GOP Senator to Step in if Biden Isn’t Receiving Presidential Briefings by Friday

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Republican Oklahoma Senator James Lankford has revealed he “will get involved” if President Trump does not begin sharing intelligence briefings with President-elect Joe Biden by Friday. The Republican Senator believes that Biden should be given the briefings so that both parties are prepared no matter how the election truly turns out.

Currently, President Trump is contesting the election results in multiple battleground states and has filled multiple legal challenges regarding ballot observation measures and voter fraud. Though multiple media outlets have prematurely called the election for Democrat Joe Biden the election has yet to be certified by the General Services Administration. Intelligence briefings typically are not shared until the GSA certifies the election results, the earliest of which may occur Friday.

The Washington Examiner writes:

“There’s nothing wrong with Vice President Biden getting the briefings to be able to prepare himself,” Lankford said. “And if that’s not occurring by Friday, I will step in as well … and say that this needs to occur so that regardless of the outcome of the election, whichever way that it goes, people can be ready for that actual task.”

“The GSA has to certify that election to start turning it around, the first day they can do that on the calendar is Friday, and when that occurs, they should actually step in,” Lankford said. “And I would tell you, I’m on the committee of oversight — I’ve already started engaging in this area.”

Lankford said he looked to the 2000 election between Al Gore and George W. Bush to determine whether Biden should be receiving briefings by now.

“My first question was, ‘In 2000, what occurred in 2000 during that whole challenge?'” he asked. “And what happened was President Clinton made available to … George Bush, the governor at that point, still in the process of running, the availability to start getting those briefings and to do that.”

Senator Lankford is one of many Republicans calling for a smooth transition of power between President Trump and President-elect Biden if the election’s results remain in place.

    1. How in the world can they one; put intelligence and bye-dunce in the same sentence, much less give this bought and paid for Xi Manchurian candidate access to national security data? What the “F’ over!! Hasn’t the last 20 years of chinese infiltration been enough?? He11 they might as well plant the CCP flag in the rose garden and give Xi a suit in the WH!
      No one can tell me the intell folks aren’t the least bit concerned about this, or are they too, bought and paid for! Voter ignorance and corruption aside, I just don’t see this being even remotely legitimate!

        1. Tom, I do not know why you are so concern about a misspelling of a damn word, when our country is going strait to hell. What are a want to be a english teacher.

    2. I am sick to death of these Judases in the Republican party. One thing we have to say about the left is that they stick together LOYALLY through thick and thin. Our side could learn something there.

    1. Can’t wait to see Hunter taking up residence in the WH (like Hillary’s brother). A drug-addled, liar, thief, philandering, child pedophile and in general a despicable human. Biden already announced Susan Rice, a known liar, will be part of his “team”. Who’s next, Rahm “deadfish” Emanuel, Eric Holder, Hillary or Kerry reprising their awful jobs as Secretary of State? Looks like we’re headed for a re-run of the disastrous America/American hating NObama administration. Oh, joy! I can hardly wait….

      GOD BLESS THE USA (we’re going to need His undivided attention until at least the 2022 midterms when we can throw half the Dem Congress out.)

  1. Can’t we just send the briefings directly to China, Biden is kind of old, he might forget to use his fax machine in his basement since he is progressive now and moved on from his carrier pigeons. Tech savvy Joe Biden, the guy that thinks the WHO is the best way to distribute the vaccine worldwide!

    1. Exactly! There is a reason that Biden was even cheated into the race. Who believes he won, fairly??? He is a total liability to the Democrats and they cannot afford to have him on the loose!

      1. “We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”- Joe Biden, October 24, 2020

          1. In broad daylight, too. Yesterday, Postal Investigators arrested a couple Post Office employees, who were caught on surveillance video, removing containers of mail, including ballots, fron their Post Office trucks and disposing of them in an ‘unauthorized dump’. Sheeeesh, these guys keep stepping on their Johnsons.

      2. They didn’t really want Bidet anyway. They wanted CommonLaw Harris, and she is the one who will be taking over if Trump loses. She is a commie all the way and will hand this country lock, stock, and barrel over to our enemies in no time at all.

  2. Of course, these RINOs just want to go back to business as usual! More wars, more corruption, more foreign aid they skim off the top of, more kickbacks!
    Yep, just what we need to of that garbage!

    1. Actually, absent a concession, it will not reach the Electoral College. I suspect that Article II will kick in; we’re headed to a vote by the House of Representatives; each of the 50 states gets one vote.

