Trump Team Lawyer Reveals Whistleblower’s Bombshell Voter Fraud Evidence

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America via Wikimedia Commons

Sidney Powell, a member of Trump’s legal team, read a statement from a whistleblower alleging Smartmatic’s software was specifically designed to flip votes to favor a specific candidate without being detected. The Trump team has maintained that widespread voter fraud affected the 2020 Presidential election, many have attempted to dispute the President’s claims.

Townhall reports:

“I’ve just gotten some stunning evidence from a first-hand witness, say a high-ranking Military officer who was present when Smartmatic was designed in a way – and I’m just going to read you some of these statements, if you don’t mind,” she told Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs. “So I get them exactly right.”

“From the affidavit – ‘designed in a way the system could change the vote of each voter without being detected. He wanted the software itself to function in such a manner that if the voter were to place their thumbprint or fingerprint on a scanner, then the thumbprint would be tied to a record of the voter’s name and identity as having voter but that voter would not be tracked to the changed vote. He made it clear the system would have to be set up to not leave any evidence to the changed vote for a specific voter and that there would be no evidence to show or contradict the name or thumbprint was going with a changed vote. Smartmatic agreed to create such a system and produce the software and hardware to accomplish the goals of President Chavez.'”

According to the whistleblower, the Smartmatic voting system was implemented in Venezuela in 2006 when President Hugo Chavez defeated Manuel Rosales by nearly six million votes. The creator allegedly observed multiple elections where manipulated results ended up creating landslide victories. The whistleblower claimed the Smartmatic system was used again in 2013 follow Chavez’s death in which Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro came into power.

The whistleblower stated votes could be moved from one candidate to another in real time through the Smartmatic software. Powell stated this took place in another Venezuelan election. Smartmatic systems were allegedly connected to the Internet and fed directly to the control room. When those monitoring the live results allegedly realized Maduro would be defeated, a decision was made to “reboot” the system. In the two hours it took for the country to get the system up and running again, the results were allegedly manipulated so Maduro would come out on top.

The bombshell announcement follows a recent report from Powell where she claimed the Trump team has direct evidence that the 2020 presidential election was tampered with.

    1. Agree 100% after Trump’s second term is over i say Sidney Powell for President 2024 – 2028 / 2028 – 2032 Keep America great

      1. Apparently your not paying attention! By the time this is over more than 80 Million people will have voted for Trump. Welcome To The Revolution!!

      2. Oh please. You KNOW like every Democrat that they are already planning to off Biden. Even Pelosi is preparing protocols for the 25th Amendment (look it up so you know why). You’ll get the puppet masters telling the Trojan Ho what to do and bye bye Biden.

    2. Me too. This woman is a bulldog, she won’t let go until she gets her answers. Once she gets a hold of that bone, she will NEVER give up. If you haven’t read her books, you need to. License to Lie exposes the corruption in the department of justice all the way back to the Clinton Administration. I literally couldn’t put this book down was nearly impossible, so I finished it within a 24-hour time period, staying up until 3 in the morning. Not only is it very well written, even for those with limited knowledge of the law and our legal system, frankly, but this book of truth will also infuriate you. It will also confirm your suspicions of inequality and injustice under the law. If you ever trusted our government (which I never have), no longer will you have faith in the FBI, DOJ or any of the other acronym agencies. If you yell at your TV every time the MSM slants stories to fit their political narratives, you will find yourself yelling at this book in anger and frustration. I got so angry that I threw the book across the room. It’s so infuriating because for some people it’s just a game of politics. I don’t know how Ms. Powell got through all she endured, not to mention the victims and their families that are cited in this book. She shows her sense of humor at the travesty of injustice. You’ll recognize one of the names in this book, one of the prominent people discussed, Judge Emmitt Sullivan, and a Clinton appointee is back in the news in the Michael Flynn case. Until I read this book, I believed that corruption of this sort was unusual, and not the norm, for the federal system, to which I have had very little personal exposure over the years, sadly justice has been twisted into a pretzel. Prosecutors knowingly withholding exculpatory evidence or outright destroy evidence (something Kamala Harris did when she was Attorney General for California numerous times) from the defense, and prosecuting people whom they either knew were innocent or ought to have realized it if they weren’t obsessed with obtaining a conviction, are a dangerous cancer on the justice system. When your done reading, you’ll be asking certain questions, like why Andrew Wiseman is not in prison already, or been disbarred. Why are more former DOJ attorneys not in prison with him? His repeated attempts of holding back the exculpatory evidence in these cases that would have cleared these people, were held back from the Court and their defense attorneys, it really is sickening. America’s ruling elite uses the law as a form of social control to control those deemed as potential threats; enrich private corporations; handle social problems; etc. When there is mass distrust of social institutions in society, a society is on the brink of self-destruction.

