Tucker Turns on Trump! Sean Hannity Stands Alone

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America via Wikimedia Commons

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Fox has taken another blow to their credibility among ordinary Americans. This week Tucker Carlson – by far their most energetic, popular, and unorthodox voice – joined the rest of the media cartels running cover for Dominion software, the designers of the faulty voting systems behind most of the confusion this election.

None of the media cartels took a harder hit this election than Fox News. The bastion of right-wing news and commentary turned so hard against the President on election night Rush Limbaugh felt compelled to warn them against turning against their base. Even before the election, Tucker Carlson Tonight was essentially keeping the network afloat with viewers.

Only one other commentator draws the kind of water Tucker does. Conservative stalwart Sean Hannity, who remains a staunch defender of the President’s legitimate efforts to secure the election and ensure the outcome that reflects the will of the American people, is now the lone loyalist on the network.

The landscape of media is changing, that is clear. Limbaugh and Hannity are both aging, and Rush knows his clock is ticking, but they remain terrific examples of the kind of voices that have kept the right-wing alive in America: prudence, work ethic, and loyalty. 

With emergent media voices like the Epoch Times and OANN grabbing more attention, it remains to be seen if they will apply the lessons of the dying media giants. Will they remain loyal to the people who put them where they are, and continue to be voices for the silent majority? Or will they seek to indoctrinate their viewership with a narrative handed down from a disconnected elite?

Whatever happens in these coming weeks, Donald Trump has demonstrated the most important lesson for upcoming right-wing media: the people are fed up being spoon-fed lies and told to be quiet by a group of wannabe aristocrats who spend their time drawing utopian pictures in the air. The American people crave a voice for themselves: they are still forgotten men and women, beaten down by an incestuous Axis of Evil made up of the Ivory Tower, Silicon Valley, and unelected bureaucrats and scolds in government. 

Ryan Highland has an MA in Social Science and is an independent researcher and writer from Atlanta, GA.

  1. Excellent article and a perfect description of how us 80 million forgotten men and women of America feel! It is tiring to search for hours to find some kind of credibility in the news. I for one am tired of all the “talking heads” spewing out the same line, different time! This has to be a watershed moment for the Conservative voice in America, or we will completely loose not just our voice, but our intent.

  2. Congrats, Tucker!
    You just lost about half your audience.
    You are not as essential as you think you are.
    Bye !

    1. Totally agree!!! He just jumped on the downhill slippery slope! Bye Carlson. I hope you get what you deserve.

    2. I loved Tucker. Not no more. He’s just like a dem. Give you hope and then snatch it back. Can’t trust no one. I will be moving on to new networks. Parler, News Max and One America News Network. They let republican’s have an opinion unlike Facebook and Twitter. Those tow shut me out numerous times. Time for people to leace those two.

  3. Who the he!! Are you Tucker. You are not the court of law. You do no investigations for you to decide yea or nea. Infant, you and your brethern Actually think your position is of high importance. When you get pre-emptive by a commercial break proves your not important at all. You are now no better than cnn or msnbc. Which is trash and fake. No respect for you or FAUX. NewsMax & OANN for me now.

  4. Why a Judge should outlaw and throw out an election! Unsolicited mail in ballots are unconstitutional and is an open invitation to fraud. First they were not requested. Second they were sent to mailing list containing many dead folks, and many who have changed address. That means a whole lot of ballots floating around that can be used to illegally vote for a certain candidate. Also after receiving these ballots the confirming envelopes with name, signature, and verifying signature, and postal dates, have been discarded so you can not trace the illegal ones. Many folks were told that they had already voted, when they had not. Any sensible Judge should rule that all mail in ballots without a confirming envelope are to be subtracted from the count. No proof that they are valid! Pass this on to your representatives so they can contact Trump’s lawyers and the Judge who reviews the merits of the case. Thanks. fjh

    1. The problem is the mixed the ballots, so you have no idea which ones came from what person. That is why this election should NEVER be certified. It needs to go the way of two previous elections in history, where the House votes on who is president – and each state gets ONE vote only! The fraud has to stop. Wonder who got to Tucker, as we have heard the threats against so many, threats of death to them, their family, pets, etc. That is the way communist countries work – and we are off the cliff if this cannot be stopped.

      1. I live in CA and the dems are nothing but cheaters. 5 decades of these liberal creeps have ruled and destroyed our state. Illegals vote, dead people vote and now with mail in by the millions give them even more opportunities to cheat. Dems never win honestly period.