  3. Biden has won nothing! Just because the America haters on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, PBS et al declare Biden President doesn’t make it so.
    Neither GA, NC, PA, MI, WI, AZ, nor NV have declared either candidate the winner. Nor have the results been certified by the State authorities.
    Tell Lankford to go F himself!!!!

  4. biden is not the president-elect until the electorial college votes
    just another media lie,and sorry to say fox is becoming like the rest of the fake media
    trump will beat the cheaters and win MAGA

    1. My dad thought Lankford was a decent representative when he was in the House. But when he got into the senate he totally forgot about the people he represents! I guess the senate corrupts everyone. Biden is a threat to our national security, so until the votes are actually decided, he should get no information. After that, it will be up to the people to protect our country because Biden will give it away to China.

        1. Quid Pro Joe, or as Hunter refers to him: ‘The Big Guy’… you’ve captured his essence. I’ll leave it to the FBI, if an honest FBI agent can be found, to capture the rest of him. He’s definitely in business–through Hunter–with the Chinese, Russians, Ukrainians, etc. He’s already admitted, actually bragged about getting the Ukrainian prosecutor that was looking into Barisma/Hunter fired.

    1. This MELARKEY mainstream media . not anyone important. PLEASE read a some of my posts if you listen and watch what it’s about it will make you stop whatever you are doing its about the election and about BIDEN about human trafficking very must see important and Dan BONGINO and Oscar El Blue youtube you really need to do this it’s that IMPORTANT

      1. Yep, Dan Bongino laid this whole business out, nice and clear, just like a road map. I’m astonished that the FBI hasn’t moved on his blockbuster information. I’m forced to conclude that the FBI has switched sides.

  5. We’ve gotten a number of questions about the term “president-elect.” Colloquial use of the phrase refers to the person projected to win the presidential election. Formal recognition is finalized following the Jan. 6 session of Congress.

  6. Screw this RINO. When the votes are counted
    and if Biden is able to steal the election then
    he can do as he pleases.
    What position have you been offered. Grow a
    pair and stand up for tour party and honesty.

  7. he’s all talk and no action and Lankford just wants his name in “lights” and media attention..Good luck RINO! it’s going nowhere..It’s in litigation and if Lankford supposedly is an attorney he knows that and is just shooting off his mouth to get media attention?> Another 2024 aspiring hopeful presidential candidate? no way


      1. yup a post with Tom fittons JW header ,70% ballots unfranked , a very logical number ,they new they needed a lot to beat trump , and Dr Shiva Ayyaduri , has maths on it the results are not possible ,apart from 90% turnout and over 100% in some counties !? . JW post looked pretty legit ,game over for deep state ,given enough rope …. wwg1wga


  9. In 2000, at least Bush was a governor and I could make a case for a little information sharing. Biden, until certified by the GSA, is a has-been, ex-vice president, lying civilian with no rights to any intelligence information. On the other hand, there is a fair chance that anything he is told he’ll forget or get it confused with something else.

      1. You All Are Wasting Energy , Get Over It . The President Of The United States Of America Is President Joseph Biden ! Now Allow This To Ring Off Your Tongues , Madam Vice President Kamala Harris Is That Queen You Have Never Seen 💙💙💙

          1. she is not JUST a troll, she is voting on COLOR, people who voted for HOOOSAIN OSAMA on color, were the first to regret it!!!

        1. Shurita Pittmon Smith, they haven’t won anything yet. We will have to wait and see what happens in the lawsuits, you know there was cheating going on.

        2. We still have 6 states not yet counted. 50 states not yet certified the vote. Electors for the electorial college not yet selected. Electors have not voted yet. Congress not yet approved results. Fact, electors can change there vote to Trump.

    1. His foreign corruption connection of him and his family should already disqualify him from even running for president. He and his corrupt family should be in jail and tried for treason. Period.

  10. Another corrupt left wing RINO. McConnell cannot keep his people under the conservative tent like Peolosi, or maybe he isn’t even trying. I say let this fool RINO do whatever he does, who cares.

  11. LOLOLOL He FUNNY!!! WHEN will Biden be ARRESTED for Violating the Hatch Act?????????????? He has NOT won anything, yet he is ‘doing America’s business’ with FOREIGN leaders!! ARREST HIM NOW!!

  12. Mr. Lankford is definitely showing his ignorance here. When certification happens then move forward. I guess this person is not well versed in procedure.

