Where Does the Election Really Stand? What the Media Won’t Tell You

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Contrary to what the media prefers to tell their readers this election is far from over. Results have yet to be certified and electoral voters still need to make their choices before the American people know exactly who will be sworn in on Inauguration Day. The Trump campaign, as well as the RNC, have initiated lawsuits across multiple states regarding voter fraud and voter observation allegations. Until the lawsuits have settled and states have completed their recounts, this election remains a mystery.

Keep reading to find out what’s REALLY going on in this election:

    1. The USA isn’t worse than any banana republic anywhere. But you’re sure correct about those Democrats… except I don’t think they have any idea what shame is.

      1. I believe Richard meant that election fraud is just like a third world nation such as Venezuela where Maduro “won” with the Dominion soft ware~ the same program used in many states in our election. One way or another the cheating has got to stop!

    1. Not just a glitch much much more and DAMOCRAPS and pollsters. Judges are paid off and covering it up there is no telling how high up the politician ladder this goes . with enough to greedy people and promise of a good spot in the communist socialist LIFE you would be surprised how many dummies would sell USA 🇺🇸 and when the commies run out of money American’will die that’s the communist way and the left wing damocraps swamp monsters do not like American’s either and they are to stupid to understand when they stop producing money for them they are dead as well. Read up you will see.

      1. The Judges should rule the election was based on fraud, and is null and void. Then they order a new election, free from mail in ballots, and free from Dominion Machines, well supervised by both Democrats and Republicans and oodles of cameras which show the actions of the counters on a battery of monitors. If caught cheating you are arrested immediately and hauled off to jail. Then, another counter replaces you, knowing that if caught cheating they also will be hauled off to jail, and a long prison sentence awaits if convicted! The Casino’s all have monitors, why shouldn’t our polling places who counts and tabulates the votes?

    2. It is not a glitch … When the election officials at the counting and tabulation centers can manipulate the vote totals on the computers then it is out right FRAUD !
      They should be punished by no less than 10 years in Prison and not ever to be within 100 feet of a voting station … never to vote again !

      1. I would subject them to a life as “a snitch for the same people they defrauded” use their skills to catch other scum , scammers just like them , doing the same thing they did to steal this election from President Trump and any other REpublican that lost his seat, and like Senator Perdue, gets forced into a runoff. Did Senate candidate John James of MI. really lose that seat? really? Inquiring minds want to know..

    3. that glitch was intentional and had to be controlled by a “Human” each precinct involved had a mysterious email appear , just prior to the day the election started. If some inept , unknowing precinct ward or “flunkie in charge” opened the email that contained “the patch”, voila, the algorithm attached itself, in the form of a virus their work was complete.
      what they did not anticipate was the massive amount of votes that President Trump would get..so hence their calcukations were “off” , needed an emergency intervention..SO we shut down the voting machines for a timely period…and the rest is history.,.

      1. calcuLations….this was all planned..just waiting to hear of an IT meeting his maker in some freak accident..most likely in a suburb of DC , or maybe even in the MW, afterall Coomer, as in Dr.Eric, disappeared from Dominion, and scrubbed all his online footprint..he’s out there..I hear Barcelona, or Frankfurt are taking in traitors.

  1. The corrupt must pay. The Dems who threatened republicans to confirm results after they refused MUST BE SHOT.

  2. You shoulda seen Gretchen Whitmer dem of Michigan Sunday night all dressed in expensive clothes and mask tell the peons they can’t work for 3 weeks. This broad is weird. I swear she said if you need more money contact the federal government!! She is the ultimate ELITIST!! SICK

  3. American incompetence at its finest….
    centered, of course, in its predominantly ghetto cities…..
    just too many corrupt WHITE people in those cities according to cnn, msnbc, abc, cbs, nbc, npr, Washington post, NYT, etc.

  4. Yep sounds like BIDEN has been using communist money to buy judges across the country . they are going to screw TRUMP all the way around . AND everyone knows this is a attempted communist take over by voter fraud by CROOKED Biden and KAMALA HAIRYASS . AND our government has to have been paid off as well with not one thing being done. Because BIDEN knows he will need the military to stop a civil war . AND it will happen . WHAT ARE WE CHICKENS OR SLAVES . That’s is what it is coming down to !!!! If you don’t believe slaves do some reading about communist SOCIALISM, MARXISM , SOCIALIST all the same just different names. SLAVERY NO FREEDOM YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT AND READ!!!-

    1. It is so obvious what they are doing and did!! We must take this country back and let Trump have 4 more years! If it was a fair count and we lost i would just be mad and talk about how stupid the people are getting BUT TO STEAL THIS ELECTION IT IS GOING TO TAKE A CIVIL WAR AND PAINT THE STREETS RED WITH THESE THIEVES!! LET US NOT LET THEM GET BY WITH THIS!!! GO TRUMP 4 MORE THEN DON JR. ,LARA, BARRON AND THATS KEEPING AMERICA OUT OF THE HANDS OF “EVIL” SOCIALIST!!!!!


