REPORT: Trump is Furious With These Top Admin Officials

White House [Public Domain]

President Trump is lashing out at top administration officials who do not align with his thinking according to a new report.

Axios is the outlet that broke the report about President Trump’s growing frustrations with his inner circle.

According to Axios:

The latest: Targets of his outrage include Vice President Pence, chief of staff Mark Meadows, White House counsel Pat Cipollone, Secretary of State Pompeo and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Why it matters: Trump thinks everyone around him is weak, stupid or disloyal — and increasingly seeks comfort only in people who egg him on to overturn the election results. We cannot stress enough how unnerved Trump officials are by the conversations unfolding inside the White House.

Top officials are trying to stay away from the West Wing right now.

-Trump is lashing out, and everyone is in the blast zone: At this point, if you’re not in the “use the Department of Homeland Security or the military to impound voting machines” camp, the president considers you weak and beneath contempt.

President Trump is especially furious with the Vice President. Trump does not view Pence as fighting hard enough for him. A source for Axios has stated that he has even cited an ad from the Lincoln Project that claims Vice President Pence is “backing away” from him.

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      1. It’s a shame after Trump got them all in, now he needs them snd they are all turning their backs on him.
        They don’t care, he is the one who had his election stollen.
        The Republican Party will never be the same as they all
        belong to the democratic party and all are part of the swamp , that is why they never backed him up!
        Frankly speaking he shamed them all and they hate him for it!
        I will be changing my affiliation away from Republican!
        And yes Pence is a player also, nothing but a bunch of phony weaklings!

        1. Kristi. You are so spot on with your comments! Trump is a fighter and most all Republicans are weak kneed spineless gutless wimps! He proved once why we the people love this man by his taking a stand against the EMBACLES in the senate who most all Republicans voted for this DISASTEROUS supposedly Coronavirus bill! They wanted to give Americans crums but yet throw away money to foreign governments and there was more ridiculous garbage in this 5500 page boondoggle! His taking a stand that people starving in America should receive 2000 and elminate all the pork or he wont sign the bill! This man truly cares about the poor people in America! There is no Republican President ever that would have vetoed that BOONDOGGLE!

    1. And he is along with some very brave and strong patriots!!! This country MUST abide the Constitution and that means all government officials, elected politicians who swore to do this, and the Supreme Court.

  1. I’m NOT shocked. Who’s shocked? NOBODY! Just a typical day in the swamp where loyalty is tested by the size of your opponents wallet.
    ALL POLITICIANS ARE OUT FOR THEMSELVES. They sold us out long ago.

    1. This whole city needs a good housecleaning.All these government officials have been fleecing the taxpayer for years and every four years they create more inefficient agencies in order to fleece the American people.Then you have more corrupt republicans who should be joining the democrats for they would be better off with them.Thank GOD that I do not belong to none of them! We need a “PEOPLES PARTY’ and throw out all corrupt republicans & democrats under the leadership of Donald TRUMP!

  2. Those who do not support FAIR and LEGAL elections at this critical juncture, by overturning this illegal election activity by leftist Democrats will have caused great damage to America. The President is sworn to defend our Freedom and must uncover this illegal attack on America, and his Administration and Vice President should not cower.

    1. They are all sworn to defend our Freedoms and our Country against foreign and DOMESTIC attacks. If they do NOT make a stand against the TREASON we have all seen take place and is so obvious then WE THE PEOPLE WILL RIGHT THE WRONG. and we will give no quarter to those that went against us to try and steal our freedoms. I AM FIRED UP and hope the rest of the patriots of our beloved country are as well. WE MUST NOT HAVE OUR FREEDOMS STOLEN FROM US. Its time to make a stand!!!

  3. I completely agree with Trump. It is imperative, we fight this voter fraud, or we will never have another secure election. I am not sure the reporting is accurate, as it is always suspect. but if true, I don’t blame the president. Washington is rife with politicians who just want to keep things as is. Things need to change, as it is a cesspool. The election was clearly stolen. Barr needs to step up, but he has also fallen into the “I don’t want to get involved pit”! Grow some knads!

      1. I think it’s all about timing and Pence will be stepping down. I think the person Trump replaces Pence with will be a huge pleasant shock to the ppl. It’s coming !!

