Audit and FULL Hand Recount Ordered in Georgia

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The state of Georgia has ordered an audit and a full hand recount of all of the votes cast in the state.

According to The Daily Wire:

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced Wednesday morning that there will be an audit and full hand recount of votes in the state for the 2020 presidential election.

“This will help build confidence. It will be an audit, a recount and a recanvas all at once,” Raffensperger said at the press conference, according to CBS News. “It will be a heavy lift.”

Decision Desk HQ called Alaska for Trump earlier on Wednesday morning, awarding him the state’s three electoral votes. And on Tuesday, the outlet called North Carolina for the president, as well, earning POTUS another 15 electoral votes.

In Arizona, where there are 11 electoral votes to be collected, tens of thousands of votes are still being counted. Biden currently amassed a roughly 12,800 vote lead.

Biden currently leads Trump by 14,000 votes in the state. President Trump continues to vow to fight until a final decision has been made.

  1. I never give on the internet but I sent President Trump &20. Check by mail . I live on SS & very little money but I pray he can fight back & win

      1. The reason God chose Trump is becoming clearer by each day. No one else has the resources, cajones, and strength to take on this fight with our corrupt and criminal government. It makes me think of the story of David. Seriously, who can forget his indiscretion with Bathsheba and the consequences of those sins. David wasn’t perfect either, definitely made some horrible mistakes but warts and all, God favored him as he was the only one that could accomplish the will of God at that time. When no one could/would stand up to Goliath, David did and then he slew him. Well, I can’t think of one other person in this country that would/could fight the giant we’re now facing other than Trump. Until the return of Jesus, Trump may be our last resort in this fight against the evil trying to consume us now. He needs as much support from us that we can muster while he continues to take on the task of slaying our current giant.

    1. You are missing out by not giving by internet because you can get 1000% matching to your donation. I’m not wealthy but I keep giving small donations with the huge matching% so it adds up. Heck, $5.00 becomes $50.00. Boom!

    2. There are a lot of us retired and budgets are tight but I gave the same a couple of days ago. If we all do that it will be enough but should send it throughout this assault on the sanctity of our vote.

      The dim wits are out to destroy our votes with fraud. This must be stopped and the methods used forbidden. Vote harvesting and blanket mailings without clean rolls. It is all responsible for this. And the punishments for this should be felonies and jail time mandated.

    3. me too they called and I asked if they would send me a pre-addressed mailer..we gave $25.00 earlier and another $50.00 for this as this is SO important to us. I sure hope it does some good, even $5.00 makes a differance.

    4. you are a true patriot to continue your support with the small funds you have. Just like the poor peasant woman who put her last few coins into the coffers Jesus honored her gift far beyond those of the miserly rich May God bless you

  2. still waiting for the bombshell ,water marked ballots proof for all the world of how bad the dems really are , how can you have 90% turnout ?,logical answer is massive ballot stuffing in all the critical states . election fraud in a democracy is a very serious offence against your fellow citizens

    1. I’ve heard rumors that they did something to try to trap the fraudulent dems and voters. When should we hear about this?? I sure hope it’s fact rather than rumor but so far haven’t seen or been able to find any factual info regarding it. Please, please, please let it be true!!

  3. so now we know the Mayor of Atlanta Ga ,is a stone libturd liar !!! and maybe worse,let’s investigate ,and see if we can get her to step down ,before she can do any more damage to Atlanta Ga ,and ir;s citizen’s

  4. W….T…..F… a ‘Decision Desk HQ’?!?!?!?! And does “This will help build confidence. It will be an audit, a recount and a recanvas all at once,”, mean that ALL LEGAL votes will ONLY be counted?? Do I need to define what ‘LEGAL VOTES’ mean to these CRIMINAL politicians?!?!

    1. The Decision Desk and Newsmax are the 2 RELIABLE CONSERVATIVE MEDIA outlets. The Decision Desk NEVER called PA or GA and quickly moved MI, WI, AZ, NV and Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District to undecided. Maine and Nebraska split their electoral votes by who wins the Congressional Districts. Their 2 electoral votes go to who gets the most Districts or are split 1 each if that is tied.

        1. but both Republican senators in Ne. won their seats by a large margin, so why did their (1) electoral vote go to Biden?

  5. Yet if there are illegal ballots they will still be counted. There are many issues with the fraud in this election: 1) People voting that should not have been voting, 2) Ballots delivered AFTER the polls closed and election ended, 3) Mysterious ballots that showed up later, all for Biden, 4) Electronic machines that changed votes, 5) Counting of the ballots. No matter how this election turns out, vote fraud played a huge part and it needs to be dealt with. No ignoring it. But the politicians NEVER do anything about it! People need to go to jail for vote fraud, and that includes those in charge of the elections that permit this fraud to continue.