  13. I believe BIDEN is his clan are threatening Republican senators or paying them off to push BIDEN in because BIDEN is scared people are going to find out project HAMMER and score card from watching PARLER and Rumble. This some bad stuff to watch

    1. Just a question, do you think OUR presidents lawyers are aware of this Parler and rumble? Another from an ole lady, how do you get on those sites? Only had newspapers and 2 line phones in my days.

  14. James Langford, Rino, Piece of excrement, otherwise known as dung. Being half Oklahoman, I am ashamed of the people in Oklahoma for electing this swinging door POE (see prior text for definition of POE. Get your act together Oklahoma! Will not spend a dime there unless it is an Indian casino, as white POE did them wrong and more power to the INDIANS.

  15. This Senator can go pound sand! Biden is a crook, the Demonic Party is run by criminals and treason is their game Buzz off! President Trump won this election by a Landslide. 80% Trump, 16% Biden !

    1. We can bet that Wray is in on the deal, because that computer is going to be the great ticket to the front door of prison!!! It is very telling how NO ONE even addresses the computer. I truly did not know that our US was this far gone!

        1. Just like HiLIARys Emails and the FBI Agents phones all accidentally erasing themselves. It’s a shame this does not happen to Democratic Politicians also. Once given any information should self destruct in 10. Seconds.

    2. He will run straight to China, Russia, and Iran with any intelligence given to him. I doesn’t matter if he is certified as the President Elect or not.

  16. George W. Bush did not get any intelligence briefings before the SCOTUSdeclared him the victor in the 2000 elections, so what makes Beijing Biden anything different? He is not the president elect until the fraud and recounts are finished.

  17. Will Senator Lankford take responsibility for any leaks of intelligence coming from the Biden camp? And will Lankford resign immediately if leaks occur?

  18. The voter fraud is obvious so this guy is just another rino. And this investigation must run its course. No one should stop it, it is the only way to end this fraud machine the dim wits own. Do not let these politicians disenfranchise the legal voters. The glitches, the counting of all votes from anywhere and anyone must end. The illegals, the dead, the twice voters, the other vote counter cheating must end or there is no republic of the people. We will no longer have a say in our government if this whole scheme backed up by the fake news, the corrupted social media is allowed to STAND. Fight this, it is too easy to identify. AND TAKE THIS RINO TO THE WOODSHED!

  19. Let him meet with Biden. If Biden comes up short (and he should) this gentleman should be bought up on charges of conspiring with the enemy. Similar to General Flynn…not?

  20. The election is not over because the states have not called the winners and won’t until the fraud is resolved and only legal ballots are counted. So, Biden is NOT the President Elect at this time. Only the press has called him the winner and they don’t count.

  21. No need for Trump to roll over and play dead. His concerns are valid and need to be addressed in a court of law. Not a totally biased media. Democrats have never acknowledged Trump’s election. From not showing up for his inauguration to Pelosi siting behind him during State of The Union address and tearing up her copy of the speech. The democrats promised to resist, oppose, and obstruct his presidency and for once they collectively delivered on a promise. Counting of ballots under cover of darkness by obstructing the observers view can be considered nothing less the perpetrating a total fraud. What other plausible or in-plausible reason could there be? Hint……..NONE!

      1. Here ya go … “We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”
        – Joe Biden, October 24, 2020

  22. Daily briefings a month before taking office is plenty of time to get up to date on any situations that the President may have to face, and that is well over 2 months away, and the election will probably be settled in a month. So why is this RINO getting involved in a political race that he has nothing to do with, I wonder if he were in President Trump’s place that he would do what he now says he wants done?

    The Republicans who are not fighting to expose all the Democrats’ voter fraud are not true conservatives or Republicans, since if President Trump isn’t re-elected, all the gains he made for conservatism and the Republican Party in his first 3 years in office will be lost, and then more socialist policies and undue regulations will be installed to control the American people. Then the voter fraud will continue on just as it has for the last 3 decades. How do you think the Democrats came up with their “Blue Wall” that always defeated the Republican candidate for President, “Voter Fraud”, where they count more votes than they have registered voters, as the voter turnout for registered voters all across the USA never goes beyond 70%, and is usually in the lower 60%s, let alone reaching 100%+.

