GOP Governor Gives Trump the Cold Shoulder

The White House from Washington, DC via Wikimedia Commons

Arizona Republican Governor Doug Ducey pressed the ignore button when he received a phone call from the White House. Amid certifying the state’s election results for President-elect Joe Biden the governor quickly rejected the phone call which appeared to come from President Trump.

According to Brahm Resnik, a 12 News/ KPNX TV reporter, Gov. Ducey previously set “Hail to the Chief” as his official White House ringtone to be sure he never missed a call from President Trump or Vice President Pence.

Arizona certified the election results on Monday, officially awarding Democrat Joe Biden the state’s 11 electors.

President Trump was clearly unhappy with Gov. Ducey’s rejection and later called into a hearing with state Republicans, Rudy Guiliani, and Jenna Ellis to blast the Governor’s “rushed” decision. President Trump can be heard on the phone criticizing Gov. Ducey’s decision to certify the state’s results.

“He didn’t have to sign. Why would you sign when you have these incredible hearings going on showing such corruption and such powerful fraud?” President Trump can be heard as Trump legal adviser Jenna Ellis holds a phone to her microphone.


President Trump continued to condemn Gov. Ducey, Trump warned, “Arizona will not forget what Ducey just did. We are not going to forget the people of Arizona.”

President Trump has not yet conceded the election to Joe Biden as his legal team continues to contest the results, claiming widespread voter fraud impacted the state’s results. Before ending the phone call Trump said, “we didn’t lose the state we won it by a lot.”

Donald Trump later retweeted a harsh message directed toward Gov. Ducey, “Why is Doug Ducey still pretending he’s a member of the Republican Party after he just certified fraudulent election results in Arizona that disenfranchised millions of Republicans?”

  1. I’ve been on God’s green earth for a little over eighty-three years, served my country twice after being called back in because of the Berlin crisis by President Kennedy to be part of the training cadre for our Army Rangers..I’ve observed many presidents in my lifetime and I’m here to tell you that President Donald J Trump on on my list for one of the top three presidents in my lifetime. I was born a raised in the south and my parents back them were proud Democrats: However today they would be ashamed of their old party. .I’m one that believes in the power of prayer and ask all of you that believes in the power or prayer to join me in praying for our beloved President.

  2. Mr. Frazier,

    Thank you for your Service Sir.

    I agree with you completely. I too pray for a second term for President Trump. And then Mike Pence to take over in 2024 with retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Allen West as his VP.


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