    1. Shelly: Fully agree. Recounting does nothing about identifying the fraudulent votes, rigged voting machines and late arriving ballots. Good post. Hope someone is doing something about your concerns in addition to just recounting!

    2. It is too late to be implemented for this election but I have two suggestions that may help in the future. They are not original with me but I think they are reasonable and have merit. First: All States & territories purge, delete, & destroy all their current voter registrations lists or files. Then require all legally eligible voters who wish to do so to file new voter registration forms providing proof of identification and current address. This would go far to eliminate deceased persons form the file and those who have moved out of the district or even out of State. Absent tee ballots should only be provided on request and require validation.
      Second: There should be three independent counts of the votes. One count being done electronically. And two hand counts with one count completed by each of the two mayor political parties. Discrepancies to be resolved by bipartisan review not connected to the original hand count. This could serve to restore some trust to the counting process.

  6. Talk to someone and they told me that they know people that went to vote and according to the ballot place they already have voted when they did it it is really sad

  7. Continue the fight Mr. President and never give up. You have Million’s of Patriots who will always fight for you.

  8. Pray for our President and that all the fake ballots and votes will be exposed everywhere. Am hearing that the secret mark will be on all valid ballots, if so, it’s coming down like a House of Cards for Biden.

  9. I have given and given and given when these people asking for money should have been doing their jobs. If they had this wouldn`t have happened. They got caught and my guess is they had a change in the way they were thinking. You must remember Trump was in this fight all alone when he first took office in 2016. Should we say welcome back to Americas Republican party? or what?

  10. No matter how the election finalizes there is now way I will ever trust the media or the vicious left leaning democratic party Lies and hypocrisy. There will not be a healing as sad as that makes me. I am sadder still by the politics of hate which continues to grow

  11. They can recount all they want but, if they won’t allow any GOP observer, the outcome will still be the same. A fraudulent outcome. The article does not say if observers from GOP are allowed.

  12. I have never missed an election….since I was 21…that’s over 50 years. And now I am thinking that this will be my last voting experience ever. I am a conservative and can not roll over to the Demo side of things (it just doesn’t work in my brain). I knew all this fraudulent happenings were going to happen, as there was just too much support for our POTUS….I knew not to trust the MSM years ago. Like other’s of my ilk, even the Fox News stations became poisoned as owners changed things at the top. Then the states started changing demographic wise as people moved about (not hard to see that coming). All and All…..America has let the left set this all in motion over the past 20 – 25 years…too soft on what we expect of everyone. Diversity, back in the nineties became a big thing and you could see all the changes happening as it became standard in hiring practices and daily life.. I am not against getting along or working with anyone, no matter their race or credo, but has it worked?? Cities burning to the ground, colleges all set against conservatives (not all thank goodness), and banning more good parts of life than I can count. SAD SAD. Not sure I am going to trust the voting system again…period.

  13. I am very concerned with all the uncounted Republican votes that were thrown away and can never be accounted for and who is to say how many there were? Those people had their votes stolen!
    I am ready to throw the election out and have a complete DO OVER OF THE ELECTION! The American people deserve to be able to have confidence in the election results whatever it takes to get there! AND, I have zero confidence in the integrity of this election! If they recounted every state, they will never be sure of the results because of voter fraud! I am far from the only one who feels this way……75% of the Republican voters feel exactly tly as I do!

  14. Could this also have an effect on the Senate races in Georgia? Or is the recount ONLY for the presidential race? Does anybody know?

  15. Why would you need to recount the entire state? It makes sense you only need to recount the Demonrat strongholds that came up with unbelievable numbers of votes for that old fart Biden. The rest of the state was overwhelming count for President Trump.

  16. The “confidence will come out when you discover all of the un-signed, unverified votes along with the dead that voted. Remember, the demonic left always claimed Russia is involved.

  17. It will be illegal for DEMOCRATS TO RELOCATE TO GA FOR THE RECOUNT!!
    You must be a registered resident with drivers license FOR OVER ONE YEAR!!!!!!


  18. President Trump is a Fighter for America and HER People. Biden and Harris will turn this Country Socialist, if WE THE PEOPLE DO NOT STAND OUR GROUND!

  19. This will NOT do anything to account for all “lost”ballots for Trump or “found” ballots for the groper. They will just recount what’s there — BFD !!! Won’t tell us anything or prove anything.

  20. Shouldn’t they also recount every candidates results, since if the recount shows President Trump was cheated by Democrat “VOTER FRAUD”, won’t the same be true for the two US Senate races and also the US House races?

  21. That’s good news. Depending on the count, could this eliminate the need for the special elections? That would save about a billion dollars.

  22. Don’t just count the votes. Audit them. Some unscrupulous Biden supporters may have illegally filled out thousands of ballots. Check with the actual voters.


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