Trump Confounds Critics, Delivers Two COVID-19 Vaccines in Record Time

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NEW YORK — Another week, another COVID-19 vaccine.

President Donald J. Trump is piling up China-virus inoculations almost as quickly as Middle East peace agreements. Just four days after brokering a December 10 rapprochement between Israel and Morocco —the fourth such Trump-inspired olive branch between the Jewish state and its Arab neighbors in four months — Pfizer introduced its immunization against COVID-19. On December 14, a Queens, New York-based critical-care nurse named Sandra Lindsay became the first American to receive Pfizer’s vaccine as its public rollout began.

Pfizer’s shot entered Lindsay’s left arm exactly nine months and one day after President Trump declared the COVID-19 national emergency on March 13. On Monday, Americans started getting Moderna’s vaccine, a mere week after Pfizer’s.

This is revolutionary. Vaccines typically take 10 to 15 years to produce. The anti-mumps inoculation was the previous record-breaker. It traveled four years from notion to needle.

Operation Warp Speed (OWS), Trump’s immunological Manhattan Project, deserves its name. Regardless, with one key exception, Trump’s critics have denied him credit for this stunning achievement. In fact, their comments have traced a bizarre trajectory:

First, Trump’s foes begged for a vaccine.

Governor Andrew Cuomo (D – New York) said April 13: “I don’t think ultimate resolution comes until you have a vaccine.”

Governor Tom Wolf (D – Pennsylvania) said May 20 that he wants his economy back to normal, but “I really think that can’t happen fully, 100 percent, until we have a vaccine that is foolproof.”

Second, as in the Gershwin tune, they all laughed when Trump promised to do exactly what they wanted, and quickly.

“It’s another day of POTUS in Wonderland,” Irwin Redlener, M.D. scoffed. He assured MSNBC on May 15: “It is impossible to get that done by the end of the year.”

OWS “lacks sound leadership, global vision, or a strategy for securing the necessary funding to see this mission through,” Joe Biden’s campaign website still argues.

Third, Trump’s tormentors now pretend that he had nothing to do with keeping his promise.

As Sandra Lindsay took the first Pfizer vaccine, CNN aired Governor Cuomo watching live, via satellite from Albany, as if he fathered OWS.

Joe Biden, committed to ending and crushing the virus,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D – California). “That is a total game changer: a new President and a vaccine.” So, Biden did this?

However, on Monday afternoon, Biden said the right thing. Moments after receiving Pfizer’s vaccine, he declared: “The Administration deserves some credit for getting this off the ground with Operation Warp Speed.”

So, what did Biden see that other Democrats missed? What did President Trump do to get these vaccines into American deltoids?

Trump launched OWS on May 15 and recruited pharmaceutical companies into this public-private partnership. He then challenged, pressured, and embarrassed them until they delivered. He also committed some $18 billion to this initiative.

President Trump rode the FDA and other federal agencies like a jockey. He slapped their ribs with a riding crop as they leapt over red tape, delays, and institutional over-caution.

He pre-purchased multiple drug companies’ output, thus limiting their financial risk, even if their vaccine candidates failed.

 In an unprecedented innovation, Trump instructed drug makers to produce millions of doses, simultaneously with clinical trials. Thus, within 24 hours of FDA approval, trucks began to empty inoculation-packed warehouses.

Hate Trump, Inc. often calls the president “a bully.” His praise for Team OWS notwithstanding, it’s unclear whether Trump also bullied the medical researchers, pharmaceutical executives, and military logisticians who manned this effort. However, these organizations and individuals likely were motivated by Trump’s tough, hands-on, “Papa don’t take no mess” style. 

Trump’s enemies long for a lovable, cuddly Mr. Rogers type in the Oval Office. “National Grandpa” Joe Biden might be that man. 

But if Operation Warp Speed had been led by a nice guy in a cardigan sweater, the vaccines now entering American arms still would be getting squirted into mice.

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research. Bucknell University’s Michael Malarkey contributed research to this opinion piece.

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.

  1. God bless President Trump.
    This nation is going to miss him even if half the population won’t admit it.
    President Trump gave peace a chance in the middle east along with getting Two COVID-19 Vaccines in Record Time

    1. So, now, all it takes for the democrats to win is to rig an election in six to eight corrupt, crime- ridden, big cities to turn the votes in the battleground States to their favor. Therefore, fraud and voting irregularities committed in these crime-infested cities overpowers the honest votes of the majority of 330 million American citizens.

