New Poll Tells Biden Supporters How Country Really Feels

A new poll from Rasmussen shows that around half of the country believes that the election was stolen from President Trump in one form or the other.

According to Town Hall:

A new poll from Rasmussen showed that roughly half the country thinks the election was stolen from Trump in some way. Even with the Trump campaign being unable to successfully argue mass fraud in the courts based on what they thought was solid evidence, half the country still thinks there was fraud (via Rasmussen):

Most voters say this year’s unprecedented level of mail-in voting was largely successful and continue to think President Trump should concede the presidential race. Republicans, however, strongly believe Democrats are likely to have stolen the election.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 57% of Likely U.S. Voters think mail-in voting worked well for the most part. Thirty-nine percent (39%) disagree and say it led to unprecedented voter fraud in this election. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Forty-seven percent (47%) say it’s likely that Democrats stole voters or destroyed pro-Trump ballots in several states to ensure that Joe Biden would win.

Rasmussen also reports that:

Sixty-two percent (62%) of Republicans say it’s Very Likely the Democrats stole the election, a view shared by 17% of Democrats and 28% of voters not affiliated with either major party.

  1. Where is the federal investigators? Nada none zilch. So the potus no longer has any investigative powers? The most powerful office holder in the world cant get the feds to at least look at it? What the hell? The courts wont even look at it when the potus asks them to? So who’s in power here now? The swamp, the msm , scotus, socialists, Muslim rep’s, far far left extremists, certainly not the potus or we the people, sure there is no proof rock solid because no courts have confirmed it cause they wont hear it, and no government enforcement agency has done an in depth investigation. I smell a huge rat. God help our home of the free.

    1. January 6th…each objection is allowed 2 hours and it may be the 8th or 9th before it is over. Let’s pray that the Republican Legislature Members are strong enough to change minds!

      1. Dob’t countbobn spineless republicans to actually take a stand to represent us! They’re too spineless and afraid of the lowlife democrats! Lauren who isva congresswoman didn’t back down, because she said she wasn’t worried about ger career, shes worried about saving our country! That is one wonderful patriot that should put to shame these disgusting republicans!

        1. Only because they don’t like being forced to do their jobs. They as well as Democrats thrive on doing nothing for their salaries.

        2. I doubt that many true conservatives have changed loyalty from Trump. Rinos come and go, but Trump supporters are on board the Trump Train!

    2. RDG,
      You are so right. The Republican Party has deserted President Trump.
      He brought the Republicans back and McConnell
      Threw him under the Bus. What a disappointment he is along with Bill Bar.
      We need to start a new party one we can count on. I have been let down by the Republican Party too many times.
      Tea Party Patriots!!!!

        1. Patricia you are absolutely right, the left is guilty of sedition and treason these are acts of sabotage ! We are at war and we need to arrest and convict these traitors. There is no writ of habeas corpus under marshal law. These criminals can be held indefinitely until either found guilty or innocent

      1. MOST important! We have to destroy the DamnOCrats! They are “OWNED” by China, Soros, and other “Billionaires. I read the “Open Borders Foundation” goals. Which has now been “Scrubbed”. They were, “NO Governments, Borders, or Religions”, “With the ‘Elite Billionaires’ in ‘Total Control’! How would you like to live with Hillary in total control of your life? She was paid MILLIONS by Soros to beat Trump, but failed, just like Barry Soetoro did. He was supposed to give Soros an “American Union”. Just like Soros “Bought” his “European Union”. Try moving over to Europe and see how you like???

        1. We need to be a one party country completely controlled by one man (think China and Russia).

          Most Europeans do not want to live in the US. They prefer a multi party form of government.

          1. Multi-party systems (usually parliamentary) seldom result in particularly stable governments, England being something of an exception. They are all too often composed of fragile coalitions that dissolve under pressure. Europeans may do as they please. So called single party democracies inevitably degenerate into dictatorships, which are just great for people who prefer not to have to make life’s hard choices. Neither is a particularly good alternative.