  23. Exactly how well did the Obama/Biden team help the incoming Trump administration in 2016? Multiple wrongs never make a right, but given the unprecedented resistance and animosity toward Trump and the abuse of intelligence data and security clearance by the former Obama administration, specifically Clapper and Brennan, I can understand some reluctance on the part of President Trump to be too forthcoming and especially if he has any hope of retaining office. Obviously the nation’s security should not be sacrificed but there is also a strong likelihood that Biden will start gutting our military once more when in office so it may be sacrificed anyway. 

  24. sit down you worthless POS rhino and let ture Patriots kick commies ass and defeat the left trying to change our country go suck popies ass

  25. Why doesn’t he call for an investigation and prosecution of Joe for selling us to the Chinese for $1Billion? And getting Millions for his drug-addict son Hunter? We have a VP-elect-criminal hoping to head to the White House. How America has fallen under the Biden Mafia!

  26. WHEN Biden is CERTIFIED as the Electoral College Winning Candidate, and all suits that may have stayed certification of the result. THEN AND ONLY THEN is he legitimately a “President Elect!” Stop being a willing gaslight, Lankford!

  27. President Trump tell that rotten scumbag that dirty little troll is not the president! In fact that troll needs to have charges brought against him for violating the Logans Act just like he ruined Genera Flynns life for accusing him of the same thing! If that lankford dares to attack our president, he will face God’s judgement! Trump is the winner of this election and we the people are the ones with God on our side that will stop the devil and his little troll Biden! JOE BIDEN IS NOT THE PRESIDENT! He is a dirty lying cheating dog who latches on others coatails to get ahead even with his lies!

    1. Hello Patricia, yes I agree but he also should have already been charged along with Obama and Hillary for human trafficking youtube Oscar El Blue. You should watch it Oscar is a investigative reporter

  28. Oklahoma Senator James Lankford – DROP DEAD you phony pathetic hack. You are another disgusting politician. All you care about is keeping the “status quo” so you can keep sucking the cash up from the American tax payers. You have zero interest in having the political corruption addressed even though it is copious in the United States’ government.

  29. Oh sure. After4 years of harassment. everybody thinks the president should be all hearts and flowers. Well, who wouldn’t be bitter? I’de ride that pony to the very end. Make them put up with the same crap, Mr President. It ain’t over until January. You’ve gota month and a half to make their lives Hell the same way they did with you.

  30. Until he is officially elected by the legally selected electors, he is not entitled to classified information because he does not have a need to know. Further, his current activities in contacting foreign leaders is just as illegal now, under the Ogan act as they were, according to Democrat Cogressional leaders, as it was for Genera Flynn in 2016

  31. McConnell needs to step up and put his big pants on…proceed in telling this piece of garbage Lankford to back off. What gives him the right to tell a still sitting President what the hell he needs to do….and if he doesn’t follow Lankford’s order he is threatening to step up and do what????!!!!!! Over past 4 years I haven’t seen any democrat step up to give President Trump any information or help in anyway. All they did was give him grief about everything. So Lankford piss off. Sit down and quit threatening anyone. If you want to threaten somebody…grow some balls and go after Nancy Pelosi, Schumer, Elder, Shift, or some of the other demons. Asshole.

  32. Getting elected is far more important to him than any loyalty to a party. Next he will bend over and kiss Biden’s ring rather investigate the crimes the Bidens are involved in or the 3rd world criminality of the entire Democratic party that would make Stalin, Mao, Chevez, and Castro proud.

    1. Plus did I not read where the BLM have asked for what ever he promised them to do the rioting? And we want or need that B/S and garbage for a vp?

  33. Lankford needs to get off his high horse. In case no one has noticed, voting fraud and lying by the elites in this country is rampant – neo Nazi, Stalin style. The elites encompass government workers, the elected left, teachers, postal employees, the tech industry and powerful billionairs like Amazon, George Soros, Bill Gates etc. most of which pay 12-14% tax or zero tax like Amazon, and deliberately tear down your right to free speech so they can retain their power and keep their tax rate at substandard levels while you and I pay the going rates. Trump 2020!!!

  34. Obviously he’s a RINO. Gore already had intelligence briefing as VP of Clinton, and GW Bush did win Florida, but Gore was looking to cheat him out of a win by certifying dimpled chads which were tossed because puncture didn’t work. They were literally scouring garbage cans for votes.
    We know and have video that Biden supporters were filling in ballots in those precincts and filling that section only to toss election for Biden. Also, Dominion software financed by Clnton Global Initiative. Also, Biden has money laundered in China, Russia and Ukraine through son Hunter. Should be behind bars.

