CNN Commends Trump Administration Vaccine Progress

nrkbeta, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

CNN’s Jake Tapper, a notorious Trump critic, offered rare words of praise for the Trump administration regarding the promising reports surrounding multiple COVID-19 vaccines, no doubt the words surely tasted like vinegar to the host. Tapper spoke with Dr. Sanjay Gupta regarding the rise in Coronavirus cases across the United States before the two briefly praised the President’s Operation Warp Speed. Tapper couldn’t resist taking a dig at President Trump as he described the vaccines as an “unmitigated success.”

Townhall reports:

“We should take a moment, as we always have when discussing vaccine and Operation Warp Speed, that this is — you know, putting aside all of the failures of the Trump administration when it comes to the coronavirus, and there are lots — this is an unmitigated success and we should acknowledge that,” he said.

“The Moderna vaccine was done with funds from Operation Warp Speed and the Pfizer one has funding when it comes to the distribution and manufacture,” he continued. “And I just think it’s important that people working so hard … get credit for this and President Trump was the one who okayed it.”

Last week Pfizer announced that they have seen a 90 percent success rate with their vaccine. In more good news, Moderna announced that they have seen a 94.5 percent success rate in patients in their Phase III trials.

  1. President trump din’t “just OK it”, he INSTANTIATED it. Not exactly a a subtle difference there. Alternatively “Biden presidency” would have created a force of mask montoring strom troopers to lock up people for not wearing masks 24×7…..

    Jake “Goebels” Tapper…

    1. 95% mask use and social distancing 95% of the time would have reduced the deaths by 95%.

      US Pharma has partnered with Global Pharma to bring a vaccine to market .

      1. No Rudolph, wearing masks would have not reduced the deaths by 95%. People have been wearing mask consistently for the past 3 months and the virus infection is apparently significantly higher now. Your simple math doesn’t work.

      2. Why are we wearing masks again?? The Dr Oz show compared the 6 most popular masks and it was determined that not one mask prevented Covid except a certain kind of N95, and hospitals won’t ok any other mask for their staff to use while treating Covid patients! So the argument for wearing masks is mute unless we do what the Japanese and Koreans have done for years which is to wear masks to counter auto pollution and desert dust from Mongolia!

    1. Biden and Kamala said if Trump was involved they would not trust or take the vaccine. But you can bet if he wins Joe Biden will get credit for defeating the virus. He has taken credit for many false things over the past 47 yrs.

      1. We’ll give him the credit for stuffing false voter fraud and that’s about it! Although he is so out of it he may not know how he really got the votes and I’m not sticking up for him. Anyone who was in office with obummers is a stain in my brain

    2. Biden never said that. Like most in the medical field he is concerned about how rushed the Covid – 19 process has been. HIV was discovered 100 years ago, there is still no vaccine. .

    3. He never told anyone to not take it.
      He did say that due to it’s very short development time that it should be approached with caution.

      We have no idea what the long term harmful effects, or efficacy, may be.

      Just like we have no idea of the long term effects of having had a serious case of Covid-19. may be.

  2. OMG is the world coming to an end – CNN giving President Trump credit for something. And he was right, if it wasn’t for Trump, we would not have the vaccine today. When Biden was asked by Trump, if you knew the answer to the virus from day 1, why didn’t you do anything about it then. Good question if you ask me.

    1. Biden was not in a position to do any about the virus from day 1.
      Trump was in charge.
      He had all the security briefings.
      The CIA knew the ther real deal about Covid with in 10 days of Xi knowing.
      256,000 dead, and counting, in the US.
      How many in China?

        1. That will never happen and makes you really wonder why Jake Tapper would even say anything positive about Trump after four years of lies, fake news, false accusations, corruption and now election fraud!

        1. Several days ago a man fell 10′ from a ladder and cracked his head open on the cement. He had covid antibodies. Result–death by covid. Biden’s first Executive Order on 1/20/21 is—no one else is to die from covid.
          With covid is ok to a point after the “real” cause of death is announced.

      1. So you are saying the CIA knew about it?
        Where did you get that information from fake news? On the other hand based on the fact Dems weaponized the Obama DOJ, FBI and CIA to attempt a coup to remove our POTUS you may be right? So sad to see what has occurred in our great country. What’s even more appalling is some think Joe and Kamala will fix everything!

      2. Biden,Peeloosely and the rest of the Democratic party did nothing but obstruct anything Trumps Administration tried to do. That is why he had to use Executive orders to get certain things done because Democrats would not agree. They know deep down that what Trump has done is good for this country and yes he looked like the bad guy. But he cares more about this country than he cares about votes. He has tried to build this country up, not tear it down. He was/is interested in American made goods which boosts our internal economy and our dollars stay here instead of creating international debt. Unfortunately people want more for less money, The Chinese did this but with lower quality until they destroyed our businesses. Now they pretty much have a monopoly on lots of goods. And yes our business owners/shareholders were also to blame for wanting larger profits but keeping low wages. Government for higher taxation all around to then. Give away to foreign countries and other wasteful spending. This country along with all States need balanced budgets. Popularity is not the prize, Our countries Existence is.

    2. Biden will take credit for the Vaccine just like everything else. He will probably give it to the World first before Americans. He Hates more Americans than the rest of the World.

    3. Don’t celebrate. For one compliment I’m sure they will heap a hundred lies on him. I wonder haw many scoldings were sent to Tapper from his liberal friends. how many liberals unfriended him?

