Georgia Announces Recount

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Biden holds a slim lead in the state of Georgia and thousands of military ballots have yet to be counted which could give President Trump the boost he needs.

Despite the uncertainty, the Georgia Secretary of State has confirmed that there will be a recount due to the thin margin.

According to The Daily Wire:

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger confirmed Friday morning that the Peach State will recount the ballots cast in the state, citing the thin margin between votes for President Donald Trump and for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Biden took the lead in Georgia on Friday morning after Trump had held the advantage for several days while outstanding votes continued to be counted. The final margin is expected to be within a few thousand votes.

“Right now, Georgia remains too close to call,” Raffensperger said at a news conference on Friday morning. “Out of approximately  5 million votes cast, we will have a margin of a few thousand. The focus for our office and for the county election officials for now remains on making sure that every legal is counted and recorded accurately.”

Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona, Nevada, and Alaska are still uncalled in the model, and for most other outlets as well. Arizona has been called for Biden by Fox News and The Associated Press, though thousands of outstanding ballots remain to be counted and Trump is gaining on Biden in the state.

The Trump campaign continues to give every indication that they will fight.

    1. How is that accomplished? Once the ballots are removed from the mailing envelopes there is no way to distinguish fraudulent from legitimate.

      1. I have been reading about people say Trump’s advisors had the Ballots printed on paper with a watermark on every Ballot.

        1. me too , would really hope this is true since they have had 40 years to prepare for this WWG1WGA and GIOTT [ God Is On The Throne ].

      2. OH yes there is. Look at the signatures and other items that may concern the possibility of a dead person voting…

        1. In WA State, there are NO signatures on the Ballots.

          The signature is only on the mailing envelope, then
          the inner pink envelope with the Ballot is separated.
          Once separated, then unless there’s NO way to tell
          if it’s legitimate….without an official water mark.

          1. Correction, remove the word “unless”, as what I meant was………..there’s NO way to tell
            if it’s legitimate….without an official water mark.

  1. Ask those supporting Biden….is he worth going to jail for??? He doesn’t even know the names of those willing to fall on their sword for him. It’s not about biden for me….he won’t be around long (he’s got one foot in by the looks of him), it’s harris.

    1. Even if Biden wins the election I believe he will only be in office a few months, at most. Even Democrats know Biden is mentally unfit. Harris will become president and the Speaker of the House, whoever that is at that time, will become vice-president.

      1. As much as Pelosi would like to advance, I doubt it will happen. Previous such situations, the VP upgraded to President and that new President….chose their VP, and it wasnt’ from the House of Representatives.

      2. Harris isn’t a natural born citizen, so she should not be able to take over! Our entire country is being destroyed by the democrats!

  2. Are the same democrats going to be there doing the recounting with no one there looking over their shoulders again??

    1. Recent reports are that A.G. Barr….sent inspectors to over-see the recounting. One such report indicated that the inspectore might have their sidearms with them, but that may not be true for the sidearms.

  3. Let me be the first to say THANK YOU
    Mr. Raffensperger for having the Courage and Intelligence to see something is wrong with this Election. People think this is a Battle between Democrats & Republicians while the truth of the matter is this is a Battle for our Country and all that it stands for. Again I say THANK YOU Mr. Raffensperger lets hope the other states have the Courage to do the same.

    1. I live in GA, and am glad for the recount. Liberal professors have taken over our town. When I went to bed around midnight, Trump was still up by over 6K, and this morning he is down 4K? Makes no sense. There are more of us who love God, country, and our flag than these changes show. I pray the fake votes will be found and tossed, and give GA back to Trump who won it legally!

      1. The reason for the Biden jump in votes is the Democrats fired up their ballot factories and filled in a bunch of Fraudulent Ballots ! Hope they check for the watermark !

  4. Federal Officers should be sent in to conduct the recount and do an audit of the ballots at each recount site around the country.

    1. ..Recent reports are that A.G. Barr….sent inspectors to over-see the recounting. One such report indicated that the inspectore might have their sidearms with them, but that may not be true for the sidearms.

      1. I’ll just say if they are F.B.I. Agents they would be armed. I knew a lot of them and many have law degrees and accounting degrees.

  5. Trump supporters,(People need to get together and go to Washington) and demand a new Election), that people can believe in, where the only mail-in is verified ID absentee ballots,Where they are watched while counting by both sides. This election leaves too much to doubt, and must not be allowed to stand. The REPUBLICANS BETTER GET BEHIND THE PRESIDENT NOW.

  6. Here is what needs to be investigated.

    Why were over 133,000 ballots delivered to counting centers in Wisconsin at three in the morning?

    Why were 100,000 ballots delivered to Michigan counting centers in the early morning? And how is it possible that ALL 100,000 are marked for Biden: not one ballot marked for Trump and not one ballot marked for any third party candidate?

    Why were Republican poll watchers in Pennsylvania ejected from some counting centers but Democrat poll watchers allowed to remain?

    Finally, I want to know how the total number of votes cast compares to the number of registered voters. This needs to be checked in EVERY county in EVERY state.

    1. You are so right. Keep praying that God will protect our nation and cull out those who are controlled by the Devil and bring His will to a successful outcome for our Presidential election in the U.S of A.

    2. It is called rampant Voter Fraud by the Democrat Party ! That is how ballots show up in the middle of the night !

  7. Folks, the fix was in wayyyy before they started this whole thing of mail in ballots. NOT to be CONFUSED WITH ABSENTEE BALLOTS!!!
    Two totally DIFFERENT THINGS!
    For those who turned their backs on the President because they were OMG, to TRIGGERED with his TWEETS, SHAME ON YOU! SHAME ON YOU!
    Don’t complain when Harris and slow joe start to transform this country. As for you STUPID WOMEN. Let me tell you all something. YOU HAVE ALL LOST YOUR MINDS COLLECTIVELY!
    I’m a woman, and have daughters, but thank goodness we still have common sense.
    Of course, all the ladies who post on here, are incredibly smart and true Patriots.
    I’m just beside myself! Truly, I am.

    Patriots for Trump!!!

  9. T see per the tallied numbers so fare that over 144.4mil votes have been counted so far out of about 153 mill voters. So far they claim 94% of the registered voters have cast a ballot. I thought the claim was 69% of registered voters actually vote. So, how is it that when Trump was ahead in the count that all of a sudden millions show up for peepads when he couldn’t fill a parking lot with supporters??? Don’t they call that an irregularity?

  10. Recounts are good in states with Republican governors and secretaries of state. But in Democrat states, where huge amounts of Trump voted ballots are replaced by fake Biden voted ballots, they will have garbage in.

    What is needed in all Democrat states is an examination of the envelope with the signature. If it reasonably matches the voter registration. That will do away with most dead voters, pets, and multiple registrations, but it can’t detect replacement of valid ballots by fake ballots.

    The Fox News even showed a video of a ballot worker FILLING OUT A BALLOT. What is that about? The poll watcher wasn’t allowed close enough to tell.

  11. There is a very easy way to separate out fake ballots! You see, when authentic ballots were printed they had a watermark that is invisible. See let’s start there!!!


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