The States Siding with Texas in SCOTUS Suit

Texas filed a lawsuit with the U.S. Supreme Court against the four battleground states Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania on Tuesday. The lawsuit alleges that the states allowed the Covid pandemic to wrongfully justify ignoring both state and federal election laws to implement last-minute changes to the election process, ultimately to the benefit of Joe Biden. The case seeks to invalidate the four states 62 Electoral College votes, effectively earning President Trump a record term in the White House. Since Texas attorney general Ken Paxton announced the lawsuit a number of other states have rallied around the Lone Star state by filing an amicus brief supporting the Texas election suit.

These states are siding with Texas:

    1. I agree but here in Michigan we have a D=Gov, a D=AG,and a D-SOS. So a snowballs chance in H*LL that they would uphold the constitution as it was written.

  1. Well I’ve said to be patient, now you can get excited, for the next few days will show our youth why & what our Constitution, Supreme court & Amendments are for & how they work to protect us from crooks, thieves & protection for our Democracy. If a state or 2 or 3 or even 4 or more decide to change the laws without following the laws ,we still have our Supreme court to protect WE THE PEOPLE. This is why when all is said & done. PRESIDENT ELECT DONALD TRUMP, will remain another 4 years . Because he was legally voted on & in time of the ELECTION ,by The people for the People. Yes the PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN!! We ELECT TRUMP.

  2. I thank you All & congratulations for standing up to the larger, more populist states!! We also & Demand a fair Election!!

      1. In the military it’s called BOHCA. bend over here is comes again. That election was full of corruption. From mail in voting….. 47% of Maricopa County’s mail in ballots were not requested by the individuals but they managed to vote for Biden. Even 6000 dead voted for him and that’s on AZ. 20K+ in PA from Arlington voted for Biden. And let’s not forget WI were 130k votes for Biden and there were on 100k eligible….

        So who voted for who is the question not how many because that’s bogus.

        1. …… are right, the evidence is out there and it’s damning, some folks WON’T see it, they will never see it. “None are so blind as those who will not see.”, John Heywood 1546. I didn’t know there was an alternate universe, ….but evidently there are many people living there where none of this ans more occurred..

          There was a video out of China, taken in a printing factory by a worker where they were printing thousands of Michigan ballots to be shipped to the US.

          Truck drivers delivering hundreds of thousands of ballots to a warehouse, where they magically disappeared.

          Forensic evidence of the same ballots run through the machines over and over again.

          This really isn’t about Trump, it’s about us, the nation, our freedom and our liberty, but some can only see what’s in it personally for them …….they don’t see the bigger picture and what they stand to lose. Corruption by any party should never be tolerated by a free people, regardless of circumstances, no excuses.

  3. More states should join this fight to defend the Constitution! How many of our military have shed their blood and died in foreign lands to protect our freedom? This fight is to save America as we know her, to save the Constitution, and to preserve our American way of life! The Dems will bring socialism/communism and the downfall of our country! Be aware of what we are facing!
    God save and bless America!


  5. Come on ARIZONA step up and JOIN this Lawsuit. Finally get the GONADS to stop this STATE from going BLUE. WE ARE A CONSERVATIVE RED STATE and because we have GOP REPS that don’t have the GUTZ to FIGHT for our Freedoms, Constitution and our RIGHT we turned CALIFORNIA BLUE.😖👅🥶😱👎😭😡😠😷😰😩😝

    1. If you look at the voting records of CA a split north and south does not change any thing – the divide is between the Coastal elites that vote 90% Democrat and the inland conservative Farmers and Business people who vote Republican and still support Trump . Also Orange County and San Diego has also returned to Red because of the Demo crafty debacles and Covid shutdown. Some of the North CA is conservative and some very Isolated Liberatarian more like inland Oregon who many say want to split off to Join Idaho

          1. ..............we are not a democracy, ...we are a democratic republic.  A true democracy is mob rule ......two wolves and a sheep discussing what's for lunch.  The founders knew the dangers of a true democracy created a Republic instead.  It's all laid out in the US Constitution. 
          2. Go out and play with the rest of the adolescents! You have no clue of what the real world is all about!

