Conservative Group Claims to Uncover Thousands of Fraudulent Ballots in Battleground State

Wikimedia Commons

The Thomas More Society’s Amistad Project is claiming to have discovered over 150,000 ballots which have the potential for fraud. The conservative group filed an emergency petition with the Wisconsin Supreme Court on Tuesday regarding the state’s unofficial election results. The group believes their discovery may have a major impact on Wisconsin’s declared winner of the presidential election.

Townhall reports:

“We have identified over 150,000 potentially fraudulent ballots in Wisconsin, more than enough to call into question the validity of the state’s reported election results, ” Phill Kline, director of the project, said in a statement.“Moreover, these discrepancies were a direct result of Wisconsin election officials’ willful violation of state law.”

The lawsuit claims election officials counted ineligible ballots, failed to count ballots that should have been counted, and that a number of counting errors and irregularities allegedly took place.

One of the main issues the lawsuit brings up is voting identification laws. Under Wisconsin state law, a voter must present a valid photo ID when requesting to vote by mail. The exception to the rule is for those voters who are currently hospitalized or “indefinitely confined because of age, physical illness, or infirmity.”

According to the Thomas More Society, that law was not upheld throughout the state. The exemption was interpreted to apply to those who contracted the Wuhan coronavirus. Roughly 100,000 people took advantage of that loophole, The Epoch Times reported.

Joe Biden was declared the winner of Wisconsin, however, the Thomas More Society is hopeful their discovery will be enough to overturn that outcome. Currently, a partial recount is taking place in the state as Milwaukee and Dane counties work through a recount.


    1. Larry Jones
      Now just where is all this voter fraud you speak of the 2016 and 2018 was fully investigated and no voter fraud more than the 16 persons charged with illegal voting, now every state is examining their election to look for fraud and so far a lot of accusations but not one iota of actual proof of any fraud, utterly amazing considering the amount of persons voting in the 2020 election.

      1. Larry

        The attorney general of NV stated he changed 200,000 votes to Biden.. There were 20k+ in PA whose residence is Arlington National Cemetery. 130k votes delivered the day after the election from Madison all for China Joe. To bad there are only 100K registered voters…

        Nothing to see here has some koolaid.. Or just climb into that box car it will be fine….

        1. What is Trump’s legal team doing about this.
          Has Rudy been told?
          When can we expect indictments from the Trump Administration?
          Jan 21st?

      2. We had 4 times the number of votes counted AFTER 10 p.m. last election. People as old as age 9 voted! Yet oldest known living person is age 114 in Japan!
        Doug Jones was behind until then, suddenly by midnight he had just enough votes to win! We voted him out “BIG TIME” this election! We don’t just get mad, we get EVEN!

      3. Ignorance is not a virtue. If you get your “news” from only the democommunist media you will be made and kept ignorant.

        1. Thank you for keeping Vietnam free of Communism.
          Well actually about 20% of it for a few years.
          Well worth 56,000 dead US boys.
          Did any of your buddies die?

      4. You must be a liberal! There IS vote fraud. The media won’t report on it because they are part of the problem. You have illegals voting (that is foreign influence in our elections on top of the vote fraud), people getting ballots who did not request them, people voting more than once, signatures not matching what is on file – some states didn’t even check, people using fake addresses in order to vote (this a group I worked with confirmed when you had people using addresses where there was no building), voting machines that couldn’t read ballots and were ignored, mail in ballots but there were no creases in the ballots (so how were they in an envelope), more people voting than people registered to vote, more people registered to vote than live in the state, voting machines that switch votes (there are videos that show how voting machines are not a safe way to vote and fraud can easily take place). The list goes on and one. There IS proof and lots of it. People are coming forward with it, but the media isn’t reporting it. They are covering for the liberal democrats. This is a very dangerous road to go down – if it isn’t taken seriously, then we will be Venezuela and our elections will be rigged from now on.

        1. There is unquestionable voter fraud.
          Americans are fraudulent by nature.
          There may be as much a .1% voter fraud.
          More likely closer to .01%
          Oh well.

          1. YOU may be fraudulent by nature, but the majority of Americans are not fraudulent by nature , speak for yourself ignoramus. Donkey politicians are FRAUDULENT by nature, so are reps, but not as dems have shown.

