RINOS Scramble to Undermine Trump Agenda Before 2021

Medill DC, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

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Eager to set the clock back before the American people said “ENOUGH!” in 2016, the worms and rats at the heart of the GOP are in a rush to repudiate Donald Trump’s entire agenda, promised and actual. Beginning with Mike Lee’s atrocious betrayal of American tech workers, which passed the Senate completely unopposed, Americans should expect to see the RINOs launching their own twisted Operation Warp Speed ahead of the new Congress being seated. Except instead of seeking cures, they’re going to rush back to old poisons. 

Operating under the delusion that Trump not only lost but that American voters turned out to give Mitt Romney “conservatism” a mandate, they are trying to go back to “business as usual”. Doing this proves the GOP leadership, like Fox News, has at best learned nothing from 2016 and at worst are actively betraying their own base. 

The American people have known for over a decade that the policies and goals of the Republican Party were not working – even figures as ridiculous as Michael Moore could see that. When he called Trump “a huge **** you” to Washington, his liberal devotees clutched at their pearls and swooned in outrage, but Trump voters found themselves shocked that he actually understood. Four years later and the Republican Party that lost the 2018 midterms still hasn’t figured it out. 

Normal Americans are angry. They’ve seen their President face obstruction after obstruction during his first term, and now the swamp creatures are trying to rob him of a second term. They’re fed up with fake “conservatives” who only know how to pay lip service, and meanwhile, serve at the pleasure of fat cats like Bezos and Soros and ask “how high?” when SJW crazies screech “hop!”

Both the left and the right in America right now are playing with fire right now, and if they aren’t more careful, it’ll be ordinary Americans who will end up burnt.

Ryan Highland has an MA in Social Science and is an independent researcher and writer from Atlanta, GA.

  1. Worms and Rats – watch them scurry. No spine. Isn’t that treason? Didn’t they take an oath to defend and support the Constitution?

    1. There is an excellent documentary on Amazon Prime about Conspiracies. While I would not consider everything a conspiracy, what the first episode uncovers is WHO actually controls the United States and the world. They nailed it, and everything we see today, from the lack of accountability and no justice for the criminals in office, to the riots and unrest we see on the streets, it is all planned. Those in government will NEVER be held accountable for the treason they are committing. I should make everyone angry. The democrats who believe they are voting for the party that will help them, are really voting for the party who stands for everything they are against! They just don’t understand it, and are called the useful idiots. Trump is the ONLY person standing in their way. They do not want to uphold the Constitution, limited government, and a free people. They want government control over our lives and our money – to make themselves wealthier and for power – no matter which party these traitors belong to! We knew we couldn’t trust them and they are already proving we are right.

    2. Yes, they did. I understand that many of these incumbent puppet presidents, congressional members, FBI & DOJ & other federal government employees were blackmailed into becoming INSIDER enemy combatants and traitor. That doesn’t exonerate them from being held accountable for their treason & treachery, because it says protecting their pitiful reputations & keeping their salary they weren’t earning was valued more than our country & citizens & also thinking their own cowardly worthless hides were worth more than 95% of the worldwide population the new world order plans to eradicate. They didn’t even value the lives of their children & descendants worth fighting for.l I value them as poor excuses for human beings.

    1. Trump Child in 2024
      I have not given up on 2020 yet.
      If Trump were to humble himself and give God the credit for all good things he has done, he could still get his second term.
      Otherwise, Pride has come before the Fall.

      1. You must have missed that blurb where President Trump acknowledged “the Big Guy” pointing to the sky. Trump has acknowledged God on many occasions but to give God glory outright by saying something like you are suggesting would garner massive insults from the ruthless haters, would be casting his pearls before swine and possibly cost him some votes but I don’t think that is what’s holdingTrump back. I believe he holds that truth in his heart and that in his next term you will hear it out loud.

        1. He is also frequently seen with a Bible, showing who he is working for and with..
          Meanwhile the INSIDERS are shown up in wiki leaks as satanic ritual practitioners. Hillary’s daughter Chelsea wears an upside down cross pendant, presumably to show her allegiance to the Church of satan, which she is quoted as saying is “actually a very nice church”!

      2. I believe Trump has known from day 1 that he is God’s chosen and that God has his back or he would been assassinated by the same ones who assassinated JFK long agol. Personally think at least 3 attempts have been made, but failed,. Would take odds that Trump and the ones working with him pray for guidance & thank him daily for his protection. Have no way to check it out, but have read that when someone asked what he wahted his legacy as president to be, his answer was “The prayingest president that ever was”.

        1. Mark taylor ,wrote ‘he will be called ‘the praying president ‘. Attempts on his life?, an SS retiree has said it is daily ! , but at least 30 -50 ,including cruise missiles at airforce one , the missile launch from seattle caught on cell phones !. He is one brave man !.