  5. America is screwed. They did it and are getting away with it. The democrats won, period. Have a cup of coffee while looking at hiden Biden in a pic frame for 4 years. Ugh! That’s ugly, but that’s that. They did a great job of hiding their voting fraud. America, as we see it us no longer. Buckle up and enjoy the ride. We’re screwed.

    1. Have faith… it ain’t over til it’s over!
      The Corrupt Democrats may have met their match in DJT and Rudy G. and all the rest of the great lawyers and some faithful Republican working day and night to uncover this fraud. Our President will exhaust all avenues to see that every legal vote is counted and we can have a fair and honest election. One that the American people can believe in! Let’s pray that if the Supreme court takes this up, they will honor the Constitution and laws of the U S of A and not be intimidated by the left wing radicals in fear that if they rule for DJT, the left will riot. Heck, they have been rioting for nearing a year now. How much more damage can they inflict upon all these liberal run cities that the mayors and governors give them free run. It is a disgrace!! Call for their resignation!!! Vote them out!!!

    2. Not unless we roll over.
      We have been patiently waiting , used the ballot box.
      Now we see how this goes before we open the other box. I hope we don’t have to but am fully prepared if need be.
      I was born free, lived all my life a free woman & will leave this life a Free woman, even if in defense of that same Freedom
      My kids & grands & gr8 grands will know their mama & grammy refused to just roll over. She fought for their right to be free, as did our ancestors.
      TRUMP 2020 MAGA

    3. Now is NOT the time for Conservatives to play nice and surrender. Remember how they made President Trump’s life miserable for 4 years. Well, if Biden does succeed in stealing the election, then Conservatives, let the games begin. Do the words impeach and recall sound familiar?

      1. sorry JJJJ but the democ-rats still control the House and that is where impeachment must start, and you can bet you last dollar that Nancy Pig. and the the commie/mo-slums will not do that.

        1. Look at Steve Bannon’s War Room. You’ll get better perspective. Come on people do not roll over and die. We must fight or die.

    4. Smell the coffee, They WILL NOT let Biden run the Country for more than a year. He will be deemed unfit, Hairyass and Pig will move up to rein over us. Change our world like no other. I’m 70 and life in prison does mean much anymore, I may have to get my 308 out and sharpen my skills.

    5. if all Trump suporters gave up as fast as you..it would be a really sad state we live in..It’s NOT OVER YET..the cheaters were actually aggressive, and sloppy and didn’t cover their tracks..like they normally doo TOO many ACTORS this time..
      If any of you get a chance I highly recommend the book ELECTION HEIST by Kenneth Timmerman..He has written is as a work of FICTION ..but is it? Inquiring minds want to know..It also allowed him to get it published in minimal time right before the election..It reads like a “playbook” for what we;re seeing unfold before our very eyes. in this sham for a Presidential election..I put it on my kindle and read it in 4 hours.

  6. The aim…has long been to eliminate the Electoral College, which keeps America a Constitutional Republic…and not 100% Democracy which is better understood as “mob rule”. The Communists, and yes we do have them in America…they’re now called Democrats, are working hard to create “mob rule” Democracy, because when that arrives… the next step is…………FULL Communism. Buckle up, we’re in for a bumpy ride!!

  7. So what shall we call Biden from now on ?





    I will never ever recognize Biden as President of the United States of America !
    He is a FRAUD and a CRIMINAL !

    1. Totally Agree. If he does succeed in stealing the election, how long do you think it will take for the Biden – NOT MY PRESIDENT signs to start going up?

      1. If he does succeed in stealing this election, it will be the shortest term ever for he and and Harris; a few hours at most.
        My predictions have a proven success rate of 92% over the past 40 years.

  8. Too many liberal judges and courts supporting Biden. They ignored the truth. Get to the Supreme Court ASAP President Trump.

  9. The dims hate President Trump (Best President EVER!) more than they ever loved this country. This is no evil they won’t embrace if they think it has even a fools chance of getting rid of President Trump. They have all forgotten the old saying, “what goes around, comes around. They will know this feeling very soon. Karma will take a big bite out of their arrogant behinds.

  10. If Biden should be elected to the office of President, he will always be known as the illegitimate President who was elected by fraud. He standing as a world leader will be diminished. The United States will be ranked among the tin hat Banana Republic countries that have leaders who bought their way into office. He and his son, Hunter can easily be a threat to the US security due to their underhanded dealings in Afghanistan, and who knows how many other countries. He will be controlled and beholden by the people who spent millions of dollars to get him into office. Not a good look for the President of the United States, and America will pay the price for his dirty dealings.