      1. Actually 66.2% of the 213.4M registered voters voted. So 141.3m voted, if Trump get 74m, how did Lyin Biden get 81M?

        1. The Media, fool. Watch Joe crash and burn, now that the Media can’t crap on the Donald. Gonna be a long 4 years…and no help possible from Camella, the most liberal Senator, by record, in the Senate. Gonna be ugly. Hope the fools that voted for Sleepy get what they deserve…they asked for it!

        2. He didn’t He got 15%. Which is fair considering he appeared in person twice or maybe 3 times in 9 months. Don’t worry The Military have the correct figures 🙂

  2. With such little time for Research for down the road side effects, I Pray🙏 it WORKS !!
    GO TRUMP !!🎄😄👏🙏

    1. It works just look at the people who have been vaccinated already—-> 😱🤪👹😈💩 Some poster children who have gotten it so far. 😬

      1. All of them. If they left it up to potato head it would have costed 100 bitrillion dollars and we might have had a hope of seeing a result in 50 years from now……..maybe

  3. President Trump was the right leader at the right time after 8 yrs of the boyscout Obama.
    Thank you Prsident Trump MAGA 2024

      1. You must be on something. It’s Trump who has done all that. Obama did nothing for us. Go sleep it off and maybe see the light.

      2. Where in the hell have you been,The only thing Obummer could do is lie and give our hard earned money to Muslim nations.

  4. Give credit where credit is due… People didn’t elect Trump for his charming personality, they elected him for his tenacity and determination to get things done!

    1. President Trump, is far more Honest and principled than any Democrat or RINO! He uses un common judgement when ruling for the people. Something you will never find in a Democrat Government!

        1. It’s largely due to parents that think as long as they “BUY” a degree for their kids, they have “Raised Them”. Yet only 29% of college grads ever work in their “Field of Study”! SO, what good did it do for them to study “Basketweaving” or some other useless subject? I’ve never in my 77 years seen such “Useless” young adults. Have never done chores, worked,or even had a part time job. Most we’ve hired end up being let go. As they are very seldom at work on time, take a one hour lunch, or aren’t on their cell phone most of the day. When I let them go, they yell, “But you can’t fire me, I have a college degree, and am “Entitled to a Good Paying Job”! WRONG.

          1. I tried to get a college degree in computer coding. Remember when Biden said you could learn coding regardless of your previous job experience? I couldn’t beg, borrow or steal a job after I got the degree because any possible employment would not hire me because I had no experience. They never told me how I was supposed to get experience if they wouldn’t hire me and give me some experience. 🤔

      1. PRESIDENT Trump did NOT lose! Socialists cheated in several different ways including boxes full of 13th hour votes slipped in when nobody was looking(mostly).

      2. Ever heard of cheating? The Democrats are very good at it. In fact Biden even bragged about having the best vote fraud network ever

  5. President Trump, will go down as one of the greatest presidents of all time.A president for the people,that got his re=election stolen from him, by fraud of every kind,we will not forget, or let this go. Until fraud cases are heard, the cheating is confronted. This party is far from over.

      1. Like we said, Trump won and will not conceed. If Democrats do steal the election, there will be a revolution !!!!!

  6. This President deserves to have battle bound troops to support him. I don’t mean physical (but I’m sure our Revolutionary Forefathers never thought that would be necessary either)-we need the mental toughness and resolve to stand against evil (we’re not dealing with just another ‘political party’, rather we’re confronted with idealism that threatens our freedom as free people). To our ‘Democrat’ citizens, wake up; you are being sweet talked into the gas chambers.

    1. Trump is commander in chief so he has the military on his side. Our forefothers did think this could happen and prepared for the possibility.

  7. I for one will not be taking the vaccine, I found out that there is abouted baby tissue used in it. P. Frances said it is ETHICAL but not to me, it is not him I care about it is El Shaddai–Lord God Almighty <><

    1. Thank God you live in Trump’s American and can make that choice. Socialism will NOT allow you to choose, baby tissue or not. Pro choice will go out the window with Biden’s administration. MARK MY WORD.

      1. Totally agree! Still praying for a miracle to bring the cheating to such a bright light that it cannot be ignored.

      1. Less than 9% of those that die “With the virus” don’t have at least one “Co-Morbidity” like heart disease. diabetes, etc. And almost 80% are over age 65. Yet in Alabama we only have “0.4%’ that are under age 25 that die with it. The virus doesn’t kill very many, it’s being in poor health, and over age 65. Some places have reported 5 deaths, two were shot and killed, but had tested “Positive’! Usually in dem controlled states. They get more money based on the number of deaths! At least Chicago doesn’t usually include those that died from “High Speed Lead”?