      3. Trump is covered in more prayer than any world leader ever , is constantly asking for prayer has a team of possibly best pastors praying and advising him ,. did you see him saying ‘ i am the chosen one ‘ ? , it was with a hand lifted up ,as if he was saying ‘why me !’. there is real confidence there ,but not so much arrogance . America does need a lot of repentance ‘if my people who are called by my name …..’. and ,Trump could legally do a 3rd ,so you know ,US is at present a corporation ,in bankruptcy. go figure .

    2. With all the evidence of Biden’s boasted “we’ve put together the most intensive & inclusive voter fraud ORGANIZATION ever seen in American politics” having been kept very busy before and after the 2020 election – this massive cheating in an American election MUST BE OVERTHROWN & an honest one held which will reveal that PRESIDENT TRUMP & REPUBLICAN CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATES WON BY A LANDSLIDE OR SUNAMI VOTE.

      1. And what about his latest statement on MSNBC interview? (paraphase); If the VP Harris and I fundamentaly disagree, I will get sick and abidcate and she will take over. That ought to scare Repbulicans and most Dimocraps.

  2. We have the best Politicians that money can buy.
    It is past time to rain them with letters, emails, and protest marches.
    We need to primary out all the RINOs.
    The corrupt Establishment Elite is the only reason I voted for Trump’s first term.
    If/when Joe does China’s Biden takes office we will begin a Socialist Dictatorship with the rich getting richer and the rest of us becoming servants with no rights.
    The greatest World Wide Depression has already begun and only Trump could turn it around.
    We will soon be in WWIII and only Trump could stop it.

    Has God decided that the immoral choices of Americans are about to be punished or will we have one more chance to Make America Godly Again?

    1. Unfortunately, when I look around at all the immorality and craziness going on in the U.S. I’m afraid God may turn his back on the U.S. if he hasn’t already.

      1. You need to read Mark Taylor’s prophecy. He said God chose Trump to turn
        America around because he is ticked off at the churches for leading his people astray. We have let them remove all Bibles from school, they are trying to make it a crime to speak Jesus or God’s name in public schools/ What they are telling our children (beginning in kindergarten) under the guise of Sex Education would be more appropriately be called Sex Perversion Ed.
        I agree with him that churches who have kowtowed to government & strayed from teaching God’s word have led them astray.
        Recall someone saying God hates homosexuals. I beg to differ there, as his word appears to be HATE THE SIN, but love the sinner. Which in my opinion, means we should love the sinner enough to tell him/her the truth that what they are doing is against Universal Law. That does not mean that we condone homosexuality by letting them marry in a church which goes against what the church should be teaching. IMO, the priest or minister who performs the same sex marriage ceremony is committing a worse sin than the same sex couple by condoning it in their church or performing it in any other place. We even have the Pope saying abortion is not sinful – how much further astray can the churches get?

      2. If it turns out that the “people” of this country actually voted for biden/harris then God has a perfect right to turn his back because the “people” just voted for corruption and a God-less country.

    2. When we have immoral people, we get children to rule our countries. That is where we are at. If the PEOPLE do not turn to God, our days are numbers. The wrath will be upon us. It’s in the Bible and it has happened in history. If Biden takes over, then our country as we know it will be over. We will NEVER have another election that is not rigged in favor of communism. Those in government will rule. We tried ballots, there is only one remedy left as it states in our Constitution. I pray it does not have to come to that.

      1. Don’t worry — the groper biden will never get to the Oval Office. The demoRATS are already laying the groundwork for the happy hooker to take over.

    3. President Trump is that chance & that is why we are going to see this cheating on our 2020 election overthrown. I think Louisiana making abortions illegal in 2020 has caught his attention & it is most certain he has heard the clapping of those present when others show their disapproval of abortions, as well as other things against the Ten Commandments, the Golden Rule or Universal Laws.

      1. Alabama ? interesting not long after that it was reveled there is a massive gold deposit there !? God is GOOD , what is people problem !? ,only deception .

    4. you have untill the next solar eclipse transit . the great news is at least 80 million americans chose the more godly way vs about 15 million still asleep or just plain evil.

  3. It just goes to show that there are as many Republicans in the swamp as Democrats and that had been Trump’s Achilles heal right from the beginning . WhatI don’t understand is that they don’t understand that they are destroying the Republican Party and them selves and may never be able to make a come back.

    1. They understand it, they are part of the plan and the problem. Those that have been in DC for any length of time are part OF the problem. We need to get them out. But uniformed or misinformed voters keep putting the swamp creatures back in! I’m afraid this election is the tipping point, and there will be no coming back from it. If the vote fraud is allowed to stand, it will be the norm in the future and all elections will be rigged in favor of socialists/communists.

