who chose to do Bidens bidding are going to find themselves in a lot of trouble because now they are nothing but third world states and We owe them nothing I just couldnt believe that Penn Mich and Minn and any of the other states would throw away their own lives to vote for Dead Brain Biden and his corrupt son and family and there was no way that Biden could have over come President Trumps lead with 700 thousands votes especially when they said that only 9000 votes came in when they called a halt to the voting count fraud all over the country and We shall find every dam one of them.. Sorry the Republicans decided to stand with the dems or just be quiet but thats on them and not us because We the people will bring those losers down too

    1. I honestly believe that Almighty God will NEVER allow Biden and Harris to reach their so-called elected offices. Trump’s investigation, with God’s help, will expose the vote fraud, and Biden and Harris will end up kicked to the curb in shame and humiliation. I believe God is simply letting them enjoy a short time of celebration before He lowers the boom on them for all their corrupt dealings. Everybody, please keep on praying for Donald Trump; God still has a lot of work for him to do, in draining the swamp in the next four years. Never give up! Your prayers are being heard in Heaven, and they will prevail! Just believe!

        1. God bless you Lady Irene! I honestly believe Our Good Lord will honor our prayers with success, if we just don’t give up, and keep the faith!

  10. Democracts are a sad corrupted party along with a few phoney Republicans. These people are nothing but crooks they all need to be locked up.

    1. IN GENERAL YES ALL POLITICIANS ARE CROOKS . YOU MAY HAVE A FEW THAT ARE NOT COMMUNIST BUY STILL FOR THE MOST PART STILL A CROOK . that why I liked President TRUMP as President. He was not a politician he just made politicians actually look as stupid as they are. He get stuff done . all thw crooks in Congress and 99.9 % of the politician’s are OLNY for themselves and could not careless about us American people. OUR OWN GOVERNMENT IS SELLING US OUT . NOW THERE IS NO ONE TO TRUST IN GOVERNMENT OR LAW OFFICIALS OF NO KINDWE WERE TO BE PROTECTED FROM THIS TYPE OF CRAP. INSTEAD THEY SELL US OUT. COMMUNIST AND COMMUNISM AND MARXISM AND SOCIALISM IS NOT WHAT MOST YOUNG THINK AND MAYBE SOME OF MY POT SMOKING BUDDIES BACK FROM RHE 60’S AND EARLY 70’S and when United Nations was introduced was the beginning of our world’s downfall. You and we should have ever trusted China for no reason . well with no law inforcement or OUR GOVERNMENT from now until if they fix this election and Mr TRUMP heats that seat with his butt . we are not safe . be cautious sleep with 1 eye open and 1 hand on your pistol . GOD BLESS US ALL KEEP SAFE AND PLEASE GOD BLESS AMERICA AGAIN
      🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 AND a little 9 year old girl was forced to remove her Juses lives me mask what kind of crap is that if not COMMUNIST

  11. People I guess I made someone that is monitoring this site up set they erased averting I had typed so I will try one more time.

  12. This morning I what to Wal-Mart I met 2 young guys that of all places moved to southern Illinois. They said people were getting very stupid in Chicago. Fighting stealing breaking into people’s houses . So I got talking to them . See I am the kind of person that does truly like everyone until I have a real reason to dislike someone. I’ve helped probably 100 different people and family’s in the passed . so we started talking about this election and these 2 young men thought they were pretty smart. They graduated high school. Well I said something about DAMOCRAPS being COMMUNIST . 1 young man asked what communism was. I had to tell him that he is apparently was was a victim of communism if you didn’t know what it was . He looked at me well what do you mean. Well I had to explain , That DAMOCRAPS are and always has been a communist group of people. One man said well I voted for BIDEN . I asked why he told me he didn’t like the way TRUMP talks to and about other people . So I asked if he had been working in Chicago he said yes . I told him that Mr. TRUMP probably made the job he was working . Damocrap’s don’t care about anyone but rich people . and told him they are the ones that played for people from Africa to be taken from their families in Africa and brought to America and be soled as Slaves to the the people . and most of them were treated like less than dogs . the women were raped and made house slaves . the men were beat and whipped into submission to OBEY THEIR MASTERS. More in next text.

  13. And sense he asked about communism I told him it’s just like China, Russia , And that now we have almost a president that has been sell USA 🇺🇸 to China he asked who I told him Obiden . I voted for him I said well that was one of the biggest mistakes he could have ever made . I told him ok you remember me saying 1619 PROJECT he said yes I heard of Okamala say something about it . I said you need to read it from Hillsdale College 1619 project it says real fast after you start reading SLAVERY NOT FREEDOM. And of course damocraps are sell us to China . when that happens and they get a strong foothold in America you will have NO MORE RIGHTS. And they will use you for their slaves and take the young girls and women and do the same with them as they done in the past. Make them what they were referd to as bad wenches and to cook for them and NO one will have a life of their own . you will be told what and when to do what ever they want you to do . And if you don’t you can be beaten or killed it don’t matter to them . communist and all of the damocraps party of politicans don’t like America or American’s or the poor people even thow they are the ones kept us poor all theae years. Very limited jobs not enough jobs for the number of people. All best paying jobs are mostly around the bigger cities rual areas you have flipping burgers pushing shopping carts the bullS–T. Jobs. And the lowest paying . And they continuously kept raising taxes to stop us from making jobs down here . then some rich I will call him a guy. Came up with the idea of stores like Wal-Mart . this took jobs away from the poorer person mom and pop stores closed Wal-Mart pushed them plum out of business. Ok folks next chapter it seams like any way.

  14. A fool and his money are soon separated! What a schivey ? individual Bloomberg is! He thinks people look up to him because of all his money, but everyone is looking down on him because he is a short rich man.

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  16. The democrats say the country must have better health insurance for America. For the 1 billion spent on the campaign and the 100 million spent just to insure democrats are elected he could have bought good insurance policies for everyone in America.

  17. Irregardless of the outcome of the 2020 Presidential election-REMEMBER everything Democrats have done to subvert out government and our President when we get to 2022. We MUST take back the House and increase our hold on the Senate. Hold your anger and frustration and pay Democrats back with a red wave in 2022.


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