EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Proud Boys & ANTIFA/BLM Clash At Millions MAGA March

Old White Truck from USA via (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/deed.en) Wikipedia Commons

What started as a beautiful, patriotic day, turned into a violent, bloody night accumulating in 4 stabbings and 33 arrests between Proud Boys, BLM/ANTIFA, and Trump supporters in the D.C. streets.  Nine people were transported to hospitals, according to Washington, D.C.’s Fire and EMS Department. Two of the nine were police officers with injuries that were not life-threatening.

Both sides were looking to cause trouble as the night fell. After spending all day in the streets, drinking booze, and getting lubed up with anger and pumping themselves up with their “Uhuru” rallying cry – Proud Boys were looking to break some necks by the time 6 P.M. rolled around. 

Proud Boys were repeatedly shouting at any person that came across their path dressed in black, on a bike or skateboard, or looking suspicious. It started to become a cat-and-mouse game between ANTIFA and Proud Boys. 

[jwplayer t7YUWjUq-lzmB6GEw]

ANTIFA wore their typical black bloc, carried homemade riot shields with profanity written on them, helmets on their head, and face shields. ANTIFA looked like a 2020 knight on foot if there ever was such a thing. On the other hand, Proud Boys wore military-looking gear, ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ merch, and preferred batons and their fists to fight with. 

Many times the two subgroups would be colliding into intersections and roads and the police and surveillance helicopters would try to keep up with the groups and separate them before too many fists were thrown. 

[jwplayer gKnWd2hH-lzmB6GEw]

Both groups were insulting each other by making personal digs at family members and appearances. This video of a father experiencing what looked like a mental breakdown when ANTIFA/BLM insulted his daughters that were standing next to him. His wife and daughters were pulling him back as he cried out with a bloody mouth.

[jwplayer eHvgdXaA-lzmB6GEw]

Police were trying to keep these groups as separate and barricaded as possible by standing shoulder to shoulder with riot shields, pepper spray, and batons, but this tactic soon made both groups turn on the police because they were not allowing altercations to happen. At one point, Proud Boys, a group that strongly backs the blue, screamed “F*** the police!”

At one point, the police were defending themselves against both groups. Proud Boys would continue to walk the streets and find any possible route to get near ANTIFA. But as soon as they found a route, the police would quickly block them off. 

Unlike the last Million MAGA March where innocent Trump supporters were making their way back to their hotels and were jumped and harassed by ANTIFA, this time Proud Boys were not going to allow that to happen. Some Proud Boys’ jobs were to simply escort Trump supporters to their hotels safely. 

Outside of many hotels where ANTIFA was marching, there were police officers guarding the door where you could visibly see Trump supporters in the lobby looking frightened. Many businesses would see ANTIFA in the distance and put all of their tables, chairs, customers, and heaters inside and would lock the door for fear of destruction of their property. 

By midnight, these groups trickled out and D.C. police surveilled the streets throughout the night and reopened the streets for Sunday morning drivers. 

  1. Antifa must be destroyed!!! This they are a terrorist group! Proud boys are just fed up with antifa murderous ways, and we must support them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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