Fox News Host Tests Positive for COVID

Fox News
Jim.henderson / CC0; WIkimedia Commons

Fox News co-host Juan Williams has tested positive for COVID-19.

According to The Daily Wire:

Fox News co-host Juan Williams tested positive for COVID-19 on Thursday, prompting the other co-hosts of “The Five” to broadcast remotely and Williams to go into quarantine.

Rumors circulated about the 66-year-old Williams’ diagnosis after he was not seen on Thursday’s episode “The Five,” and two sources informed The New York Times that he had tested positive that morning at Fox News headquarters in New York City.

A Fox spokesperson declined to confirm whether Williams had tested positive for COVID-19, citing employee confidentiality, but Williams confirmed to The Hill that he had contracted the virus and is quarantining at a hotel in Washington, D.C., to avoid spreading the illness to his wife. He added that he is experiencing “flu-like symptoms” such as chills and headaches.

“I’m not great but I’m not dying or anything,” Williams told The Daily Beast. “I’m worried about myself and my family. My wife doesn’t want me to come back to the house right now. On lots of levels it’s concerning.”

Williams’ diagnosis has caused “The Five” to go remote for the foreseeable future.

  1. Sorry but Hoorah he such an A** on The 5
    U cant debate or reason with him, so emotional
    Other leftists guests U can reason with, Not Juan
    I can see the stress in eveyone else on the 5
    Needs some field work after layup IE cover some riot or election issue
    Always argues, ignores questions, blocks movement forward

    1. No one should take satisfaction in seeing a fellow human being afflicted with this
      horrid virus. I do not agree politically in most instances with Juan, but wish him well in his struggle with the virus. This is not the time for schadenfreude. It is the time for compassion. Get well soon Juan!

      1. If he wouldn’t have wished death on the President, then I could agree with you! Alas, Juan deserves to suffer a little like us formerly afflicted with the Virus!!

        1. I think he will recover. Then he’ll go on a rant, again, about the dangers of it and how it is all Republicans fault. Especially Trump’s mishandlings.

          1. When I saw the picture of Obama and Fauci together in the Wuhan laboratory, I became convinced that the Chinese and the Democrats were in cahoots to release the virus into the US to harm Trump’s re-election chances. Just another arrow in the quiver as Nancy Pelosi would say, but a very deadly arrow and if this theory could be proven they should all be executed.

          2. The virus was not created to harm President Trump but it has certainly been used as a tool to discredit the President

          3. Mandy, I said it was released to harm the President’s re-election chances, not him personally although I’m sure that would have been an added bonus for the Dems.

          4. Probably not its development, but very possibly its deliberate spread throughout the world. The Democrats would do absolutely anything to dislodge Trump, and ruin America is already in progress.

          5. There are no coincidences. The tariffs China objected to, the virus, overdose, and the vicious riots are what led the Socialists to sabotage the re-election of a Great President.

      2. ‘Horrid virus’? Please. You’ve fallen victim to the propaganda. This ‘horrid virus’ has a fatality rate less than 1/2 of 1 percent (0.2 or 0.3 percent)! Early estimates were highly inaccurate because not all people with Wuhan virus were being identified.
        Admittedly, if 1 person dies from this purposeful onslaught, that’s one too many for which the Chinese perpetrators must pay the price. And a heavy price must be levied.
        Please educate yourself on the real fatality rate of this virus before you post hysterical comments.
        As to Juan Williams, let’s hope he’s quarantined until hell freezes over!!!

        1. Did you notice the quotes around “Horrid Virus”. They might have indicated something.
          Also from what I have seen your estimate of the mortality rate is still 10 times higher than reality.
          I don’t share your optimism about how long Juan Williams should be quarantined.

        2. Totally agree! He has become very outspoken and argues about everything! Of course he will blame Trump! But he needed to practice what he preached!

        3. There’s no doubt that they have inflated the numbers, tried to keep us scared, and are using the virus to collapse our system of economy and government, but all that said, the virus is real. My favorite pastor and his father just passed away of the virus a few weeks ago. He was perhaps 50, at the most, and was athletic.

