Pennsylvania Judge Pauses Election Certification

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Pennsylvania Judge Patricia McCullough issued an injunction blocking any further certification of election results in the Keystone State. Judge McCullough ordered the injunction after a case brought by Pennsylvania voters alleged a state law allowing no-excuse absentee voting violates the Pennsylvania constitution.

Fox News reports:

“[T]o the extent that there remains any further action to perfect the certification of the results of the 2020 General Election … for the office of President and Vice President of the United States of America, Respondents are preliminarily enjoined from doing so, pending an evidentiary hearing[,]’” McCullough wrote.

Pennsylvania officials have already filed a note of appeal with the Pennsylvania Supreme Court asking for a review of Judge McCullough’s injunction. Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro pointed out the order will not have a large impact on the election results due to the fact the results have already been certified and electors have been chosen.

The complaint in the case centers on Act 77, which the plaintiffs called “the most expansive and fundamental change to the Pennsylvania election code to date.” That law expanded mail-in voting, even though Article VII, Section 14 of the Pennsylvania Constitution, which covers absentee voting, is very narrow in its scope of who can participate.

That law says that the state legislature shall provide a manner of voting for people who will be outside of their municipality “because their duties, occupation or business require them to be elsewhere or who, on the occurrence of any election, are unable to attend at their proper polling places because of illness or physical disability or who will not attend a polling place because of the observance of a religious holiday or who cannot vote because of election day duties, in the case of a county employee, may vote, and for the return and canvass of their votes in the election district in which they respectively reside.”

The lawsuit claims that Pennsylvania’s mail-in votes are invalid because in order to expand absentee voting, a constitutional amendment is required, not simply the passing of a bill.

A hearing will be held Friday. Until then state officials are temporarily barred from certifying the results of any other election in the state which have yet to be certified.

    1. The globalist puppet deep state is much deeper than washington, it is less expensive for globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ to bribe and appoint globalist puppet; judges and sheriffs and district attorneys than senators and governors .

      1. Soros started his BS to tear apart the US and paying antifa, communist organizations and other antagonist groups like BLM to do his communist transformation of our country. How the hell did he get citizenship in the US after trying the same crap in the other countries and still causing antagonistic crap in Europe and Hungry and Ukraine. Time to knock him out of this country and take away his citizenship and stop the BS he and Democrats have caused. They follow the devil and are doing his work. STOP SOROS and the Democrats now!!!

        1. Saw on Bloomberg list of billionaires Soros was down to 8 B probably paying his terrorist groups by bankrolling them. he was number 160 on the list.
          I want to know WHY hehas been allowed to continue his assualt on America. He has been causing touble for many years and et noone will even tryu to stop him! He has also paid a lot of politicans, know Paul Ryan, Jphn Roehner 2 R’ and many D’s are in his debt. So that is one reason no one has the guts to go after him. He pours money into the democrats for sure. He has some sons, 2 I think or 3. He has Foundations and he is a globalist and Open Society idiot! Was hoping Trump would have gone after him, but no he did not! What will it take to get rid of the old fossil?

          1. “Was hoping Trump would have gone after him, but no he did not! What will it take to get rid of the old fossil?”
            Nothing will it take to get rid of the old fossil. He is so rich that he can hire America’s best lawyers. And even he is arrested, what can the government prosecutors do with their state salaries? To cleanse the country of these enemies of the people, it is urgent to change the law, which is impossible without Democrats.

          2. Elections and Courts DON’T WORK When Deep State and Socialist ARE Doing EVERYTHING They can to NoT be Tried For THEIR TREASON! If Trump get Railroaded and they STEAL this Election NOTHING is going to Stop Socialism and a INVASION Of Migrates TAKING OVER OUR COUNTRY IS FOR CITIZENS TO FIGHT TO GET RID OF SOCIALIST AND TRAITORS OF AMERICA!! BE TIME TO PUT BOOTS ON THE GROUND AND PROTECT YOU, YOURS AND YOUR COMMUNITY!

          3. We will be living with his dirt for centuries. The foundations will live on as well as his sons.

        2. During the II war his father and him, being Jews themselves, gave the German occupiers the names and addresses of wealthy Hungarian Jews, dooming them to death in concentration camps. George Soros was 14 at the time, but his hands were covered in blood. I don’t know how he managed to hide all this and get American citizenship.