      5. read the article and get off your dead ass and go show that the Thomas More Society’s Amistad Project is claiming to have discovered over 150,000 ballots which have the potential for fraud are legal votes is a big lie. Also don’t forget to have some independent computer experts give you sworn affidavits that the voting machine are tamper proof and conduct a test were 50, ooo votes for trump are rerun and see if all are recorded for trump. But, first the all the machines must confiscated by federal court order and kept under armed guard with all access to the internet disconnected. At least 10 experts must each independently examine the machines. Until this is done BIDEN WILL BE CONSIDERED AN ILLEGITIMATE PRESIDENT.

      6. Robert you are one useful isiot that has a cemented brain. All the sworn affidavits ARE PROOF! Cant you understand that? If theyl lie they go to jail!. They have videos of bags coming in at 4 am with no signatures, some even empty and had to be filled out only ONLY with bidens name, not a single one with Trumpss name. is that probable in your mind.?????,There are ocular witnesses of what happened inside the tabulating places. dead people voting, Are you that dense or just trying to support your cognitive impaired and leftist candidate? Dont you realize that there was MASSIVE CHEATING??? Wake up dude

    2. And when I was in the Navy, treason was punishable by a military firing squad.
      I think that’s the best verdict. Or the next “D” potus will just “Pardon” them!

        1. Speaking of hanging, I’d sure like to see that brought back for the hundreds of people most responsible for this attempt to destroy freedom in our nation.

        1. Not as many as Obama did in his last days as President. Over 1300! Do some research and check the status of some of them that he did grant pardons to, Shame on him. Racist bastard!

          1. Obama pardoned 2 people in the final year of his Presidency.
            Trump has pardoned 11 people, so far, in the final year of his Presidency.

    3. It should at the very least be considered sedition, as it seeks to undermine the very foundation of how our govt works

    4. I totally agree with you! There absolutely need to be consequences, especially for election officials who violate their oaths! I am sick and tired of lawbreakers going unpunished!!

      1. You and me and whole lot of others too. I’m sick of illegals voting in this country that aren’t even supposed to be here in the first place. In our state you don’t need to show I.D. when you vote once you have registered. Some of them vote on other people’s registration. I don’t know exactly how they get away with it, but it’s disgusting.

        1. All the States and territories need to purge their current voter registration files. Delete, shred or whatever it takes. Then require all legally eligible voters who wish to do so to reregister showing proof of identity and current address. Military and others who have to vote by absentee ballot could request registration providing a copy of their ID and their current 314.

    1. Sue Rich
      Now does that apply to Republican controlled states like Georgia which has had a vote count, then a hand recount and now another hand recount at the request of the Trump administration, and in the first hand recount nothing was found wrong, and I doubt it will be any different this time.

      1. Yes, it applies to Georgia, here is the gist. Most counties in Georgia, as in other battleground states are small and red. There are 4 counties (Metro Atlanta ie 6 million +/- Dekalb, Fulton, Gwinnett, Douglas) are Democrat run and followed the same fraud patterns as other metro areas in blue states. If it walks like a duck, etc. only a simpleton would fail to see the pattern in all this.

        Elections are run at the county level not state level. Same sh– different democratic fraud machine.

      2. Goodness 4 counties didn’t even send their votes in are. You not seeing a pattern in every state even AZ had an extra 30K voting for every democrat on the ticket… Just so you know that 30K above the registered voters……

        1. It is what Democrats always do. Lie, cheat, and vote as many times as they can get away with. It is in their DNA. They can’t help it and have a free pass to cheat. They must because few ever go to jail for it although guilty as_________________!

      3. But counting the same invalid votes isn’t the solution. An “AUDIT” verifying all ballots against their registered signatures is the “Correct” way any “AUDIT” is done. Computer systems I designed had internal “BALANCING” routines in them. So the number of “VALID” votes can’t be more than the number of registered voters. Any counts over the normal amount should stop the system and require a manual verifiction and be recorded and flagged. Same for total votes. Any “Internal Auditor” wouldn’t accept any program that didn’t have those routines in them.

          1. Not an excuse. When they sign their request for a ballot and then submit it they have their signature whether they have arthritis or not. Ding, dibng!

          2. They should change election laws and make you submit a fresh thumb print, not a copy of one/ one. All license issued should require a thumb print. Then many criminals could be traced down including fraudulent voters.