    1. It will be America Socialist State after Biden’s an Democrats are through.
      Bring the China’s in. See the move Red Dawn!! Anyone!

  11. He has already backed down from promises made during his BS sessions. He told the seniors of this Country that he was going to raise our SS checks by $1300 per month. What BS, when he said it, I looked over at my Wife and said “How is he planning to pay for that?” That was his way of getting people to vote for him. Lie after lie, and insult after insult of the hard working people, he saw on the campaign trial. Remember, him calling a lady in Iowa, “a lying dog face pony solider?” He also wanted to fight some other guy for asking about his sons involvement in Ukraine. I was hoping he would come to Oklahoma and call someone out. His is real brave when he has his secrete service detail with him. He is nothing but a punk ass MF.

    1. the latest from the 47 year criminal is to pay off ALL of the student loan debt. that is why the african, bitemineholes former leg hump, stole the loans from banks and put them on the taxpayer’s back. Now they want to get more voters so they will take the debt off of the graduates that learned nothing and force those of us who work or build businesses to pay more welfare.. woah and wait until jo&the african ho open the border, geez louise the numbers of cash printed will soar into to godzillions ..


  13. If the Electoral College understands, is not biased, has honor,integrity, and cares for America, then they will vote the way of the people and Trump will still be in office. We shall soon have the answer, corrupt or stand with the people?

    1. what would be best is that the Electoral College finds that with so many issues of voter fraud they are UNABLE to declare a winner and then it goes to the house … At that moment the house, without regard to the majority has 50 votes for President Each state gets ONE VOTE.. and we have 37 Republican run states.. game over 37 to 13 ..

  14. Jefferson must be rolling in their graves sickened by how horribly corrupt and evil his party has become. This isn’t what the founder’s risked thei lives and fortunes for? It needs to be stopped and those responsible sent to GTMO for a debriefing.

  15. And of interest in all these updates, the IT investigation is going on and that is going to be the tie breaker in the election fraud but no mention of it here. I like it that the Trump team is going after the obvious fraud in the actual counting even in violation of the state laws. The governors, the judges and other elected officials are overruling their own state laws, not the state legislatures. This is also a good point to establish. Dim wits are too stupid to realize that given the second look playing the same games establishes their overreach quite clearly. DAH!

  16. History will record this as the greatest crime spree of the century. It will verify the many claims that uncontrolled government eventually will turn on its people and enslave them. Seems it’s our turn to resist, oust and revolt if necessary.

  17. all President Trump has doe to turn things around and how much he has accomplished despite constant attacks from the democrats and a lying media trying to imped his Presidency

  18. Bad enough having the BEAST which is FAKE NEWS aligned against Trump, but he also has many RINO’s out to get him also. That means they are also in Satan’s Camp. Trump should have removed the top five in the FBI, the CIA, Homeland Security, the IRS, the DOJ, and the FCC. Then they could have worked BIG TECH and the Fake News Outlets. Now if God turns his back on him, so will the Judges, including the Supreme Court Justices and he will have the election and Presidency stolen from him. We will become a banana republic or worse a Socialist, or Communist state. China will own us and we will crumble like a house of cards. Years ago I warned everybody when I wrote Slaves Without Chains a Prophetic poem of our demise. My latest effort had three chapters disappear over night and I have had difficulty promoting the book. Even Fox news have been negative more than positive on his chances to come from behind and win. It is up to you, your prayers and God. If he has compassion on us he will move upon the hearts of our Judges and they will respond. But if he has given us up to a reprobate mind, then we will suffer along with the Liberals as they destroy our Republic, and Freedom is no more, but a glorious thing of the past. We will be Slaves Without Chains, thanks to the Democrats and their propensity for cheating!

  19. All mail in ballots are illegal, even the absentee ones! Why/ They destroyed the envelope they were mailed in which identified the voter, their address, and postal date breaking the chain of security. You never throw away the envelopes ballots are mailed in. Also most mail in ballots were unsolicited, therefore illegal. They were mailed to dead folks, and others who have moved. That means they fell into the hands of other folks who could fill them out and mail them in as if they were legal. Many folks were told that they had already voted although they had not. And of course, the dead folks did not object. Any Judge who refuses to throw out these illegal ballots should be tarred and feathered and run out of town! But hopefully if you pass this own to Trump’s lawyers and to your representatives they will consider this. Nothing is legal about this. Not even absentee, because the envelopes were thrown away so can not be verified! Either give Trump the victory or make everybody vote over again, but this time no unsolicited mail in ballots, and save or retain the envelopes they were in in case they are needed to prove they were valid votes! Hop0e you will submit this point of view to your Senator or Congressman. fjh


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