New York Post Slams Trump

President Donald J. Trump addresses some 25,000 supporters in Reading, PA, October 31, 2020. Photo: Deroy Murdock

The New York Post Editorial Board published an op-ed and powerful cover of the newspaper slamming President Trump for not accepting the results of the election.

The paper noted that by not doing so, President Trump is damaging himself.

According to The Daily Wire:

The New York Post Editorial Board published a piercing op-ed and newspaper cover late on Sunday urging President Donald Trump to accept the results of the recent election, saying that he was damaging himself by not doing so.

The piece began by calling on Trump to “end this dark charade” of trying to overturn the election result, warning that if he continues down this road he could end up undoing many of his accomplishments if he does not unite the Republican Party ahead of the U.S. Senate runoff races in Georgia next month. The New York Post said that Trump was essentially “cheering for an undemocratic coup” in the presidential election.

“Sidney Powell is a crazy person,” The New York Post wrote. “Michael Flynn suggesting martial law is tantamount to treason. It is shameful.”

The New York Post, which is consistently ranked as one of top five most circulated papers in the country, urged Trump to focus on the Senate races next month.

From the Post’s op-ed:

You had every right to investigate the election. But let’s be clear: Those efforts have found nothing. To take just two examples: Your campaign paid $3 million for a recount in two Wisconsin counties, and you lost by 87 more votes. Georgia did two recounts of the state, each time affirming Biden’s win. These ballots were counted by hand, which alone debunks the claims of a Venezuelan vote-manipulating Kraken conspiracy. …

We understand, Mr. President, that you’re angry that you lost. But to continue down this road is ruinous. We offer this as a newspaper that endorsed you, that supported you: If you want to cement your influence, even set the stage for a future return, you must channel your fury into something more productive. …

If Republicans David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler win, they will prevent Biden from rolling back what you have accomplished. A Republican Senate can pressure Biden against returning to the old, failed Iran deal, can stop him from throwing open our southern border, will prevent him from packing the court.

Now imagine a government controlled by your nemeses — Nancy Pelosi in the House, Chuck Schumer in the Senate, Joe Biden in the White House. How high will taxes go? How many of your initiatives will be strangled? And, on a personal note, do you think they won’t spend the next four years torturing you with baseless hearings and investigations?

The New York Post joins the Wall Street Journal as the major newspapers that endorsed Trump to now urge him to accept the election results.

  1. The President had every right to investigate what we also believe is a stolen election. These counting machines should have been examined right away before there were efforts to wipe them, at least in the battle ground States. We patriotic citizens don’t support the Republicans any longer because they all seem to be one Party now!

      1. Hand counting fake or illegal votes will not change the count. The emphasis should be on determining which votes were legal. Everyone with an I Q over 80 knows that there was massive fraud don’t care because that is their tactic.

    1. You are correct. They have ALWAYS been “one party” (all for one, and one for all) as long as the “status-quo” stays in place, and their “cash cow” (WE TAXPAYERS) keep funding their cushy lifestyles.Then all is well in the “swamp”. PRESIDENT TRUMP put a “crimp” in their “plans”, and began to put the control and POWER back into the hands of the PEOPLE, where it belonged in the first place. Now if dementia-Joe, and his ineligible “anchor baby “HO” slither into OUR White House prepare yourselves to become COMMUNIST controlled “subjects” they will be free to use, abuse, TAX to death, overregulate to keep everyone “in line” of if you refuse to kowtow to the communist agenda , you will get a “visit” from one of their PAID terrorist groups (“antifa”,or the communist-funded “black LIES matter”) to be attacked, injured, maimed, your homes burned to the ground, your businesses LOOTED and destroyed, or you AND your family MURDERED , for “non-compliance” Wise up America.

          1. he is not really bright enough. He can only repeat what manure the hores on cnn spew out and those democommie scum bag aholes in DC. We watch them stall the stimulus, then WHEN the morons think joey and the african ho are the new oral office inhabitants, they suddenly come to life and pass a foreign aid bill instead of a package for assistance to the USA.. hessi is a foreigner from bumhumpville ..

    2. I am a patriot and believe this was an invalid election..To many counting issues in I to many issues, hiding ballots uncovered, ballots being brought in at 4am in the cover of darkness.. over abundance of mail-in ballots from dead citizens or otherwise..Tampering with Federal mail like dumping ballots especially from military is a Federal offense… thousands dumped ballots found after election closed..never counted that I ever heard of..corruption by Democrats overload…everything they touched is subject on honesty…

  2. What is shameful and insane is the New York Post’s editorial. I will never again buy a New York Post. There has to be price paid for this kind of stupidity.