      2. Republicans need to get tough and mean like the demo rats. we are way way too nice. i dont mean lie or be crooked but speaking out about the way dems want to ruin the country

      3. I AGREE WITH YOU . Texas should lead the way and get as many Republican. States as possible and start a new party and succeed from the United States.

    3. Just clean you firearms, and make certain you can hit the bullseye. IF we need them, I know mine are, and I have plenty of ammo. IF I run out of ammo, there will be hundreds of liberals piled up outside? It’s a shame my Army sniper neighbor passed, he could kill at over half a mile. Boy could we have defended our homes and families! We had a great plan, both covering each other. Boy do I wish he had lived longer! And a few alternate one’s also. Guns buried in places we both only knew. LORD, why didn’t you leave him longer? You know what will happen, so I’ll just trust you.

    4. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet barry soetoro appointed all the correct criminals to the correct positions to protect all their criminals .

          1. that is due to hessi being one of those euro hos that think eurohos know better. Then Real Americans review history and see that the euro hos did nothing for the last half of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century but murder each other and destroy most of their countries.. good thing the USA stopped the huns and rebuilt the moron’s countries after our victories or the euroholes would not exist and those that did would be living in the woods …

          1. Trouble is you appoint Christian Republicans who have shown that they are consistently loyal to God, and Country. Democrats are all suspect, but so are long time RINO’s.

    5. Trump is in charge of the investigations.
      At this point in time Trump can’t get anyone to do much of anything.

    6. I tell you you have to get the book called Secret State by Jack Thomas. We are so done for the next 4 years. Or maybe the next 40.

    7. The other big rat’s azz is that worthless clown in the supremo courto, roberts scum bag dip schitt.. schedules the hearing AFTER the inauguration ..

    8. Still too many Obama holdovers in the courts and in key government positions. Even the Supreme Court judges Trump appointed have turned their backs. Too many RINOs and Liberals out there want Socialism. We will see what tuns they will be singing when they get it.

    9. I am so tired of the courts using “no standing” as an excuse to fail to do their duty to uphold the constitution! They have an obligation to hear these cases and they refuse. So if the courts are so corrupt, then EVERYONE had better beware. If you end up in court, whose side will the court be on? If they are in bed with the corrupt government politicians and whoever is controlling them, what rights and ability with the average person have in court when the government comes against you. The supreme court basically destroyed our constitution. Very disappointed with the new justices, they too have sold out our country.

  2. I’ve seen numerous Democrat’s comment that they also think it was stolen, because of the massive jump in BIDENS numbers it just didn’t add up, mathematically impossible!

    1. In places, it has been proven that there were more votes than “Registered Voters”. That proves the election was corrupt. I watched a video of Trump’s votes going down by the same number of votes as were just added to Biden’s! Now, votes are NEVER supposed to go DOWN! Never has ever happened before. Why can votes go down, when the are “Adding” votes? That was 1,912 votes in an instant, transferred from Trump to Biden! It as on one of the major networks, just can’t remember which one.

      1. For instance, Island county here in Washington state went red in the primary. In the general, curiously it went blue with 115% of registered voters turong in ballots. No one wants to check it out. Also our idiot Dim governor was announced the winner less than an hour after the polls closed.

      2. It was MSNBC believe it or not! In fact they had Trump won (took back) Penn. with a green check mark the second day after the election scrolling across their screen and ‘strangely’ enough, the amt Trump won by was 73,000. It was also on the NEWSMAX screen scroll but only MSNBC presented it 24 hours much to my Republican friends disbelief.

      3. You will note that virtually no one agrees with my Voter ID suggestion: New Registration Card with full name, address, and a clear legible Thumb Print. The original to be entered into a National Voter ID Data Base. Then you get a copy. Then when ever you vote you have to submit your Thumb Print (or matching finger print) on the ballot. This is matched with Data base print. If matches it counts as legal. If not it is illegal and you have to be investigated as to possible error or were you trying to cheat? Eliminates multiple illegal votes and helps catches crooks! As long as this is not done there will be voter fraud!