        1. I’m curious. Who do you think he will replace Pence with and why do you think he will replace him? Not Nikki Haley, I hope. She’s proven too many times she’s a RINO and a swamp creature!!


    1. Barr needs to be incarcerated. He lied and cheated to keep his buddies from being found out. How long had he known about the Hunter laptop, without informing Trump? The FBI has had the laptop for about a year and never said a word to Trump. They are SNAKES.

      1. Barr has been a sell out all along dragging his feet, making promises he never intended keeping. No significant convictions means he has been stalling. He must have been bought off!

        1. I too, have been feeling that he has been “bought off”, like Roberts on the Supreme Court. I am so disappointed in him!

        2. He is from the deep state for sure – Barr called the President and offered himself to be the AG – I have no idea how he knew President Trump, but he hired him – and has done nothing except back stab the man who gave him a very prestigious position! Barr should be put in jail for treason, for life!

    2. “Porky” Barr has always been suspect to me,bdcause he helped murder a religious sect out in Texas when he worked under? Janet Reno,A.G. at the time. He is a well practiced lefty con man,and did a few not so significant things to cheaply enhance his appearance of being on the American peoples,and President Trumps side. He obviously has worked out this rotten betrayal to cause maximum damage at the worst possible time. Get Covid 19 Barr,and thank your democrat/chinese pals for that bio-attack gift!

    3. Mr. Barr and Mr. Durham have not done any of the homework that they were assigned and paid for to do. Whatever they were supposed to have done in the investigation of Hunter Biden and wickedly evil daddy, was never done, that is why it was not brought out before the election, OR AFTER IT. President Trump should bring in some special agents from the military, to investigate these two traitors. They must be put in jail, and have them return the monies that were paid to them, to betray the President of the USA.

  4. Just right on line, “With his way of thinking” that is exactly correct, not any proof of anything. Now those Department heads are not immune from prosecution like Trump is and can actually go to jail for lying about things Trump lies about every day.

    1. MORON , I hope you enjoy your life under socialist politics !! You dimwits don’t understand the Word ,”Freedom”

    2. No election fraud, your head is buried pretty deep, huh. It’s really scary what all you dem liberals are doing to this country!

    1. It depends on what Pence does in the end. I don’t expect him to vote in Trump’s favor because of the doubt still there. But to vote for Biden would be voting for a thief and a fraud. He should throw out both sides, seven disputed states and offer that they should be ran again under tight supervision!

  5. Whoever is in the GOP and is not supporting Trump is either a coward or a traitor to America. America needs to change it’s name if Trump is taken out by this coup because it is no longer America. Any sane person can see what it will do to this country. Unless you are at the very top of the organizers you will be left with NOTHING and you deserve it!

  6. Not shocking politicians are politicians, they’re all in bed together. Trump is taking their government teat away from them, How dreadful they all are!

  7. They will always be known as a bunch of spineless,gutless,chickenshit,RINOS. This is the repuke party, without Trump, a pathetic,failure, as bad as the dummycraps.

  8. President Trump has the American patriots behind him 100%! Go Trump! Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures!

  9. The article is partly fake. I don’t believe Pompeo or Pence are turning on Trump. But we do need more fighters like General Flynn. Put Flynn as head of FBI and clean out the crap before Jan 20.

  10. How the hell can we know what goes on behind closed doors in the White House?! Given that there is so much fake news, it makes believing anyone difficult at best. Even what were considered “trust worthy” like Fox News. So, my opinion is worthless.

  11. Our government is just as corrupt as all those we snide at. It’s a damn shame that I have lived to see the day when the shining light on the hill has been darkened. Very, very sad.

  12. I agree with Trump! I don’t know who his advisors were or are but THEY should have had their behinds kicked out long ago! They have given him nothing but a bunch of whimpering RATS! Look at that rat Barr and that clown Wray in the F.B.I. Seems like Pence was 95% but now he looks like a loser! Our BEST President ever has been fighting almost alone since he started and needs some PATRIOTS helping him for a change! Sidney Powell is one Lou Dobbs is another! MORE OF THESE KIND PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  13. Seems to me now the Chinese are running our elections! President Trump should never stop fighting cause the Communist Democrats and their sponsers China and Iran have taken over! Does no good to even vote anymore after this crooked fraud of an election! Now with cheating it is like voting in Russia. All you vote for is one dictator like Biden soon to be Harris!!!!!

