Sidney Powell Reveals Suits Alleging Massive in Georgia and Michigan

Screen Shot via Sidney Powell Twitter


The lawsuit wants the court in Georgia to:

  1. de-certify the election results
  2. not transmit the currently certified election results to the Electoral College
  3. transmit instead certified election results that state that Trump is the winner of the election
  4. impound all the voting machines and software in Georgia for expert inspection by the plaintiffs
  5. not count votes received or tabulated by machines that weren’t certified as required by federal and state law
  6. produce 36 hours of security camera footage of all rooms used in the voting process at State Farm Arena in Fulton County

    1. He certainly has been the best President since Reagan and has done more for America than the last three combined. History will see him as a great President of that we’re sure! With everything he had to go through by the hands of these Dems/Libs/Commies and never-Trumpers it’s a miracle how much got done but we fear the coming punishment!! God, we call on you to strike them down!

  1. Finger prints should be made of every Voter ID so we can verify who voted. Finger print on each ballot. Then if you submit a ballot without finger print or a bogus one you go to prison. No mail in ballots not solicited should be allowed. Our Nine Supreme Court Justices should throw ou all unsolicited Mail in ballots because they are illegal. They were permitted by a Judge or a Governor who has no such authority!

    1. Floyd – – you are forgetting TWO SCOTUS justices are flaming liberals who vote LEFT 95% (or so) of the time. The Chief Justice is a Dubya appointee who votes LEFT about half of the time. ONE Justice is a “swing” voter who usually votes according to his “feelings” for the argument presented. That makes FOUR justices we can EXPECT to vote with DNC, but FIVE justices who religiously consider ramifications of the behavior in light of the Constitution. Now, does that turn a bright light on demos’ vicious fight against the conservative nature of Constitutional judges?

      1. In the future all should be required to have a Voter ID with a thumb print on it tom pin it to the picture and description of the individual. When they receive a ballot to vote they should have to place their thumb (finger) print on the box provided on the ballot. Then a wipe is given to them to clean their fingers so as not to contaminate the ballot with smudges. Then, if they vote illegally they can easily be caught .If they vote more than once, they can be caught. Also numerous cameras should be set up to view all activity in the polling place. The feed should go to a battery of monitors with competent poll watchers who can catch cheater and call security to arrest them on the spot and remove them with photographed evidence of their crime to jail where they will be booked. A ten year penalty will make it not so desirable to cheat. I know the Democrats, who are notorious cheaters will object to this procedure because how else can they win, but to cheat?

        1. Ten years is too light. Make it twenty five. No chance of parole, time off for good behavior or chance of pardon.

          And all persons having a hand to allow to happen should also face charges with penalties just as stiff..

      2. Requiring a notary would be unacceptable. Get the signature and double-check it with the signature on the voter registrations. By person, not some machine.

    2. Thank You Sydney Powell
      I absolutely agree. Every requested ballot to be mailed for absentee voting should include a fingerprint kit required to be returned with the ballot.

      1. Wouldn’t be nice to know our electoral system is honest and fair. No cheating. By the way , the FCC should pull the license to operate to all organizations who show a bias towards one political party without saying so up front. Also they should be exposed to law suits when they represent a party and lie about a candidate of an opposing party. These wealthy creeps have had it their way much too long.

  2. Sic em Sydney. The surveyance, the whole enchilada including those machines and the results by those machines during the entire counting process. Then the ballots and their signing pages for votes to legal signatures tied to the ballots per that mark on each one. No mark tied back to a person flushed immediately. This was all a big bunch of fraud from all angles in the dim wit controlled vote centers. Get em! This was massive fraud in at least six states with the same dim wit controlled vote centers.

    1. And I am a retired CPA, BSA, programmer. Sidney needs to attack it all and separate the valid from the invalid and the audit trail in paper and in systems is definitely one that can be used to the end of this fraud and likely to the very ones who perpetrated the system fraud unless the login to do this was generic and several used it. But all can go down as one and the same. Access and the occurences is the key and where this crap was edited like China, Germany, etc….

      1. Once the mailing envelope is discarded there is no way to identify bogus ballots unless we make them place an identifying finger print on the ballot. It will not be used to just identify them as to whom they like, but to expose double voting and illegally voting in other precincts or states.

    2. It’s so important that this fraud not stand in this election. If it doesn’t, then we will NEVER have another election that isn’t rigged by the democrats. This happens in every country that turns communistic. That is what the democrats want. Talk about foreign influence in our elections! Machines made specifically for vote fraud in foreign countries, and then votes being processed in foreign countries. We keep praying the fraud is exposed and Trump, the American people and our country will be victorious!

