Liberal Mayor Accused of Discrimination Against Trump Supporters

Street Sense from Washington, DC, United States, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Republicans are calling out D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser is being accused of discriminating and allowing violence against Trump supporters.

According to Town Hall:

High ranking Congressional Republicans are reminding Mayor Muriel Bowser that the District of Columbia belongs to all Americans and slamming her for failing to stop violence against Trump supporters last weekend.

“On the evening of November 14, 2020, left-wing extremists attacked supporters of President Donald Trump in the District of Columbia. These brazen attacks are part of a continuing trend of leftist agitators perpetrating acts of violence against individuals in the District under your watch. Because the District of Columbia is the nation’s capital and should be safe and open for all Americans, we write to understand how your office plans to work with the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) to ensure the safety of those who seek to peacefully exercise First Amendment rights within the District,” Congressmen James Comer, Jim Jordan, Jody Hice, Chip Roy and Mike Johnson wrote in a letter Thursday.

“The right to peaceably assemble in our nation’s capital under the First Amendment is paramount. This is true regardless of who is doing the protesting or the popularity or unpopularity of their cause. You claim Washington, D.C. ‘upholds the values of love, inclusivity, and diversity’ but your silence following the violence perpetrated against Americans who support President Trump suggests you apply these principles only for those who share your same political opinions. This is a dangerous precedent,” they continued. “The failure of the city’s leaders to afford basic protections to persons who may hold different political viewpoints from their own appears to be another concerning example of viewpoint discrimination in the District.”

The letter details how Trump supporters were attacked with fireworks, eggs and physically assaulted by leftists.  This occurred while they were walking down the street and eating dinner.

Bowser has yet to condemn the violence against Trump supporters in Washington D.C.

  1. Bowser has yet to condemn the violence because she approves of the actions against Trump supporters…or anyone who disagrees with her about anything.

    1. Why are these ignorant people voted in? why dont people investigate these awful people before giving them a high office in our country?????

        1. well they will call upon them in 4 years for their vote again but in the meantime they will do nothing to improve their all you blacks go back to the rat holes we created for you until we call upon you in 4 years!

      1. They’re Democrats. It’s well known that Democrats vote by either the “D” or the color Blue. Which means if it’s a turd that looks like a “D”, they’ll elect it. For ‘proof’, look at Bowser, Schumer, Pelosi, Waters, Harris, etc, etc, etc, ad nauseum.

      2. Stop being charitable.They are voted in by people who think the way they do. When there are more who think the way they do than think the way we do they get to run the state, or city. Conservatives happen to be outnumbered so the bullying and disrespect is not just going to continue, it will spread to what used to be considered moderate states.

      3. In the last election the Mayor won 76.4% of the vote.
        Her Republican opponent won 0%.
        She was thoroughly investigated.
        No one gave her higth office.
        She earned the trust, of the voters of DC.

        You consider the residents of DC to be ignorant, might I even say deplorable?

      4. They are voted in by people who are happy to punish those that might disagree with them. Many liberal elites are already making a black list of those that support this administration and the good work they have done and declaring that they can not/should not be welcomed into society. No jobs, no legal help, no grants/money, no speech giving, not welcome on campuses, etc. Check out how the dictators took over in Nicaragua, Venezuela, Cuba, etc. They destroy, and even kill and imprisoner, those that disagree with them.

    2. The very people (black) who are hollering RACISM, are the perpetrators.. We see it every single day. The blacks are the RACISTS people on earth.

      1. Take a closer look at the crowds who perpetrate the violence. They are not all black, a large portion of them are over privileged white kids just ‘having fun’ attacking whomever they see who looks weak enough to not fight back.
        Irregardless they are all cowards hiding behind masks because they do not stand for anything except self gratification.

  2. An action team disguised as antifa,but quietly wounding,or taking out the real antifa problems on site! This would make the “antifa kids run home”,leaving the real problem agitators paid by China,Iran,andRussia to be identified,and dealt with summarily!

    1. Follow the money! Who is providing the debit cards for the vehicles, food, and lodging? I’ve hear Mr. George Soros? He spent Millions in several states to get Dems elected. Hi Open Society foundation funds most liberal groups like BLM.

        1. We should be sending one of the Seal Teams to Take out the entire Soros Family and then we need to confiscate their total wealth !

          1. You mean after Obama has them remove our President!! That is Obama’s fanasty. Wish we had someone that would do something about George Soros, aka Grigory Swartz!

        2. Have been asking WHY for years! Soros was involved before Obama got elected. Do not understand why that old man is still in America causing untold misery. Asked the AGs office, Sessiions then Barr, to do something, but always falls on deaf ears! WHY?? Follow the money is apparently the answer. The democrats will protect Soros as he has bought every one of them. Asked Trump to do something, got no answer. Don’t think Trump was bought off but really wonder jow many Republicans have been boughjt off with Sorosmmoney. Know Johnm Boehner and Paul Ryan rec’d money from Soros. So wonder how many other R’s are indebted to soros too!

    1. Agree! But law and order is out the window I fear! The demonrats do not want law and order! And if the progressives push Biden far left we won’t even have any police period! They want a Civil War, esp AOC and squad!

  3. She won’t because she’s a dammed commie/Marxist and she shows her hate of the American people… those perpetrators of the violence are not Americans but commie Bolsheviks and traitors to our Republic

    1. One fine day the BLM and ANTIFA will mess with the wrong person that is carrying an automatic with a few clips ! Guess who will get mowed down !