  4. These spineless,gutless,chickenshit,rinos need to be run out of government, just like the commie dumbocraps. The party is nothing without Trump, and these losers know it, u screw us Americans that voted u in, u will pay dearly. Were fed up with the deep state swamp rats, and corruption, in government, we will get rid of u, when we re-elect Trump in 2024.

  5. Like I said, its a bitch fighting the dems but to also fight the RINO’s doesn’t help. They all want to get back into the swamp and make all that dirty money.

  6. The news reports do not give me much about which to feel encouraged in PA. I have talked with Sen. Wayne Langerholc’s office. Wayne is receiving literally thousands of calls and emails concerning the PA election. I also called Jesse Topper’s office who is also receiving literally thousands of calls and emails concerning this.. Both men were on Zoom conference calls when I called them. Jesse, a friend, quickly wrote me. So, they are asking the congress to not accept our electoral votes. I expressed that I would rather they reconvene in Harrisburg and override the voting and use a vote of their own making, which can be accomplished. But, the Senate Pro Tempore, a RINO, will not reconvene the senate. That brings many thoughts and questions to my mind concerning this elected stool. If Judge Alito cannot help us and all fails, I will work avidly to throw this anti-Patrick-Henry out of office. I am extremely worried for our country. If we lose the GA elections on 1/5/21, I am worried that we are doomed. As a Christian, I will then start to “look up” and wonder about the coming rapture. If you have not already done so, I implore you to join me in earnest prayer for our country and the world. If the USA goes down, so does the world. In order to destroy the mammoth vacuum that will occur, the new world order will be installed. Hello, rapture, tribulation, and the Second Coming. Jesus alone will have to rescue us.

  7. Too bad you can’t shoot RINOs. But you can run them out of office…wait, maybe you can’t. Our votes, do they matter any longer?

  8. These are scary times. It looks to many of us commoners that the majority of congresspeople have had an agenda that does not include the needs and desires of us. Hillary called us “Deplorables”, which was a complete slip of the tongue, and that is exactly what most elected officials believe. Secondly, something bad is happening, and I hope I’m wrong, but it seems that with this steal of the presidential election by people who seem to be aligned with certain factions who hate America, and want power at the expense of the American citizens.

  9. What is becoming frightening are the comment pages. There is a growing number of conservative commenters that are willing to use the BLM tactics. After witnessing the theft of a presidential election, and smoking gun video showing the theft, but no consequences, and no change in the results, the conservative commenters are joining the BLM call to “burn it all down”. The calls for going to guns are increasing every day. They used to be viewed as the right wing crazies, but no longer as those very things they predicted if we didn’t go to the guns, are happening right now. I fear for my country if the left wing loonies get in charge of the government, and try to implement everything they have been promising. There has been talk of a revolution from the left in this country for many years. The left needs to be sure a revolution is what they want because the right may give them one. The calls from the right, responding to the absolute lunacy of violent rhetoric, and street violence from the left are becoming more often, more organized, and more ready to commit violence.

  10. The GOP RINO’s don’t understand that in the end they might get away with what they ae doing but before this is over they are going to feel the heat from all of us, One of the stupid sentors told the President Yesterday that he should now delete his account on Twitter and Face book and its clear that this man does not know or understand that President Trump does not use the Account of the President He uses his own and what a shame that these people cant even give him the same consideration he has given them and they just want him to concede so that they can get back to being the Traitors they have always been.. Good Luck Traitors YOU will find your not going to like the Crow you will be made to eat when this is all over weather he loses or wins

    The left will line your butts up next to the people just like everyone else and YOU too shall wish for the days of President Trump being in office This country is going to go threw the worst time in history in the next four years and may god take a good look and see that
    President Trump has brought great things to Us and the world and will make sure he stays in office but when you look back at all that Obama and Biden did while in office and they all got away with it, and now you look at all that they have put President Trump threw YOU have to seriously asked who’s side is god truly on and maybe when they say that God has turned his back on us, That could be very true..

  11. MONEY< MONEY, MONEY, THAT IS THIER GOD. They do not honor their oath for this country, our citizens, and our Constitution. they will pay sooner or later.

  12. Those dirtbag rinos hates Trump so they throw the american people into potential poverty and ruined lives just because they hate Trump! This telks you they do not give a damn about the american people if they are willing to destroy us because of this! They are not fit to be in office and should and will be voted the hell out!