    1. And who else is a part of that company? Piggy and finglesteins husbands are into the company! HMMMMM SURPRIZE OH there is never fraud, BS! Coincidence?

  35. Cut off all election funding to RINOs and Democrat Moles in the party. We are at a make or break juncture in the Cold Civil War between the Democrat Crime organization and the Republican Party. No deals with the Dems. you must be 100% in lock step with the President on this battle with the Dems and if you aren’t carry yourself. If the Democrat Crime Organization wins in this battle over election fraud we lose the Republic and our freedoms. It will result in the dissolution of the Union.

  36. You know there is something that does not make since to me. In 2016 Trump beat Clinton who was/is way smarter, and popular than Biden who is a basket case and dumber than a box of rocks, how in the hell did Biden beat Trump? Oh that’s right DEMOCRATES CHEATED!!!

  37. Just another spineless, gutless liberal in a Republican suit! Wow!!! Nobody could have ever guessed how deep the sh$%^&*# swamp really is. We need to stand together for President Trump all the way!

  38. Sure, why not give the most corrupt politician in history access to intelligence so he can share it with his buddies in China ???

  39. Who does he think he is? The constitution gives President Trump the legal rights to do what he’s doing just as Al Gore has done in the past. Joe Biden is not declared winner of the election the only ones that declared him the winner with the lying corrupt fake news media. One wonders why Langford clearly doesn’t understand that. Langford is obviously a never Trumper but it’s good for the American people to know where he stands and just how much of a traitor he actually is.

  40. Well, Senator Lankford, if you love Biden so much why didn’t you run as a Democrat. You are right up there with Mitt Romney. You want the assurance of a paycheck so you run as a Republican, the cow tau to the Dems. Apologize you puke.

  41. Except that Biden is a security Risk. He has no right to be involved if there is a question about him becoming President, and there is plenty.

    1. May have to do a little digging for ALL the dirt cuz the crooks in all the news shows are trying to cover all the dirt and lies up!

  42. The last time I read the Constitution and Bill of Rights it said NOTHING about the media declaring the winner for an elected office.

  43. I would think his constituents in OK would have something to say to him about this. Primary challenger threats or mentions of “recall” seem to get their attention nowadays.
    Dems stick together like glue; Republicans refuse to come together on anything.

  44. No matter what the media says, Biden is NOT the president-elect yet. Until that is official, he is nothing but a candidate and Trump is still president. When the legal system is worked out on this, then they can declare a winner. Not until then. If Biden is not the president-elect, he has no reason to be briefed.

    1. I’m a trump supporter all the way.. but history will confirm this truth – republicans will cave in, butter to the other side when the going gets touch or they have to take a stand for their own.. what kind of respect do republicans think they owe the democrats??? demos have committed every kind of disrespect on the planet to President Trump; half of the demos should be serving time from the present administration (that is Obama’s administration) but none of them will ever see a day doing time in prison for the crimes they committed against our great Country.. so the republicans should oppose, plot behind the scenes, stay on TV barking out alleged outburst against Biden, act like a child at important Presidential speakings such as state of union address, etc.. because all these and much much more is all the demos did for or have done in 4 years.. oh by all means try to impeach Biden b/c they have good reason to but then Harris would be worse than Biden.. but then impeach her for treason and the Ms Speaker would be up.. come on republicans.. put your thinking caps.. Lindsay G.. be forceful like you one upon a time…

      1. I thought that out a long time ago! piggy will do anything to get the position! Or if and I say if, she will give it to killery and stay on as VP! n They are the most evil creatures around!

  45. Again, Republicans can’t keep a strong hold on their members. Always someone is turning back on them. A trend you don’t see at the Democrat Party. They know how to keep them tight. Oklahoma should get this guy out.

  46. Hey what do you care Langford, what business is it of yours. Biden has plenty of yes men so he sure as heck doesn’t need a quasi-Republican Senator aiding him. Butt out!

    1. Hello nurse, just won seeing if you have watched anything from Oscar El Blue on youtube??? About Hillary BIDEN and Obama involved in human trafficking??? You might want to. Or Hillsdale College site on 1619 PROJECT this is what the rioting is about kids in school are now calling it the movement this is the life style they have been misinformed about in school

  47. Heck with this Rino. Isn’t Biden being investigated? Why is anyone taking this old bag o’ bones seriously? He looks like he may keel over at any moment.