      1. Shelly if this election stands and Biden actually ends up President, there will never be another election in this country, and the nail in the coffin will be if the Dems win over the Senate majority….We will be as close to a communist government as you can be and we all will be subject to the corrupt liberal agenda !!

  3. I would expect no less of Powell, she is a lawyer and ther job of any defense lawyer is to confuse the jury with POSSIBLE other results. None of which they in most cases know will be considered but it confuses the jury in this case the American population, and gives hope to the defendant. Now all Powell has to do is prove her claims in a court of law, if the state refuses to do as she asked. appeals take along time and the Constitution sets the dates for anything to do with elections.

        1. There’s not going to be any revolution Jeffy, and definitely not one fought by the likes of you. You don’ have the courage to do anything but complain because your liberty has been handed down to you. You never had to earn it and you’re too fat and lazy to do it yourself.

          Kneel down and accept your chains after you turn in your guns.

    1. It’s not going to be watered at all by the likes of you because you’re a spineless coward milksop that’s all bark and no bite whatsoever.

  4. Everyone KNOWS that this election was TREASON! Especially the ones who are behind it. Hillary’s finger prints are all over it. Soros and many others. They PAY Dominion and Smartmatic to PLAY !!!

    1. When or IF Soros is implicated, he cannot be arrested and tried because he lives in a “foreign” country as a citizen of that country. However all of his assets in America, including his very profitable insurance company – Progressive – can legally be seized as forfeiture to American justice. THAT REALLY NEEDS TO HAPPEN!!!

    2. The DOJ and the FBI have done precious little to arrest and convict the Democrats who committed treason. That includes, Hillary, Obama, Biden, and about a half dozen (maybe more) FBI Agents and several in the DOJ. Has the Democrats got an automatic Get Out of Jail Free Card? Has the News Media and Big Tech got a right to lie, and deceive, the public? When will the FCC do its job, and put a stop to the discrimination against God fearing patriots? Where is Lady Justice?


      1. JOHN – – – Easy question to answer. Dedicated demoncrats – including a majority of remaining alive members of the “greatest generation”, proudly proclaim they “always vote a straight democratic ticket, no matter who is on it”. I once was sucha fool until the kennedy boys and LBJ and Peanut Cartah opened my eyes – and my brother is still one of them. Then, all the DNC needs is enough votes generated to overcome the conservative vote. That happens even if the dimmie candidate NEVER shows his face or makes a public statement.

        1. one gal even said she would vote for biden even if he boiled and ate babies ,!! really hard to reason against that mind set [ even ‘set’cement is more malleable ] .

      2. How does a man who couldn’t draw 10 people to his rallies win? He can’t lega;;y! All of those involved should be removed from office and indicted and tried for treason.That includes Pelosi, Watters Schitf, Schumer, Nadler and the rest, who spent the last 4 plus years attempting to overthrow our President.

      3. Quid pro joe said : “I have the most extensive fraud team ever” . I don’t believe he actually knew who he was talking to on TV. It wasn’t his political team. He has a definite mental issue not befitting the presidency.

  5. This Election has been stolen by the DemocRATS on Nov 4th already! It would be a major miracle if the Supreme Court stepped in and reversed it! We don’t believe in miracles any longer but we hope that rapture happens real soon. Biden in the WH is a tragedy of epic proportions because we just had a small 4 year hiccup of their Global agenda! I didn’t come to this Country for that in 1966 and now I will be displaced again or worse!

    1. Helga – – – SCOTUS never “steps in” until the case progresses through a system of lower courts. If a case thus progresses due to challenges, SCOTUS decides if the plaintiffs have “standing” of IF the decision is appropriate for the court to “hear”.. SCOTUS can then dicide to hear, or NOT hear, the case. SCOTUS can also remand the case to a lower court for final disposition.

    1. The democrats are the mafia running our country, trying to destroy the country and turn us into a communist state. Pray this is all exposed and they do not succeed. They should all be in jail for treason!

      1. democrat party = socialism with communist filter. they hate people get rich but i like those stupid fools’ donation.

      2. It is all about money and power. They the Boss, we the Hoss. They order and plan, we do what they demand. The Elite thinks they are our superiors somewhat like the Nazis did to the rest of the world. Nazism is not dead. Just another form of Communism, socialism. They want to enslave us and be our master.

  6. This should go to the Supreme Court if Judges do nothing. The USA isn’t supposed to be a Banana Republic. Pray for all those involved in these lawsuits and that JUSTICE will be served. Also, that Justice Roberts will not stymie the ability of these suits to go to the Supreme Court. He’s the Chief Justice and seems to be blocking the procedure. Hopefully Alan Dershowitz can make the case for them to hear it, as he said there was a chance.