    1. It will always be—Ballots,or Bullets!! When you let the communists in,you can almost never get them out. Look at Cuba,Nicaragua,Venezuela and see why the communists always disarm the populace first before enslaving them to communist ideals.

  14. President Trump is the Commander in Chief and should immediately fire anyone that is disloyal!!!!!!!!!!

  15. This article is meant to divide the support base further. Makes no difference what is true or not true. In the end, I would suppose President Trump will be standing alone, except for the common folk, the deplorable maggots, who have supported him throughout. The Washington elitist will have all but abandoned him and our Constitutional Republic. The America First Agenda will die when he walks out of the White House for the last time. They have already started their globalist agenda by using the new bill, meant to help Americans, as a mask for giving our tax dollars to enemies like Pakistan. Who knows how many other ways this new bill is stabbing deplorables in the back, revenge in the making.

    1. Only President Trump will not be leaving the White House, he will be in office for another glorious 4 more years. I don’t think Trump will sign off on the bill.

  16. Enough is enough I’m so over with the media, journalist’s, Democrats and Republicans alike. They all need to go and bring fresh blood into these offices of entitled politicians.

  17. Fight now! Forget 2024– The same swamp that he fought in 2016 until today will be even stronger in 2924. The election violated the EO of 2018. The congress meeting of 1-6-21 will not recognize the alternate electors. Use the military option NOW!!!

  18. We The People have to be careful , there are so many wolves in sheep clothing . I have my doubts that VP Pence would turn on President Donald J. Trump . But Pence unlike President Donald J. Trump is a politician ! Maybe that is what the liberal and good old boys in DC hope We The People see .

  19. A Propagandic last straw of Socialists to divide and conquer as the truth surfaces and fear of Trump’s success for “keeping America great” mounts.

  20. Trump has been stabbed in the back since day one Flynn was good Bannon was good & Sebastian Gotka Notice they got canned as soon as possible by the current swamp dwellers What a shame Trump is a one man army

  21. I see some damn good comments and I agree there’s a lot of wimps all of a sudden turning up, rhinos to be exact and let’s not forget this happened once before with President Bush and no one seemed to think that that was no problem they overturned it and took care of business but with Trump old let’s just pretend it never happened

  22. I find it so hard to believe there’s that many brainless people out there that would vote for a puppet who didn’t do crap for 47 years except collect money sit on his ass and now he’s betraying the country selling us out to China in among other things it’s no surprise of how dirty this administration that’s trying to get in is and what it’s gotten away with !!!

  23. A strong President (Abraham Lincoln) had the media moguls of his day arrested and charged with sedition. His cabinet didn’t agree with his decision either.

  24. I think Trump needs to keep standing. He is strong and knows he won. But I don’t think he should come down on our Vice President because he is the only one in the White House that’s really fighting for President Trump. Mike Pence is a good Vice President I am with him all the way and if he was running for President I would vote for him. God has put some good men in the White House and we all better realise it. Trump won the election and he will take office when God is done revealing all the corruption. People need to wake up and know God is in complete control. Don’t let Trump down you will not regret it.

  25. Do not trust Sen. Steve Daines and Sen. Jon Tester of Mt. They are “selling out” the people of Montana on their Water Rights, and even land. This looks like it is to perpetuate and help the Native Americans, but it is really driving the people who have homesteaded and lived on their property for hundreds of years. It will make the Trump Administration look kike fools. Further, keep in mind, Gov. Gianforte and Sen. Daines have Chinese connections. Daines is really aligned with the Democrats.

  26. Off topic, but very important: On the evening of Nov 3, all of the swing states stopped reporting votes, but kept on counting through the night WITHOUT POLL WATCHERS PRESENT. In the morning, Biden was now ahead. Those votes should be audited because they are the ones that cost Trump his lead!!

  27. Impound all of the voting machines from the jurisdictions in question and use the US Marshalls to do it. The country is at stake. Plausible deniability form everyone including the courts is NOT acceptable! If US Marshalls are not doable just go for the brass ring….Marshall Law….Amen!

