Nevada GOP Sends Criminal Referral to AG Barr

The United States Department of Justice / Public domain

The Nevada GOP has sent Attorney General Bill Barr a criminal referral.

According to Town Hall:

Lawyers for the Nevada GOP sent a criminal referral to Attorney General Bill Barr on Thursday, seeking an investigation in the battleground state over alleged voter fraud, claiming they’ve identified 3,062 individuals who have “improperly cast mail ballots in the election.”

The names and addresses were cross-referenced using the National Change of Address database, they said.

Murtaugh also shared a separate letter that was sent to Mary-Anne Miller, an attorney representing Clark County, Nevada, which accused Clark County Registrar Joe Gloria of “inaction” on cleaning voter rolls.

Earlier, the Nevada GOP alleged that underage citizens were voting.

It remains unclear how the debacle in Nevada or in other key states plays out.

    1. It seems that he is much worse than worthless. It appears that he is complicit in the Dimocrats schemes. I hope he is charged with conspiracy, as soon as this voter fraud is settled.

    1. Barr is a Swamp Creature. Plain and simple. He will do nothing to defend the President, or the integrity of our elections. You first, have to have “integrity”, to be able to defend it! He has none!

    1. Exactly Soros should have been shot while still on Obama’s Top secret detail. Prez. Trump needs to declassify every damn thing Obama. RFN.

      1. That sums it up in a nutshell. The president needed to be much more aggressive cleaning the Aegean stables right out of the gate.

  1. There needs to be a MANDATORY FIFTY (50) YEAR PRISON sentence for Election/Voter Fraud/Tampering with an Election! This needs to END!!!! NOW!!!!!! Just wait until the NEXT election!! The FRAUD/CHEATING will be off the charts! Literally!

    1. No need for any further elections. They will be just like this one from now on unless the SCOTUS steps in and puts a stop to this insanity. While many Dem’s think they just won, they in fact just lost. The PTB will control who gets elected from now on if this stands. Even their (Dem’s) votes will mean nothing. BTW. You can thank a lot of these worthless Republicans that have been in office for years for letting the election system become so corrupt. When they had the the Presidency, the House and the Senate, they did nothing but pander to the left. They are as much to blame as the guys slipping in the back door in the middle of the night will 4 or 5 boxes of fake ballots.

        1. Paul Ryan is AWFUL. HE DID NOTHING WHILE IN OFFICE & NOW HE IS ON BOD OF FOX NEWS!! So long Fox!! I now watch NewsMax & One American News Network (OANN)
          Even 60 minutes Australia gives a truer account of U.S. news than most Fox newscasters, and certainly better than mainstream news crap!!

      1. Exactly! They were more worried about what the media said about them than they were about fulfilling their responsibilities. And the media manipulated them well.

      2. That is exactly right. If SCOTUS doesn’t do their duty to this country, we will never see another Republican President again.

    2. What? And keep their room & board funded by honest taxpayers?!!! I say public hangings in the Town Square are more appropriate!!!

    3. Execution for treason would make sure they never did it again. This will also prevent them getting a future presidential pardon.

    4. Will be off the charts in the next election ???? IT WAS OFF THE CHARTS IN THIS ELECTION !!!!!! The whole world knew this election was going to be nothing but a joke and we did NOTHING to prevent it. The demoRAT trash were very outspoken about their intended voter fraud and they are still getting away with it. The postal service is tampering with federal mail — that’s a serious crime — where is law enforcement ??? Illegals and the deceased voted by the thousands in many states — where’s law enforcement ???? The demoSCUM trash will always magically come up with just enough votes to win — been doing that for years — who is supposed to stop that ???? This election was nothing but anothe demoRAT scam and people sit on their worthless a**es and do nothing !!!! I know of at least 1 state that counted more votes than they had registered voters — who’s checking that ????

  2. If AG Barr doesn’t get off his butt soon, and start throwing some people in the slammer, he’s no better than that coward, Jeff Sessions. I’m getting a bellyful of candy-a$$ govt. servants who are afraid of getting Arkancided if they simply do their job!

    1. Well now…. That Would be a very valid point. Seriously. However, you knew the risks when you got the job. Now…DO THE DARN JOB!!!!

