Foreign Countries Receiving U.S. Dollars in a Pandemic

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Congressional leaders have finally agreed upon a Covid relief package. The bi-partisan legislation was believed to be the latest in an effort to help Americans still reeling from the long-lasting effects the Coronavirus pandemic has had on our economy and lives. However, the bill includes billions in foreign aid while Americans still struggle to pay their rent and feed their families ahead of the holidays. Americans were shocked to see funds being allocated to foreign countries while they are only set to receive $600 in stimulus checks. Take a look to see which countries benefit from the Coronavirus stimulus package.

These are the foreign countries receiving funds:

  1. You lowlife sorry communist bastards…..we need to take back this Country. We have to take over the GOVERNMENT and get new people that are NOT COMMUNIST ELECTED.

    1. Hey Captain – we are in – most conservatives need a plan and a place – time to take over the most corrupt government in the world – OURS! Whomever plans the republican and conservative meetings at the state capitals in Arizona and California recently needs to let the rest of us know where and when to meet up – we will be there! The real power is in numbers – that means all of us in the USA that voted for Trump 2020!!

  2. What a crock!!!! Payroll deduct Congress until the national debt is paid down, since they are the cause of out of control spending.

    1. Charge China with 100 $ Trillion dollars for damages done to us. Pay up or deport and cease to buy or have any type dealings with the creeps. Kick China Joe out of the country along with his son Hunter. Trump is the president, not him!

  3. President Trump veto this outrageous bill made up of PORK FOR PORKLOUSI AND THE rest of the COMMUNISTS that inhabit CONGRESS ! QUEEN BITCH take your $600,00 and stick it up your ass as far as you can reach! You are nothing but a money grubbing whore who would sell herself to any other country but ignore the needs of the American people!

  4. Instead give 1mil. to each and every American over the age of 30, so this country can get back on it’s feet. With tons left over. Total idiots. Who thinks up these things?

  5. Why. Should. Foriegn countries. Make out like. Bandits. And. We. The. People get
    The. Shaft? Scumbags.always. pick. Over
    Us. The. Democrats are the. Scum. Of. This. Country. While. Us. Americans. Can
    Barely feed our. Families. the. Other countries. get. Showered. with. Millions
    Of our. Money. Makes. Me. Sick. To. See this I. Guess. Congress. Wants. To see. Us
    Suffer. Bigtime one. Day. Their time. Will.
    Come. Congress is a bunch. Of. Lowlifes
    Who. Couldn’t. Careless and. Selfish

    1. Thanks to Piglosi and the Scum-o-crats. They give our money to others and try to boss us around. Time to set them straight. You work for us or you hit the road Jack! The $$$$ BILLIONAIRES are not the boss, they only think they are. We, the average hard working citizens, are your employers. So get that through your hard arrogant heads.

  6. Please veto this bill, Mr. President. We, as Americans, should not support any other country but our own.

  7. Pelosi needs to go! China gave us China virus and not by accident either! She wants America to work for all the countries she wants to give too! She is sick, our people are going without while she sits with her $ 24,000. Refrigerator eating her ice cream? The nerve of her calling herself an elite too! She is an anti-Christ , Can not stand to look at that devil!

  8. I hope President Trump will announce an address to the nation and veto the whole CoVid relief package on national TV; AFTER explaining to the American people all of the money congress is trying to give away to other countries, and how little actually will go for relief of us American citizens. He needs to ‘out’ these treasonous villains in congress.

    $600 for American’s and 10’s of thousands for issues NOT RELATED TO CHINA-COVID !!!! WHAT AN ABOMINATION !!!!

  10. covid relief is for americans you morons! not the kennedy center or other nations, with the exception of israel i guess. that’s my line in the sand

    1. They don’t want that because it makes too much sense and the President could delete their extravagant and wasteful spending game! But I agree with you. A line item right should be mandatory!

  11. Over the next two weeks we the people need to push hard on officials Local , State and Federal to go full McCarthyism in the Senate and to reopen The Committee on Unamerican Activities in the House of Representatives then drag both Soros and Koch in front of it followed by a seemingly endless parade of communists , communist sympathizers and other subversives and when we meet resistance and we will meet resistance now that the powers that be have gotten the suckers to vote and plan to dump us to the wayside like they always do it’s time for recall elections on officials Local , State and Federal . We went through hell this year and just as 2019 was worse then 2018 and 2020 was worse then 2019 , 2021 will be worse then 2020 unless we shut this down hard . Gray Davis tried to pull a fast one on California just like the nation got played this year and California kicked Davis through the goal post and out of the stadium in a recall election. We got played this year but the powers that be had to spend a massive amount of time , resources , money and people to do it and they can’t do it again so soon. So it’s time for punishment instead of waiting around for whatever hits us next.

  12. Then why sign the bill ??? Stop the democrats from always getting their way…..more debt for our country …and as usual, lots of wasteful spending ….wait for the right bill and sign that….

  13. This is not anything new, folks. It is precisely the way liberal Democrats have been getting funding for unpopular projects for the last 100 years or thereabouts. They attach all the spending to legislation that cannot be refused and hide it with a different name. It is dishonesty at its zenith.