          3. Nearly all states have rules that purge voters who don’t vote in four elections consecutively. Federal law requires states to purge their voter rolls between federal elections. Few comply making the problem widespread. Los Angeles County had to be sued before they did so. They had over 1.2 million ineligible voters listed as active when sued. Another dozen states are being sued for similar neglect of the law.

      4. Kempt and Brad are up to their necks in treason that has been proved! They bought into China, and are involved with them and Dominion! They don’t want Trump to win because when he does, they are a whole lot of people will be going to prison!

  2. Why isn’t the attorney jumping in and taking control of the election process. This wrong and the Republicans are sitting on their hands. If you have the proof like most of us hope you do, get on with it. The attorney general has the authority to order this election to audit, every state. Maybe even a total redue. No Mail ins and no absentees. Vote at the polling station or lose your right to vote.

    1. Absentee is safe…I am old and cannot go and stand in line…I have voted absentee for 10 + years by REQUESTING my ballotI then check to make sure it is counted…

      1. Yes, absentee is reliable for the most part. That is not the issue here. The issue is shotgun blast of unrequested, unverified blast to ‘dirty’ voter lists which have not been culled for a long time. Also many people who voted say they cannot see where their absentee ballot was counted. I guess poll workers were too busy finding piles of 100% Biden ballots with no down ballot choices. The fraud here is so brazen.

        1. Everyone who is registered to vote should receive a ballot in the mail,
          If you are in the military my state automatically mails a ballot to your last voter registration address.
          Should my state be forced to discontinue this practise?

          When you vote in person you can not see if your ballot votes were counted.

          “As one of five states—along with Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, and Utah—that conduct elections entirely by mail-in voting, Washingtonians haven’t had to go to a physical polling place since at least 2011″. 

          Mail in voting increases turnout and favors Liberals.
          Thet is reason enough to make mail in voting a felony.

          1. No.
            Because 2 people in LA were arrested for trying to submit 8000 fraudulent ballots
            Because a whole pile of garbage bags were found dumped along side the road in Seattle………full of ballots
            Because hundreds of affadavits were filed in WI, MI, PA, NV, AZ and GA testifying that they SAW voting fraud going on.
            You may not LIKE it, but the election won’t be over until all that is cleared up. You can’t just sweep it under a rug

          2. I suspect you’d love that scenario as you could then harvest many ballots to fill in for your favorite candidates
            You’re no stranger here, troll

          3. WE have the good ole piggy to thank for that! Her followers just kneeled and followed. What a GOOD IDEA, WE GOT HIM THIS TIME, and remember the b bragging about the best illegal voting scheme in years.

          4. Indeed, it is disgusting, I would play over and over that video on tv parler, and where ever they dont censor.Spread the word, post on streets and yell it to the world. Biden IS the MOB and obama is the HEAD of the mob,. why is he out on social media so much lately?

          5. Washington State is run by a clear majority of their registered voters.
            Proof that democracy sucks.

          6. Are you old enough to recall Gregoire for governor? If yes then you should recall the recounts. They continued until one of them gave her enough votes to win and then the state decided that the recounting should stop. It did and she won. Now we have the same problem on a national scale. In WA for the primary we had to indicate which party we were going to vote for and nobody had a good reason but, now we know. The answers told the party how many they had to change, add or otherwise get counted to win.

          7. My State required me to request the absentee ballot. My address was not constant due to assignment transfers. If they had mailed it to my last voter registration address who know where it would have ended up or who would have gotten ahold of it.

          8. It is when other collect those absentee ballots fill them out for dead people and submit them with a fraudulent signature. I’m sure Washington, because they have been doing it for many years has a system in place for verification. But corrupt Michigan, Philly, Chicago, Detroit, Milwaukee, etc. not so much. Think a little deeper will you or keep your mouth shut?

          9. How many ballots have proven to be fraudulent?
            Will Trump’s DOJ be issuing indictments?
            it sounds like such fun.

        2. I voted in Florida, ahead of Nov 3rd, I hand carried the the ballot to city hall, ID checked, and deposited in a locked box for ballots! Sounds safe to me !

          1. The safety depends on the person who took it out of the locked box and those who processed it. Bad things can happen on the way. Consider what bad things happened in this last election.

          2. Wath bad things happened?
            As much as .1% of the vote was fraudulent?
            What if it was high as .01%?