  13. Fellow Americans, long past time we should stop calling them RINO’s and start calling them what they really are. They are one world global government, aka the new world
    order enemy combatants, deep state establishment INSIDERS who have been working with the new world order for 6+ decades, to destroy our nation from within.
    They are telling us that the new world order took over both the DNC & the RNC many decades ago & we have been only given new world order puppets to vote for, whether we voted democrat or republican. That harsh fact is the reason why nothing changed no matter whether democrats or republicans were in majority of our government. They took over with such stealth, our elected politicians were the only ones who were aware of the corruption and they adopted the attitude nothing could be done to stop it.
    OUTSIDER Donald J Trump with his “slogan of never give up & never quit trying” left his very comfortable life style to join some others who dared to tackle the defeat of the new world order’s criminally insane plan. A small dozen or two incumbent members of congress fell in line to fight with him when they realized he was an OUTSIDER who was serious about reclaiming our government & our country from the enemy. The majority of congressional members remained enemy combatant enemies of our nation, STILL WORKING WITH THE NEW WORLD ORDER TO DESTROY US FROM WITHIN. Everyone who has been paying attention should definitely know who these enemy combatants are, BECAUSE THEY ARE THE SAME ONES WHO BEGAN WITH THE STOP TRUMP MOVEMENT, which was led by the CIA, FBI & DOJ & WENT TO THROW THE ELECTION TO INSIDER HILLARY WHEN THAT FAILED. After he won the election, John Brennan, Obama, Biden & James Comey instigated the INTERNAL COUP against President Trump, which is still ongoing inside the House of Congress – after being passed through the Rod Rosenstein treasonous fishing expedition to the House – where it was kept alive by Chuck Schumer & Nancy Pelosi with their sham House hearings and shampeachment, but still being orchestrated by the same ones who instigated the INTERNAL COUP..

  14. Wake up Mike Lee. What is your major malfunction? Our country is on the verge of becoming sociologist and you, a RINO is trying to undermine Trump.Trump has NOT lost yet. Lee and a few others are not to be trusted.


  16. It’s working. In this Democrat Terrorist organized election fraud chaos, more and more swamp creatures are being drawn out. This makes it critical that President Trump is continued in office – with Vice President Pence and junior Trump’s succeeding him.
    If Conservative Americans don’t want to get burnt, we need to organize and start our own fire now.

  17. Take heart—we were Blessed as a Nation with God at the forefront. Christmas is 20 days away—how many are celebrating the Birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, then commemorate his death and burial after 33 years on earth, and then His Glorious Resurrection? His Name is Worthy to be Praised, not taken in vain. His Name Wonderful, Counselor, the Prince of Peace, Messiah, Lamb of God, Lord of our Lives,,,,

  18. How true it is — will be revealed in ’22, ’24 and ’26. I’d expect many old motionless Repubs to be tossed for this fraud and for their stoicism.

  19. The RINOs are going to pay for their treason and betrayal of the American people in 2022 and beyond. Their failure to support President Trump will come out.

  20. The RINOs have always stood with the demoncrats because they are actually identical to the demoncrats. Unfortunately they have controlled the republican party and especially its money. Conservatives are almost silenced by both the RINOs and their comrades in the demoncrat party. I support our conservative president and won’t give one penny to the RINOs who stand united against our president.

  21. Lets start searching for a young,smart honest challengers against all these 2 faced,self serving RINOS like Lee,and so many others. Lets build a force to drive those RINO scum out of our Republican Party and ,not enable their selfish version of it again!!

  22. Vote the stinking Rino’s out. They have no clue want the true American people need or do they care. The people elected Trump in 16 and again in 20. This is proof that the lobbyists are more important than the people. After 2 years of Biden corruption, both parties will be far up. Mark it down

  23. There has been as many so-called republicans fighting Trump as there has been demoRATS. They are worthless swamp rats scared to death that President Trump will expose their absolute corruption. The members of this congress are an absolute disgrace to America and the epitome of criminal activity within our government. This congress, with exception of a very few, need to be completely wiped out and a whole new congress voted for – by the people in-person voting only. Seems like the only way to clean out the trash that has control of our country.

  24. WE THE CONSERVATIVE WING OF THIS NATION HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THE REPUBLICANS PRETENDING TO LOVE THE AMERICA WE LOVE. We are NOT going to follow the republican “leaders”, the FAKES. We will follow our TRUE leader President Trump & will follow him to the end. GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP!!

  25. To describe the low lives as worms and rats is to do a disservice to worms and rats. D.C. has become a putrid vile cesspool and the RINO and Democrat Moles in the Republican Party are the vilest of scum floating in that cesspool. The leadership should advise them not to expect support when they are up for re-election and find true Republican Values replacements for them.

  26. When Trump takes office in January, he needs to fire ALL 0bama appointees in ALL departments and agencies (they’re just getting paid to undermine Trump – they won’t be missed…). Next he needs to CRUSH all RINOs in congress. Expose them and destroy them. They won’t be missed either…


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