  3. The DEMON RATS had SAtAN himself help them CHEAN. They are all GAY SATAN WORSHIPING, COMMUNIST. With OBAMA being the number one GAY SATAN WORSHIPING BASTARD. The people who vote for Demonrats are completely BRAINWASHED and have NO idea that they want to COMPLETELY DESTROY AMERICA

    1. god is too busy blessing; globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist puppet fbi CRIMINAL organisation and globalist media and globalist puppet, libby snow flake looters/rioters/arsonists/etc AND altar boy raping priests .

    2. Why are there so many “College Grads” that have a “Position” at one of the 2,300 liberal groups that Soros funds? Maybe because only 29% of college grads ever work in their “Field of Study”? Come on parents, quit giving you kids at least a four year “Vacation” thinking that will give them a “GOOD PAYING POSITION”??? SOROS has funded over 2.300 liberal groups with over $40 BILLION! Since 1985. My “Late” wife sent her daughter to college until she was age 38! She still hadn’t graduated when she my wife died in 2015. Now lives in a group home with a “Drug Fried” brain. What a waste.

        1. Satan has blessed him. But he will soon become a pauper, a dead one! For all who are dead are paupers unless they were saved by Christ. They are wealthier than all the present day Billionaires. Their wealth will never fade and they will never die the second death.

        1. Our Government should put a wanted sign out on him. Freeze his bank accounts. Then fry his butt when he is caught. Hussein died. Laden died. Alm Bag Daddy died, and so will other terrorist. They all eventually die.

  4. Would also add that many of those who voted for Mr. Biden would not have if they had been aware of the Hunter issue and other things, up to 10% or more. So the MSM should never be believed.

    If you have looked any any information about voter fraud, mail-in voting, rigged machines, etc., then the preponderance of the evidence shows massive fraud. Just because partisan judges, including the SCOTUS, do not want to hear the case, it does not make the fraud go away.

    Mail-in ballots do not work without checks and balances, and anyone who thinks it works fine, does not realize the capabilities for fraud with an unchecked mail in system.

    It shows that a good many, 50% or more will consider M r. Biden and any laws he signs will be illegitimate. Not a good position fro the government, not to have the consent of the governed.

    The really sad part is that the Republicans should be contesting the electors. If they do not they are more guilty than the Democrats because they are not representing the people.

    Waiting for some leadership to give direction as to how we, the people, can contest this in the courts.

    1. Biden will die from “Klintonitis” within a few months IF he is sworn in. He already said on TV that the “first time he and Kamala can’t agree, he will resign, and claim some disease. Who funded Kamala and groomed her? Mr. George Soros, a “NAZI”! I’m so glad I lived since 1943, and studied WW2. I know what really happened, and Soros should be shot by any “Patriot”. Only because I’m afraid he would never be tried. You know what happened to those that attempted to execute Hitler? Look it up, I can’t post it here.

  5. What does the military think about all this? If Biden will be an illegitimate president, then the military’s new Commander-in-Chief will be an illegitimate Commander-in-Chief, and a demented one at that. The troops will continue to carry out their duties. But this will be devastating to morale, especially among the enlisted ranks. Then Willie Brown’s ex-girlfriend takes over after a short time.

  6. TTNSTAFF says “being unable to successfully argue mass fraud” The PAID OFF FEDERAL JUDGES won’t hear the cases. I feel you should tell the TRUTH as it is not a roundabout SEMI-TRUTH.

  7. Why in the hell hasn’t these damn republican senators committed themselves to represent us on jan 6th?! This is too damn risky because as usual these do nothing spineless republican trolls with screw us over like they did when they coukd’ve voted to protect our babies! Instead they sat back like pussies and allowed the continued slaughter of these babies! I think there was only one who voted! No they cannot ve trusted so our president needs to declare the insurrection act for a new and fair election in the key states that he won!

    1. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ own all the money in the world and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist media love globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ bribes to preach the globalist agendas .

