Lawmakers Pushing to Impeach Michigan Governor Whitmer Over New Lockdowns [Public Domain]

Michigan lawmakers are initiating a push to impeach Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer over new lockdown orders issued by her.

According to The Daily Wire:

A “growing list” of Michigan state lawmakers are calling for Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s impeachment over her handling of the coronavirus.

Michigan state Rep. Matt Maddock, a Republican, tweeted Monday that he and several other state lawmakers will support legislative hearings potentially to remove Whitmer from office. Maddock’s announcement comes after Whitmer placed the state under new lockdown restrictions despite the Michigan State Supreme Court throwing out her emergency orders.

He expanded on his statement in a post on the social media platform Parler. He said that GOP state Reps. Daire Rendon, Beau LaFave, Ryan Berman, and Shane Hernandez, as well as GOP state Sens. Dan Lauwers and Lana Theis have joined the push to impeach Michigan’s governor.

The Michigan State Supreme Court overturned Whitmer’s emergency lockdown orders in early October and later denied a request by her office to leave her restrictions in place for several more weeks until a replacement strategy could be worked out. The court ruled that her orders should never have continued past April when the original emergency order would have timed out under Michigan state law.

Most of the regulations were put back in place saying that precedent from the 1918 flu pandemic gave her the power to do so.

    1. yes and don’t let any NEW SCUM in aka O’Biden or he will do like BO did and bring in all his corrupt friends,,,President Trump 2020..

      1. But why did so many people vote for the likes of O’Biden?.
        Are the majority of Americans scum?
        Bring in all his corrupt friends,,,President Trump 2016.
        The End of an Error 2020.

    2. “emperor” cuomo NEXT please!! (another POS democommunist trying to “rule” over the citizens of N.Y.) ALSO, guilty of the deaths of thousands of nursing home seniors, as well as attempting to convince “governors” and mayors” of other States that HE is the “supreme commander”, and ALL must follow “HIS” example. (more attempts at complete POWER and CONTROL over the citizens to turn our Constitutional Republic into a third-world communist controlled cesspool.)

    3. No he will not and Biden will be going to prison because they have solid evidence against him and several others! The idiot will not get in our WH by stealing our presidents votes!

      1. Who is they?
        The same they that have taken over your mind?
        Are you by any chance taking any bets on who will be the POTUS on Jan 21?

  1. Yea, If I still lived in Michigan I would be listening to her about as much as I listen to Bozo The Clown. Just like these Governors thinking they can tell me what i can or cannot do in my own house? Keep dreaming.

  2. Good first step but will it work?? If she really did anything to halt the spread of the Virus then that wouldn’t happen but an impeachment of her would have a lot more merit than the one they pulled on Trump!!

        1. How many illegals voted?
          How manys Illegal voters has Trump had arrested?
          Please quantify and verify your claims.

          Just exactly what will you do when John swears in Joe?

      1. How many Electoral Votes does Trump have?
        Who do you think will win in the end?
        Wall Street Journal?
        Fox News?

  3. Start at this point first then go accordingly as the dominoes start to fall
    start with the witch first, remove, repeat again, again till blood is cleansed

      1. You are delusional! Go ahead pay high taxes, have your rights taken away! And if you get attacked, don’t worry because after you get devistated, the puppet will send a social worker to get you through since you won’t be protected by the police!

        1. If we are going to get our national debt under control we are going to have to pay high taxes.
          The fly now, pay later, program is over.

          It is delusional to think that Trump will in fact be the President on Jan, 21.
          The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said so.
          He has so many guns.

  4. Dual impeachment required – Whitmer and Newsom – Newsom goes against his own rules, making a mockery out of CA’s government and citizens.

    1. Who is going to impeach them?
      Whitmer beat the Republican candidate by 9.5%, Biden beat Trump by 3.6%
      Newsom beat the Republican candidate by 23.8% Biden beat Trump by 29.6%

      California and Michigan voters made their choices very clear.
      How do think Whitmer and Newsome would fare if an election were to be held tomorrow?
      Keeping in mind Trump’s dismal performance in those states.

        1. Yep & somebody sitting in bankrupt Scyti in Spain can control the Smartmatic computers being used in America. BTW, Scyti has been tracked back to the CIA, George Soros & Bill Gates connections.