    1. I thought INDICTMENT was what he deserves, and his son for all the ILLEGAL crap they have been doing for many years. Sorry, I keep forgetting the double standard!

  48. Lankford needs to shut up! There has been no certified voting yet so there s no winner yet so Biden should keep his mitts off o0f taxpayer money for President or Pres-Elect as he has not won anything yet!

  49. Does this RINO not know how our government and the constitution works? Biden isn’t the president elect until the electoral college votes in December. Until then he’s not anything but a private citizen who was a presidential candidate. Is someone who sits in the senate really that stupid and clueless. I’d so maybe he needs to be removed until he can get an education on governmental functions.

  50. I am so sick of these RINOS. Why don’t they make up their minds which side of the aisle that they REALLY want to sit on, and just do it. Then the rest of us would know where each person stands. Instead of counting on them to go along with their party, then they act like they are on the other side. It’s frustrating to vote these people in on one party line, then have them going along with the opposite side. Get off the fence you RINOs. You are going to get a butt full of splinters.

  51. I seem to remember Joe and
    Braaack not wanting to give Trump security briefings when he was the “elect” president. Why so different now??

  52. Tell Senator Langford to go back to the rock he crawled out of. Biden shouldn’t be given any briefs for the sake of National Security because he is NOT the President-elect. He is such a danger to this country, that piece of garbage would tell his Chinese comrades everything he heard in those briefings.

  53. Guess someone needs to inform Lankford that Biden already has more inside information due to his and Obama,Clapper and Brennan’s access to the the top secret “Hammer” system they stole.

  54. WTH Biden is brain dead he can’t be trusted with that information let alone he is closley associated with the scum in China, who have no business knowing any of what the President has knowledge of. Biden HAS NOT been elected yes he is a FORMER VP and I am sick of hearing people call that jacka** President elect. The votes are still out!!! Someone needs to get a hold of this imbicile and set him straight that Biden has NO say or NO right to anything until the votes are final!!!

  55. How can Joe Biden even pass a security investigation ? Because of Biden’s big mouth over 30 navy seals were killed in an ambush in Afghanistan. He cannot be trusted with classified material .President Obama was an admitted cocaine addict and still was given security clearance Who are the people who are responsible for vetting these corrupt politicians.?

  56. there needs to be a barn there at building these idiots offices are where some of them can be taking to get some understanding from others

  57. It seems as though people like to stick their nose in where it does not belong – particularly when it concerns President Trump. Joe Biden will be dealt with in the same manner as tradition and the law dictates.

  58. Disappointed with Lankford! IF the election had been FAIR, there would be NO problem. We should NOT reward blatant cheaters!!

  59. Talk has it Biden is already talking to foreign leaders Biden never asked Trump if that was okay or not considering Biden isnt president elect yet. Now Mr Langford why would you want to share intelligence with a Traitor who has sold out this country? Why aren’t you spending your time and POWER charging Biden with being a traitor tough guy!!!

  60. The democrats “Hurry up” offense to hike the ball before the refs can review the play just is not going to work here this time. Nope it’s 4th down and 50 yards to go so you are just going to have to punt Harris er I mean Joe. Game over! Trump wins!

  61. Well until all the corruption and ballot stuffing resolved Biden shouldn’t be given anything particularly when he has hunter raking in foreign money for access to joe.

  62. This dude needs to hide under a rock if he knows what is good for him. Our forefathers must have known elections like this one would happen. Found out that as long as Trump doesn’t concede (just like Killary told Biden never to do) this will go pretty far up the line and there’s nothing the Dems can do about it.