        1. That’s what the one vote harvester was doing. She collected votes form elderly people in the retirement homes. She bragged that she paid the administrator for the ballots. The is why they turned down the signature verification. Software. The machine was rejecting too many ballots for invalid signatures.

      2. I’m old too and I will vote till I’m carried in! If infirm, I will request a mail and provide all info to prove who I am, IN ADVANCE as is the law!

      3. Good for you, but get the ballot in early, or someone else may vote in your stead. There are millions of bad actors out there who have NO MORALS.

        1. It is not who votes or even how they vote, it is WHO counts the vote that matters, and that is what this last election comes down to.

          1. Elizabeth Warren complained about the Dominion software because she was sure they modified so she lost her bid for president. Three democrats were on record complaining about the Dominion machines.

      4. Well I’d gladly drive you there, and get them to let you vote within a few minutes.
        All I’d have to do is “ASK”, and you’d have most people saying “you can vote next”! There are vans driving thru the “Projects” paying people to vote, and taking them there an back, even paying money to those that vote “D”!

    2. or have court appointed non partisan go with D and R representatives DOOR TO DOOR stopping ONLY at registered voters houses. Have them match your ID and signature BEFORE they give you a ballot to fill out and return right then & there. Have the ballot go in a locked box carried by a state or national guardsmen!

      1. Most voter registration signatures are over 10 years old.
        Peoples signature changes over time.
        Think arthritis.

        It is 2020, where are you going to find a nonpartisan in the US?

        Let me see if I have this right.
        To vote you you have to be home when the R, D, N-P and National Guardsman come knocking on your door?

        What is the difference between States Guardsmen and a National Guardsmen?

        Would your trust the locked ballot box in the hands of a State Cop?
        Local cop?
        In a Democrat run city?

        Four people going door to door to pick up ballots, how much will that cost?

        Conservatives have never been accused of deep thinking.

    3. Michael O’Connor
      So you want the AG of the state to violate the Constitution of this USA which says that the Presidential Election shall be held on the first Tuesday in November and on no other day of the year. In another part you would exclude shut ins, persons hospitalized or home bound from voting, and in some case those in pre trial detention which are in no way felons because they are not convicted of any crime just accused.

      1. As we already know that workers at senior hospices have used that method to harvest votes for Biden, even when it was NOT the patient’s wishes, perhaps a bit more spent to have HONEST people running voting drives for the homebound and hospitalized would be in order.

      2. Either way you are disenfranchising voters aren’t you? You dems don’t win and scream disenfranchise, you win and you cheat. Either way have screwed honest people and I would wager you are proud of it.

    4. How will are brave troops overseas vote?
      What about our stateside troops who are serving hundreds of miles from home?
      Should Trump be allowed to vote absentee?

      1. You and I know you hate the brave troops, who vote republican in the 60 to 80th percentile. The democommuists work hard every election to disqualify military votes. And leading up to this election there military votes for Trump found in ditches and dumpsters.

      2. Just the way they always have. They are serving our country and the current process works, if in fact their votes are in fact counted. Nothing wrong with voting absentee as long as people are register, and have a signature on file. In WI you have to sign your application and you have to have a witness sign and your signature on the envelope when you send completed ballot back. Not rocket science!

      3. Complain about the military ballots because they don’t get counted in a lot of situations. All of the military ballots in 2000 Florida that came in bulk mail were thrown out by a court order that Al Gore used to try and steal that election.

        1. And that is not heresay, I personally talked to my county supervisor of elections. Then called the Secretary of States office and got confirmation. The military ballots never got included in the certified results in Florida!

        2. Worse, many times those military votes are NOT posted to the districts/precincts they come from. They’re selectively posted to where they won’t effect the democrat vote.
          That’s been going on for decades

    5. AND NEVER FORGET WHOSE FAULT THIS FIASCO STARTED TO BEGIN WITH! Rats demanded mail ins because of the virus! Could not GET OUR PRESIDENT OUT any other way! So obvious! Listen…….. no riots and fires, looting??? Rats call it of?

      1. How come we haven’t heard any more about the California wildfires–some purported to have been started by Antifa punks? Did they suddenly go out on 11/4? Hmmm, and they stopped at the Canadian border too…

    6. The WI AG is a dem with dem morals=none. When the Evers recall was underway some felt Kaul should have been petitioned also. The leaders are corrupt, Milwaukee is almost the scourge of the earth. The legislative leaders are pretty weak.

