Trump Announces Press Conference on a ‘Viable Path to Victory’

White House [Public Domain]

President Trump has announced that there will be a press conference on Thursday that will announce a viable path to victory. The press conference would be conducted by his election attorneys at noon from the Republican National Committee in Washington D.C..

According to Town Hall:

Election officials in Georgia are continuing their recount and have found thousands of votes on memory sticks that were previously uncounted.

Last night in Wayne County, Michigan, two Republicans on the Board of Canvassers asked to rescind their votes to certify election results. That request was denied by Democrats. Previously they refused to certify results, but moved forward after Democrat officials agreed to an audit.

During an interview with Fox News Wednesday, RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel called the treatment of Wayne County canvassers “frightening” after they reported being threatened for questioning voter irregularities. She also detailed how democrats are going back on their word after promising an audit of votes.

“It was the whole certification that they voted against. It’s the whole county. So they said, ‘no.’ They said, ‘there were too many discrepancies. We want to look into this.’ And this is what happened last night: The Democrats on the committee said, ‘you know what? We will do an audit. We promise you. If you certify it.” And within seconds, Jocelyn Benson got on TV and said, ‘that’s not binding. We are not going to do an audit. We are not going to look into it,’” she continued. “If you have nothing to hide, what’s the harm in doing an audit? We have just found 6,000 votes that were not counted in Georgia. That were not counted. They were missed because of an audit. With this type of discrepancy in Wayne County, it’s very reasonable to say, ‘we should look into this.’ Especially when it’s happened in three or four subsequent elections and the Secretary of State refuses to deal with this issue and it’s hurting the whole State of Michigan because people are losing faith in our election process. So fix it.”

McDaniels called what is being alleged, “It’s horrific. It’s bullying. It’s frightening.”


    1. Gerald, i pray you are right! Each night in my prayers, I ask God to help our President and show him the path to victory.

      1. I suggest you all sign onto Dr.Charlie and request his emails. Charlie is way ahead of MSM and Social Media. He seems to have insights into the Whitehouse and the Military. Also the X 22 Report and Santa Surfing At the moment they are the best sites for correct up to date information. God bless

    2. and Quit advertising on FUX NEWS SEE one REASON WHY>>>>
      Event Number Two: Fox News Hires the Hater

      In March 2019, Fox News made a shocking move by hiring former DNC
      Committee Chief, Donna Brazile. Brazile was famously fired from the
      DNC and CNN for leaking debate questions to Hillary Clinton prior to a
      2016 Presidential Debate against Donald Trump. Another WTF hire was
      the failed VP Candidate, Paul Ryan. Ryan was named to the Fox News
      Board of Directors in March, 2019. The well-known “never Trumper’
      routinely stonewalled President Trump’s agenda as the Speaker of the

  1. Typical Democrat MO, lie, steal and steal!! Oh, add threatening the lives of everyone who disagrees! Did we forget about the Clintons already??

  2. He should and I hope. Even though it is not December 15th Old Joe has been anointed and when the true results are out…. You better invest in plywood because the snow flakes will go suicidal.

  3. I’m tired of listening to people have a discussions with Democrats as if they are rational adults. Please stop the inuendo that somehow there is a ANY sense of justice and fairness with democratic leadership. They’ve made it clear they have no interest whatsoever in convincing voters on their ideology. They will continue to steal. What do you do with a thief? You indict them, try them and if guilty, they are thrown in prison. They are maniaclly intent on disenfranchising the majority of voters in this country, and turning the US into a banana republic.

    It’s beyond time to start applying the rule of law to all of our leaders. Republican and Democrat alike.

    1. Brian…so well said excellent!!! TRUMP 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Prosecute all dirty Democrats to the fullest extent of the law!!