  28. If Pence decides the election it should not be for Biden or Trump, but for a run off in the seven disputed states. Then the final decision will be the people with both sides having equal opportunity. If he choose Trump they will say the GOP stole the election. If he defers to Biden he will be billed as a Traitor, and rightly so. His only fair option is to throw out the seven states and demand a run off in them.

  29. Krrrazy Axios! We don’t believe a word of it but this we know, Trump won the Election and they know it! Why else would they want to get rid of the Electoral College again? Because a STEAL like in 2020 would never be possible again!

  30. I AGREE !!! What ‘TRAITORS’ !!! Amazing hoe GUTLESS Republicans are !!! Trump puts it all out there and they are true ‘COWARDS’ and shrink when the going gets really TOUGH. Sure weeds OUT WHO REALLY ARE THE ‘TRUE GUTZY PATRIOTS’ !!!!

  31. I agree with President Trump, from the first hint of fraud, ie flipped votes, an investigation should have been launched, looking into all the fake voting machines, had it been started then this crap now going on would not have happened.

  32. Mike Pence revealed his true colors and abounding weakness clearly on election nite when it was obvious that the election process was grossly undermined. It was obvious to anyone that was not blind what was being planned MONTHS before, when the election integrity laws were being systematically eliminated. Instead of coming out loyally and clearly to support not only the president and America, but THE TRUTH, he waffled like the weak kneed career politician that he his. He also caved to the sodomite agenda when he was governor of Indiana! Why our beloved president has not cleaned house long ago is a mystery to me.
    The only thing that would make sense is that he is drawing out the traitors to find out for sure who are actually patriots, and who are weak Chines operatives. I pray for him every day and hope that he will take the severest and strongest action possible to save our country and ELIMINATE not just drain the swamp!!!!!!!! TREASON ABOUNDS AND REQUIRES THE DEATH PENALTY!

    1. The only thing that would make sense is that he is drawing out the traitors to find out for sure who are actually patriots, and who are weak Chines operatives. I pray for him every day and hope that he will take the severest and strongest action possible to save our country.
      H’e all in to exposee the traitors so it can be cleaned up in the next 4 years.

  33. If this is true that the staff is caving in , intimidation by the left extremist organizations must be a factor. If top government officials are being threatened we the people will be next, if that happens we will be forced to defend ourselves and our freedom. Get ready.

    1. Staff seems to bee sticking around and not moving out as is normal for a transition – another reasn this seems to be fake news. – Barr resigned in the face of being fired – seems more Barr was a vitim of the deep state holding guns to his grand childrens heads.

  34. President Trump is probably totally frustrated with people not on board with all the evidence of fraud & treasonous behavior in this election. After 4 years of fighting the dirty democrats I can certainly understand. The thought of letting them steal the election is unbearable to me so I can imagine how he is feeling. One thing is for sure I wouldn’t be so quick about accepting this outcome, President Trump is not a quitter and isn’t that part of what we have benefited from with him as our President. Get behind him or our world is going to be turned inside out at the hands of Harris.

  35. We have been lied to by marxist and conservatives alike! At this stage, I don’t believe anything anyone says except “ME” and sometimes I wonder about “ME”! 😃
    DJT must make sure history records that, in the face of evident fraud (evidence is there and real), in voting machines, the destruction of Republican ballots and the mishandling of vote accounting, the Dems were able to wrestle the Presidency from him! Never in history has voter fraud of this magnitude occurred and even the SCOTUS was dumbfounded and did not know how to handle it or what to do! DJT did not concede and defended the Constitution and the American people even as the Biden/Harris duo was inaugurated! (Provided this is the scenario which plays out!)
    God bless and save America!

  36. I will never vote for a devilcrat, they are evil, Period! I vote GOP, they are the better of two evils, but the GOP’s WEAKNESS, is lack of unity against the devilcrats, THAT IS WHY the devilcrats are so powerful, and thats why OUR PRESIDENT gets so angry with the GOP. WE are fighting for AMERICA>>NOT a CHINESE STATE RUN BY OBAMA!! GOP, WAKE UP YOU GUTLESS COWARDS…………….