      1. What stupid question. If they are illegal and violate the law then they won’t count and we would get a more accurate count wouldn’t we? Dumb, dumb, dumb!

  3. Hey Rudolf Hess I have a question for you. What day do you stupid people celebrate to give thanks for all your blessings? I’m betting it’s February 30th!

    1. I’m guessing May 1st, a huge communist holiday. The democommunists have been stealing and trying to steal elections since 1946.

  4. Always some who reuse to accept anything and pull straws out of the hat to see who can come up with the most absurd thing to start another big rumor, to try to sway people into thinking it is fact, before any fact has been found or published by an unbiased person or panel

    1. You’re referring to Hillary Clinton of course and her refusal to accept the results in 2016? You’re right, you can still hear her today on any talk program she’s invited to, she certainly ruminates over how she lost the 2016 election because of irregularities.

      1. Hell, there wasn’t a democommunist who accepted the 2016 election. Most ignorant democommie voters probably still believe the fake russian collusion thing we all know now was made up by Hitlery Klinton.

        1. The hell she did and she squawked for the next 4 years. She told Biden not to concede under any circumstances, but now that Trump hasn’t conceded all you libs have got your panties in a bundle! Go figure!

    2. There are none so blind they who can not see. Only an idiot or a corrupt individual would look at this election and say Biden recieved more votes in 2020 than any other president, EVER.

      1. A joke! Biden’s largest “rally” was 250 people, the doddering old fool. Ever notice that he has a “handler” lurking in the background to shuffle him off if he starts getting peppered with questions besides what flavor ice cream is in his cone? She is nearby in case he stumbles or falls as well. He may have early Parkinson’s?

  5. Ah……your a HESS!! Thanks for advertising that you’re a! Remove your head from ‘Dolf’s a.zz, remove the shite from your eyes and LOOK at the above break down of votes. THERE is your PROOF!! INCLUDED with that summary will BE the ILLEGAL/legal ballots mentioned in that break down. You DO realize that PROOF, in a Court of Law, NEEDS to be PRESENTED, right?! You’re really showing just how LOW your IQ actually IS! Thanks for playing though!

    1. .I think he’s being disingenuous, he’s really a Hiss, and prolly a descendant of Alger Hiss, the communist spy in FDR’s administration. Actually there were four known communist spies in the FDR administration, the other three who are known are: Harry Dexter White, Harry Hopkins and Lauchlin Currie.

  6. Time to arrest anyone suspected f fraud & get them to start talking. Get the names of those who paid/told them to commit the fraud. Then arrest those felons & keep going on up the line. When threatened with years in jail, I bet it wouldn’t take long. — Wishes to all for Great Thanksgiving & Christmas Holydays (spelling intentional) before the Demoncorrupt Party cancels them.


        1. Paid well. General loser, with nothing else in life. All conservative sites have a few of them. Just like BLM and Antifa, crappy lives Mommy and Daddy issues.

  7. The entire election was corrupt. As soon as the Dumbocrats got “mail-in” voting allowed the corruption took over. Buck Fiden lost and every honest American citizen is really mad about nothing being done about the corruption. We seem to have turned into a country where there is ZERO accountability for ANYTHING anymore. The evil Democrats are in 7th heaven.

    1. Mail in voting has existed for over one hundered years.
      It is how 80+% of our military vote.

      Washington State has been full vote by mail for twenty years.

      The majority of Republican leaders, less Trump, think that Trump lost, fair and square, enough.

      Of course there was rampant voter fraud, fraud is human nature.
      No doubt ten times as many fraudulent votes were cast for Biden than for Trump.
      The total number of fraudulent voters could be as high as .1%, more likely in the .01% range.
      Americans are not that fraudulent.

    1. 260,000 americans have died trying to rite the ship of Covid – 19.
      The nation obviously condemns Trump’s handling of Covid –

      1. Hey and add to that the 300,000 vets that died while Obama gave the VA big wigs bonuses to deny the vets health care. And then subtract at least 30,000 from the Covid total, for the elderly placed back in nursing homes after testing positive. Governors from MI, NY, NJ and PA were guilty of it. When there was a whistle blower she was fired. Ok genius what was your plan for Covid?