        1. He’s a Jew who sold out his neighbors as he worked for the SS, immigrated to America after W2, worked in the stock market, became filthy rich, especially by shorting currencies of third world shitholes then sending rioters out to cause problems, devaluing their currency and he cashes in. Why he wasn’t tried as the rest of the SS I’ll never understand.

      2. A lot of states, will be thinking, ‘how’s the Union’ gonna survive this…? If the courts don’t intervene, it’s over!

        1. If the courts don’t intervene, there will be tens of thousands of very dead Dems before criminal Biden is sworn into Office.

        2. It’s over, the courts will not intervene.
          We survived 8 years of Obama.
          He gave us the highest stock market ever.
          And the lowest unemployment in decades.
          We will survive 4, or 8, years of Biden.
          We would not survive 8 years of Trump.

      1. Tell us HOW! We need some snipers! Know he has a home in New York bjt where in NY? IMO, he is the head of the snake. Cut off the head and the snake dies!

  1. Maybe that is why the Speech at Gettysburg was canceled besides the COVID-19 mentioned
    very fishy!!??
    must be the fear of the “CALLING”?????
    Patriots and the deplorables hear it singing!!!!!!???????

    1. I myth busted the hell out of #CoronaSCAM2020 in March it was very simple and easy to do but the mainstream media keeps hyping the DemoRAT lies and giving false results the problem with doing that is you will reach a point in which they have already when the numbers hyped become obviously plain and simple for the people to see through the lies look at the numbers for the Corona positives and imagine how many people it would take to actually perform the duties involved with each number that is hyped at the current numbers it would take a company with over 100 employees 100 years to thoroughly evaluate each test they are hyping! over 100 million employees in the time since the Coronavirus came here from China! the way I myth busted them on it was very simple when they said NYC was the Epicenter and claimed 300,000 deaths due to #CoronaSCAM2020 I just looked up America’s leading Coffin Manufacturer and looked at their actual sales for the month, instead of a spike in sales there was a lull in sales instead of the normal 356 coffins they sold only 316 compared to March 2019! All dead bodies go into a coffin whether they are buried or cremated and no matter how good a person is at Tetris 300,000 dead bodies will not fit into 316 coffins!!!

      1. MSM and demonRATS are inflating numbers. If a person dies in a hospital they are counted CO”V”ID deaths. Even if they died from an auto accident or a heart attack victim, all covid deaths! Knew an extremely elder person, just shy of 100, passed away in hospital from an infection and guess what–counted as a covid death! Person did NOT have covid, was homebound for years. Nothing could be more maddening when facts are known yet ignored! Blame the media an demonRATS for this entire mess!

      2. Cremations are becoming very popular since the cost of caskets has gone through the roof. The remains do not go into a coffin, they go into a cardboard box with a plastic bag inside it in which the ashes are placed. I know because I have been there, done that. Even an urn is optional. Not sure anyone has said 300K deaths in NY either. Where the lying comes in is in the “cause of death” stats. Majority of deaths “caused” by Covid actually resulted from other medical conditions but if the person tests positive for Covid it is listed as Covid on the death cert. That is what has inflated the death rate and total deaths. In reality, the US is far down the list if deaths are calculated on the basis of population.

        Since the polls are showing less than half the US population are willing to take the vaccine, the numbers they are claiming now very conveniently suggest that at a 94% effectiveness rate, only about 40% of the population would need to be vaccinated for the virus to die out. How convenient given that, to date, no vaccine has ever reached 95% effectiveness. When it doesn’t work as they predict, it is likely that mandates will be issued for all to get vaccinated. There are several airlines that are already stating they will refuse service to anyone who cannot prove vaccination. How will that proof be provided? A paper that can be easily forged? More likely a nanochip or micro tattoo administered with the vaccine. I, for one, will die before I submit.

  2. God bless the man who stood for 4 years in the WH and was abused, contested at every move by what he did with riots, media lies, and yet thank him for standing up and showing America what fraud has been in our country, in our congress and state representatives. He is the only man that was willing to sacrifice his life to bring the truth to our country. God knew the inner strength of this man, others only looked at an outer shell and didn’t realize what a gift was inside! God bless him, his family, associates and America. Thank God for our founding fathers that trusted in God and made rules based on the Ten Commandments that we could live for over 200 years in peaceful living until we were poisoned by ungodly men/women filled with their own pride to live their way and are attempting to take our rights away like they did the Ten Commandments. Thanksgiving is a time to praise God for His presence still working through great people in our country to keep us looking up to the One and only.