          1. ALL deaths are ‘labeled’ Covid. And they’ve made it very hard to make available Hydrochloroxiquine. We have Fauci, Bill Gates & Left Wing governors to thank for making it inaccessible – because it works and is affordable. They’ll do anything to keep jobs at a minimum and tank our economy.

          2. 104 year old lady just died, been in a nursing home 2 years basically on her death bed. Cause of death coronavirus, what a bunch of BS!

        4. Would love to be able to give you two likes, one on the education comment and one on the hell freezes over thought. Great post!

      3. He has practically ruined the FIVE with his bone headed, bull headed attitude about President Trump. Other liberal panel replacements for Williams do a much better job of carrying on a reasonable debate. Williams hates Trump and just wants to get into shouting matches. Permanently replacing him on the FIVE would really improve the show!

      4. If you were a Trump supporter and got the China virus Juan would say oh maybe she/he was on a Trump rally! meaning you deserve it.
        I hope that keeps him away for good.

      5. Horrid? it has a 99.8% recovery rate. I had it. It wasn’t that bad and I have diabetes. People are so afraid of their own shadows today it is a wonder they can even function at all. Well, it is said that ignorance is bliss. You must be the happiest people in the entire universe.

        1. I suspect I may have had it in January but was unaware at the time that Kung Flu was even a thing. So I had no reason to take the not yet in existence test for a disease I didn’t know existed.
          Since I only have a few comorbidities, like age 75, weight 240, Afib, etc. It took me a few days to get over it.

      6. If it is so “horrid” then why are in excess of 99.9% of those afflicted recovering on their own, if they even know that they have it? Most do not know they have it without later testing positive for having the anti bodies in their blood.

      7. When in war there is one moto kill or be killed Juan is the enemy He could ask for forgiveness but he is a atheist

    2. He is definitely too emotional. HIs arguments don’t make sense most of the time. He ignores riots and other facts that are in front of him. It must be time for him to retire.

    3. I am not a Juan Williams fan, but will be praying that the test is a false positive, and for a quick recovery if it is in fact positive. As a Christian, this is what we do, hate is not in our vocabulary! Get better soon Juan and get back to work!

    1. Nobody said he was sick? He tested positive that’s all! Millions test positive and don’t even know that they are positive!

  2. Juan Williams would probably make the virus sick. In any case the Plandemic is a great hoax designed to scare the sheep into giving away the republic. Tragically, it is working.

    1. Notice how we don’t see any statistics this year about the good ol’ fashioned flu which kills thousands, maybe millions, every year? It’s not around to kill people this year?

        1. FOX is now infiltrated with RINOS. Found that out on Election night. I guess word got out that the fix was in, calling states for Biden early – they must’ve known about Dominion which has put us on a direct path to Communism.

  3. Wondered why no Dems got the virus! Now we got one! Maybe God is going to pick on haters for a while. The media better watch out! I think Biden people have already had their vaccines sent directly from China! Guess they left out Juan!

  4. Don’t wonder about or it is no surprise. He always has his nose in where it don’t belong. May this will end his time with FOX it needs to. Has to be the worst so call journalist of which he is no even a journalist he is a reader of prepared subjects that someone else thinks is news. If he is dismissed it will be good riddance. Her has been fired from every job in the news media he has had so it will not be a loss.

    1. Be careful what you wish for. Juan can pass for a comedian. If they replace him who knows what they will dig up.

  5. I can’t stand Juan Williams. He is basically an idiot, complete token dem and “identity” career.

    Williams is an embarrassment and detracts for all he touches.

    Hope he recovers but is also never seen again!

  6. this token dem detracts from all he touches… has become so biased in attempts to put dem view across that he just comes off as a moron

  7. I do not wish illness on anyone however I feel NO compassion or ANY feelings for Juan Williams & 95% of the now defunct crew on Fox who back stabbed OUR President Trump & cost them everything!!! NEWSMAX, Parley & OOAN have taken over,!!!

      1. Maybe you will get lucky and china will come and take you home with them and lock you up in the fish room filled with the virus.

  8. This is his payback from the “ 5”…his refusal to see real truth
    Seems the test he needs to learn from?
    If he does…

  9. He should monitor his temperature regularly. He shouldn’t be alone. He has a twit for a wife. For better or worse Mrs. Williams.