    2. Barr is part of the Deep State. So don’t hold your breath waiting for him to do anything. Look how much he did about the illegal coup against President Trump with the Russia conspiracy nonsense!

  3. Barr is up to his eye balls with Crimmal investigations. He is still investigating previous scandals. He’s climbing Mt.Everst and as of now he hasn’t even reached the first Campsite. ABSURD, RIDICULOUS, and totally LUDICROUS!!

      1. I’m afraid that you are quite right..unless something happens to Biden..Like a stroke..But how can one have a stroke in a vacuum?

    1. BS. He had opportunities for indictments of McCabe AND Comey and he passed.
      Think Fat Boy’s not Deep State? Guess again…

  4. any one who has been watching these elections this year or past, 2020 is the year of fraud. many chart and number watchers have found many/hugh voting fraud being done and politicians state and cities have been behind closed and partly open doors chatting as to how we can hide ballots to be brought forth after voting closing dates are done or posted. as it seams there have been many, esp ones that are dead/moved/no signature or any not being verified or legal id, I voted tuesday at 6am in upstate ny, had to prove who i was my legal address age date of birth and to sign my name at the bottom of the verifying touch screen pad. i could not obtain my ballot until that first verifying staton and the second registry verification was completed and verified who i was i was given my ballot to be filled out and deposited into the counting machine, it accepted it ,that says i made the ballot out properly. as i have been reading/seeing every main state and others have not done or doing what the laws state, then there’s states change the rules not minute’s after starting the counting or after when the ballots don’t go one way ,their way. sad as it seams but true, it is about time ag barr is doing something about this crimery going on.,

  5. These voting laws have to be enforce because Democrats don’t care about them. Republicans have to change the voting laws. Get some BALLS.

    1. That is so true Republicans need to do the same thing to Democrats did for the last four years nothing don’t help them at all do not help the Democrats at all

  6. Fat Boy’s been way too SILENT during all of this. The odds are he will do NOTHING with the referrals. Further proof he is Deep State (heck, he’s best friends with Mueller – he should have NEVER been appointed!).


  8. Seems to me this list could include three types of non residents. some may be citizen registrants who no longer live in Nevada. Others may be non-citizen registrants, some of whom are resident aliens (green carders) or non-resident aliens (illegal aliens). The latter two types have committed federal felonies and should be deported.

    1. ALL of them have committed federal felonies. ALL of them should be sent to prison with hard labor for the maximum allowable time. Then the aliens must be deported, after they’ve served their sentences. Too bad the citizens can’t be sent away somewhere too. We don’t need their kind here.

    2. Yeah right Joe Biden not going deport anybody he’s planning on opening the borders up and have free medical for all the illegals and face mask men date and lockdown just prepare yourself

  9. Biden in the closer recounts is losing AZ. The same in NEV. In the other swing states the legislatures are waking up and the courts are going to have to force recounts with proper watchers.

    Fraud is everywhere and the fake news, the crooked ones who have presided over this joke of an election must be charged with their attempt to steal an elections. Whoever presides over these swing states voter fraud must be punished. This has been a game of vote counters for years and this time it all has to end. The laws must be changed to protect the sanctity of the vote.

    And Google, FB, Twitter have to all be reformed and governed by laws. Break em up. They have tried for days to block all information about the battle to lean in for the dim wits. Soros must own a lot of those little morons. But Soros is much smarter. These owners and leaders of the social media are directly involved and will be taken down. Soros has others like these tech morons do his dirty work and they will take the fall.

    BREAK THEM UP and remove the first amendment rights of the fake news. They need to face the cost of their lies. Make them sueable for their slander!

    1. It’s way PAST time that the US extradited him from Switzerland, and made him stand trial as an international terrorist. How this guy ever became a Us citizens is way beyond me. Adam Schiff is married to his daughter. And his two sons are worthless as well..Go figure the tea leaves.

  10. Well i give up on the republican party. This party has no spine to fight the cheating d3mocrats. They should of been fighting tooth and nail before the election even came. I got to hand it to the democrats, they do all sorts of illegal activities and NEVER get in trouble. The republicans should of fought fire with fire. Should of stuffed the ballots as well, but nope, they think playing fair will get them a win and look what it got them. Ifi was trump id make sure there are political appointees in the deep state to leak like a siv when biden takes over. Give it right back to the democrats. He should also destroy the economy and make biden start over. Why give the democrats anything. He should also ban fracking and legalize all the illegals and let all the states who helped biden win, get what they deserve.

