Meet the Trump Legal Team

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America via Wikimedia Commons

President Trump and his legal team are still fighting the good fight. The President and his team are working hard to combat cases of alleged voter fraud across the country and ensure every legal ballot is counted. The bright legal minds are among the best in the country and are working tirelessly to ensure the 2020 presidential election is free and fair.

Meet team Trump:

  1. Start focusing on 2024!!!!
    1. This election fraud is going nowhere
    2. In 4 years this country will be so much more dysfunctional and in decline that MAYBE a majority of Americans (even the suburban, college educated white women) will realize the mistake they made when they chose Biden…. and will re-elect Trump.
    3. Why do Americans always elect a republican president only after the democrat they previously elected has totally screwed up everything???
    Talk about inheriting a basket case!!!!

      1. I know !, OhBumAh did B all ,Talking head ,thats why his school records are sealed ,off doing drugs, nothing between those ears .

    1. I am college educated with honors and born white. I speak three languages and have taught many students. I don’t agree with anything proposed by the Democrats! I don’t want to suffer under their criminal, conniving ways.

    2. it needs to go to sumpreme couart-yes continue to drain the swamp not sure if we can come out of a biden administration-

    3. 1 There was no significant voter fraud.
      2 In four years Trump will be just a bad dream.
      3 Obama was elected after Bush totally screwed everything up.

    4. Here’s what we say to ppl like you in Australia Mr Eliot. Get Stuffed, take a long walk off a Short Pier, BullShinto (adapted quote from American Flyers but it seems good)!!!! President Trump has the Right (good word that) to get Justice if he feels or, God Forbid actually sees Fraud in this Election. If you can’t see the Multi-Vectored Fraud in this Election, you are Willingly Blind and a Dumbocrat!! Now, the World Financial System will explode under Any President of the US because it can’t go anywhere else but down. Joe Biden would Accelerate the Process Wonderfully Quick whereas President Trump would String it out with various measures designed to make the System at least more competitive with other countries. I completely Trust President Trump to look after my interests even though I live in Ashfield, Western Australia. We Conservatives Never give up.Good Luck America, the good Repubs and President Trump (you’re gonna need it)!

        1. We can’t elect Trump in 2024. Three terms are not allowed.
          The Supreme Court cannot turn the election results to Trump. However, if massive fraud is determined, the Court could throq out the election and turn in over to the House. This means that Trump would likely be the choice under the fifty state-fifty vote rule. This is what I am counting on; or, there will be a civil war that ranking Dems will not likely survive; including certain members of the Courts.

          1. Do you really think that Chief Justice John Roberts will allow Trump in the White House on Jan. 21?

        1. Do you think it’s decided yet AH? It is not decided yet and when ppl like you say it is, it just shows your willing ignorance of the Facts. The Left is Famous for it’s Ignorance of the Facts of a matter. That’s why there will be Civil War in America because of the Dichotomy in it, egged on by the MSM and the Dumbs.

    1. We already have re-elected President Trump.
      You accept reality. Otherwise, a war to destroy all Dems may be necessary.

  2. The poll they just took said at least 17% of Biden’s voters did not know of his troubled past and they didn’t even know about the 11,000,000 + jobs TRUMP MADE JUST BECAUSE OF THIS BILL KOCK’M MEDIA BEING ONE SIDED. SO WITH THAT AND THE VOTING MACHINES. ISSUES THAT ELECTION SHOULD GO TO TRUMP. AND AND KAMALA OBAMA AND HILLARY SHOULD GO TO PRISON .

  3. President Trump has already Officially won. Don’t worry. Whats playing out now is all Pantomime. The Official watermarked Ballots were counted for President Trump at 80% 🙂 So just relax but never stop thanking and praising God for giving the World the Gift of President Trump <3

  4. From The Ministry of Zephaniah –
    Thanks  Hon.President Donald Trump: only valid Votes Need to be counted as God speaks
    The call for Political and religious reforms  at this Dispensation , calling  for religious and Political reforms  in the Arab world and Around the world for  God  to rule on His Political and religious  and economic Throne is a Biblical call. it is not Political nor religious call as preludes  by the democrats and their satanic religious and political leaders calling for scientific governance for the world .
    The Lord  rubbish  such call as  demonic  call.
    the Lord  revealed , even scientists have to  seek wisdom from  Me Jehovah God before they could changed  raw materials into Good  use.
     The  reminds, in the Days of My servant  Daniel, when  Science were ruling, They  sort  My  Wisdom and  My servant Daniel  has to call on Me to fight  that  Prince pr Persian that withheld  the Blessing of the Land.
    It is  the dispensation of the Lord and not the shrines, idol  and Baal.
    The mystery of the Biblical Gospel revealed  and Preached  by the Prophet at the Ministry of Zephaniah -The Maleniian & Trump  Trinity Temple.
    As  the Lord Join and His servant Prophet Joined you , the First  Lady, the Vice Mike pence  and the second lady , the family, the Republican party , the white House  staff and the entire Americans  for the thanksgiving  service for  Turkey .Many  may not understand us , saying the Lord has Lost  the throne. 
    AM fully confidence  and courageous in the Lord , He wil surely lead you  to victory. He will not forsake  His people at this dispensation.
    With  His  message: For the Kingdom of God shall be like a matron who prepares a dinner for a guest. when the guest has finished eating, he wipes  the excess  dinner  with his tongue that runs along the fingers .and asked for more , because the dinner is sweet.The  Gospel is bringing sweetness to  you and the world . they shall eat and the excess shall  run along their fingers and they shall  wipe it their tongues because it is good dinner . the mystery of the Gospel from God through his prophet 
    God bless you .

    Prophet Zephaniah Magnus Trump
    The Communication and Prophetic director of  
    President Donald Trump Governance
    republican party,imf and USA economy  and military  
    and Prime Minister of Israel Netanyahu 

  5. The Trump legal team is Rudolph Giuliani
    Rudy (as the cognoscenti call him) has a standup act to die for.
    He sweats blood.
    Very funny.


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