    2. From one Patricia to another – It is simple. The GOP is just as dirty and disgusting as every Liberal if not more so. They could care less about the American people. And they are led by the biggest jerk of all. If I heard McConnell drew his last breath I would be so happy. He is no better than pelosi and schumer. Hell not as good. At least they are loyal to their party. McConnell is a piece of dirty crap. The only two that I am totally disappointed in are Cruz and Crenshaw. Now Crenshaw has not been there long enough to be totally bought out. But as far as I am concerned if we are going to take our country back from these loser idiots we are going to have to do it ourselves. So sad what we have allowed them to do to our wonderful country.

  8. I’m chewing my Senator’s asses out for voting for Pelosi’s Disgusting bill! HOW DARE THEY! Their ears will burn when I call them. And the won’t like my emails either. NO, I’ll NEVER vote for an DamnDemocrat! But I sure will replace any Republican that doesn’t vote with Donald Trump. Let’s prove the voting fraud, and put lying, stealing Biden in prison! Don’t forget!, his wife was married when he had an affair with her! They are like a pair of “Bookends”! Both not worth a “iF yUo C Kay” ! And what ever his real SON’s name is, with his baby he claims is NOT his, are all three not worth a “Pinch of Goose Sh1T”!

  9. Let us all be truly Praying to ask Almighty God to BLOCK Slow Joe and The Dummercrat Communist Party from taking control on 20 January. We will be better off if President Trump refuses to step down. I have read where Vice President Pence has the authority under our Constitution to demand that our Supreme Court demand that all States do an in-depth recount, however, I personally believe that The Supreme Court can declare that a NEW ELECTION be held.

  10. Biden WILL NEVER BE A PRESIDENT!!! He is not PRESIDENT WORTHY!!! How can someone do good for the country, when he is a liar, thief, cold as ice, and is a PURE COLD-HEARTED PR_ _K!!! On his BEST DAY HE SUCKS!!!!

  11. In a word, Joe Biden sucks! He is a corrupt, lying, do-nothing politician that is a bumbling idiot and embarrassment to America. He represents everything bad about this country’s political system and he is the epitome of “crooked politicians!” Of course the election was rigged and a complete fraud! The DNC, the Deep State and foreign interference were front stage in this farce of an election and Leftist coup! The new fight for our freedom has already started!

  12. Dear patriots everything looks as corrupt, so demoralizing particularly in Christmas season, so hypocritical all these traitors to we the people, it is with our money that they are in their seats, what a shame, still we have not learned our lesson, the insurrection act is what is call for but the men we need to stand up are nowhere to be found at least not around here close to home, mostly everyone are either angry or feel impotent to do anything no leadership, if there is one mistake that the president made was to hire the wrong people, too many cowards a/o traitors at the end like Mr.Barr, the future of the republic looks blurry to say the least. Almighty God has given us a wonderful president in Trump and we have allowed the swamp to succeed, He is looking down and probably saying, what a disappointment we are, I believe that if the communists take over our country we will see the wrath of God upon us, it will be judgement time. May God have mercy on His people!!!

  13. Convention of States. Look it up. We have got to get rid of carrier polititions. We need these positions filled by normal people and get the lawyers out of politics. They are lawyers first the DEM or Republicans. Trump was a outsider non lawyer.

  14. Tes iit was stolen, rigged, cheated whatever, the democrays are the most evil people on earth today! Thet could not impeach Trump or make hium leavve so they conspired to steal the election bvia mail-in voting! I place the blame squarely on Pelosi and Schumer for this farce of an elecction. Any democrat that goes along withb this BS needs to be voted out or just plain downright removed from Congress. And it could not happen soon enough!
    They want unity!! That is a laugh, a joke! And the American people are NOT laughing!

    1. The marxist democrat party is somewhat fractured though party loyalty has been overriding despite differences. What they are calling for is unity within the party. They want the rest of to capitulate and submit to their will. They do not believe we are capable enough to make our own decisions or to control our own lives. In their view the government must take care of us. They support government for the people but not government by the people. After all, they are so much smarter and intelligent than the rest of us.

  15. your poll is more polling B.S. Bigfoot could have gotten more actual votes than Biden.BIDEN IS NO PRES ELECT.TRUMP WON BY A LANDSLIDE!!!!!