    2. Sounds great but, no way will Pelosi stand for that….she would be living in a conservative state and would never win another election!

  6. It’s all ludicrous the way the Dems do it get caught doing it and nothing happens too them. Like they say they are above the law. They took the only thing we had over them and that is our right to vote.
    God won’t let them , he is gonna put Donald Trump back in the drivers seat. Pray ppl there is power in prayer

    1. You must have flunked history. The Democrats have done a better job with the economy than the Republicans and you can actually look up the statistics to prove it

  7. Texas I’m sending this message out to everyone. Here’s news from what I heard from Wisconsin. Evers the beaver is laughing and pulling out punches against you. Beware of his bullshit. I say it as it is. Evers the beaver thinks your all a joke. He has something up his sleeve. So.BE PREPARED FOR IT. HE’S NASTY, EVIL,DEVIOUS, LIEING RAT. AND WISCONSINITES CAN’T STAND HIM.

  8. This is more than a mistake the way these state’s handed their people letters to follow instructions to rig an election. People should be made to stand before a judge for their fraudulent actions. Starting with the leaders in the democrat party down. People who took an OATH OF OFFICE were guilty of cheating by stealing an election fraudulently. I took my Oath of Duty seriously and served four years in the Marine Corps in Vietnam. SEMPER FIDELIS

    1. People should be made to stand before a judge for their fraudulent actions – Giuliani did and got shot down each time.

  9. This country is now being directed to one party what means is socialism media is in it for even utube says we the people can’t believe in what we want they block all block what we believe so civil war is coming they not know what they ask ill fight for this country

    1. Socialism – a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole. Do you hear any Democrat advocating we eliminate the stock market? Get a new dictionary, dude

  10. Joe Biden has to go and whatever it takes, Americans must stand strong and determined to have him removed asap! He is thorn in the name of America and can’t be allowed to continue as Pres!

      1. Neither do you D. Cheating is not winning. The Democrats should get a failing grade of Zero and all the other candidates should win, but all the Democrats should lose, since their team got caught cheating.

      2. A commie prof taught you everything the marxist Dems want you to know! You did not receive a education, you were indoctrinated and they did a fine job warping your gray matter! You would be shocked to see a real civics text book, bet you have never seen even one!

    1. Remove Biden and leave us with comrade Kamala………she is even worse! Of course we realize she was hand picked for VP so Pelosi could push Biden aside to make Kamala President. Comrade Kamala was not electable at the top of the ticket and it had to be managed this way! Poor old Biden has been made to believe he chose Kamala….the joke is on Joe! Damned devious Dems!

  11. I am so proud that we have a great President Trump that has the backbone to stand up for Americans and our freedom. Thanks to the 17 states that are going to stand with Texas for an honest elections . If Americans can’t have an honest election, we are a 3rd world country! That’s 1/3 rd of our country. I hope more states join the group. Most Americans with half a brain know that the communist democrats stole the election! Great Americans that saw with their own eyes and filled out Affidavits as to what they saw took courage. Our AG Barr and the plum stupid news media that lie and say there’s no fraud need need to go and live in a communist country. God bless President Trump and maybe with Supreme Court Judge Amy Barrett can I still in the Supreme Court especially Roberts and the 3 liberal ones that their role is to interpret the Constitution and not make new laws! True Americans that love our country are with you President Trump!

