Trump Proven RIGHT Again

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President Trump did it first. The British government will no longer require public servants to go through “unconscious bias training” claiming the practice has produced no evidence it actually works. In a statement Cabinet Officer minister, Julia Lopez wrote, “unconscious bias training does not achieve its intended aims. It will therefore be phased out in the civil service.”  The British government has supported the move to end the ineffective bias training even claiming the practice has backfired in some cases.

President Trump lead the charge to end racial sensitivity training in the U.S. government by banning the practice with an Executive Order, claiming the practice is “divisive and anti-American.” Trump faced a swift backlash for his decision which is now being mirrored across the pond.

President Trump tweeted, “A few weeks ago, I BANNED efforts to indoctrinate government employees with divisive and harmful sex and race-based ideologies. Today, I’ve expanded that ban to people and companies that do business with our Country, the United States Military, Government Contractors, and Grantees. Americans should be taught to take PRIDE in our Great Country, and if you don’t, there’s nothing in it for you!”

The Daily Wire reports:

The Government Equalities Office says there has been “no evidence” that the training improved workplace equality.

Psychologist Dr. Stuart Ritchie told the outlet that there was “nowhere near robust evidence” to suggest unconscious bias training changed behavior, adding that it was usually used to “placate worries” instead of actually reducing racial bias.

Those who profit from such “race equity” training were appalled by the decision, insisting the government needed to replace the training with something else.

Halima Begum, chief executive of the Runnymede Trust race equality think tank, told the BBC that the government “mustn’t backtrack on anti-racism training,” even though the chief concern with the unconscious bias training is that it doesn’t work. Begum also acknowledged that the training may not be effective and suggested a corporate “diversity industry” simply pushing “off the shelf” training.

President Trump has fought against the push for racial bias training in the U.S.which primarily focuses on systemic racism and white privilege by pushing for the promotion of “patriotic education” efforts.

  1. Yep, they called it “sensitivity training” at the USPS! We are not a racist nation. Call me racist but at least I hate everybody equally!

    1. We are a racist nation.
      Racist nations incarcerate people of color at more than than twice the rate of White people .

  2. I put my back into my living, I don’t need no forgiving, shove your reeducation b.s. where the sun don’t shine

    1. The really fun part is that jobs that require back breaking work, an no education, pay really close to minimum wage.

    1. That’s because Canada is a full blown Socialist Nation. America will not accept Socialism and our Democrats are about to find that out in January.

  3. President Trump is the greatest president in my lifetime – and I am old.

    The fools that came up with this BS (“unconscious bias training”) are nothing short of complete azzholes. Liberal Democrats are always trying to find ways to claim “Victimhood”. The only thing they are victims of is their own stupidity.

    1. I have had both conscious, and unconscious, bias since I was ten years old.
      That is when my pappy told me the truth about ‘people of color’.

  4. What a waste. What’s ironic is that the people pushing this kind of “training” are even more racist because it targets a specific group of people who had no detrimental effect on my life in the last few years.

  5. An open letter to Americans.
    If you feel your ability to succeed is dependent on my attitude about your skin color, you have been made a victim by someone other than me. I couldn’t care less what color you skin is. Others attitude has nothing to do with your abilities, drive, perseverance, intelligence, honesty, or work ethic. That is up to you.
    If you feel that you cannot succeed because the “system” has been stacked against you for generations, you have been deceived by those who believe you couldn’t possibly make it without their help and approval, and you are still living on the Democrat Plantation they created. It might be time to emancipate yourself and embrace the party of personal responsibility, and individual rights, the Republican party.
    The party that actually believes in equal justice for all. After all, what gave Democrats done for anyone? The government is not your way to prosperity, you are.

  6. I commanded military units in 5 nations on three Continents multiple times . Some were very close to being Socialists themselves, yet the USA came in to save their (we sometimes thought) worthless hides. Oh yea, they would accept our protection from other Socialist nations taking them over, but not risk a single one of their people. President Trump stopped that policy AND “no brain” will start it up once more.

    1. How many of the 5 places you went wanted you there?
      I spent a 2 years in Vietnam and a year in Laos. .
      They did not want us there.

  7. Those training programs are stupid. The Left like to call the U.S. racist every chance they get. I submit that if America is so friggin racist, then why does everyone want to come here?

  8. The whole racism issue is a made up problem and effects very little amount of American people now days. This is an issue the democrats have used and counted on in the past to get elected and to make them look all Holly and good people. It doesn’t work very well now days because most smart Black people have figured this out. Look at Leo Terrell on Hannity, He is/was a die hard Democrat but has seen the truth and has seen How President Trump has done more for the Black Community than all the democrats have ever done. That’s a fact the Media won’t talk about and won’t let you talk about either


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