    1. Roberts needs to be impeaches, tarred and feathered and rode out of town on a rail. G Bush needs a good rump kicking for nominating the creep. By the way George was a traitor when he endorsed Biden, as was Kasich, and Romney!.

  7. I’m so sick of corruption in this country…the left thinks by getting Biden in office there won’t be any consiquences for all the wrong going…to Trump…and so do I…this should not happen…these people need to be corrected by some sort of disilinary action…I would goto jail in a heart beat and it should be the same for everyone in this country, don’t care who you are…

  8. Sidney takes action while the high profile lawyers just talk. She should lead the Trump team rather than it saying she has no status in it. As the saying goes, “You go girl.”

  9. As a lawyer I find Fraud by people to win an Election should be very severely punished. If proven against a person that person should face permanent expellment from the USA and permanent loss of citizenship. To paraphrase a bartenders favorite closing time admonishment “You can commit Fraud but you ain’t going to get by with it here” Forfeiture of all assets including those placed in safekeeping with co-cospirators, family, and friends should be part and parcel of punishment. From how things sound we have arrogant elitists in the very highest places of “government service” who deem their cheating as a privilege of position. This attitude cant be changed in them, but it can be eliminated by physical removal to China, Venezuela, or other socialist/communist paradise. We all know everyone of us has no privacy for the NSA listens to all of us, so lets just make Biden, Soros, Obama, the Clintons, and the rest of the “bums who claimed Trump colluded with Russia” and the sick SOBS who wanted to Impeach Trump communications PUBLIC and my bet the Fraud extends to all of them is a sure thing. WITCH HUNT? YOU BET YOUR LATEST ACQUISITION. We need a generation of real Free Time from these scum bags. Send them packing. My bet No one else wants their tired asses either. Michael J. Kelly, Esq

  10. WOW!!! In a “preponderance of evidence” case, at least ONE qualified person must have “standing” – that is, be personally effected. Also, only 51% of the complaint has to be proven. Additionally, one or more “players” need to be identified and responsibility be proven.

    EXAMPLE: Richard Nixon. Never proven Nixon ordered the Watergate break-in, BUT beyond reasonable doubt it happened. The persons were doing the break-in clearly identified by name and party affiliation. They were further identified as close associates of Nixon. In attempting to connect Nixon as personally ordering the break-in, investigators learned that 18 MINUTES had been erased from Nixon’s office recorder. THAT WAS IT!!!!! Nixon was NEVER PROVEN to have ordered the break-in or even knowing about it until charges were made. Yet, he resigned from office due to missing 18 minutes rather than put America through a long legal battle. The accusations originated from DNC, but individuals with “standing” were the plaintiffs.

    Naturally. the accused players and DNC will appeal and this case will most likely reach SCOTUS. With at least FIVE justices being confirmed Constitutionalists – – – Well, it becomes clear what the outcome will be.

  11. The President clearly won the election except that the fraud allowed Biden to win. This injustice must be corrected. The reason the Dems hate Trump is simple. He can’t be bought.

  12. I hope once and for all we can get to the bottom of these FRAUDULANT ACTIVITIES and get a TRUE VOTER COUNTINGS !!! Those involved in anyway with these FRAUDULANT ACTIONS SHOULD BE FINED AND IMPRISONED FOR ‘MINIMUM’ OF TWO YEARS AND ‘MAXIMUM’ OF LIFE determined by the EXTENT of INVOLVEMENT !!!

    1. Sydney Powell is the Lawyer to clean up this American disaster.
      I so appreciate that she is ready and willing.
      This is also a huge financial undertaking for her and her firm.

  13. I hope all surveillance footage is already in custody !, like witnesses in mafia/democrap trials ,things do go ‘missing’ very easily . Sydney is ‘ the kraken ‘ ! , in the best [ or beast!?] possible way of course .

  14. All this voter fraud, will cause this election to be reversed, it will go before the supreme court, and Trump will be the victor, for the next 7 yrs, I know u will hate that. Too bad.

  15. video from and now we know of Rudi’s trial ,at 24 mins
    data analyst explaining anomalous data spikes ,evidence of outside manipulation , Rudy asks how many Byedun-g benefited by , 570 000 , then and trump ? 3200 !! whole audience laughs , a we bit of a gotcha moment . this is a 2 pronged attack , no escape this time ,the constitution was set up to give the people a voice ,team Trump are ensuring it will be always in future secure .[ mnt Rushmore ??]. funny the machines are called ‘dominion’ . the kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our God , Rev 11;15.

    1. Another play on the name points towards the Red Dragon and Mexico…. and some insulting notions of being dominated, by Chihuahuas.