    1. Very well said, Bonnie. Thanks for your comment. I wish more people in our country felt this way. I fear that too many people in our country are either blind as to what’s happening here or simply like the liberal narrative being thrust upon us by enemies of our republic who are hellbent on changing the America in which we grew up…..The greatest nation in this world…..If Biden and his cabal win this election, we can kiss that goodbye since they are out to (in Obama’s words) ‘fundamentally transform’ this country. Unfortunately, Obama will get his wish four years after he left the office of POTUS……Makes me sick.

    2. President Trump has been sent to us by God. He is an “appointed” leader of the Lord who was sent to us to root out corruption and evil. God DAMN the thieves, hypocrites, and self appointed “Hitlers” who are entrenched in our government and who will do anything to stay in power. It is time revolution. We, as honest Americans can’t stand by and see these Nazis take over our nation and steal our democracy. We must all do whatever is necessary to remove this plague of blood sucking vermin.

        1. Pardon me for asking, but are you a descendant of the 2nd world war criminal with the last name Hess?
          BTW, we Americans prefer vulgarians over traitors, even if what you said was true. Are you not aware that you are being the worst of the vulgarians when you take our Lord’s name in vain?

    3. Wonderfully stated, Bonnie. There are many who believe as you do. God is on the throne regardless of what happens, and in this fact true thanks resides

      1. Does Trump believe in God?
        When was the last time tht went to a church for something other than a photo op?
        Opened a Bible and read more than a paragraph?

        1. AH, suspect Trump’s faith & belief in God is much stronger than yours. IMO, one’s faith is not measured by how often one sets foot inside a building built by man or by his name being in a church register as a member – but by the love in one’s heart and how much you are willing to do to help others. President Donald J Trump excels in both and for his love of our country. Have you done anything that can hand a candle to what President Trump has done for this nation, and for other nations on this planet in the last 4 years, while being fought every of the way & vilified by ignorant people like you & the deep state establishment traitor enemy combatants, who apparently who have totally lost contact with reality of the world around them?

    4. Great post! What happened to Trump should never happen to anyone, but will make the exception and say it should happen to every democrat! From now on out!

      1. Agree with you except I would hold it happening to only the demonicRats of the deep state establishment INSIDERS & also include and republican INSIDERS, but would not wish it upon anyone who is just ignorant of what is going on around them, but I do hope those who are still ignorant of reality should forget socializing, TV. etc. and pay attention more attention to reality.

      1. God help those who are as misguided as you are, to think that God should bless traitors & criminals. Biden & his family chose the criminal way to wealth over doing anything for the people he was being paid to represent for 47+ years on the federal payroll. He couldn’t find a single accomplishment to campaign on, so the replacement boasted “we’ve put together the most intensive & inclusive voter fraud organization ever seen in American politics”. Think he also alluded to it being done under the Obama administration. The people you admire don’t say much for your character or mentality!

  3. Attorney General, uncertify the votes until all votes have been evaluated and recounted. There was mass voter fraud in PA as well s other states. This has to go to the U.S. Supreme Court ASAP. If these crooks are not identified and prosecuted the same will happen in two years from now, only it could b worse.

    1. I honestly do not believe this mess can in any way be straightened out. The only way,and most simplest way is for the election to be nullified and re-done in a controlled manner.It was in no way fair and impartial, no matter what the main stream socialist news reports.Americans are not dumb enough to believe this was in any way, a fair and impartial election.

    2. DOMINION is the beginning of this voter fraud! Find out who hired dominion to put in those voting machines etc. that’s who AMERICANS need to look into!
      What source? Who did this? VENEZUELA president hired dominion to FIX the votes to elect him. Someone in AMERICA hired dominion!!!

      1. No way to prove it, but suspect it would trace back to the director of the central hub of the new world order’s shadow government, which has been identified as the CIA. Also suspect the CIA directors get their orders from George Soros, who may be an elitists or may just be a higher level INSIDER above the CIA.

  4. Void this election due to obvious interference from deep state operatives.Issue every eligible voter a photo ID license to be used for voting purposes only.Follow the law in allowing absentee voting,which is clearly laid out by law.New election third week of January 2021.Inauguration, first week of February 2021

  5. Democrat corruption is obvious and even democrats know it is widespread. America has finally reached a point where it needs to restructure itself. Since the nation already is severely divided, perhaps it should formalize the two factions. I’m thinking the three dozen or so Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA), with populations above 5-6 million could become the United Cities of America (UCA).