      1. That is why they have definitely overreached in this election. They fear the results of the FISA, the fake Russiagate, and many more of their dirty deeds like what old Joe and his son did in the world where ever old Joe was overseeing the graft and corruption and that includes China. This is just another failed conspiracy and the facts will be drug out into the light kicking and screaming as the dim wits do everytime their dirty deeds come to light.
        This election smacks of real desperation but at least they planned it for a long time. Their problem this time since they have used these slot machine roulette dominian products for a while is this was too obvious a gap in the two candidates. Does anyone believe Joe and Kamala were exciting enough to win this election?They could not even draw a decent crowd for any rally they conducted. And against a popular president who was even winning with the China pandemic useful timing to rock his economic news. And they still lost so they did what they have done since the inception of the DNC, they cheated big time.
        But for the dim wits the game is win at all cost. So cheating is not new. Remember Brazil outing Hillary in the Primary against Biden in 2016? For this crowd if cheating wins then it was a good idea. No morals, no truths, no patriotism, no honesty ever!
        And there is always an audit trail if one follow it as Trump knows very well. So do I as a retired CPA. BSA, Programmer. The IT people will open that software up like a poorly designed can and find the worms planted to change elections by the original anti USA dictator in Venezuela for his own complete takeover of that poor country.
        Time to put this bunch of bad actors down for yet another conspiracy but this time it was against the nation. Take em down! This is the biggest of their conspiracies by far but all are equal to treason. This has to end here with this bunch of DNC and their supporters who feel that they should rule and are above the laws of this country. Get EM!
        And I might add that this explains a whole lot about the last win of McCain and his trojan horse attacks before he had to let go with this dying grasping hands but he still set AZ up for the slot machines used today for our votes. And it explains 2018 and Sin. Hum?

        1. Well said,,,,they ducked coming before thePA legislature and according to Rish they are deleting their linked in accounts!!!

          where the hell is the FBI and justice!,,,

  4. The Deep State, including the political bureaucrats, and all the Ivy league and California Berkeley trained elites want to only two tiers of population – the powerful rich and those subject to government $$$ (hand outs). Thus eliminate the middle class. Objective of the Virus shut downs is to shut down and eliminate middle class business. Dictators operate on the principle that the danger to their power is an affluent middle class.

  5. Stand By and Stand Ready! This is not an election, it’s a steal! We cannot tolerate this Pravda cheating of our votes. We MUST stick with this even at all costs.

        1. I have been expecting a civil war for the last 3 years and we may be very close. No more trying to be fair to the other side as you can see, that got us where we are today.

  6. Votes were counted in Barcelona, Spain and Frankfort, Germany and according to some undisclosed sources, the President’s true numbers were at 401 Electoral Votes. That would be the biggest steal of the Republic of the USA from an Election. These people don’t want to play nice, so if push comes to shove, we won’t be playing nice anymore.

  7. But – I like the demorats. Can I help it if I’m low IQ, lazy, and need the government to provide, protect, and think for me? They have to win ’cause I voted six times for them. I’m a loyal demorat ’cause me also likes free stuff

    1. They have much to hide and the pravada news and mouth pieces want you to believe their lies. DNC has been liars from its inception in the slave days. Old habits they have not changed and history though they try to alter it does not lie! Young folks fall for their lies but older folks learn over time who they are and what they say is not what they do.

  8. What about those stolen laptops? Either the Dominion voting machines are not used for the Senate Runoffs in January or the possessor of the 2 stolen laptops will create anther fraudulent election.
    In addition, Soros has already kicked in $300k for the demonKKKrat candidates.
    The November Election is rancid and the scheduled January runoff is already starting to stink…

    1. probiz perhaps a typo? Try $300 million… of $300k⁉️😉🙏🏼❤️🇺🇸🙏🏼🕊🙏🏼❤️⚖️⚖️⚖️⚖️

  9. It is like a crooked Damocrap to hide evidence if a person in public would do that we would go to jail . I just wonder how many of these lying damocraps will go to prison ??? And they should. Lying to American’s corrupt BIDEN. KAMALA , Hillary , Obama. Pelosi. The whole swamp for CONSPIRACY FRAUD HUMAN TRAFFICKING AND QANTING TO SELL AMERICA OUT TO COMMUNISM . AND ALL FED AGENT’S INVOLVED IN COVER UP. LIKE I SAID BEFORE LIFE IN PRISON AND NO RELEASE EVER UNLESS TO HAVE FUN IN FRONT OF A FIRING SQUAD !!!! These lying damocraps are the reason my TV. DIED . when they got Media to start lying to public and censorship blackout media what ever they want to call or. It is a COMMUNIST ACT AGAINST AMERICA!!!!