  3. Trump should never concede. This election was a sham. It’s game over for the Republican party. In less than one generation the Dem will have a super majority like in Cali.

  4. First of All, the NY Post is FAKE NEWS. Always has been. Secondly, Americans are way too smart to elect somebody as stupid and dislikeable as Biden. I will NEVER believe this was a fair election.

    1. They sold out. China has great influence over all businesses and the news media as well as politicians, and even Judges. Only two of nine stood up to them recently. That means we are in BIG TROUBLE. Armageddon is much closer than you might think. Twice I have had vivid dreams of a a Nuclear World War. If I dream of it a third time it will surely be upon us. How do I know? God has shown me visions of snakes and each one came true. Then then third one did not at first appear and I questioned God. Where is the snake? If there is no snake how can i ever believe you again? Then the hair on the nape of my neck stood up, a chill ran down my back, and I looked down at my feet, and there was the snake! I cried out to God. I believe you, and will never doubt you again. I killed the snake like the others. But, there were also other visions which all came true, and I know God is real, and he will prevail over Satan. So beware, for our time here on earth is nearing the end before Christ comes back.

      1. So right there is way to much evil here. Soros I mean really the Nazi come on ppl he made his money creating havoc ruining ppls lives and killing them. The end is near and all you hungry money power seekers will be thee first ones to go

  5. Please, he has the right, he knows they stole it, with the help of every Trump Hating Rino and all you can think of is doing him harm? What about the harm to our belief in a fair election? That our vote counts? It’s bad enough that none of the Big Swamp creatures have been brought to justice, bad enough that for four years the president, his family and supporters have had to endure the horrible lies, name calling, threats, in AMERICA, and not one of the so called leaders stood up and said enough. Or if they did, it was politically motivated and therefore another do nothing lie! Republicans, you all need to grow some and stand up to the Dems, stand up for us, stand up for fair elections. And you, NY Post, are more of an obedient dog than I realized.

    1. It is written that even many of the Elect will turn against God (and Country) during the End Days. Satan has beguiled many politicians, Church leaders, and the News media. The masses are deceived and know not that they have been beguiled. They think they are right. Only the most righteous who pray long and hard will remain vigilant and not be deceived by our enemies. Trump was sent to give us a reprieve and time to repent and to turn back to God. But as you can see, now many of Trump’s supporters have turned out to be fair weather friends. They have turned against him and against us. But first they turned against God and his son, Lord Jesus Christ. All we can do is to resist, pray, and stand fast in our faith until Christ comes to deliver us! Unless Christ delivers Trump from their evil clutches. But that remains to be seen. It will become clear in the next two months which way America will go!

      1. Albert go crawl in the hole you came out of. You are what’s wrong with this country. Once you let Satan in he controls you. You are a week excuse fir a man. You have no right on here with others. Go talk on the satans network. Your banished here. Your voice means nothing and all will act as if your not even here. You need to repent your sins against God country and man.

  6. FRIENDS who become FIENDS are plentiful. Real friends and allies are few and far between. But God is a friend we all can count on Satan is out to destroy us through China and the greedy Billionaires invested in them.

      1. Does not mean he actually won…it only means he cheated big time…He even said thank you to those who did it for him “just like they did for Obama”. These were Biden’s words, not mine.

  7. What about the Philly mobster who admitted to falsifying 300 thousand Biden votes for Democrat party and was paid 3 million bucks? Why wasn’t he arrested and all the votes for Biden only and no members of Congress thrown out? WTF???

  8. The NY Post is taking the modern true American white attitude & position….
    Don’t stand up and fight… just raise the white flag and surrender.

  9. The plan all along was to steal the election. This has all been set up by the globalists. Use your head. How can you be for open borders and yet lockdown for us. It is a flu and it happens every year but it is never used in such a manner and exploited.

  10. The RATS steal this election with fraud and another Murdoch Disneyland newspaper or cable station who betrayed Trump tell him to concede?
    Are you kidding me?
    Disneyland Murdochs need to go back to Australia and stay there! Get Lost Murdochs!

  11. When you cheat in a ballgame or gambling in Vegas or on an exam, etc., etc. YOU LOSE YOUR RIGHTS AND HAVE FORFEITED EVERYTHING. When dead people vote or a pile of ballots had 100,000 for Biden and 1000 for Trump, when more than one felon or multiple illegal votes are cast THAT IS MORE THAN ENOUGH. If anybody steals and is not punished our society has fallen into the crapper. The Dems cheated and even a small sampling of that DEMANDS a full recount (done by the military) even if it takes 6 months. To ignore cheating is the start of a moral decline that will destroy our great country (of course that is the reason the Dems cheated). Judges who refuse to enforce our laws need to be removed, along with all the swamp corruption.