    4. CNN is just trying to gain some credibility after 4 years of brutal attacks on Trump and his administration. AND..Jack Trapper is just trying to make good with the public so he can find another job once Trump wins and all the network talking heads will be looking for jobs! They’ve cause such misery to Trump and we Republicans who know the difference between fascism and communism. America was broken badly before Trump was elected and we needed a very strong conservative businessman who cut through the political crap and MAGA! He will do so again, the Dumbobrats will learn a very sorry lesson about stealing the election; they’ve been doing this since JFK was elected! How they’ve gotten away with it for so long, it’s so sad for all Americans. Also, I want to know why Obama didn’t get it when Biden didn’t vote for getting rid of Osama bin Laden? Biden wanted the presidency so bad he would doing anything including getting Obama assassinated! Where was that ever in the news I want to know?????

  3. As much as I’d like to believe the President has done something good; I can’t believe the fake news so this must be the one time in his entire presidency where he has failed!

  4. If it wasn’t for Trump we wouldn’t see a cure for years,give him the credit where it is due,crybabies and whiners.

  5. They blocked all mention made of the Moderna success for months. I believe this came out in March. But they did not want DJT to be re-elected so it was squelched and only allowed to come out after the election.

    1. More likely the Dems and fake news will just lie and claim Joe defeated the virus. Once a liar always a liar!

  6. Jake Tapper is a complete moron! He makes the dumbest faces like a really naughty little child would make when they are caught being bad…..that’s what tapper looks like (knowing he is always caught being bad, lying, faking news stories, changing the text of the true stories, acting just like a dumbfounded moron)!!! President Trump is the reason our country has a vacine nearly ready to be given to the American people. IN FACT, President Trump is the reason we now are energy independent for the first time ever and if Biden screws that up and we have to buy our gas from Iran or Saudi Arabia or wherever, then we will have gas prices at the pump of likely $6. a gallon and heating our homes and businesses will cost an arm and a leg….just mentioning that to moron Jake Tapper! And President Trump is the reason so many families were given tax cuts in the last four years….especially beneficial to the single parents with kids, and small businesses having regulations and rules cut way down so they could open their stores and shops (thank you President Trump)! Oh, and, President Trump made it possible for ALL VETERANS to get care they needed by allowing them to go to any hospital….which, hey Jake Tapper, got them off a long long long waiting list that Obama came up with to make it look like the V.A. hospitals were functioning smoothly and treating all vets…. but, ha ha, the waiting lists were brutally long …. and vets with PTSD were committing suicide at the rate of about 20 a day for a very long time because they couldn’t get needed care! Hey, moron Jake, read up! President Trump is also the reason our country has WAY BETTER TRADE DEALS for the USA! Those trade deals have helped the American Farmers! And all of us! Oh, hey, President Trump is the reason our borders have security and most DRUG CARTELS have been stopped; most gun runners have been stopped, most child prostitution rings have been stopped, illegals bringing in diseases has been stopped, ISIS agents walking in over the borders has been stopped, and not to mention, USA workers jobs being stolen by “cash for work” illegals. We have immigration ways to come into our country, the right way, not the sneak in way. OH, and Tapper, one more thing, President Trump respects our Constitution, our laws, our rights and our freedoms and supports our police men and women who keep us safe and defend our country and our laws. Thanks President Trump!!!

  7. It’s a shame that CNN could not have supported President Trump during the past 3,1/2 years. Instead they joined the bandwagon to destroy the best President this country has ever had. But let’s now see how they will handle a Biden administration. Will they now start looking into Ukraine and Burisma or perhaps HiLIARys Emails and the Clinton Foundation scam. Or even Joe’s ties to the chinese government/businesses.

    1. Linda. they are not jealous, they are SCARED! Trump was well on the way to draining the swamp! THAT is what is scaring the hell out of them! They don’t want to lose their seat on the “GRAVY TRAIN”!

  8. Tapper remains a jerk. Shamed into admitting just one of Trump’s significant achievements. When he catches up and acknowledges all the others, he will deserve approval.

  9. Couldn’t pay me to get any of those vaccines.
    Don’t need it, don’t want it.
    I’ve strengthen my own immune system enough to easily ward off this wimpy little virus.
    No disrespect for those who have lost their lives to it, every life lost is tragic, especially when a simple effective treatment has been around since the beginning of this thing.
    Learn how to protect yourself and a treatment that needs no prescription, is safe, proven, no side effects and already cured over 116 people in Detroit.

  10. Biden’s lies approved by Fake News (the BEAST). Apparently lying and cheating are ok for Democrats. This is especially true in early morning hours. You just haulm in a couple hundred thousand Biden only ballots and run them through, then get rid of the envelopes.

  11. Biden and Media constantly say Trump failed? Hmmm…in January Trump banned flights from China. Biden called Trump Racist. Pelosi called Trump a fear-monger and danced around in China Town in late February. He tried to get approval for Hydroxachloriphine (however that’s spelled) and it worked fairly well as a possible cure. Trump rallied the business community and got Mask productions, Ventilators, and Military Hospital Ships when New York was screaming for help. NY barely even used the Ships. What more could Trump have done? Have God himself come out of the clouds and take it away? I’ll bet Trump DID ask God to help with this pandemic. Something the Liberals couldn’t do because they have proven themselves to be God-less.


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