        1. Ir would set a good precedent on how to handle would be traitors in the future. Might even make the power/wealth hungry politicians to think twice befor even contemplating TREASON & CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

    1. She belongs where a clear majority of the voters put her.
      That is how democracy works.
      Under Communism the Dear Leader gets to pick the Governor.

        1. Ignore the idiot. He is a new world order puppet, a deep state establishment INSIDER working with them or a total moron!

  5. I am waiting for a headline that says Governor impeached. Not one that says we are investigating. Everyone investigates but nothing happens. All these people protect each other and nobody pays the price except taxpayers.

  6. If this is true it is is a good initial step toward getting rid of these wanabe dictators. The next who needs to go is NY’s hypocrite POS, then move on to California, Virginia, Pa and keep going until ALL the demoTRASH scum is out of our government. Kudos to the Michigan lawmakers — GET IT DONE !!!!!!

  7. If that bitch doesb’t comply, then put her ass in handcuffs and arrest her! We have had enough of her illegal orders and we should all stand up against her and refuse to close anything diwn! We havevto do something to stop tjis bitch from destroying our state! You imbeciles who voted her in should be the ones to suffer!

    1. Are you by any chance a Michigander?
      She won her 2018 election by 9.8%
      Are you calling the majority or Michiganders imbeciles?

    2. She is the duly elected Governor of Michigan.
      Are the majority of Michiganders imbeciles?
      Is that why you are still there?

    1. Did you by any chance go door to door in her district for her Republican opponent?
      How much money did you contribute to her opponent.
      Or do you expend all of your political capital pounding your keyboard?

    2. Republicans would have to win the US House to make that happen.
      Nancy took 77.7% of the vote in this last election.
      There will not be an R in her set for at least a decade.,

  8. We need to send the President “snail mail” letters to DEMAND A FULL AUDIT of votes in all 50 states. Send to President Donald J Trump; WHITE HOUSE; 1600 Pennsylvania Ave Washington DC 20500. 

    These letters will be delivered as evidence to the Supreme Court. He is asking all of us to send him HARD COPY letters (NOT EMAIL) to prove that we, the People, are demanding an audit.

    Please do this ASAP. Have every registered voter in your household send a separate letter. We need to swarm the White House mail room.

    The above info was reported on Newsmax this evening: President Trump has been censored by Twitter, FB, etc, electronic mail. Thank you in advance for forwarding this to friends and family. Yes the PO must deliver the mail.

  9. This needs to happen to ALL so-called Governor’s who impose ANY kind of ILLEGAL restrictions on their population!! This INCLUDES the ‘masks’ BS!! Masks = SICKNESS/DEATH!

    We are a NATION OF LAWS……NOT a Nation of FAKE Science, or even REAL Science!!
    LAWS!! LAWS!! LAWS!! >>>> The Constitution <<<< LAWS!! LAWS!! LAWS!!

  10. Pandemics kill millions not thousands. She needs to be impeached. Where are the numbers for the regular flu? Lockdowns are causing financial ruin & businesses to be damaged beyond repair. People are being hurt mentally and emotionally from losing their ties to their families. Open America, no more shutdowns.

  11. If I had extra money, I would bet it all that she will go to Hawaii to help welcome the new democrats into congress wile we Michiganders aren’t allowed to spend the Holidays with our families. Too bad this twit isn’t asking her “medical experts” why this resurgence is happening after 6 months of mask mandates.

  12. Pompeo has the goods , has warned them ,’we know who is on China’s payroll’. To shut america down to spite Trump and weaken her for a more Chinese controlled Byedun-g government is treason, section 18 ,very clear .

  13. I am going to be a lot more comfortable with someone in the White House that got a majority of the votes
    A million illegal votes would not change that.

  14. The Electoral College has lost Trump the election.
    He spent so much campaign time in low population states.
    If he had campaigned hard in states like in states like California and New York he would have easily picked up another 20 million votes. .

  15. Strange we all scream??
    whitmer thinks of nothing of the impeachment because it is all lip service
    knowingly that the people really cannot get themselves together to do anything besides shuffle papers, yell, fight in courts- everything except the real thing meaning physically doing in action
    we have become a society of talkers and that is why the others like ANTIFA can walk in and assault anyone or thing, weak old and lesser
    think about why the leaders poof us? They think we will do nothing


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