    The remaining lands would remain the as the USA. The nation is suffering a natural split into two distinct forms.  They would trade and compete with each other never make war against each other. Each would have its own three branches of government and begin operations under the existing constitutional republic guidelines.

    I’m thinking any MSA that grows to more than the established threshold would automatically become a member of the UCA and drop out of the USA, and vice versa of course. MSAs would not change and would not affect new divisions because that would encourage manipulation.

  6. TRUMP has done everything he could to expose the CORRUPTED DEEP STATE !!

  7. As much as it pains me to have to admit it, at this point I don’t see much hope left for the President.
    However, I hope that we are ALL ready to resist and NEVER ACKNOWLEDGE that joe and his cabal of COMMUNISTS have been LEGITIMATELY ELECTED! WE THE PEOPLE HAVE TO and MUST FIGHT BACK.

    1. Nine Island Girl….I feel your pain too…and worry. Did you get the chance to listen to the PA 3:21:00 taped meeting in Philly I believe with Mayor Giuliani and his team and Penn. legislative representatives. That meeting and all the testimony was just what we needed to hear for our Republican cause and America’s problems with this fraud of an election. Many people spoke up (educated and dedicated civilians, military and non-military, voter workers and supervisors alike). They all said things must change and the leaders at the meeting seem to understand just what path is now before them. I don’t think our President is going to loose this election….I think this is the beginning of change in the right direction. Nevada even sent the POTUS a winning hand this week, as court proceedings go. So, don’t loose faith just yet….

      1. Thank you Tony. What a great post. You ignited a little hope back in my heart. Yes, as a matter of fact I did watch most of that hearing. It was incredibly troubling.
        We shall wait and see what comes our way next.

      1. Yep. Tired of seeing the gaslighting on the cocainestream media making gullible people think Biden is president. Trump beats Obama and Hilary in voting numbers yet Biden is all of a sudden on top? Can’t wait for the rug to be pulled from right underneath them.

  8. The undeniable evidence has been shown. All though the hearing, only pertains to Pennsylvania, the world knows it was done all over the United States. The truth is out.
    Only the extremely ignorant can deny the truth. President Trump won by a landslide. Raise your voices patriots!

  9. So if the election has already been certified and the electors chosen, and the judgement doesn’t decertifiy, what good is the judgement?

  10. If Biden is certified after all this evidence has proven the election was rigged and conducted unlawfully Biden will never have a successful administration. Unless of coarse they can cheat their way through Georgia. Then you might find the citizens so angered we will construct a path unravel all the chicanery involved in this travesty.

  11. There was absolutely NOTHING fair and or equitable about THIS election or the FACT that Trump won against the deliberate rigging to prevent it in the 2016 election. The greatest threats to individual liberties, personal choices and guaranteed rights under the Constitution and Rule of Law is by the Enemy within: the Progressive Democratic , pure Marxist and New World Order U.N.Agenda 21 Deep State cabal organized and financed by Obama and George Soros, globalist corporation heads and the Leftist controlled absolutely corrupt mass media. End of story and the United States as We have known it ;UNLESS REAL AMERICANS STAND IN UNITY AGAINST THAT ENEMY WITHIN. Here is a 75 old Vietnam Veteran with a 53 year old degree in Government who intends to do just that until his last breath. And, if you wish a bright future in freedom, prosperity and peace for YOUR progeny, YOU will take the same stand , if you are not a brain dead dolt produced by the public educational system since 1969 and the uninonization of teachers, police, fire, nursing and federal personnel giving Marxist labor unions acess to YOUR tax dollars to be used AGAINST YOUR freedoms and choices and overall best interests in TOTAL violation of THEIR sworn oaths as elected officials making them all who so act also malfeasant in Office And Derelict in duty and Obligation to the only Constituency they were Sworn to serve; AMERICAN CITIZENS AND no one else!. All these swamp slime slithering reptiles and prevaricating pundits belong in prison’ NEVER ELECTIVE OFFICE! Vote for Term Limits in the very next election by getting a mandatory referendum nationally on the ballot and passing it into law with strictly enforced limits placed on our corrupt and totally out of control Congress which gives itself raises for its never ending incompetence and ALWAYS at OUR expense and to OUR Detriment! I for one, and who served far more HONORABLY than most politicians EVER HAVE, will die before i ever comply what the Lunatic Left will try like Hell to force upon us all. To hell with these professional parasites and career criminals , for that is Exactly what far too high a %age of these venomous vermin in fact, ARE: AND THEIR PITIFULLY PATHETIC PERFORMANCE RECORDS PROVE THE CONTENTION IF YOU WILL BUT ;LOOK AND RECOGNIZE THE TRUTH OF THAT PRAGMATIC REALITY! WE DID NOT CREATE THE $27 TRILLION DEBT:CONGRESS DID; and all of them should be voted out of office at the first opportunity, and with decent people who will hold themselves BOTH Responsible and accountable for their actions , as was the intent of the Founding Fathers at the creation of this once great nation, BUT, NO MORE!

