CNN Tried to Go After Kayleigh McEnany: Here’s How it Worked Out For Them

Kayleigh McEnany, Gage Skidmore, Flickr.

Reporters should really learn one simple lesson: if you’re going to go after Kayleigh McEnany you better be correct. Clearly, CNN’s Anderson Cooper hasn’t learned his lesson yet as he falsely accused the White House Press Secretary’s husband Sean Gilmartin of cheering her on during a White House press briefing. CNN host Anderon Cooper told viewers that Gilmartin shouted, “You crushed it, Kayleigh!” as she concluded the briefing and left the room. It wasn’t long before McEnany set the record straight for Cooper and his little band of critics.

Not only did McEnany blow major holes in Cooper’s claims but she brought the evidence to back it up. McEnany posted the official White House Pool report which clearly identified the cheers came from a nearby reporter for First Class Fatherhood and not her husband.

Fox News reports:

Fox News has confirmed the pool report by Chris Johnson is correct. Initially, people in the briefing room thought it was her husband who shouted, but the report was quickly corrected when photographers and technicians in the back of the room informed Johnson it was not Gilmartin who complimented McEnany’s performance.

An unverified Twitter user representing First Class Fatherhood then admitted he was the person who shouted and posted photos taken inside the briefing room as proof he was in attendance.

“Sorry for all the trouble this caused,” he wrote. “But you crushed it as usual today!”

Will the lamestream media ever stray from their fruitless attempts to get the best of Kayleigh McEnany? Probably not but it sure is fun to keep watching her win.

  1. I am watching all of this from Ashfield, Western Australia for the last 4 years! What utter hypocrisy of the LSM (Lame Stream media) to try to send everyone of President Trump picks for Anything to the garbage heap! It’s like they have become the Judge, Jury and Executioner. My words of Wisdom are: If you don’t like something on the TV, turn it off. You are not very likely to find anything worth watching. I watch the black conservative patriot, the Still report and many others Online and find them adequate to very good! Good Luck America, the good Repubs and President Trump!

    1. For want of a hundred years I would have been an Aussie rather than a yank. My ancestor landed in America in 1624 or would have been hung in the tower. That said I agree our media sucks big time. Trump won the election but between the slimy media and even worse, the democrat and deep state sewer rats, they completely distorted the election. I will fight as long as I can to eliminate the scum, I’m 79.

      1. That’s not going to happen but if it does Biden is not my President. If it’s good enough for the goose it’s good enough for the gander. Don’t give them time to organize, let’s start using there tactics right off the bat. Not burning, looting and beating up elderly people but peaceful protesting and using Mad Maxines pushing back. Make them unwelcome in America, their not needed or wanted here.

    2. Thanks, Crabby for your sincere and thoughtful words of Friendship to our President TRUMP! We pray for him and our be loved USA daily…. our Heavenly Father alone have the wisdom and strength to help us to pull through this CRISIS! Never thought things like this could have happened here in our be loved USA! WE are now the LAUGHING FOCUS FOR THE ENTIRE WORLD! God be with us… May all Truth, from what is tiny to what are GIANTS all surface, so that we may clean them all up, once and for all time! May the Lord our God help us to prevent this NEVER TO HAPPEN AGAIN! God is JUST! May His justice be served over t his CRISIS!

      Loved your OPERA HOUSE!

      God bless YOU and al lthose whoom you love and care…..

    3. I have not been to Australia yet, but on my bucket list is to dive the reef and swim with a Great White shark. Thanks for your support of America and our great President.

  2. Cooper has beclowned himself, yet again! Kayleigh is a brilliant press secretary, so I would not be surprised how many reporters praised her.

  3. Can’t watch this a..hole anymore! He thinks of himself as intellectually superior while we know better. Because of him and Pelley I don’t watch 60 Minutes anymore either.

    1. Smarmy Pelley, with his disdain for the President so obvious. Another beaut is hysterical Norah, who must have squeezed out Jeff Glor in a power play. CBS evening news is so full of disinformation and bias. No wonder they are in the bottom of the ratings. Leslie Stahl needs to become a roommate of Barbara Walters.

  4. If it weren’t for his mother and CNN Cooper would be tending bars in SOHO. Neither have a bit of shame for the lies, bigotry, and hate they ooze every day.

  5. Anderson Cooper is just as much a flake as Acosta, maybe even more so. Neither one is worth two pesos.

  6. #1……SO WHAT if he did?!?!?!
    #2……STOP calling IT ‘Anderson Cooper’. He IS a VANDERBILT!!!!! It’s ANDERSON VANDERBILT!!!! Hailing from one of THEE RICHEST families in the US! An ANTI-AMERICAN family! They THINK that they are ROYALTY!

    1. Oh,yes, do you know the history of how his family got rich???? It is nothing to brag about,I think it’s called treason, when you sell ammunition to the enemy!!!!!!!

    2. His mental capacity doesn’t allow him to be an operative, maybe janitorial. Cleaning toilets and mopping floors among other duties.

  7. I wonder if Cooper turned a little paler when he was corrected. Naw, one must have at least a smidgeon of character to be embarrassed. If you would like to get some real news turn to NEWSMAX you will get an honest news report.

  8. Will FAKE NEWS “Urinalist’s” ever learn it isn’t smart to match wits with Ms. McEnany or most all Conservatives? 😊

  9. McEnany IS THE BEST PRESS SECRETARY EVER!! A refreshing conservative that places her faith in TRUTH & HONESTY. Well done as always.


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