  11. Bill Barr will go down in history as the most incompetent and useless Attorney General in American history. Barr and the entire DOJ seems to be corrupt and not capable of doing their jobs. The only thing they are good at is cashing their government check they get each month.

  12. Wonder how many in other states? I remember a few years ago, during Obama era a Democrat Congresswoman had voted in Maryland and also in Florida and was caught. How many more do this trick? With mail in votes they probably got a ballot so why not?

  13. “There needs to be a MANDATORY FIFTY (50) YEAR PRISON sentence for Election/Voter”
    If we are blessed to actually win this thing, we must immediately initiate a Constitutional Amendment against voter fraud. Free and honest elections are so important to the American way of life that we need Draconian sentences which will more than discourage violators. 50 years or life without parole for an individual violator. Capital punishment for organized violators. Mandatory monitoring and immediate investigation of charges. This must never happen again. We should never have allowed the rules for voting to be changed, covid or no covid. This is more important than covid. In fact, you have to wonder if covid is not that final One World Order conspiracy that we are always told to ignore. With all these left-leaning and socialist governments in bed with each other, America with President Trump was the only thing standing in the way of the One World Order.
    Of course if they “win” everything goes out the window. There will never be another Republican elected, and America will be, essentially, a one party socialist country. Who would-a-thought.

  14. Will Candy Barr do anything? Hardly. And the tragedy is that it leads back to the president himself, and his colossal mistake in hiring him.

  15. imo, If Barr had done his job, Biden would have been disgraced and jailed as part of the coup attempt against President Trump. Justice delayed is justice denied.

  16. I am writing this on Saturday Nov. 7, NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox have all declared Biden the winner. Fox has officially joined in on the coup plot to help the Dems overthrow our Representative Republic and establish a Marxist Dystopia. Fox will no longer will welcome on my televisions. Only O.A.N. has remained loyal to our Republic. The fraud in this election is so blatant even Helen Keller would notice it. All I can say is if this fraud is allowed to go through on inauguration day morning I hope Biden receives a message “Congratulations from President Greg Abbott of the Republic of Texas.”.

  17. It appears that AG Barr is proving to be as ineffective as his predecessor, Jeff Sessions. There are several laws on the books regarding how national elections are to be held and the repercussions of mishandling ballots. Barr should have stepped in as soon as such proof was found; but instead, he’s doing nothing and seemingly allowing the election to be stolen from the American voters. It appears the number of government officials we can trust in the DC Swamp is swiftly diminishing. We can no longer trust the FBI, the DOJ, the progressive socialists in the House and Senate and the RINOs who have betrayed all the members of their party. Meanwhile, the citizens of this country are being royally screwed. The question is–Are we going to roll over and let it happen or are we going to stand up and deliver the fight of our lives. Wake up, America, the soul of this country is at stake!

  18. I have no doubt when and if Biden gets in office we will have a war we are going to be less safe from terrorists and hey folks China is going to eat our lunch dinner and breakfast

  19. It is time for the Republican’s to stand up for our President. Yes, even the rhino’s. A lot of people need to be behind federal prison bars for this blatant election steal attempt. We know who these players are, don’t just call them out…lock these idiots up before the next election cycle or they will just post bail and do this to us again!!!

  20. I have to say that we have just lost our country as we knew it. Whenever one party manages to steal an election,as we just witnessed,our nation is doomed. The people that voted for the senile old man,The Godfather crime family Biden,will live to regret what they did. China is going to own our country,because The Godfather owes China,one and a half billion dollars to be exact. That is the amount of money China gave to Hunter Biden,but nobody paid much attention to that transaction,the communist socialist media just swept it under the rug. It is going to come back and bite them in the ass.

  21. Dear America,

    Welcome to being a Banana Republic.

    President Reagan said we are just one generation from losing our freedom.

    Sad but true.

    When we prosecute only people that don’t think the way the elites think,

    We are no longer the shining beacon on the hill.

  22. There a lot of disgusting forces out there It’s Looking more communist all the time. Do your constitutional job. Fight fight fight for it don’t roll over


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