    2. Would you take a vaccine developed by a man who allowed his thirteen year old daughter to have an abortion after being raped by a Big Black Buck, repeatedly?

  8. Donald Trump is the greatest President in my lifetime – and I’m old! Thank you President Trump for finally being the FIRST president to put the American people FIRST!

    Every American with even a modicum of intelligence KNOWS you won the 2020 election. The corrupt Democrat Political Party perpetrated several different frauds to steal the election. Unfortunately we have a massively corrupt Department of Justice and they keep saying they can’t find any evidence of fraud. These morons couldn’t find their asses.

    I just keep wondering how stupid a person had to be to vote for Joe “Gropen” Biden? These fools are off the chart stupid.

    1. Are you trying to say that a clear majority of Americans are stupid?
      Is that why democracy is doomed to failure?

      1. No, but a lot of them are they only listen to and watch the main stream media and are getting only half the real news.They are ignorant.

      2. The majority are NOT. We voted legitimate votes for the PRESIDENT. Then the socialist demonicrats came up with however many illegal votes they needed to overcome legal votes of the majority. Part of the illegal votes were already on the books from the rigged voting machines.

    1. Would, I don’t think he will get in, and if he does, he already said, “The first time Kamala and I can’t agree, I will RESIGN”. Unless he dies from “Klintonitis” first?

  9. It can be done. Why can’t all new meds/vaccines be done like this. It would cut the costs dramatically and be more affordable to everyone who needs it!!!! Oh, wait. Aren’t a lot of those in Congress with a stake in the game that makes them a bit of $$$?

    1. NOT just a bit $$$$, a WHOLE LOT and that is why they “think” they can RULE us all with IRON FISTS, hope it will NEVER come to THAT, we have to SINK THEM…..!!!

  10. President Trump deserves the credit for these new drugs. Its because he fought for the people that we have and now may beat the covid. Biden did nothing and I as many many more know who deserves the credit. You people who are fighting against President Trump will have a rude awakening because God is not done yet. President will prove that he indeed won the election. Have faith in God.

  11. Donald Trumop IS the best President in national history and the Most American CITIZEN ORIENTED OF THE NIT WITS MAKING UP THE REST OF THE ESTABLISHMENT,” GOVERNMENT OF GOONS, THUGS, THIEVES, IRRESPONSIBLE AND UNACCOUNTABLE MISFITS and career parasitocal pundits whose ONLY interests are in self-aggrandizing schemes to enhance personal wealth and political ambition in a never ending search for power and the ultimate CONTROL of every aspect of our lives;AND, ALWAYS AT OUR EXPENSE AND TO OUR DETRIMENT, particuarly, the Leftist lunatics of the Progressive Dumbocrats and their NWO/U.N. Advocating Agenda 21 approving Deep State cabal! They need to be held both responsible and accountable under Article 3, sSection 3 of the Constitution and U.S. Code Chapter 18, which also gives the PENALTIES for those found guilty of such offenses like Pelosi, Schiff Nadler Schumer and Governors like Pritzker, Cuomo and Gretchen Whitmer as well as mayors such as Lori Lightfoot and Bill DeBlassio. They ought to be indicted, charged tried and found guilty of abuse of power in a most seditious and treasonous manner of such acts violating their sworn oaths and thus making THEM ALL malfeasant in those Offices, and derelict in duty and obligation “to the ONLY constituency they are SWORN to serve but, rarely; if ever do. AMERICAN CITIZENS AND NO ONE ELSE.How utterly stupid is it that these termites would rid this country of its most effective LEADER ever at a time when even our supposed “ALLIES,” are continually stbbing us in the back.We have far too many FOREIGN ENEMIES, what we do not need at all is enemies of the domestic variety and that is what you HAVE IN THE ENEMY WITHIN PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATIC CABALONGOING! I can hardly wit for the 2nd American Revoltion and a return to Constitutional compliance and EQUITABLE Rule of Law adherence, Something we have NOT trly had since 1963 with the assassination of JFK and the announcement of U.N. Agenda 21, 5 months prior to that event. I am 75, a Vietnam veteran with some years as staff at the former Walter Reed Army Medical Center a combat tour with the 199th Light Infantry Brigade and a degree in Government whenI so served. I have LIVED through all of these developments and despise what we have become as a society because of the lunacy of the left and betrayal ongoing of every Founding Principle! IS THAT A CLEAR ENOUGH STATEMENT OF FACT FOR YOU?