    1. I’m sure Fox will get rid of the Conservative block as soon as they can. I wonder where Mark Levin will go and will Victor Hanson continue to lend his masterful comments to the new left Faux?.

      1. I hope that they go either One American News or Newsmax channels where they should be. Let Fox News Channel sink to its eventual destruction

  5. Tucker did not “turn on Trump”
    He merely demanded proof of fraud.
    As long as they tell the truth, I will support both of them.

    1. Tucker badgered Sydney because he wanted that scoop so bad he could taste it. She explained to him she could not reveal what evidence they had or how they got it till they appeared before the court. He wouldn’t take no for an answer. Money trumps courtesy every time.

      1. If they revealed their sources, those people would end up like Seth Rich and Vince Foster; unplanned fatal robberies or suicides.

        1. Clinton Body Farm is digging a new hole…some say it is for biden cause harris is the real communist of the two and that hillary is wanting to be vp……Rich and Foster were intended for the Clinton Body Farm, but someone acted too soon, they didn’t have the holes dug, so they left them where they lay. …

        2. They would also be very stupid to reveal their evidence and strategy on a TV show…..even Tucker’s show! Who does he think he is?

      2. Tucker may have forgotten where he came from and WHO put him where he is today! Tucker is very bright but, obviously he is no different than a “lucky” dumbshit who has made the big time and has become full of themselves with arrogance! Mmmm, both are very unattractive! We conservatives are not impressed and will be searching for someone and something else!

    2. Demand is the wrong vocabulary
      he should have made a request
      however with lawsuits going on
      no lawyer will shed info out of privacy and abuse by the other side
      best lawyers are the ones who control viable information as well as protect their clientele base and keep their flap shut
      less info out the better when it arrives at the courts

    3. RRRoger, I do not demand much BUT, I do demand the truth or I am done with a person and, let’s not forget FAIRNESS! F-A-I-R and equal treatment has died in America and American politics!
      Please God, save and bless America!

  6. Hannity, please come over to the light!!!
    join the other side before they burn you alive at the Faux News

    pleaseeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!

    1. I imagine Hannity is locked into a very tight contract and it would cost him millions to break it. If Faux loses Hannity and Ingerham there will be no one left to speak tor the conservative base.

      1. Laura I. has already went over to the dark side, the other night she was making nice with the communists and telling all they could get things done with AOC….

      2. “Breaking News” Hannity is all air no substance. Hopefully he won’t want to beat me up with ever bragging fighting skills…🤣

  7. Another reason I switched from Faux cable to OAN and Newsmax. Faux is hemoraging viewers . They are loaded down with Never Trumpers and liberal members. Juane Williams has taken over The Five with his long winded critiques of the President and the show is no longer a joy to watch.I have read so many complaints about the imminent demise of The Five if some producer doesn’t put a muzzle on Williams. Donna Brazil is continuing her lies without any push back from any one else on the shows. Chris Wallace has to be the most unpopular little weasel on cable. Not too long from now Fox will join the herd in the liberal pasture as part of the alphabet. Just a memory. It’s amazing to watch people you thought were journalists and who reported in favor of the conservative cause to do a complete turn around and treat their conservative listeners as fools.

    1. OAN has 1 hour news segments, featuring current news. They do not have “shows” like Faux News does. The OAN reporters are reporters, not entertainers.
      Far less commercials too.

      1. My cable Xfinity won’t play OAN. I had it on a former cable group, but after writing to ask Comcast to include them in their line up (twice), they sent me a really “intelligent” letter saying, “We don’t carry OAN! Wow! they sure are sharp as a tack!

        1. Dish doesn’t either. I have AT+T and we have it. They are all against conservatives sadly this country is changing into a world world status real soon. Biden/Harris will make sure.Try News max they are great.

    2. Even political prostitutes do their best to please their “lefty masters”,you know,the so called “conservative journalists”on Fox,and most other networks. Find better T.V. sources on other networks that still favor the political “right”.

    3. Can’t stand Juan or Crispy Critter Wallace! Juan can’t help himself; and Wallace is a snide little sarcastic dumb dem!

  8. Tucker hadn’t turned on us snd Trump. He just wanted the scoop on his show for the evidence. He said like most of even attump supporters if the evidence is there fantastic but as of now no one except the investigator s has seen the evidence.

  9. I dreamed I was with Kamala Harris and her bottom line, in the dream, was, “When will I be RICH?” Seemed to encapsulate the priority among politicians these days, which includes MSM journalists – the “disconnected elites.” Anyway, thanks for this article which speaks truth.