  37. “Fighting voter fraud” and Democrat Terrorists versus being organized to win are two very different things. Just being mad means they come to your house individually and take you away. Winning means having an organization just like they have in BLM and Antifa. Our organization is still called the United States of America, and we never thought we would need anything else. But they are about to take this away from us – is it 1776 all over again? Right now President Trump is the only leader we have – we need to get behind him 100% while there is still time – cause there is not much left. Start building neighborhood organizations and block parties now – despite their covid!

  38. Based on Patrick Byrne’s tweets over last weekend, this appears to accurate. If Meadows urged the President to concede and begin the transition, he should resign immediately.

  39. Chief of staff Mark Meadows needs to be fired, and White House counsel Pat Cipollone should be fired and jailed for leaking private meeting information and who attended the meetings to the press!!!!!

  40. This entire so called journalistic report is BOGUS!! If you can’t report the truth go back to your day job as a Pathetic Loser!!
    Do you have facts… them!!

  41. When we think of what a Biden administration means, there shouldn’t be ONE Republican who won’t fight for Trump. Every single thing Biden (and the people behind him) want to do are absolutely horrible. Our country will never be the same, and there won’t ever be any coming back. Wake up people! We need to help Trump fight through on this. And first of all, we can’t let a man who won through fraud, win the Presidency.

  42. Why would ANYONE believe some more of these articles based on “sources” who won’t be identified (if they exist)? Donkey excrement!!!

  43. This article sucks and so does the a SSwipe that wrote it! The President is correct to call for impounding and assessing the voting machines in the swing states. You have a lot of nerve calling yourself the Trump Train News and absolutely undermining the President with an article like this one.
    You should call yourself the “Never Trump Train News”!

  44. This article stinks and so does the butthead that wrote it! The President is correct to call for impounding and assessing the voting machines in the swing states. You have a lot of nerve calling yourself the Trump Train News and absolutely undermining the President with an article like this one.
    You should call yourself the “Never Trump Train News”!

    1. I agree with the President that he is trying to save our great America he has worked so hard for. These clowns just want to stay in politics and they could care less about America. We pray everyday for our President and America. Some of those people got in on Trumps coattails.

  45. I don’t know much about Axios, but I agree with our President Trump. We need the people close to our President to have guts and courage to stand up and fight for what is right and our Constitution.

  46. Trump must realize he must do what he thinks is right and not listen to all those whimps
    Rinos and never Trumpers,he has the support of all the american patriots behind him and
    that is all he needs.He should appoint Sidney Powell as the one to look into the voter fraud regardless of all those who are telling him not to.


  48. Whether fake news or not, very credible. I don’t think even Trump had a clue about the breadth and depth of the swamp; he didn’t know who was a friend and who was a foe, and sadly, nothing changed. And the SCOTUS handling of (or refusal to handle) the elections fraud is the understatement and the nail in the coffin… Many Repubs are just as corrupt as the Dems, and want to see nothing less than Trump kicked out. And now, all our turning against Trump, distancing themselves from him, since he’s leaving. Even Barr is now a ‘turncoat’. My thoughts on the issue are simple – nothing short of a revolution will change it.

  49. I read a report that stated that Vice President Pence who is the president of the Senate, would not take the Electoral College Vote for President Trump.
    I have read other things about the Vicepresident not related to the elections, that are frightening!

  50. We must continue to stand for our President, and continue to pray that those who stole and cheat the election will be punished. continue to have faith in God,because God said Vengeance is mine saith the Lord and God knows who did it. so let’s continue to pray and stand up for our President.

  51. Are you that are true, Children of the Most High, praying for the Leadership?

    Do not be too quick, to confuse the barrage of offensive attacks and a root of bitterness; with bad fruit…
    President Trump, needs the Lord’s help, to forgive the willful evil attacks against him and his family!

    Consider yourself, bless and pray.. for your enemies and Leadership..
    Humble yourself and seek out His will!
    .. Or He will not, heal our land!

  52. Not surprised . All of Trumps picks go which way the wind blows. They all are followers not fighters. They are in it to not rock the boat and take all the perks and retire with millions.Repoblicans will never defeat the dumercrats. Dumercrats are very smart at cheat and always have been. They invented the concept. They allow republicans to win a battle now and then but will never allow them to win a war.Dumercrats control all of government , the media, all courts,at least half of the republicans in office. Nothing has ever happened without dumercrat blessing. Voters fault. Watch the illegals and learn. Dear God bring on the rains again.