      She also has a new book out and I asked for it for a Christmas present. I can’t wait to read it. Conviction Machine: Standing Up to Federal Prosecutorial Abuse.

    1. Not only prosecute that so-called high ranking military person as a traitor of the U.S.A. and his branch of service, but strip him of his rank, of all of his pay, medical benefits, and retirement. If he is still in service, court-marshal him and place him in prison for the rest of his life. Death is also a consideration since he has endangered the lives of his fellow service members, the President and his administration, as well as the populous of the United States of America. He is no better than a Nazi.

      1. Kind of late for the 2016 election, the sleazy democrat/socialists weren’t smart enough to cheat more than the did to get scumbag Clinton into office!

          1. He certainly did back in 2018 for the fraud and treason that he knew that was about to take place. The Server was the icing on the cake showing Pres. Trump won by 410 electoral votes to Biden’s 128 preceding all the fraud.

      2. Bernie lost the 2016 bid for the president due to Hillary, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC.
        BERNIE then fell on the 🗡️ sword for ALL of them because of the power they weild over everyone who belongs to them.
        Nothing happened to ANY OF THEM.

  1. Well, America is dead. We can never trust another election. The communists are coming! Call to arms! Flask back to Paul Revere.

  2. The BEAST approves of this deceitful crooked act. The BEAST is FAKE NEWS, the Mouth Piece of Satan. The BEAST uses the Democrats and other thugs to accomplish his goals.

      1. Alberto I’m praying for you you are Gods child with a hate filled heart may God forgive you of your sins fill your heart with love n the holy ssd spirit give you peace,faith,hope n love

    1. Just wait till 80 Million people revolt. It will be a Beautiful prelude of our appreciation for all this President has done for the forgotten men and women in this country. Trump will go down as the Greatest President since Lincoln.

        1. There are 20 million veterans 1/4 of that number will be more than sufficient along with ANG units. The Left has awakened a sleeping giant. The results will not be to their liking. Careful what you wish for.

      1. Since Lincoln? Since Reagan! The Civil War only had the potential to destroy just one nation. Some have speculated that if the Cold War had gone nuclear, it might have eliminated all life on earth!

        AFAIK, President Trump is the only person who ever managed to get any of the adversaries in the Middle East to sign a peace treaty. How much more will he be able to do in his next 4 years? 🙂

  3. So, who’s doing something about it then? It’s time for action, not just words. I’m fed up with all the fraud in this election.

    1. What are you doing about it?
      Have you cleaned and oiled your guns.
      Picked up extra 15 round clips?
      Lets see your ‘action’.

        1. Clips, yes!
          If you knew anything about guns you would know that clips are used to load magazines.
          You must be a Trump Humper.

          1. Funny considering how O’Zero gave you tingles. And you just LOVE Joementia– literally. Wanna’ see humpin’ ? Watch what Bribe’em does with Iran and China! You won’t get it though when it happens… Head too far up…

  4. Hope the SCOTUS will have to void those corrupted state election. I don’t Trust a few Republicans if this goes to the House.

    1. Common sense would tell us that the Republicans, whether or not they like Trump, can see that it is much better for them to have a Republican president than a democrat one.With a republican president and a Republican Congress, they can pass much more legislation than they would if they had to buck democrat opposition continuously. I would say if they didn’t approve Trump for President they would have a hard time facing the anger they would get from other party members if he didn’t get re-elected. And they probably don’t deserve to serve as a Republican if they can’t support the president’s re-election. Does anyone really want to be called RINO?

  5. Just more BULLSHIT from tin-hat clowns trying to grasp at every straw to show why their worst president in history LOST because so many people, including republicans (who actually voted for other republican candidates over the democratic incumbents in our state), still felt the stench from the White House just got too damn much and voted AGAINST him! Where is this alleged “high-ranking military officer” who claimed to have seen this in VENEZUELA 14 YEARS ago? Get him into court and have him testify under oath! Subpoena the company, too! I voted for Trump in 2016 against “crooked Hillary,” but as a US Army veteran, retired DOD senior intelligence analyst, and Life Member of the NRA, I advise all you sh*thead clowns to wise up and realize your savior Donnie is just an unwitting pawn of the Chinese who have done more damage to this country with their COVID-19 than a nuclear missile could!