    1. Kamala Harris is the antithesis of intelligent and patriotic. Interesting how long Biden will do the party’s “biddin!” He is the village idiot and she is his eager, greedy, hateful partner!

  10. It is the CIA that runs all the Very fake and Very Corrupt Media got ways to do as they say, Must have gotten to tucker big Time, The Servers that was seazesed by our Military Raid in the CIA office in Gearmany shows how CIA offisials was manipulating the Dominion, and theSCYTL, Voting Machines to make the Candidate of their Choise win.

    1. Look above to see the censoring already! Does anyone remember the loathsome comments that were made of the beautiful Melania? I guess that was okay! I hate the way the leftists are continually destroying everything of value!

  11. Tucker scr*we’d the viewers
    better not move over to AON nor any other conservative news sites
    you are a turncoat
    not to be trusted any more
    FOX deserves what they got
    soon they will fade away
    like any tv programming
    no hits, it will be canceled!

  12. Math does not lie. The votes don’t add up! Look at Biden’s votes versus the others on the down ticket. He swamped them and they lost seats in many places. Why did he get so many more votes than them? Could it be he got bogus illegal votes due to fraud? So will our Nine Justices vote for truth and justice or will they sell us out to Satan?

    1. Our taxes will skyrocket and all illegals will get citizenship insanity is what is going on. Soon they will tear down the wall in Mexico mark my words. John Kerry the piece of crap God what have people don to this country?? His stepson was involved with Hunter and Barisma. Real crooks in the White house from now on.

  13. Thank God President Trump just pardoned General Michael Flynn. That poor guy has been through hell and back. And Tucker may you twirl in the wind.

  14. I have quit watching Fox News! OAN and Newsmax are what I watch.
    Fox News will become the propaganda machine for Comrade Biden!

  15. EXACTLY !! Why can[t we ‘ dump’ these ‘Unelected BUREAUC-RAT Traitors” that roam the White House for years???? UNELECTED BUREAUC-RATS…. BOOT THEM OUT !!!!!

  16. FOX Compleatly Down the Drain, You know something is terrible wrong whe that creepy Morning Joe, Beats FOX.??

  17. Tucker, say it ain’t so!!! Too late, we know that you have bern bought. That is truly a sad truth, that we hated to see happen!

  18. Great article. I hope 73-75 MILLION PLUS Americans read this.
    When One Voice is silenced or made to shut up because their views or opinions are different from the media, that means ALL voices are under threat.

  19. Tucker Carlson your a disgraceful disrespectful RAT. Like the can’t take stupid out of stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupidity with these fake media’s with DIARRHEA OF THERE ROTTEN SHITTY MOUTHS OF LIES AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. LIES ,LIES, LIES, LIES,

  20. I heard someone told Trump he should start OUR OWN PARTY. The Maga party. I think that’s a great idea. The dems. totally suck and they lie all the time. I will not accept Biden as our prez., he hasn’t earned the title and the world knows it. We will fight Biden at every turn like you did to Trum. We need to impeach him for his criminal activity in Ukraine and China with his family. The Chinese owe Biden. They need to be locked up.This country is divided and will stay that way. I will never join the f-in dems..I swear Biden and his side kick will be destroyed. I see a revolution on the horizon. Civil unrest is super max level. Civil war will be comin. I hate what YOU DEMS. did to OUR country. You’ve destroyed lives. It’s time we destroy you and your families like you did to us. Because of Obama and Biden we lost our retirement and our home. We saved for 43 years. They took it all. I despise you all.

  21. When Faux tried to bribe Diamond and Silk to turn liberal and fired them when they refused, I refused to watch Faux. Do watch Fox financial news in the morning.

  22. You can be sure Tucker Carlson got his marching orders and he caved. This tells you one thing. No character. Folks, remember besides Soros controlling Fox there is also the snake on the Board of Directors, Paul Ryan. He did everything he could to twart the agenda of the incoming Trump administration as Speaker of the House. Right on the same level as the egregious, ignorant, evil Mrs. Piglosi.

  23. I thought Tucker Carlson would be one of the last people who deserted the president. Looks like he’s crossed off my few FOX shows! What a disappointment! The few left are Sean Hannity; Mark Levin; Steve (the wonderful guy who comes after Levin) and a few others. Newsmax is now my go to station along with Parler. Facebook; Twitter; and the others are fakes and should be investigated for their lies and censors! Donald Trump will always be my president; Joe is a substandard intelligence hazard! Harris couldn’t even win high school president!

    1. Couldn’t remember Steve’s last name! AS former Brit. Steve Hilton is more intelligent than most American.broadcasters!