    1. Thank you Sir for what you have done, and are still trying to do ! Another Vietnam veteran of “The old Guard”. I salute you !

  12. Why is it that state legislators can’t seem to get their actions right. Assuming that they can correct this goof-up, absentee votes still need to be legal, and unless the screening process BEFORE sending the ballot out is strictly observed, fake votes can still happen with ease. Additionally, some watermark or other security method has to be part of the outgoing ballot, to prevent them from being unlawfully duplicated. If the state won’t maintain a very clean voter roll, a reward system should be set up giving any state citizen $100 or more to identify an illegal name on the roll, and double that if the state does not correct the error within a short time.

  13. The DemonRatPack is the Biggest Mafia organizasion this world has ewer seen, Those that Controll all the Very Fake And Corrupt Madia, The Jew Cartel, and Those that Control Your Money, The World Central Banks, Jew Cartel, Owes, operates, and Control the IRS, and the Feds. $.Money-Press,$.Missing 52.Trillion as of 10-2019. This People Controll this the USA,

  14. So now it seems Pelosi and the democrats have messed with states Constitution therefore breaking a states rights to have their own laws/rules. Nancy did not do her homework very well. She is stepping on some peoples toes!

  15. All the way to the Supreme Court to over turn this fraudlent election, thanks to Media not reporting anything bad for Biden.

    1. God said let there be light & there was light. God chose Donald J Trump to lead this nation back to his Ten Commandments & Golden Rule, because he was unhappy with the churches for leading his people astray.
      God Said Trump will have 2 terms & he will have 2 terms. Looks like the satan ritual practitioners might be winning now – BUT THE FAT LADY HASN’T SUNG. Think the song will have changed before inauguration day and many who expect to be keeping their cushy deep state establishment jobs will be wearing orange jump suits & behind bars.

  16. What do the democrats have to hide that they don’t want the review? Seems to me they should welcome a recount to prove that Joey and the humping camel are legitimate winners.

  17. Well thank God there is one person in Pa that has a brain and sees what’s really going on. I congratulate Patricia McCullough. She is a very brave woman for doing this. I pray so hard every day that they can turn this around, use the votes that were counted on election night, and just watch, Trump will win AGAIN. He did once, now lets go for twice.

  18. I’m glad the president is holding this states feet to the fire and not letting them get away with illegal voting rules they just make up out of thin air,why is it always democrats that want to make voting a free for all with no checks or verifications?

    1. Because cheating is the only way they can win & they know it! They have no conscience so it doesn’t bother them in the least! I KNEW that the voter fraud would be overwhelming this time! They thought they had it covered with HITLERY but were slightly off & they didn’t allow enough for Trump’s popularity. This time they HAD to go to extremes to make sure they had it covered & fortunately for them, they had the Wuhan plague to present a great crisis to use as an excuse to do the mail in ballots that weren’t any more organized & controlled than a bunch of drunk monkeys. Add in the Dominion voting machine & software both designed to rig elections & here we are! I’m not giving up on Trump winning this election through the courts!

      1. Donald Trump KNEW “They” would cheat, and so that is why he signed an executive order in order to stop this madness ! Donald Trump is playing 3 dimensional chess while the Demon-rats are playing checkers !

  19. Mr. President never give up hope, you won this election by a landslides. The democrats cheated and they should not be allowed to get away with their crimical activities any more, it would not be surprising if they stole elections in the past against Romney. Romney conceded without a fight, to bad , that gaves these thieves enough courage to try it against President Trump. Now is the time for the democrats to be held liable for their crimical activities and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


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