  16. Most if not all the rigging of votes could fall under sedition not treason (we are not at war (declared). But this section seems likely…Section 51, title 18 U.S.C.A. (section 19, Criminal Code), provides that “if two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any citizen in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same,” they shall be fined and imprisoned as in the statute provided. Governor’s please take notice on your statements and actions about virus. There ay be sections where a known person with a covid virus could be forced into isolation but a blanket call, not on your life.


  18. I wonder if the system is so corrupt that even hard evidence of massive vote fraud won’t matter? Sidney is an awesome force for good and I’m grateful to her for this effort.

  19. “Finally!” We knew it was coming, but the Democrat Terrorists were beginning to convince us otherwise with their constant lying and disinformation campaign.
    Now, these people need to be prosecuted and sentenced to the full extent of current law. And we need to revise those sentences to life in prison without parole for individual participants, and death for master organizers, so no one will ever try to disenfranchise We The People again. This is the very foundation of American freedom, we dare not treat it so casually!

  20. I trust Trump, I have learned to not trust anyone else. We’ve watched all of these lawyers and so called Republicans act like the are getting action done and then nothing again. Lois Learner, Kilary all of them were allowed to walk. I will trust this lady when I see someone in cuffs, until then they are blowing smoke out their butts.

  21. Good for you Sydney. It’s great news to us peons out here to know there are people who can do something about this travesty. Rock their world Sydney, and then rock their minds.

  22. Given the length of time SENCE. The Election I would have to say anything they look for in those machines are more than likely gone. Damocrap-s and not stupid THEY ARE HOW EVER VERY IGNORANT . AND THEY BELIEVE THE AMERICAN PUBLIC IS STUPID.

      1. The logs will only show, where the code instructed the system to keep it on file, and the same with any file/sys changes/mods.

        Where there are gaps, in the time stamps of entries and unlogged tallies, it should enable forensics to cross reference and calculate how many votes were processed by the system, while being blinded!

  23. Jim Young

    I am Wondering if the Supreme Court does not enter this horrible event of thievery in the face of the American people, and correct it, can the States leave the Union and group together and form another country of freedom to escape this criminal act by the Democrats? Sidney Powell is a gift from God.

  24. This election has shown the world why Americans buy and drive mostly foreign made cars, buy electronics made in foreign countries, wear clothes made in foreign countries, get operated on by surgeons from foreign countries, have mostly foreign students in its university science and mathematics programs, take/abuse prescription drugs manufactured in foreign countries…..
    BUT, BUT, BUT…, Americans know more about marijuana and how to market CBD oil and all illicit hard drugs combined than all foreign countries combined!!! lol lol lol lol
    AND, AND, AND…… America’s blm and antifa know how to destroy and loot better than any other foreign country’s criminals do….. lol lol lol lol

  25. You know the Democrats had to know we Conservatives wouldn’t let all this fraud go unanswered. Like not letting poll watchers to view counting and everything else that went on. They must think that they will get away with it anyway just like they get away with everything else they do criminally and corruptly

  26. Your Cheating Heart will tell on you. Biden can lie, and he can deny. But his Cheating Heart will tell on him. The voting disparity between him and his Democrat cronies was way too large. He even had more votes, they say, than were registered to vote in some precincts. The AG should arrest him and demand that he give up his accomplices or spend the rest of his life in prison.

  27. What happened with the Pennsylvania lawsuit? The 3rd Circuit dismissed it yesterday. Hope this gets Mr. Trump into the Supreme Court. Anywhere count watchers or other personnel met hostile restrictions, the votes processed by those locations should be void. Philadelphia is corrupt has hell. Hasn’t been good since Frank Rizzo was mayor. He knew how to deal with deadbeats and riff raff.

  28. The real question regarding the fraud in Georgia is: HAS THE FRAUD DONE IN GEORGIA IN NOVEMBER BEEN CORRECTED SO WE CAN HAVE A PROPER SPECIAL ELECTION IN JANUARY? Unless it has been corrected, there’s no point in doing it again, unless there are hordes of Republicans in each precinct and county with cameras looking over every aspect of the election.

  29. President Trump appointed something like 300 constitutional, non partisan judges that follow the rule of law & there are probably 3000 or more that are corrupt, globalist, Democrap, communist supporters that could care less about the constitution & our country! Dangerous precedent that testimony from witnesses suddenly isn’t evidence unless from the radical lying left! Why can’t Republicans shop around for judges that would be favorable to a conservative point of view to present evidence about the fraud in this election like the democraps do when they shop around for leftest judges when they want to push through something ( I know that is not how our system is supposed to work but we need to save the country now otherwise everything is moot!) These activist judges are just trying to run to clock out & disenfranchise 74 million + Americans that voted for President Trump!


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