  24. fox was not covering the election hearing in PA , but they had NO problem
    embracing and covering the Russian hoax every single day of president Trumps
    presidency for the last 4 years they didn’t take one day off

  25. I do NOT watch Tucker any longer. His head has gotten to big. I in fact do not watch Fox. I WATCH OAN = ONE AMERICA NEWS!!

  26. So it doesnt say why tucker turned on Trump! whats wrong with these people. are they saving their hyde for the next 4 ys., are they hyocrites or have they been threatened and their families and fear has paralyzed them? CAN NOT BELIEVE Tucker has turned.

  27. I too am leaving Fox can’t take Neil Cabot, Wallace, or important Sandra Smith their snide grins about Our President Donald Trump. Thought we only had 1 president at a time, then what was Biden doing addressing the country Wed?

  28. Frankly, thanks to Carlson being the last straw, not listening and becoming aggravated regularly to Fox News, has been a breath of fresh air. Having OANN on in the background just for news reminds me of when CNN first existed as a new news only channel. That is ancient history but Fox pushed a lot of folks to try something new, and now I/we like it!

  29. I’m through with fox. All this crap from all the media is pushing this country to an all out bloody civil war. Fox in my opinion has joined the communists. Who can you trust anymore?

  30. Fox is in a battle with CNN CBS NBC ABC& NSNBC for worst ratings just another group of babbling idiots soon there will not be enough sponsors for fake news

  31. All Tucker Carlson said was he wanted to see the evidence of how the machines were compromised. He at least reported about them and the accusations Sydney Powell was making about them. He never said it wasn’t true. He just said he didn’t have the evidence to prove it.

  32. Hey Mike Lindell Mr my pillow are you paying attention to the people at FOX that you saved from financial ruin from sponsor boycots??? Time to dump em

  33. We won’t watch Tucker Carlson anymore. He got a BIGHead way to fast! Laura Ingram a couple of days ago told the American people that Biden should be President. She must have got it from her
    fans because last night she didn’t appear and Tammie Bruce filled in. Soros is now behind FOX.
    They can fold. Watch OAN and NewsMax for true news and they are still fighting for our great President. It was a fraud election that took place and it is our freedom we are fighting for. I don’t
    how long it takes to count legal ballots to June when this is all settled. President Trump needs to do an Executive Order to change the swearing in until all litigation is settled. This pertains to all Americans. Communist Muslim Obama. did an Executive Order on DACA which was illegal. This order pertains to our freedom. I don’t want to live under a communist rule. Kamala is an anchor baby whose parents were never US citizens. She 2 days before the election made a video promoting communism. She is one good reason why anchor babies should not receive citizenship!
    All of Biden’s cabinet are corrupt, they are the swamp and should be tried, convicted and in jail.
    Keep the faith! Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  34. Go Trump , no surprise about FOX have been watching real news on NewsMax a great station with honest to God conservative news and they hate Republicans just as bad as Democrats!!!

  35. Actually, I prefer to watch Tucker, However, he w it lose his strong following, if he continues bashing Trump. Tread carefully Tucker

  36. Carlson has always been “controlled opposition” and now the mask is totally off. He is just another Fake newser!

  37. Turned on AMERICANS, is what Cucker did! Well, what does one expect from FAUX?!
    I guess that Cucker is no different than a politician…….they LIE; ‘play acting’ until they get the votes (ratings). Gee, Cucker……you just LOST your audience! I never watch his show; just clips here and there. I won’t be viewing anything any longer. What Cucker says is now irrelevant! I started watching/reading Indy News 20+ years ago, and that’s they way it will stay!!

  38. What else would you expect from an employee of Fauxnews? He obviously has been told to toe the new line, or out looking for a new job! He knows no one else is going to want to deal with him as a person, not msnbc, cnn, ooan, or even newsmax?!?!?!?!?!?

  39. This article has nailed the truth. I have all faith in Tucker, he’s worse than a RINO, that ahole wants to keep his pukey little job. I do not watch FOX since the Arizona BS, and apparently lots of other people have tuned them out watch. When FOX falls behind CNN and MSNBC, that tells me something. I am so pissed at this very criminal, phony election. Now the socialist are in power they will shred the Constitution. Stay tuned, America will never be great again.

  40. We all in this nation watched the steal that I witnessed in AZ in 2018 with Sin. McSally ahead that night before but by morning some boxes showed up during the night from polls no one including the governor knew about. Hum? Good run for the test and they got caught and stopped pulling the same stunt in Florida that same election!!!


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