  16. The 2020 Presidential Election was rigged for Delusional Sleepy Joe Biden. It was a revenge against President Trump. Because then Donald
    J. Trump defeated Crooked Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential Election Election. The Delusional Democratic Party couldn’t accept losing the 2016 Presidential Election to then Donald J. Trump. President Trump is one of the Best President we’ve ever had. He’s accomplished more then any President we’ve ever had.That’s including
    The Late Former President Franklin D Roosevelt. President Trump did-
    It in one term. Something that’s never been done before. This was in-
    4 and half years. I’m praying for President Trump to be able to serve another 4 year term. We cannot afford to have delusional sleepy Joe Joe to be our President. He will totally destroy Our Country The –
    United States of America. He is too chummy with Communist China.
    People from other countries come to the United States to get away-
    from Communist and Socialism. The man has no idea where he’s at.
    He didn’t know what he was running for. He was always hiding in the-
    basement. President Trump campaign very hard to be President again.
    Delusional Sleepy Joe Biden will take us into the Deepest Great Depression. Worst then 1929. He is a very Corrupt Politician.

  17. Convention of States. Look it up. This will get rid of the lawyer carrier polititions. Trump is a great president but not a lawyer. This is why no one in Washington liked him. Lawyers will always stick together, even Barr.

  18. Well DAH???? Doesn’t take a Pole or a Rocket Scientist to understand the ‘ELECTION FRAUD’ that took place !! Are ALL the ‘Election Investigators’ as INEPT with the same INCOMPETENCE as OUR CONGRESS ?? GEEZ LOUISE !!!!!

  19. And what is anybody doing about it- all I ever see is Republicans asking for money – just a hand ful actually challenging!!!!! Get the party together and keep President Trump or this country is going to be in a huge world of misery!!!!!!

  20. It’s up to us now, our votes no longer count.
    No politician is going to risk the treatment Trump got for going against the Deep State, which seized power right before Obama was elected in 2008.
    We better act while the Second Amendment is still in place.

  21. Trump won by a landslide. The demonrats had to stop the count so they could bring in illegal ballots marked for basement biden. The courts are corrupt and refusing to hear cases even with mounting evidence proving fraud. Justice department is corrupt. Without law and constitution being upheld, we have no republic. Communists have taken over the media and newsprint.

  22. The spineless repukes are again showing their true colors, without Trump u have no party. WTF is wrong with these gutless, repuke politicians, chickenshits, that won’t stand up for themselves, and they want us to support them.LOL Always give in to the rats, because your a bunch of mice,not men.

  23. The election was stolen from the get go with China, Iran, and yes probably Russia too because President Trump stood up to all of them oh yeah and let’s not forget about North Korea. Biden is a wimp and all those countries know it that is why they want the Democrats to win…my prayer is that enough people repented so The Almighty God will heal our land and us.
    And people might say they don’t believe in The Almighty, but folks that don’t make it so..The Almighty is the only TRUTH <>< please have mercy on us Lord Jesus <><

  24. There was fraud and corruption in the election and Biden stole the election by the send in ballots that should not have been counted with the help of China and Sorors There is no way the American people wanted Biden a fraud and that goes for his VP also. God help us all.

  25. We should all be able to cheat, steal and lie without anything happening!!!
    Why should leftists have all the fun???
    I wanna be a leftist so I can have impunity too!!!!!!!

  26. This stolen election was all planned by the Demonrats from the beginning.
    Ironic how the Biden/China/Covid virus got out just in time.