    1. Great post. I too have lived thru all of this and just cannot get over how this country has gone to hell in a handbasket until Trump jumped in and tried his best to save us only to get cheated out of his second term. I’m so disappointed that we have allowed this to happen to our once great country!!!!!

    1. Have you noted how the crooked news media has attacked Trump and the GOP? First Piglosi, and company, set the relief at a mere $ 600, and insert a ton of Pork to themselves and other countries. Billions of dollars. Then, when Trump scoffs at the poor amount of relief, and suggests $2,000.00, or $ 4,000.00 per couple the Democrats, Piglosi, say yes. Now vote for it. But, Trump and the GOP, refused to allow the Pork to remain. So now the news media says Trump and the GOP refused to give aid to the suffering by denying the Bill. They do not mention where all those $$$$$$$$$$$$ BILLIONS $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ were going, yet would cost the US tax payers. No the dirty good for nothing China News crowd worded it as if the GOP was at fault, not the sorry Scum-o-crats! That is why I say our Number One Enemy is the crooked news media!

  12. ALL I WANT for Christmas is for President Trump to STAY in Office…Is that really too much to ask since he WON the election and has been a GREAT President, we CANNOT just let him go and put CORRUPT, LYING CRIMINALS in his place, it’s just UN-fathomable….TRUMP 2020….!!!!!!!

  13. Unfortunately at least one of these was unethically produced using cells from the murdered unborn perhaps both of them.

  14. What would Biden or Dem in office do: Nothing
    Let the public die off as planned.
    OR more “symbolisim” on issue

  15. Repeatedly Trump made statements, promises and predictions. Repeatedly the Democrats and the news Media scoffed at what he said, and often called him a liar, or making false statements with no merit. But, get this. Time after time, often in a matter of weeks, his statements proved to be accurate. Some are coming true now even as I write this. But, the News Media, and the Democrats, refuse to apologize, and acknowledge that he was right, not wrong in his promises and his statements. He is a brash man and stands behind his promises. He calls a spade a spade and says the News media is mostly Fake News. Which it is. They refuse to blame China for developing, and releasing, the Covid-19 Virus, which has killed millions of people world wide, and has cost the world Trillions of dollars, much heartache, and suffering. Instead, many blame him, unjustly. He is the Greatest president in History bar none. The election was stolen from him, and the Democrats, and some few RINO’s, were responsible, yet our crooked news media, the Democrats, and even our Judges denied him, and us, justice. They refused to view the evidence because they knew it was overwhelming. The reason is, a horde of traitorous $$$$$$$$$$$$$ BILIONAIRES $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ have invested heavily in China. They will not even acknowledge that China is responsible for our current suffering, physically and financially. But it is not over, but the odds are against him, however, God has a way of evening the odds, and if he responds to the many prayers being lifted up on his behalf, he will stun his enemies with a last minute victory.

  16. God bless our President and his administration for all they have done for our nation and in the world. We all can see how good slices through evil in our nation and even through the pain and evil words and attacks our President has done great things through God’s blessings on him. Praise be to God and I pray for our nation during these deceptive time.

  17. We need to get rid of the jerks who are so full of hate in congress . They will not give credit to a person who does good fore the country, only the bad gets the credit. And Obiden didn’t really give Trump credit just by the way he said it.
    Our vote means nothing to the electives. Just like a congressmen said years ago the the voters don’t qualify to vote. They don’t know how to vote and a Judge agreed with him and through the vote out the window.

  18. It’s true..Donald does what all Americans do each day to survive-they go at it! He’s our George Patton, our George Washington, and our Moses! He loves truth and the American way and we owe him our support.

  19. President Trump is not going anywhere! Why should he? He recieved 80% of the American Vote. Another record in his arsenal of records. Biden received 15% and he knows it! The 5% went to independents. Democrat’s know this was a sting operation put in place years ago to launch a Coup! Well for their treasonous efforts, a few decades wearing orange jump suits in that delightful holiday camp Gitmo is fair exchange 🙂

  20. He can keep his Warp Speed. Thanks for trying but I will never take the vaccine except for if someone straps me to a bed and force feeds it to me while I’m kicking and screaming my head off. 😱😱


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