  10. so on election night Trump is winning Georgia, stopped the count. Then thousands of ballots showed up in Dekalb and Fulton county that poll observers are not allow to looked at. Then over a two week period puff goes Trump leads puff as ballots start appearing like magic dust for Biden. By the way I think the election ended on election night, I don’t believe anyone gave anyone the authority to count post election. I have a questions has in the history of elections anyone stop counting on election nights. Mind you this country has voted through wars, epidemics, and all other hardships, ah but this one is so unique that we had to change election protocols to make sure fraud could easily be done. Bottom line all changes to elections laws brought up by Democrats to create chaos and fraud. The Democrats is the party of frauds, and liars, its their natural state. If the American public falls for this hoax, are problems are just starting with these incompetent fools.

  11. President Trump and God Bless America——-every vote counts, reject Democratic Marxism thru election fraud!! Prosecute these maggots.

  12. The REAL announcement I’m looking forward to hear is when the Don takes office for another 4 years. Everyone knows that he won, even his haters. They just feel safe in the fantasy that Biden won. Mark my words when the truth is exposed and trump is re-elected, the cocainestream media is gonna flip. Then they’ll say trump cheated, SCOTUS is corrupt, election was unfair etc. brainless bleeding hearts will go on their Facebook diary griping about how the world is gonna end now. The same people who were hugging all over each other in the thousands when joe got “elected” are the same ones that are gonna burn down their own neighborhoods when Trump is declared the victor. Get ready.

  13. Listening to rudi Giuliani press conference on FOX regarding the widespread voter fraud.
    Man do I despise what the baby boomers and their offspring have destroyed our so called news media, which was always liberal anyway!!!!!
    Now it’s despicable!!!!!!!

  14. I think the Democrats should just forfeit! Too much fraud to know really what’s going, but they be kicked out for dirty play!!! We still need Trump!!!

  15. Sorry to rain on you parade. I love Trump and will ALWAYS SUPPORT HIM. But the numbers are unfortunately against him. Look for a Biden regime of TOTAL DESTRUCTION OF THE ECONOMY with Big Spender democrats taxing the rich = all of us, wrecking everything that Trump built. My suggestions:
    Quit FACEBOOK, TWITER. Go to PARLER. If 73M GOP voters quit these treasonous sites, their advertisers wil hurt them in the pocket. Call for investigating M. Zuckerberg for Treason _ when he went to China some years ago and offered threm to be their agent.
    BOYCOTT the MEDIA. Watch NEWSMAX, FOX networks.
    BOYCOTT the coronations of these 2 duds. I’m not watching it.
    Hopefully we will retain the Senate and Bozo Biden will be a lame duck. And if Kamala The Slut will become POTUS, we will never let her forget her personal and political record. We’ll show CBS NBC ABC what GOP RESISTANCE will do to their pockets.
    And if Bozo Biden calls for unity – remind him how the Dems and Obama+Biden iniiated the false Fisa order to investigate Trump.
    GOP PEOPLE POWER is stronger than Hussein Obama+Biden.
    Go on blogs – call for the imprisonment of Obama+Biden for fomenting revolution against Trump. Don’t just pray. Act. Anyone with more suggestions?

  16. The democrats who threatened the families of republicans to corruptly try to hind the fraud should be identified and thrown in prison, if not shot!

  17. Amazing what the Democrats will stoop to just to win ……yet,no one goes to jail for anything any more….except regular people….sad.

  18. I BELIEVE Biden when he stated — “We’re in a situation where we have put together, and you guys did it for our administration…President Obama’s administration before this. We have put together, I think, the Most Extensive and Inclusive VOTER FRAUD Organization in the history of American politics” 

    Here is the Video of him saying it…

  19. One day, “WE, the People…” Will prevail and the World Will know President Trump WON this election by a LANDSLIDE by WINNING ALL 50 STATES…!!!

  20. The Supreme Court has already declared President Trump the Official winner. 80% was a landslide. When the Rats saw the figures, their little elves worked through he night and brought in boxes and boxes of fake Chinese Ballots, hot off 2 CCP Ships. Trump 2020 He deserves it, he worked hard and smart for the American people and World Peace <3 <3 <3
    Jesus loves him and so do I <3


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