NYT Op-Ed Stunning Admission ‘Trump Was Right’ Dems ‘Wrong’ In Key COVID Decision

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President Trump has held strong in his opinion that schools must reopen amid the Coronavirus pandemic and in a shocking admission, the New York Times agreed. After New York City announced a plan to shut down schools because of recent spikes in the virus, despite the fact science shows that schools have not been a major source of transmission. New York Times opinion columnist Nicholas Kristof published a piece titled, “When Trump Was Right and Many Democrats Wrong.”

The article interviews multiple teachers who show the negative impact socially distanced learning is having on students. The repercussions of keeping children out of schools will have years-long impacts that could very well follow them into adult life. In the piece, Kristof blames Democrats for instinctively lining up against Trump and politicizing the issue.

In an article from the New York Times:

Trump has been demanding for months that schools reopen, and on that he seems to have been largely right. Schools, especially elementary schools, do not appear to have been major sources of coronavirus transmission, and remote learning is proving to be a catastrophe for many low-income children.

Adeola Whitney, chief executive of Reading Partners, an outstanding early literacy program, referred to the traditional “summer slide” in which low-income students lose ground during the summer months and told me: “The ‘summer slide’ is now being dwarfed by ‘Covid slide’ projections.”

I’ve been writing since May about the importance of keeping schools open, and initially the debate wasn’t so politicized. But after Trump, trying to project normalcy, blustered in July about schools needing to open, Republicans backed him and too many Democrats instinctively lined up on the other side. Joe Biden echoed their extreme caution, as did many Democratic mayors and governors.

So Democrats helped preside over school closures that have devastated millions of families and damaged children’s futures. Cities such as Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, D.C., have closed schools while allowing restaurants to operate.

Throughout the piece, Kristof hammered on facts and data that point to the irreparable damage that keeping children out of school will have, especially on children from low-income backgrounds. Dropout rates will most likely rise as a result and children will struggle to catch up on missed materials. Countless Republicans have supported reopening schools meanwhile lost on the Left have bought into a life of fear at the price of children’s education.

  1. Democrats are almost always wrong. Why? Because their value systems are wrong, and that impediment almost always results in the wrong answer to any issue.

  2. Excellent article. Children are already suffering from actual “education” in today’s schools. Teachers need to concentrate on basic education and not worry about children’s sexual orientation!!!

    1. Why any self respecting Conservative would ever encourage a student to attend a public school is beyond any kind of sensibility.
      Those lazy union slugs do nothing but fill our children’s minds with poisonous Communist thinking.
      They spend their class time thinking about their sexual orientations

      Keep America Great.
      Keep our children away from poisonous liberals.


    1. The only way to get away from government controls is to type in all caps.
      It is so eye catching and impressive.

  4. But the NYT’s supported the Presidential campaign of Joe Biden who would shut down the whole country at the same time of their endorsement. They would also endorse Biden and not want school choice, a more racist policy position I could never find.

    1. My kids deserve school choice.
      The choice that allows them to follow the teachings of Abraham, Jesus Christ and Mohammed as the paths to the one true God.

  5. Tell this to those arrogant, liberal, narcissistic governors of NY and CA. The NY governor should be held accountable for the deaths of nursing home patients where he forced them to admit Covid 19 patients. The owners should have locked the doors!

  6. All the democrats want to do is destroy this country while they profit from the damage done. Forcing children to stay home instead of attending the classroom will bring about and entire generation of illiterate people. Just what the Communists want….a bunch of sheep!!
    All the while Biden’s, Clintons, Obama’s,
    Soros, Newsome, Pelosis ECT….get paid millions of dollars to make it so.

    1. A friend of mine is—was a coach for our local HS basket ball and volley ball. The kids not being able to go to school and not having any sport competition are in a bad state of depression, are getting fat and having little or no motivation. In his words ” these restrictions are worse than the covid 19 and is doing a lot of damage to the well being of the kids.”

  7. Yes President Trump was right on COVID and he has been right on so very many issues. While the libs/dems and MSM all like to tell the public that Trump lies, Trump does not lie. The liars have always been the dems/liubvs and MSM. Trump is the greatest president America has ever had in my lifetime of 80+ years!

  8. THERE IS NO ‘PANDEMIC’!!! It’s a PLANNEDemic!! To put the wolds population under SLAVERY! There is NO ‘Big, Bad Virus’!! It’s called the SEASONAL FLU! And those putting masks on their CHILDREN are GUILTY OF CHILD ABUSE!!

  9. There is an “equal protection” 12th Amendment consideration here. If the private schools can be open and the wealthy able to have their children educated then the less wealthy forced to use government schools should have the absolute same treatment. If your kids go to school, then mine do too. Otherwise we all stay home. See how you like it.

  10. “President Trump has held strong in his opinion that schools must reopen amid the Coronavirus pandemic and in a shocking admission, the New York Times agreed.” Sure they agree with President Trump now that they think their beloved Biden won the “election”.

  11. Democrats do not care about anything except power children’s can be dying in front of them and they would turn their back.

  12. The closing of schools is designed to further dumb down the future democrat voters.
    Does anyone think that the unions and even some teachers care about the affect this will have on the kids??? NOT!!!
    Parents need to wake up and take action!
    If as a parent, you don’t rise up, you’re part of the problem!


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