  27. Politicians are, in the eyes of this Vietnam veteran with a degree in Government for a year prior to serving in the 199th Light Infantry Brigade at the height of the worst fighting of the 1968 Tet Offensive in that unnecessary and unwinnable war we were NEVER allowed to fight to win. I had 5 years f military training before serving; 3 of Army JROTC in high school and 2 of AFROTC in college. I turned down a comission because I did not wish to feel guilt if I survived the war over those I KNEW would be killed under my command if I accepted a commission. It was the smartest move I ever made. These criminal Congress cretins all belong in prison , NEVER ELECTIVE OFFICE! Their pitiful performance records indicate that as TRUTH. They have run up a $27 Trillion debt attacked every founding principle , violated their oaths to”defend and uphold the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic,” and NOT to become its chief opponent Doing so makes all of them either directly guilty or indirectly of malfeasance in office and dereliction of duty and obligation to the only constituency they wrere sworn to serve but rarely if ever do; AMERICAN CITIENS AND NO ONE ELSE! They are CONCERNED only in self-aggrandizing schemes to enjhance personal wealth , political ambitions, contrary party agendas and U.N. Agenda 21’s implementation in THIS country, ending our sovereignty and giving the U.N. and its Socialist/Communist inimical radicals control of all U.S. resouerces both human and natural and WE CANNOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN! Already, the slithering reptile Biden buffoons are promising to take our 2nd amendment rights and end them. They are already interfereing in most freedoms and choices GUARANTEED by the Bill of Rights and they are being aided and abetted IN MY OPINION BY THE LEFTIST APPOINTEES TO EVERY COURT IN THE COUNTRY AND BY CHIEF JUSTICE ROBERTS WHO IS A MORAL COWARD AND LIKELY A NEW WORLD ORDER FRAUD, HIMSELF, AS WERE GINSBERG AND SOTOMAYOR FOR SURE WHEN BOTH WERE ALIVE AND SITTING ON THAT BODY! I have seen many changes in my nearly 76 year lifetime, having been born 3 days before the invasion of Iwo Jima in 1945: ALL of them negative and designed to limit freedoms and curtail or eliminate choices and the goal is one of political TOTAL CONTROL OF EVERY APECT OF OUR LIVES. IF OPEN REVEOLT IS CALLED FOR OF NECESSITY, BECAUSE OF THE FRAUDUENT AND TOTALLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL EFFORTS OF THE EXISTING ESTABLISHMENT GOVERNMENT OF CAREER CRIMINALS, PROFESSIONAL THIEVES AND PREVARICATING PUNDITS; ALL REAL AMERICANS HAVE THE DUTY AND OBLIGATION TO OPPOSE AND RESIST THESE SNAKES TO THEIRS LAST BREATHS AND HERE IS ONE WHO TOOK THE SAME OATH BUT UNLIKE THESE VENOMOUS VERMIN, HONORED IT! I did not fight as a young man on the other side of the world to PRESERVE all being attacked before my eyes and being threatened by those sworn to protect and serve Americans and especially not the loss of PAID FOR A LIFETIME BENEFITS LIKE SOCIAL SECURITY AND MEDICARE. Those like me who did so fight are likely of the same mind and we are nearly all veterans of the military. The Leftist Lunatic braying jackass should strongly consider THAT before continuing with their Socialist/ Communist NWO/U.N./ Open Borders Agenda 21 plans. This is NOT Red China, no matter how much Biden and company desire to make it so and make Obama the in effect 1st World Emperor of a medieval feudal,America and world occupied by U.N. “peacekeepers” with the title SECRETARY-GENERAL OF THE SCURRILOUS UNITED NATIONS..If you think it can’t happen here; OPEN YOUR EYES AND SEE THE PRAGMATIC REALITY YOU HAVE BEEN PAVLOVIAN CONDITIONED IN OUR FAILING PUBLIC EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM FOR THE LAS 51 YEARS TO ACCEPT WITHOUT QUESTION AND THAT PROCESS IS STILL ONGOING! Also, ask yourselves just how much benefit you have received frm equitabe justice in Government of the last half century when nearly ALL legislation has been two things:; MOSt ALWAYS at your expense AND TO your EVERLASTING DETRIMENT., and that of your children!

    1. Great post and so glad you can express this on a public platform. I would also add that the fake internet is still editing for us as to what we can see.

  28. This reporting is totally false! Trump’s cases have not gone to courts because the courts threw out Trump’s election fraud cases even with plenty of evidence and witnesses’ testimony of election/voter frauds! The courts are totally bias and did not want to hear the fraud cases!