  63. There is no reason to tell Biden anything , the media crowned him king when there was no clear winner and after the amount of voter fraud and dirty politics I don’t trust him or his party with anything . How can a person and a party act like voter fraud and dirty politics is nothing, ITS AGAINST THE LAW !! But not one liberal was ashamed at the way Biden was getting votes it wasn’t votes from real voters no it was votes liberals either stole from someone or a dead person’s vote and of course all the ones they just made up, that’s not getting votes that’s trying to steal the election. If Trump and Republicans could get votes from real people and every vote to Trump was a real person still alive and he never did voter fraud or any dirty politics Trump and Republicans were HONEST !! If Trump and Republicans could be honest and if they could get real votes so could Biden and the liberal party and if he can’t he doesn’t need to run for anything . A lot of groups that has always voted democrat openly switched party’s and voted for Trump and some of the groups was a surprise like the Police Union and a lot of other Union’s around this country and the Jewish Community openly changed party’s and liberals thought they had the black and Hispanic vote in their pocket but Trump did really good with both so that didn’t pan out for liberal’s and they have been trying to brain wash people for years and here is another surprise the Gay Community voted for Trump NOT BIDEN AND THE LIBERAL PARTY and there is a lot of other groups that left the democratic party and voted for Trump and what is strange the loss of all these groups and people never even made a difference in his votes that should have been a huge loss of votes and the owner of BET switched party’s and voted for Trump , I could go on and on but all the lost votes never even effected Biden’s vote but it did make a huge difference in the liberals who was running for the senate and congress and the media ask why they didn’t get the votes Biden got because every time a liberal did an interview they were 100 % sure they’d clean out and they’d win by a landslide and the liberal media and liberals were 100% sure they would win it all but it looks like the people that was helping them steal the election didn’t go same ticket so Biden got the voter fraud votes and they never and they lost big time it kind of makes you think what it would have looked like if Biden would have got the same real votes of his party , its not hard to figure out he would have lost in a huge way but of course the liberal media never mentioned it again . There’s no way Biden should get anything just because the liberal media crowned him king he has even been certified and any states but of course loony Biden and his party and the liberal media didn’t care about that they was calling the old goat president solely on the LIBERAL media saying he won and here is a shock the liberal media is owned and operated by liberals and so are the polls. These people didn’t earn the votes and if they give old man Biden the White House because of all the voter fraud votes then hell will break lose in this country , each and every voter fraud vote should be thrown away because these people don’t exist and real voters are going to step up and raise hell . We want to see Biden and the liberal media and the liberal party arrested for voter fraud in case you don’t know ITS AGAINST THE LAW !!!

  64. Langford obviously didn’t get the message. The election is still in progress. Lankford has always been against Trump. Vote Lankford OUT!

  65. That stupid SOB doesn’t have the clearance to see those briefings, he is not clear for top secrets. He is a corrupt criminal and just maybe pedo like his son and why isn’t that bastard being prosecuted for those picture they found on his computer, all that’s right, I plumb forgot he is a democrat and they never get charged not even cheating in a election. I am not a happy camper as you can see.

  66. It is time to demand the resignation of these RINO Senators and Congressmen from Congress. They are traitors to the American. Joe Biden is not yet the official winner of the presidential race and is not entitled to briefings

  67. Mr. Lankford, I wholeheartedly disagree with you. Biden is a risk as he’s in the pockets of foreign governments. That aside, the Biden family scandal is just now starting to be investigated. It shouldn’t take long in my opinion, he’s corrupt up to the hilt. He’s also a pervert and pedophile not to mention demented. I doubt if he’d comprehend the briefings or remember them. There are too many litigations happening. The Democrats cheated! It’s as clear as the nose on your face Mr. Lankford. As a lot of fraud occurred, how could you recommend Biden’s inclusion into the intelligence briefings? A person in your position should be cognizant of the fact that the media does NOT declare the election. It’s done by the states, then electors. If you don’t know that, you are doing a disservice to your Oklahoma constituents. They deserve better decisions than what your making. If you don’t understand how winners are determined, maybe you should keep quiet to cover your ignorance.

  68. There is no reason to brief Biden before December. Is he incapable of responding to briefings in over a month? Lankford is just grandstanding.

  69. Quid Pro Joe is not president elect until certified by each of the 50 states. So far no star has certified the vote in their state.
    Langford read the Constitution. You as an elected senator were sworn to support and defend the Constitution so help you GOD. If you can’t adhere to your “Oath of Office” , resign.

  70. Senator Lankford is one of many Republicans calling for a smooth transition of power between President Trump and President-elect Biden if the election’s results remain in place. The operative word here being “IF”…until that time Biden/Harris get nothing…they are illegitimate wannabes pushing a false narrative…

  71. These RINOs are either on the take from China or took a few Trips to Epstein’s island if you get my drift. John Roberts is one of these as well.

  72. Biggest problem is, being under investigation, he’s not eligible for an appropriate security clearance. He needs to be screened first, and with his extensive foreign payments and commitments- no way he or camel should have clearance for intelligence briefings.

  73. ENOUGH. The states haven’t certified results, and Biden hasn’t won scat.
    The AP and Fox can only project guesses. That’s it. The GSA isn’t releasing funds for transition until this is settled.
    Add Trump won the suit in PA, and if real attorneys go after MI that will be a win also.
    Enough to flip it? Depends on MI.

