Mick Mulvaney Slams Decision to Have Giuliani Lead Campaign’s Legal Efforts

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Former acting White House Chief of Staff and current Special Envoy to Northern Ireland Mick Mulvaney is not happy that Rudy Giuliani was chosen to lead the “most important lawsuit in the history of the country.”

Mulvaney pointed to the fact that there are multiple experts in the field who litigate these issues on a regular basis.

President Trump recently announced that Giuliani would be spearheading the efforts:

According to Fox News:

“I’m still a little concerned about the use of Rudy Giuliani,” Mulvaney said during an interview on FOX Business’ “Mornings with Maria.” “It strikes me that this is the most important lawsuit in the history of the country, and they’re not using the most well-noted election lawyers.”

“There are folks who do this all of the time. This is a specialty,” Mulvaney continued. “This is not a television program. This is the real thing.”

  1. Have to agree with Mulvaney — Guilliani should be part of the team but President Trump(if he is really looking to win this fight) should have the best of the best election lawyers taking point. This is a fight for America and uncorrupt elections not a circus side show with television appearances and side show barking clowns.

      1. regarding the goods….We’ll see….
        I’m still waiting on the goods to be delivered on the fake steel dossier and Russian hoax.
        But I know Lindsey Graham is going to get to the bottom of that…….. and a lot of other things. lol lol

  2. It might be a mistake, but Trump has to do it his way and needs to know whoever it is that they can be trusted. I am sure Giuliani is not doing this alone.

    1. He has other very good lawyers and there aren’t too many he can trust.Dems putting pressure for lawyers not to represent him or else.

  3. I’ve been hearing that many lawyers don’t want to help the President???
    I’m sure America’s mayor has good legal minds helping him. Boy we NEED TO WIN THIS BATTLE, or we’re as a country and as a people are seriously screwed.

      1. I’m totally with you.
        Our family has not stopped praying yet!
        We can certainly use His hand in this mess.

  4. misleading title ,’slams’ ,vs, ‘voiced concerns’ , have to ask why did trump send him to Nth Ireland ? bit swampy ?. Trump is battling high level gangsters ,what is Rudy’s experienced at .. high level gangsters .worth noting Sydney POW-ell has to much evidence comeing in to handle ,including founder of dominion ,and a hugo Chaveze ex general ready to testify ! ,people be alert ‘stuff’ is going down . Rudy has experience in protecting witnesses too.

  5. hey Mick can these lawyers be trusted ? NO ! that is the biggest factor regarding his
    decision not only that Mick these other lawyers who you recommend ever
    break the back of the mafia ? that is what this is a Rat Mafia cabal

  6. Everybody is a Mulvaney, second guessing Trump’s decision and that is why Mulvaney is no longer Chief of Staff! It is a free country so anybody can run for President and then you can make the decisions and have a gaggle of ducks biting your ankles at every turn! If I had been Trump, there would be a lot of road killed ducks with serious boot prints on their bodies!

  7. Based upon how the ballots were separated from their mailing jackets (where the signature and date of mailing were) there is no way that any recount would prove a win for Trump. The phoney ones were quickly done. as for the computer glitch that had to be a direct tampering of the results. Either the software was designed to skew the results or it was done by direct input after the fact. Now on the software not only would it need to give a larger % to Trump but to also delete itself when done so no person could find it. I do not think this can of worms can be controlled. The toothpaste is out of the tube. We know it was rigged but the swamp is just too deep and full of snakes. Get ready for this country to explode in ways it has never seen before. And no we do not have any support except ourselves.

  8. Guiliani is a good guy I would trust before one of the other guys that does this type of stuff in the government . they pushing for government lawyer to do this . who knows he probably paid off by the left’s to . I think it is smart for TRUMP to think out side of the box of THEIVES LIERS cheaters . AND as crooked as facebook and twotter has gotten they may have HELPPED pay these GOV. Lawyers off wouldn’t surprise me any at all I don’t even watch tv any more . because. All I use to watch was the news and weather now well my tv has a few problems Swiss cheese disease . I will find something better to do . AND these phones and computer’s they are going as well. Media and internet will get no more of my just so they can lie to me and censor free speech good by LIERS


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