  53. PRESIDENT TRUMP. Just like you know and we know these are trying times . slow down catch your breath . Pence must have some faith in you . there are a lot of us who do as well. You have to start talking “” not yelling “” we all need you and Mr. Vice pence . you have be the one to stop these communist from destroying USA 🇺🇸 MOST OF US WILL not listen to a dictator I won’t and there are a lot of us ready to have that civil war in OUR FREE COUNTRY AGAIN . they are not going to treat us like dogs . We kNOW those cheating BASTARDS stoled this this election. COMMIE Joey biden told us that before the election. He has the best DRAUD team in the world . no one in a sound mind would vote for that IDIOT. You have seem what they have been doing SOROS George has a lot of money and he is a big part of this. We will get guns if need be and then the war will be on. Any law enforcement working under a BIDEN ADMINISTRATION will not be real cops . they will be commie joey’s little CHINA men commies . you HABE close up how damn crazy those DAMOCRAPS Have become over the last few years I have and hell I’m old and half blined . and I still will gab a gun and fight. With ignorance like socialist running around starting trouble they will be shot . we are not giving up guns I don’t give one damn what KAMALA Hairyass says . that botch deserves shot as well as biden and the rest of the swamp Hillary and and obama as well. COMMUNISM IS NOT going to work well . I will fight just like those who fought and died for our freedom and our rights of OUR FREE COUNTRY . I’m not afraid to die it’s better than the ignorance coming from Washington. Damocrap havd to be gone . With that way of thinking. We have kids and we will not let them push that communist China bullshit in their heads. I do not give one fuck what BIDEN and KAMALA wants to do to this country you and I and many more that don’t watch fake news what will happen if we don’t fight. 🇺🇸 TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸 if they get in OFFICE and go more stupid and start shit USA will not be USA any more . we have the right to defend ourselves they won’t run us over !!!communist laws are not our laws .socialism is not our life and won’t be . if are MILITARY won’t stop communist in our country like they are supposed to and you know those little CHINA JOEY BASTARDS will be here eventually. We have to stop it NOW !!! IF THIS GOVERNMENT DON’T SEE IT WE NEED DIFFERENT PEOPLE IN OUR GOVERNMENT THAT HAS NOT BEEN PAID OFF OR FORGOT TO GROW BALLS !!! OR SEND THE NUKES AND END IT ALL !!!

  54. I am 100% with Trump. Too many traitors surround him and I admire his diligence in working hard to get our country back from all these snakes that are trying to destroy our constiution. We want our country back. We stand for law and order.

  55. One thing that normal Washington politically involved individuals do not comprehend is that President Trump is not a quitter – he belongs to the “Never give up. Never Surrender,” Military supporter – Far too many Americans realized we have been ripped-off by the Democrats and their criminal, sycophant supporters who only have a hate on their minds – AND FIXED THE ELECTION. Giving up and letting Joe Biden steal the election and actually become president is unacceptable. Listen just to what he has said and done in the last few days. Opening the doors wide to illegals, gun control confiscation, appointing tyros and totally incompetent persons to the cabinet, and increasing taxes so that we can spend millions to help LGBTQ citizens of other countries, as well as millions on helping foreign countries who vote against us – it is said, “Don’t worry about what color you’re going to paint the barn, until after you put out the fire.” ALL OF THIS OFFENDS AMERICANS AND WE WANT PRESIDENT TRUMP NOT TO GIVE UP THE FIGHT – IN FACT, HE SHOULD DECLARE MARTIAL-LAW, CALL THE ELECTION A FRAUD AND LET THE HOUSE ELECT THE PRESIDENT – WHICH IS THE LAW.

  56. First of all, Axios is a LIBERAL RAG!
    Second of all, after the Holidays we ALL NEED to contact ALL CONGRESSMEN and ALL SENATORS, and let them know they’re on THIN ICE. Even if President Trump leaves, they’re NOT going back into the SWAMP.
    Please call, write, E-mail and keep the pressure on them. They want back to business as usual. Let them know, NOT ANYMORE!