  14. What we need is Trump to allocate a large sum of land that is owned as park land to use as a minute man training base, I will gladly set time to be a drill instructor and train civilians who support Trump in the ways I was trained in the TOP SECRET US ARMY Special Forces Super Soldier Training Program the absolute pentacle of Special Forces to take back our country from the low life communist bastards in congress, or appoint me as a general and I will be judge, jury and executioner of the demoRATS who voted for the Russia collusion impeachment hearings and failed to produce any truth to their lies, 2 possible outcomes to the charge if found guilty 1 death by hanging 2 death by firing squad, Trumps choice!!!


    1. Sorry good for nothing Congressmen/women and the same to be said about our Judges, except for Alito and Thomas, they are the only honest patriotic ones. The rest clearly showed us who they were for and it certainly was not us!

  16. It’s time to unite against this deplorable basket of representatives who what to take from the American people, how many children will go without Christmas because of these idiots!

  17. You evil people. You will help everyone but your own citizens. With the money you are wasting on border walls for another country (while you protest border walls for OUR country, you could easily have given that money to citizens, all of us who are desperately in need due to your selfish decisions. Someone needs to pass legislation that EVERY bill voted on is a stand alone bill so you greedy, wealthy, officials cannot not tack on tons of pork to every bill. You disgust me.

    1. Did I hear it right on Tucker Carleson’s show last night that there is money in this bill going to Jordan for border security????????!!!!!

  18. Support Trump and stop the steal. Make the Court do its job. Have everyone reregister for Voter ID and include full name, and address. Place clear thumb print on square. Make copy for person, send original to National data Base to be used for ID later on. When voting place thumb print in square on ballot. Then insert into machine for verification. If compares to print on file vote counts. If it does not compare, then vote does not count and guard escorts voter to jail to further investigate why print did not match. Court will determine if an attempt to illegally vote occurred. This would stop a lot of bogus votes!

  19. Never mind the millions out of work and those who lost their businesses in the USA, gender studies in Pakistan is of the upmost importance. These nimrods have poisoned the minds of the young right here at home and now it’s time do the “woke” BS abroad with OUR money.

  20. I can’t believe the congress is this F/N stupid!!!!!!! Every person in congress that voted for this give away of our tax money should be jailed !!!!!!!!! Help Americans NOT foreign governments!!!!!!! DISGRACEFULL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. China needs to payoff the debt that was incurred to our country and the liberal multi- billionaires that fixed this election against people..

  22. Don’t put all the blame on the democrats. The Senate could stop the bill if they wanted too. They could change the wording on the bill and send it back to the house. They didn’t as far as I understand. I think the reason is that they are afraid of what the media and the democrat party will do too them for refusing to give Americans the $600 check.

  23. Trump Had made it very plain that he would not accept a Covid bill that was full of non-related and non-vital items. Did the Senate sabotage him?

    There is confusion about the bills. The News says they are 2 separate bills, the COVID bill and the spending bill. As described in TTN, the COVID bill was described as a clean bill. rump wanted it to have more than $600, and he suggested $2,000. Has the system been fixed that sent billions of dollars to prison inmates and others who should not have received them

    It was the spending bill that had many billions going to non-vital and to foreign places, not vital, to which Trump objected, and he should have objected. But the talk made it seem that these 2 bills are in the same bill that Trump said he would veto.

    Trump also said he would veto the defense bill, but we don’t know why or what it contained the was objectionable

  24. Don’t you just love how Congress is so quick to give our money away to anyone but we the taxpayers. They think they can salve their consciences with $600 bucks. F…..g commies.

  25. What they should BLESS them with is that place where those vile creatures live you can find them by the smell of their breath . it smells like they had been eating rotten rats that all they need in that swamp all of the creatures and the swamp with communist China Joey and his horse KAMALA hairyass and PELOSI and HILLARY OBAMA give them to those countries. No matter what he is not plans will not be a president. At all he is a lying CHEATER . that means he did not win he cheated and anyone with 1 eye and half SENCE knows that . him and his fraud team made this a ILLEGAL FRAUDULENT ELECTION he can and may be a dictator that may hold the WHITEHOUSE hostage . but he won’t be a President only a communist and everyone better keep your guns ready . they will try to take them . do not give them up get plenty of ammo. If you don’t have a gun you better get one . this communist and his hoese are only clearing the way to bring their commies over here. COMMUNIST are only good for one thing . to do with what our military did with them . I will fight and die just just like those who FAUGHT AND died for our freedom and our rights. They will die the same they will not make one rule I will follow. I do not listen to DICTATOR’s on USA. SOIL . USA WILL CEASE TO EXSIST IT BECOMES A WAR GROUND FOR A COMMUNIST BATTLE. USA may or may not come back . if OUR MILITARY DONT STOP THESE COMMUNIST . AND any law enforcement working under a commie becomes a commie. You do have the right to defend yourself family friends and what you’re even if they deal it to be theirs. If they kick your door in shoot. Put long screws in all door hinges harder to kick door open. If they make make them dead.

  26. Cambodia?? Laos???? There are STILL AMERICAN PRISONERS KNOWN TO BE ALIVE despite the fact that all were supposed to be released in 1973!!! And now we’re going to give them MILLIONS OF OUR TAX DOLLARS???? This is definitely adding INSULT TO INJURY to the American people!!! Our “members of congress” that we Elected have now turned against the very people they are supposed to “protect and serve”! ALL of my savings have been wiped out and I am about to lose my home. $600 won’t even make one mortgage payment! But they want to send BILLIONS of our tax dollars to Cambodia, Laos, Afghanistan –the very countries where thousands of our men and women sacrificed their very LIVES in service to OUR COUNTRY!!! This is an absolute DISGRACE!!!


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