  10. Did he also test positive for being brainless? He is about the most pathetic human I have ever seen. I have seriously contemplated cancelling Fox News because of him, Chris Wallace, and Geraldo Rivera. All back stabbing babbling idiots. They should at least make Juan wear a DUNCE CAP so everybody will know they should ignore him and his asinine opinions.

  11. So he is in a hotel because he doesn’t want to expose his wife, only all the other hotel guests and staff. What a jerk. How about his wife goes to a hotel and he goes home.

  12. Juan Williams deserves to be in quarantine, or even better, confinement. One less leftist to dilute Fox News. I’ll still stick pretty much to NewsMax. Juan can always take hydroxychloroquine, unless he’d rather die.

  13. I have noticed that when the virus deaths go up all other reasons for death go down. But, when this was pointed out to CDC by a well known university (John Hopkins) it was ignored and not even mentioned in news stations. What we need is a chart showing how many new deaths (without underlying causes) can be attributed to covid-19.

  14. Covid IS just flu. According to my doctor I had it twice, I have a weak immune system, had pneumonia twice in my life.. STILL had worse hangovers. Covid is just flu rebranded. Anyone who still thinks all this misery is about a virus, you deserve all you get.

  15. Can Juan be permanently left off of The Five. He is so annoying. Juan getting COVID is a perfect example of how the lefty loons want to blame the COVID spread on conservatives, when all of the states with the highest death rates from COVID are the northern blue states. New Jersey and New York top the list, yet they want to blame southern and midwestern red states. I don’t think so. It would be great if Juan became one of the COVID death statistics the liberals love to use to justify keeping us shut down.

  16. I wouldn’t want him to come back to the house, ever. demonrats need to stay outside & never return. Head to Venezuela. He is totally brainwashed.

  17. oh i stop watching that show the Five because of him that Trump hating you know how the rest of us feel asshole,you think your better than us i have been listing to your shit for so long.

  18. Yes, U.S. corporations, helped fund the lab in Communist China for the purpose of creating medicines and other medical awareness on diseases and virus.
    As you all know, China makes most of our medicines and PPE.
    So do I believe this China virus (super flu) was released on purpose, Yes!
    China could no longer stop our economic greatness created by President Trump. So CCP created chaos in the world to stifle America with a virus that can be easily treated with Hydroxychloroquine and a Z pack. Oh, but oh No, the psycho lefties say it doesn’t work.
    And countless lives have died because of fake news and the silencing of common sense doctors around the world who use Hydroxychloroquine.
    CCP does not care how many of there own people are sacrificed for the betterment of the communist way of life as long as America is not First!

  19. Oh by the way, Juan claims to be some sort of christian but believes in the lefts values like abortion. A true believer, Catholic, Christian or Jewish, do not believe in murdering babies in the womb or after birth. Maybe Juan will really have a true conversion during his China 19 tea and repent of his ignorant stance on what is real truth and the lies and deception of the godless socialist communist left!

  20. I think this virus was designed and allowed to get out for the sole purpose of helping the democrats perpetrate the fraud in our voting system. Allowed to scare the hell out of the American people to stay home and request mail in ballots. The purpose for them to be able to manipulate the fraud through these ballots. Remember the obama administration gave 40 million to the wuhan labs for reasons unknown. Now you know what it was for. People you need to wake up and investigate for yourselves regardless of what the news puts out. The truth is out there if you are not too lazy to seek it. Afraid we are too late unless President Trump wins his lawsuits regarding this election. If not, then American will change and become what obama could not get done in his 8 years. Dreary days are ahead for America and will continue as long as dems hold the office! JMHO!

  21. Two pithy points — as with any Corona Virus/”flu,” most of us will contract it, and not know we have it. The testing is a bad joke.

    One more thing. Were you his wife, would you want him back in the house … EVER?

  22. Juan sucks, the old man should retire, with his money he cares nothing about average middle class that are being screwed by rich Hollywood elitist, hyprocrites in the democrat party like pelosi and Maxine Schumer and Swallwell, these bastards are selling us out to China, selling our jobs closing our businesses down and stole this election– Even members of our court system have no backbone to allow the truth — its time the middle class start a real revolution— Our elitist government class has become corrupt and Make King George look like a boyscout


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