      2. The whole nation does not. Why don’t you blame the Chinese. Why don’t you blame the CDC, Fauci they are the ones who are supposed to be protecting the American People. Hope you decline the vaccine that only Trump could have accomplished because he stopped the CDC and FDA with their bullshit rules. You are an idiot if you think all that was Trump’s fault. Typical liberal put the blame on someone else instead of looking at your demorat-supporting alphabet agencies wyho should have the country prepared for this.

  8. Finding 150k ballets is election changing for Wisconsin…If it’s true then that sounds like solid evidence of voter fraud.

    1. Where were the 150k ballots found?
      All in the same precinct?
      Same county?
      Were they all for Trump?

      There only 9 out of 73 counties in Wi with a population over 150K.
      Do you think that Milwaukee County hid 150,000 Trump ballots.

      When will Trump’s legal team be demanding a recount in WI?
      Or are they scared of getting laughed out of court, yet again?

      1. There is recount under way but it is not going to be well conducted. Only a handful of republicans were chosen to count. Milwaukee County does not have the capabilities of an honest anything. As far as your opinions on the attorneys we take your knowledge into consideration and have our own laughs.

      2. I’m from WI you idiot. You don’t know anything about this state. Milwaukee and Madison are about as corrupt as they come. The whole issue has nothing to do with finding more ballots that weren’t counted for Trump. It’s the amount illegal ballots that were counted for Biden. Eliminate the illegal ballots and Trump wins the state hands down. And for your information there is a recount going on in WI and Trump campaign paid for it. Do your research before you open your mouth as I have reminded you previously.

  9. These followers of the demodummies are nothing but sheep waiting for slaughter and when sleepy joe airhead takes we r all going to suffer ,like it or not!!!

    1. And not only that but the majority of Americans are demodummie.
      This is proof that democracy is a failed concept.
      You just can not trust that people will do the right thing.
      They need very firm guidance on the right way to think.

      1. You really are a commie….Go find the info on Wisc. .. it is out there to read and it is a spread of votes from different arenas about the state…just adds up to 150k. Our democracy has worked for over 200 years and will be long after you are dead and buried because of Patriots around the Nation that will not listen to your types of drivel….go away please.

  10. Goodness Mr Hess do you have any gray matter at all? Are you willingly to drink that koolaid aid?? Get into that box car??? Are you going to stand by and let crooks and thieves take your money and live a lavish lifestyle on you??? Please tell me your not believing the main stream media that your not indoctrinated and you have free will… Otherwise be prepared for what you want. Venezuela, Cuba, Russia and others tried all that free stuff and you are willing to pay for it??? Rich people will leave look at Detroit. Baltimore. Portland. New York and of course California…

    Your choice it’s your right just as it is ours to keep this Republic.
    against all enemies foreign or domestic!!

  11. Y’all just don’t know your “American History”? First the Mafia took over the Longshoremen’s Union. Then others like the Teamsters. Next the Unions “Bought” the Dems. Now we have had Mr. George Soros buying his “European Union”. He raised and educated Barry Soetoro to become POTUS. He was saying, “I’m going to be president of the USA when he was a teenager! Who “Owns” Hillary and her family? Well, who did Chelsea marry? Where was the wedding? And who paid for the wedding”

    1. George Soros nephew, a democrat.
    2. In Soros’ N.Y. home.
    3. The Clinton Foundation!

    Check it out yourself. Hopefully that hasn’t also been “Scrubbed” from the internet?

    1. And the plan is to destroy the individual nations of the world to create a new world order. Who do you suppose other than China is to be in charge of this world order?

      1. And to be sure bite me has the hot line to china all set up! Why demand all our countries secrets, well maybe a bug put that in his ear the likes of bo plenty and buddie sorass. Gotta get started making evil plans for us!

  12. Look, when the democommunists flooded the nation with mail in ballots, they were setting up the fraud. They knew it was the only way they could beat the President. The media and tech with their news blackout were complicit in this fraud. The greatest danger to American Liberty is ‘ignorance’. As an integral part of the democommunist party, it is the media and tech’s job to keep as many people ignorant as possible. It’s the communist way, and as Stalin said, it’s not who votes that counts, it’s who counts the votes that counts.

    1. I have been voting by mail for forty years.
      My polling place is an hour and a half way.
      70% of the votes in my town are by mail.
      I don’t even have to request an absentee ballot any more.
      The Town Clerk knows that I always use one so just sends it.