  4. Same in Chicago? There blacks are involved in 80% of the 3,800 shootings! Only 4% have “Whites” involved. When I lived in Detroit in the ’70’s, all whites that could moved out. Population was 1.8 Million, now, 673,000! Most companies left also. Gary, Indiana, about the same. Black people just don’t seem to be very “Educated”? Some are and have manners. I find most don’t. Like two black women talking said, “You can raise your girls, but the streets will raise your boys!”. WOW!

  5. Now, that’s just silly. Everyone knows that african americans are incapable of discrimination. They can’t tell one thing from another on their best days.

  6. Talk about being blind to prejudice and racial justice, does she fit the bill? She appears not for “we the people”. DC is a place I use to love to go but today will stay clear because of their violence and non-protection for good citizens.

    1. Why is it that the R’s won’t standup for Americans? There are a few R’s, that stand up for us but then we have Romney and Sasse, Grahamand others that are not for We the People. They are good at bakcstabing! Trump tried to stand up for We the People, because he was one of us and not them!

  7. This Beast is definitely dim wit trash. And a very useful tool for the lunatic asylum indeed. And she is even selling out her own race to the DNC slave platform of welfare and no hope. What a loser. Guess the fraud machine is alive and well in her enclave. Right now she is the queen of riots and destruction in that very small enclave. So, how do you voters in DC like her now, those of you who work and or have a business that is. We know the imported BLM and ANTIFA with various lemming supporters are too buy looting and burning or harrassing the government to respond here.

  8. It’s telling. And it profiles the District’s residents, large numbers of whom also are employees of the federal government. The notion that this small partisan population would become a state is frightening at best and a criminal conspiracy at worst.

    Democrats want two additional U.S. Senators to represent a city approximately half the size of Dallas. The fact that voters there vote relatively straight ticket and almost en bloc for democrats would create an imbalance from which the nation would never recover.

    To ensure their advantage, democrats are willing to deface, damage, loot, destroy, injure and even murder peaceable, lawful citizens. Their goal is to gain power and control over the wealth, prosperity, property and means of production available in the U.S. It’s a declaration of war.

  9. You don’t really expect anything to become of this, do you? Liberals and blacks are immune to discrimination charges.

  10. Cut their funding by 25% and make sure they understand that DC can, and will be either non-partisan or it’ll be totally without funding.
    Meanwhile, being black, maybe the World will get lucky and she’ll get taken out by one of her own.
    How poetic would THAT be!


  12. This so called Mayor needs to be fired!!
    Racisim runs both ways lady. Your job is to protect the citizens in D.C. she has shown her true colors and needs to be shown the door.

  13. Bowser is a racist black. She thinks she can’t be removed and feels that DC is hers and hers alone. We all are tired of the crap that is going on in our states and cities. Time to put our foot down and arrest the mayors and governors who perpetuate this anarchy and arrest and jail those that participated in all these riots and attacking peaceful protestors. Send in the military and arrest these people if they can’t do their job!

  14. I truly wish bowser would vanish this planet…not a lot of human value there

    we… americans… need to see this as a real war and go win

  15. T hat is complete bullshit. These democrats are so ubamerican. I don’t know how they can stand to look at themselves. They are the worst America has to offer. What do they want ? Republicans to arm themselves and head into a full on civil war. I myself will b locked and loaded. I don’t mind dying for a good cause. Assholes

  16. D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser is a piece of garbage. She has no principles, no ethics, no morals and zero honesty. Gee, I guess I pretty much just described a politician now didn’t I..

  17. Despite the U. S. Constitution, this is no way to convince me that DC statehood is a good idea. This is the kind of leadership they elect? “Forbid it almighty God.”

  18. Bowser has yet to condemn the violence against Trump supporters in Washington D.C. Nor will she. Think back to the DNC. Not one word denouncing the violence until after the convention when they saw a shocking drop in the polls. This is FACT.

  19. OMO, those Antifa/BLM people are uncivilized morons! And when the police show up they run like the Chicken Shi– they are! They are like filty cockroaches!

  20. I may go further and say encouraging violence by her actions, not just allowing it. Mayor Bowser knew exactly what would happen, she saw it previously at the Trump acceptance speech, quit making excuses for her, she is totally responsible for what goes on in her city, the buck stops with her!

  21. Those police do not have sufficient gear either. They need facial protection against the thugsthrowing liquid. Each thug must be arrested and do serious hard time. Also must be investigated and prosecuted for unamerican activities and communist ties. Maybe they could plea bargain by squealing on the top officials tied to them.

  22. It isn’t called the District of CRIMINALS for nothing!! ALL Dem Criminal Politicians are like this! They ALL need to be Tried; and when convicted, hung in trees on every town/city Green! AMERICA HAS HAD ENOUGH!

  23. How long are American citizens going to have to put up with these Democrat Governors and Mayors. They are breaking the law. You are the President, what are you afraid of, hurting your reputation, well, it’s to late for that. Order Marshall law and lock these bastards up.

  24. They love this violence and mayhem against the American way, which used to be “love thy neighbor.”
    They will love it until they push conservative Americans over the edge and precipitate a civil war, then it won’t seem so much like fun when they are also under attack. But America will be weakened, and they like that idea. Violence, murder, and mayhem are tools of the devil who has America by the throat.

  25. I wonder how many of those RIOTORS are emplyeed, or with employeeable skills, or resposniblities of any kind? Only the IDOL MINDS who havethe FREE time to do this sorts of Destructive things! Those who are useful would be on the job or resting up for the next thing to do! Put al those riotor to wok, clean upo the mess t hey made… pay for the things they aomeaged…………

  26. Discrimination against a President Trump supporter. What can you expect from a low-life democratic mayor of D.C. when she allows political violence against another person. This has been the way of these numbskulls for years, and there is no indication of it getting cleaned up.


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