  57. While conservatives want to fight and back the president, there is a way to do it that both honors and respects the constitution and leaves the party in tact without reproach in the eyes of the rest of the country. Handle it wrong and no matter the moral standing, public opinion can doom us for many elections to come. President Trump is strategic and smart and has the patience to allow this to unfold correctly. Remember, in 2017 he said ‘Obama spied on my campaign, the had the discipline to allow the story to unfold

  58. Groveling old pigeons (gop) good name for weak and worthless people that don’t believe in our America. TIME TO LEAVE IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE USA. IRAN, CHINKA CHINA, TIMBUKTU, NOT TO RETURN FOR 50 YEARS. AMERICAN’S RULE AND WILL PREVAIL AGAINST YOU RATS. GOD BLESS THE USA 🇺🇸. 🇺🇸 AND IN GOD WE TRUST..A.M.E.R.I.C.A.N.S. R.U.L.E. A.N.D. A.L.W.A.Y.S. R.E.M.E.M.E.R.B.E.R. T.H.A.T.

  59. President Trump’s reactions are wildly overblown, he is very loyal to VP Mike Pence as Pence is to him. Anything to start ugly rumors against Trump, The Left is terrified he will win again!!

  60. GOP can’t stand for themselves. We had a good economy under President Trump. He is blamed for coved why is ridiculous. I like he is not a whiny politician who speaks his mind.

  61. Keep your enemies close feed them opposite information. Verbally Agee with them and then react behind the scenes. Never tell them anything that can be used against you. God bless you and America.

  62. I am all for Pres. Trump. Biden will never ever be a president to me and that Harris woman is a laugh. I will never accept them as president. It is absolutely disgusting that these cheaters are allowed to get by with cheating and changing our whole election. Donald Trump won by a landslide if it were not for the evil democrats cheating and the equally evil news media backing them up

  63. Stay the course Mr. President! “Make sure you are right and then go ahead”…Davy Crockett. These people all know what underhanded methods were put in place for this election and they were carried out with military precision. It is up good men to come to the aid of their country, before the bad men are put in place!

  64. I doubt if Trump said anything negative about Mark Meadows, Pence or anyone else. He’s frustrated with the US Supreme Court and rightfully so. I can’t believe that they are such cowards. All they had to do was to demand that the states that had fraud to go according to the US Constitution. It really makes me angry too.

  65. Any Moron could see the fraud the DEMOCRATS pulled on this election. Fake ballots dishonest hateful election officials fixed computers. The DEMOCRATS couldn’t impeach him so they figured out how to cheat at the polls. Now we have a senile dishonest socialist president who is going to give the DEMOCRATS the power to give away all the Americans hard earned wealth to all the foreign countries. The Paris accord will cost the American people a billion dollars every year to give to the foreign countries while the Chinese dont put up a penny till 2030. The WHO will cost another 50 million of our money while they have done zero to contain the covid. Wake up America Biden and his dishonest son along with the DEMOCRATS will put this COUNTRY into a huge depression before we wake up and vote them all out.
    Trump tried to clean the swamp but never got enough help from the REPUBLICANS. Since many of them are PART of the SWAMP. If we lose the Georgia election this country will become a socialistic country before you know it.

  66. Trump is still the president, and should remain as president for the next 4 years. The only thing that stops him from remaining president is the corruption of the election results, If you can’t remain loyal to him then you are not worthy of the positions you are priviledged to be in. If you can’t fight for America and for honest elections, then you don’t belong in America. Our founding fathers fought at the risk of their life to give us what we have. What are you willing to do to keep it ?

  67. As I understand it, people, little kids are starving in this country and these Scheisskopf want to send millions of dollars to some commie countries?????? In my humble opinion they have no business in the management of our money or running this country!!! Get rid of them!!!!!

  68. People talk too much. Pence should never show how he feels about Trump He is supposed to back him up no mater what.

  69. All Republicans need to stand with Trump! He is trying to save our Country, please help him. Stop the socialist/ communist takeover or all of America will suffer.

  70. With the amount of evidenc showing the Fraud in this election I can’t believe these cowards are not fighting with president Trump. The Fraud was against the US Citizens.
    I hope we have the guts to fight with him!


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