  74. Lankford wants to provide a smooth transition for Biden, but what sort of transition did the Democrats provide for Trump? They still haven’t acknowledged his presidency, and he has been the most effective President the nation will ever know.

  75. Who the heck is this so called republican. President Trump is the president not this democrat/rino. What did obama do for President Trump, nothing. Get off President Trump’s back and stop acting like Pelosi and Schumer and act like a real republican which obviously you are not.

  76. Republicans like this are a joke and weak, he has no business being in a republican party. Go join the democracts tell your base you are a democract. Tired of these weak Republicans.

  77. What are you hoping for Sen. Lankford, a position in the Communist cabinet of election thief Joe Biden? And are you trying to “out stupid” AOC? Since your information is so limited, I’ll fill you in. The Electoral College has not certified one vote for Biden. That certification doesn’t come until December 14. Therefore, Biden is not President-Elect. In the meantime, you want a man briefed on highly intelligence matters who most of the time can’t form a coherent sentence and at other times doesn’t have a clue where he’s at. Oklahoma needs to recall you and elect someone who understands the process. One can always count on the GOP to be loyal. As the saying goes, “With friends like you, who needs enemies?”

  78. Remember that the Biden people are the ones who mishandled information, falsely obtained FISA warrants, unmasked Gen Flynn, leaked to the NYT…etc. They have proven they are not to be trusted.

  79. Senator Lankford, let it alone. Who ever wins after all is said and done it is the electoral college who votes for president and sends results to D.C.You must be a RINO. Why do you think Trump should provide nothing to Biden before the final voting results are know. Why are you not supporting Trumps endeavor to get rid of the flake ballots which are many?

  80. Senator Langford, just because the F—- up media has declare idiot Joe the winner, doesn’t mean he needs these briefings. The mf’er should be in jail. I think any support for Joe Biden from a Republican Senator should be investigated, especially the Republican Senators finances dating back to when idiot Joe was Vice President. It’s not official. He can wait until it is. Every political lifer knows Idiot Joe is a crook and has gotten rich in doing it. All life long politicians are in it for the money and only the money

  81. Hey Jimmy, Sniffy is still a private citizen. The race has not been called. He is not the president elect yet. RINO!

  82. I think there IS something VERY wrong with Joe Biden, or ANY member of the Biden Crime Family from receiving classified government documents. It’s true that outgoing president Clinton shared briefings with incoming president Bush, bur incoming president Bush wasn’t accepting bribes from the Chinese, the Russian and the Ukrainian governments. Former Vice President IS currently accepting bribes from several governments, whose interests are counter to America’s interests, including Russia, China and Ukraine.

    Also, since outgoing president Clinton and his wife, Hillary, known generally as ‘Cooked Hillary’, were at the time, engaged in looting the White House, taking various works of art, complete sets of Dinnerware, Silver Flatware, various items of furniture, furnishings, and many other items of high dollar value. I would surmise that the move from possession to possession by the Clintona to possession by the Bushs, would be an improvement in security.

  83. Check out the poll changes at The Epoch Times. They are not predicting the who won but reporting the correct info. As of Nov 12 at 1pm The polls had reported the Trump at 232 and biden down to 227. No President elect.

  84. Another swamp creature reveals himself.the swamp is deep and wide. We do not have a govt. we have a political mafia. God help us all.

  85. Joe Biden IS NOT the President elect…yet.
    The process has not finished and the news media does not certify the election no matter how much they think they do.
    Until such time as the counting is finished and all the illegal ballots have been thrown out will we know who won.

  86. So, his ties to China are no problem? The fact that he sold the office of Vice President for a million dollars and more does not make him unable to be given security clearance? FBI and DOJ have the hard drive with the emails but this seems to be unimportant. That along with millions from Russian Mayer’s wife. Ho hum, nothing to see here. DISGUSTING

  87. NO!!! He is not our President!!! He gets in their, our Country is screwed! You people that voted for him.better got down on your knees and Pray!!!

  88. Tell Langford Hes A Communist,Socialist Pig Biden Is Under Investigation With China And He Cannot Have Any Information Bush Was Not Under Investigation

  89. These Republicans Turn Like Rats In A cage Just To Save There Jobs In A position Like this You have To Mind Ur Business And Stick With Your Party NOT LIKE ROMNEY

  90. Briefing the fox on what is going on around the hen house to ease Biden’s commandeering of our country with his world-wide crime syndicate.


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