  12. Frances , I could not agree more. This is OUR FREE COUNTRY !!! AND NO ONE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD. NEVER BE ALLOWED TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY AWAY !!! IF PEOPLE TRULY WANT A COMMUNIST COUNTRY THEY SHOULD MOVE TO ONE !!! And with that being said I know their is a lot of mental illnesses in this country. And I am not liking to run anyone down . I do like people until I have a reason to dislike someone. AND I do pray that these illnesses can be cured for the sake of OUR CHILDREN !!! I do know as well as many others this system is not perfect by no means. But these socialist countries are by far worse. These people that don’t think they are not a bad idea should go live in one of those countries for at least 10 years and see what they think . But then the Mentally deranged people would be the only ones that would like it. AND I would suggest they stay there. If kids can not play and grow like all other kids in America 🇺🇸 people would be as animals of the worst kind. Slavery is not a option. AND I would fight til my DEATH ON THAT ISSUE!!! Smarter PEOPLE would just get along . all this race bull crap 99.9% of the time is brought up by DAMOCRAPS Around election times. I have had some problems in the past with IGNORANT Gangs . But does not make all PEOPLE bad. AND I don’t hold issues like that against real people. I seen in a artical where a new DICTIONARY about the meaning of words are changing. Of course that is only to meat the stupidity of IGNORANT people. Because they can not make a understandable word that fits the description of what they want it to mean. AND BOOKS LIKE THAT SHOULD NEVER BE PUBLISHED!!! And for this and this reason ONLY. It only CAUSES CONFUSESION . AND THAT STEMS MOSTLY AROUND THE DAMOCRAPS. to Prove a point TAKE a real Close look at HILLARY PELOSI AOC OBAMA SCHUMER WRAY THEY LOVE TURNING WORDS AND LIE’S AROUND JUST TO MAKE OTHERS LOOK BAD AND BLAME SOMEONE ELSE FOR WHAT THEY DID. !!! That is not A SMART PERSON , THAT IS A DECEITFUL PERSON . AND those are the one’s that will LIE CHEAT AND STEAL !!! OR ELSE WHY WOULD THEY THIS MEANING DAMOCRAPS IN WASHINGTON. SPEND OUR TAX MONEY ON THEIR PARTIES , TRANSPORTATION, LAVISH GIFTS for their friend’s and family ??? And give MILLIONS OF OUR TAX PAYERS DOLLARS to those that contribute to THEIR CAMPAIGNS. ??? It’s not right it’s not fair to the PUBLIC . BUT REMEMBER DAMOCRAPS DO NOT CARE ABOUT WHATS FAIR!!! AT ALL . BUT WE ALL NEED TO DO A LITTLE MORE UNDERSTANDING AND GET ALONG AND PRAY THAT MENTAL PEOPLE LIKE THOSE DERANGED LEFTS GET KICKED COMPLETELY OUT OF POLITICAL OFFICE’S AND SEEK HELP IN MENTAL INSTITUTIONS !!!

  13. Don’t count on any of the Blue states. Maybe all, of the Red States, but that should be enough. Even one state should have been enough. Cheating is cheating, and the Democrats cheated. Do your job, and do it honestly SCJ. Don’t sell out to the BEAST!

  14. Where is OHIO??? Ohio should have been one of the first to join in.
    Dewine is proving over and over again that he really is a first rate POS…

  15. In addition to Ohio:
    Where are Alaska, Idaho, Iowa, New Hampshire and Wyoming?? ALL have repub governors and should be in the fight!
    Maryland and Mass have pseudo repub govs so we can’t expect them to support anything but the demonKKKrat cause.

  16. To “Just Me”
    We may be living under the heel of Soros funded Democrat Terrorists in Michigan, but we the majority of people in MICHIGAN vote again to join with our American brothers against this disenfranchisement of us all. We are just as much against the totalitarian take over of Michigan as the rest of America is. So, PLEASE count the real MICHIGAN UNITED WITH YOU ALL!

  17. All states that are not led by Democrats should join forces and assist in this historical action. It is the only way that factual elections can be expected in the future. Since the Democrats want to be able to violate any and all rules to ensure accurate elections, the new rules must eliminate mass mail-in (not Absentee) ballots and require in-person voting.

  18. This is not about red and blue aka GOP and Dems…….it is about right and wrong and good vs evil! I won’t bore you with the details of which is which!
    Election fraud must not be tolerated and allowed to stand by either party!
    The extent of measures to pull this level of fraud off goes much much deeper than DJT, think about it… is to forever change the USA to a totally different system, socialism/communism, and the appearance of the marxist BLM, antifa, etc. to provide their militia was certainly no accident.


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