      1. First thanks for your service. That was a direct statement you made about Rick. How about elaborating a bit on it. Also an old Nam vet.

    1. First no real Officer in the US Military would say or even think what you said, and by your saying it I can tell you never voted for Trump. And now you oh so cleverly “blame Trump for Covid?” Gee you Biden Biters are so clever. The communist chinese hatched it, and sent the Virus to us via air travel and Walmart shipping containers. Your boy Biden called Trump a “xenophobe” for blocking all Chinese air travel to and from the US Jan. 31, 2020. Now, go call me some nasty names for catching you with your bare stupid ass hanging out. Flake!

    2. If you are a former senior intelligence analyst, which is not apparent by your less than intelligent comment, then that is a sad indictment on the state of intelligence in our Defense Dept. Trump has done more to thwart the Chinese Communist Party than any other President since the Chinese have begun their long planned economic drive to superiority. Secondly your Covid/ nuclear missile comparison is as dumb as it comes. From the wording of your post I would surmise that most of what you posted is ONE BIG LIE.

  6. Sydney Powell is fantastic! She could end up being the greatest HERO this Country has ever seen if we can turn these evildoers upside down! God, what has this Country come to?? Praying for Justice!!

  7. Problem who has the guts to bring it out for the world to see? We have no people in the judicial section of government with the authority to do anything on a national level. Each state would need to be shown how their state was turned to Biden. I do not think any democrat run state would even allow those computers to be examined. So they cheated but we have no one to stop them. Even the Senate has started to follow the Biden chant.

    1. It is obvious that the states cannot be trusted to hold national elections. There needs to be some kind of federal over watch for the Presidential and National Legislative races.

    2. Too many government workers still under the directions of Obama/Biden and Comey . Part of the swamp–they need to go. Maybe that is why Trump changed the law about firing Government employees making the bad ones easier to fire. In the past it was near impossible to fire really bad folks. He was successful at the VA hospitals firing the ones who mistreated our Veterans.

  8. Sydney and Rudy are two of the best federal prosecutors we’ve ever had, and Lin Wood has a great reputation as an attorney for taking on cases where injustice occurred and litigated personal injury cases and medical malpractice cases are his specialty. All of them are well respected. The complete theft or stolen our election system to where it doesn’t work anymore for the People and has become unrecognizable, but it’s great for corrupt and greedy politicians, who only care about is winning. There are thousands of people involved in this corrupted election. We should be able to demand integrity, accountability and transparency in our elections. Not board up windows and blocking people from witnessing the recount. That is NOT DEMOCRACY IN ACTION. It has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the coronavirus, it’s just a means to steal an election. When all this concludes, we are going to have to change our voting system so we can trust in its outcome. People need to be arrested, put on trial and if found guilty, spend a few years in Guantanamo Bay. They should lose their right to vote in any elections ever again, if it’s a politician, they can never run for office again, nor collect a pension nor any benefits, they lost that right, when they committed voter fraud.

  9. could this be why Georgia was going to shut down counting for the night, and resume in the morning … and then just happened to keep going? Rebooting?

  10. I certainly hope that our president gets all this evidence presented properly. We shall see what happens here. May the truth come out and the crooks be exposed.

  11. So up until now I believed that the Venezuelans were dumb enough to vote Chavez and Maduro in. Now it appears they were scammed exactly the way this last election turned out.

    There are plenty of morons in the U.S. who think that socialism can somehow work, but there aren’t enough to enable a corrupt do-nothing like Biden to win over the very accomplished Trump.

  12. The best way to end this is with a do over in all contested states. All votes to be counted by hand with eyes on the ballots at all times.

    1. That is exactly what I have been saying. A new election, vote in person with a voter ID or have a good reason and request an absentee ballot. No machines, only hand counting. Only hand counting the votes. All must be in by the end of voting day 8 machines 9pm, and no votes counted after 9 pm on election day. 2 poll watchers from each party watching. Just using a bit of common sense and integrity
      Had they already called for that, it would have been over and no doubt DJT would again be our President on Jan. 20th, 2021. Could not have cost anymore than what it is cost now for lawyers, ligitagation and you name it….

  13. The Electoral College knows what the democratic party has done, I pray that they are not as corrupt, and vote the will of the people, to keep Trump in office.

  14. Senator Diane Feinstein said that Trump was lying by saying he won the election. Nothing would be better than to call Feinstein a LIAR for saying that Trump was a liar before there was a certified winner. By the way, I understand that both Feinstein and Pelosi have a financial position in the software that does all this stealth fraud.


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