  29. This election result thus far is not reliable, and should be redone or at least recounted with no late “mail in ballots” allowed. Every contested State Legislature should be required to recertify the vote, if at all possible. No rule changes should be allowed, unless established by the State prior to 2020 year. There is much more that I could say, but will not at this moment. I have insufficient confidence in the final vote of the Electoral College to consider this a fair election. The Democrats did not win this election in my opinion

  30. WE CONCEDE TO NO ONE. We must get to the bottom of this voter fraud, rigged election. Otherwise, we will never, ever be able to vote with any confidence again. ALSO, the perpetrators MUST NOT BE REWARDED (declaring Biden the winner, when actually the Biden votes were stolen.) AND, if the SCOTUS is not brave enough to take care of this issue, then perhaps the only other way to deal with this huge criminal activity is to proclaim martial law – and it must be done quickly. NIP this thing in the bud. I voted for President Trump and I am very disturbed that my vote was switched to Biden!!! I do not like that. How can I ever be sure, ever again, that my vote goes to the person I voted for??? Well, truthfully, I can’t if this mess is not corrected!!!

    1. What we need to remember is this is the beginning of the end for real voting results and it is time to remind the establishment who did this we will remember and join any resistence in the future. Can anyone say four years of hell for the dim wits if this fake election stands?

  31. Dont worry. President Trump has won. He is just exposing all the traitors. All will be revealed very soon God wins <3

  32. There is no real investigation because those that would investigate, the FBI and possibly DOJ are as corrupt as those that ran the election. Pelosi the clown knew that mail-in voting was easy to tamper with which is why she pushed for it.

  33. It was bad enough before PRESIDENT TRUMP GOT IN OFFICE .Of not trusting the government and now whit real TURDS like KAMALA HAIRYASS BERNIE slanders Hillary Pelosi just naming a couple would have been better off with GEORGE WASHINGTON UP THERE !!! INSTEAD OF ANY OF THE PRESIDENT’S BEFOR TRUMP
    TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

  34. God they are ordering special consul for shit they cocoon themselfs and where there is so much proof that election got stolen they are washing their dirty hands. Barr and Supreme Court should be under investigation for giving Biden presidency on a silver platter.
    Only WHO is in this Corrupted to the Core country have a guts to do it? Trump did, but the swamp was deeper and dirtier that he alone could win this battle. Congress?? for sure NOT. 99% of them should be FIRE Mitchi Mitch in a first place. It is very sickney and head breaking, but maybe USA needs to get their lessen the hard way.

  35. It is called INSURRECTION when lower Agencies refuse to follow the orders of the Commander-in-Chief. He has the right to ask the Military to step in and arrest any and all Office Holders who refuse to do their jobs. That includes the Supreme Court and all lower Agencies. The FBI, the DOJ, the FCC, and any other Agency that refuses to respond to his orders. As long as he is President he is the Commander-in-Chief!

  36. I personally am furious, disgusted, and shocked! I always knew there were politicians taking advantage of the money making schemes personally but I never realized it was so COMPLETELY CORRUPT. This is the globalists trying to take over our country, screw our citizens, and destroy our Constitution. WHY? Money of course! We are being treated as “drone bees”.

    1. It all Stands or Falls on what Vice President Mike Pence does or does not do. He has the power by our constitution to have The Supreme Court to demand a Recount or better yet A New and Closely Monitored Election. I for one am praying that Vice President Pence will do what needs to be done and that he will do it NOW. I love President Trump, however, no one is totally perfect except Jesus Christ Our LORD. President Trump has also made a few, very few, mistakes, but he still earns an A+ from this Old Navy Senior Chief Retired.

      Ezekiel 22:30

      “And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none.”

      King James Version (KJV)

  37. Proving outrageous fraud would not be difficult if so many courts were not underhanded and fraudulent themselves. We are cursed with a heavily contaminated justice system: DOJ, FBI, local courts, most are bought and paid for so they will not do the honorable thing..


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