Pennsylvania Election Board to Count Thousands More Undated Ballots

Mass-mail-in ballots litter the sidewalk outside a Las Vegas apartment building, October 2020. Photo courtesy of Jim Murphy.

The Alleghany County Board of Elections has voted to count an additional  2,349 ballots although they do not have a date on the out envelope. Pennsylvania law states that the ballot mailing envelope “shall contain the date” but these dateless ballots will undergo additional analysis to be sure they are eligible.

The Daily Wire reports:

“The ballots, which have not been opened, all arrived on or before Election Day, as they are stamped with a date when they’re received, according to Elections employees,” reported. “The Board of Elections, made up of Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald, Councilman Sam DeMarco and Councilwoman Bethany Hallam, voted 2 to 1 to count those votes after a brief discussion. DeMarco voted against the motion.”

Allegheny County solicitor Andrew Szefi said, “They applied on time, received their ballots, voted their ballots, returned them on time with their signature, their printed name, their address — the only thing they’re missing is their date. They were received timely, and our … ballot sorting machine imprints a date received on each envelope as they’re scanned.”

“We’ve taken a hard look at this,” Szefi added. “The legal principle at issue here is the Elections Code should always be construed so as to favor enfranchisement over disenfranchisement. What we have here is essentially a technicality that we don’t want voters to get disenfranchised with.”

David Voye, the Allegheny County Elections Division manager, said, “Right now, we are doing a comparison of any spoiled or surrendered ballots at the polling locations to make sure they didn’t surrender their correct ballot and vote at the polls. So we want to make sure we do that prior to counting the 7,000.”

News outlets have called the Keystone State for Joe Biden, making him President-elect. However, the Trump team has filed multiple lawsuits in the state regarding voter observation and ballot counting discrepancies.

  1. It is against state law to count them. The elections board can’t override state law. Neither can a judge. Those ballots are illegal.

  2. Washington State even let them vote after election day at midnight after the person registered to vote for the first time and it was said that the post office was there to back date the envelope . There was a lot of voter fraud going on and our elected officials condoned it.

  3. The Democrat Left believes that Moral and Ethical Leadership can only be defeated by Immoral and Unethical tactics of any kind…any kind
    Furthermore the Left believes that Morality and Ethics are a weakness to be exploited – Saul Alinslki is taught as the Cup de Gras and a change agent to end morality in Politcal Science courses as well as Politics in General – Rules for Radicals is taught in most Universties in America today.
    So corruptionn of voting machines is merely a tool for change

  4. If they do not have a date then they are not eligible to be counted according to Pennsylvania Law ! Why is that hard to understand ?
    Just what gives them the authority to make up rules and laws on a whim?

  5. america , with the whole world watching , you can’t run an election ,in a democracy ? . on bright side you may get a drop of in attempts to break in to america !?. have to say if people can’t do the very simple paper work are they eligible to vote ?let alone make an informed decision about weather a creepy old guy hiding in a basement with a corruption rap sheet should manage the country, vs ,a very successful building mogul ,golden boy tv show manager , with sane healthy kids , that has a track record better than any president ever [ maybe leekwanyu, but he was more of a benevolent dictator ,no hatefully biased press ].lowering taxes , stopping wars ,cut regulations ,brought companies back to US ,made US energy net exporter ,so broke oil cartel …… gee, it is a tough one .


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