      Do you consider me to be a fraudulent voter?
      The other 70% of the voters in my town.

      1. You just claimed here one hour ago that everyone in your entire state can ONLY vote by mail. You could drive across your entire state in an hour and a half if you weren’t using a bicycle as your sole means of transportation.

      2. No one is saying you are a fraudulent voter dumb, dumb. But there is in a lot of other places in this country and you need to expand your view. Not everything is like it in your blue run piece of shit state. How does it feel to have Seattle and other big cities in Washington actually run your state. Unless you are Rat party follower there is not chance in hell of the rural little people having a say.

  13. see that’s how they did it so that their candidate will win but God Almighty will not allow the cheaters to win and I hope they will be punished. in fact that is considered treason, let them be ashamed of themselves for doing it .

    1. When will Trump be ordering arrests for treason?
      On Jan, 2ist from the brand spanking new Oval Office in the Mar-a-Lago Club?

      1. About the same as racist Obama and Micheal still trying to run the country from their $43,000,000 estate in MA with all the other elite political bastards of the Rat Party. Wonder how he mad that much money in 8 years earning $450,000 a year.

  14. Their claim of fraud might be true. As of now though, correct me if I’m in error, concrete evidence of this fraud has not been demonstrated, which tome says exactly the following.Put Up Or Shut UP.

  15. Democrat corruption is obvious and even democrats know it is widespread. America has finally reached a point where it needs to restructure itself. Since the nation already is severely divided, perhaps it should formalize the two factions. I’m thinking the three dozen or so cities with populations above 5-6 million could become the United Cities of America (UCA). The remaining lands would remain the USA.

    They would trade and compete with each other never make war against each other. Each would have its own three branches of government and begin operations under the existing constitutional republic guidelines.

    I’m thinking any city that grows to more than the established threshold would automatically become a member of the UCA and drop out of the USA, and vice versa of course. Metropolitan Statistical areas would not change and would not affect the new divisions because that would encourage manipulation.

  16. Imagine that! The little basement dweller is trying to persuade the american people that he won all the key states! Well now it’s time to do some math and start erasing President Trumps EC votes from cheating Bidens and give them back to our president!

      1. God help us if they get in, A complete embarresment to our country! A crook and a hoe who would ever had thought that!

  17. The dream (utopia) of the democommunists, indeed communists world-wide, is for World Socialist, no-borders, Government. This is the utopia of the communists and the United Nations. You hear the democommunists rail against our borders, and their mantra is that there are no borders, and no human is illegal, and other bs rantings. They’ve always encouraged illegals entering our country, getting drivers licenses so they can vote. One of the first things the democommunists pushed through was ‘Motor Voter’, anyone with a driver’s license could vote. The next thing they did along the lines of voter fraud was the ‘Provisionary Ballot’. Now people didn’t have to vote in their precinct, they could vote in any precinct…or every precinct. And the democommunists have fought tooth and nail against ‘Voter ID’. The democommunists have been working at vote fraud for a very long time.

  18. More fraud, huh? Not surprising, but add it to the list. What kind of judge would ignore any level of fraud in this election? We may find out.

  19. Nail them to the wall. FED UP with the FRAUD against Pres. TRUMP! I is TRUE he probably got over 400 electoral votes. Thats why they dont want to INVESTIGATE! Dont CONCEDE!

  20. DumboRATS are so desperate to retain cntrol that they will cheat unconditionally. I pray they are all caught and all lose their jobs and serve time in prison.

  21. BUCK FIDEN … he is NOT president elect he has not won a thing !
    He said this himself …

     “We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”
    – Joe Biden, October 24, 2020


  23. I have been voting for many years in Florida. Sometimes you may have a short wait, most times I vote early in person. I believe it is best that way, to vote in person with voter I.D. You go in with I.D., find you on the registered list, check you off and hand you a ballot, go to the booth where a pen is attached (wear a glove if you wish), choose your candidate and fill in the circle, really simple and quick and then take your ballot to the counting machine and personally put into the slot, if the ballot is counted you hear a beep and the screen lights up and reads, ballot accepted and a number will appear. I have no control of the counting, I have to have faith that it is done properly. If the ballot is rejected, take it to the official and it is marked defective and another ballot is given and you try again. Some people will sometimes put a small dot or something and it won’t be read by the machine, that happens.


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