    1. In Georgia it looks like the military ballotss were all changed into votes for Biden. It may have been done int he swing states too.
      I cant imagine the majority of the military voting for Biden but that what Dominion Servers want to believe.

  12. Before now, I thought the NY Post would be the last to abandon one of the best presidents ever. It’s especially surprising in light of the obvious and colossal voter fraud that may seat a felon, liar and brazen cheater as our new president.

    1. The EPOCH times has more reades and has been relentlessly printing confirmed evidence of the ongoing Fraud – the onlyh risk in Georgia is using the Dominion voting machines and running the electios without observers like they did the last time.

      It is because of Dominion Voting machine shenanigans that they are even having a run-off. If it had been a hand cont to begin with the run off would not be happening.

  13. Trump is following the advice that Hillary demanded from Biden.
    You should be well pleased that Tump is following her advice.

  14. The New York Post is obviously part of the problem. The corrupt media is trying to do their best to “gaslight” the American people. The media has been commandeered by the lying liberal leftists and turned into a propaganda machine for the Democrat Political Party.
    They are nothing short of disgusting LIARS.

  15. Don’t concede PRESIDENT TRUMP. These newspapers are crying babies with nooooooo balls. The American way. THE AMERICAN MADE, THE AMERICAN PRIDE, AMERICAN HONOR AND AMERICAN PROUD. STAND YOUR GROUND AMERICAN’S. WE THE AMERICAN PATRIOTS RULE AND WILL PREVAIL AND STAND OUR GROUND. IN GOD WE TRUST AND GOD BLESS THE USA 🇺🇸. 🇺🇸 IN JESUS NAME AMEN 🙏. That thing called criminal joe, should give up. Jailer Joe is his name, Joe is a game, and Joe is to blame with money laundering and oh was a shame.

  16. If this election theft is allowed to stand then our constitutional republic will be no more…do the right thing on January 6, Republicans, or the party is dead.

  17. TO THE N Y POST, ” SHOVE IT “! The election was a scam and you know it as no doubt you helped in this ILLEGAL ACT AS WELL! So to your screwed up EDITORS, time to present the real happenings in the world instead of your ” WARPED NOTIONS “!

  18. Quote: “You had every right to investigate the election. But let’s be clear: Those efforts have found nothing.” NY Post seems to suddenly orget that no court has so far allowed evidence to be presented and even the SCOTUS is slow walking opportunities to advance any case to the discovery level – The NY Post should be demanding an explanation from the SCOTUS.

  19. Investigate the money, it’s always the money. Also owners/publishers and the deep state. Both the Post and WSJ have and maybe always were neverTrumpers. Again follow the money as principles, especially political ones, are a thing of the past. Sad so very sad for we out here we do stick to a conservative principle.

    1. Yashir Ally is an American born but proud Muslim Iranain Journalist contributing usualy to Leftist Huffington Post, NBC News, and New York magazine. He tries to undermine right wing poltiicans and right wing Journalists. This opinion piece is odd because editorials are not usualy signed Ali is not a known editor for the NY Post.

  20. Hmmm . . .
    Seems like the New York Post is owned by Newscorp, who also owns Fox and the Wall Street Journal. Newscorp is one of six giant corporations that own virtually all of the news and entertainment media. Well maybe not “all” since Bezos owns the Washington Post. This is the billionaire leftist, anti-American propaganda machine that the majority of Americans listen to day in and day out. You wonder why they are ready to accept a Democrat takeover of America? Unless President Trump acts decisively, America will get what they asked for – we should have been more careful what we asked for.

  21. The “Supreme” Court just dashed any hopes of an election reversal or redo. While this is a disaster for the nation there is, in my opinion, one bright light. If the country goes into the toilet, as I believe it will with the Dimwits pronounced programs, over the next two years an enlightened electorate will throw them out of the Senate and House. I say this knowing that a large majority of American are stupid. The first time in history a criminal, senile, demented child molester has been elected (that is questionable) to the Oval Office. Unfortunately, the Vice is a woman socialist who got to the top by being on the bottom.
    Wish there was a shot for stupid, but there is no cure. Unless the Dimwits are subdued our nation will fall much as Rome did. Not from without, but from within.

    1. The large Majority is not stupid – The MSM convince themselves to imagine they speak for the majority – but they don’t.


    1. No they are not unanimous, just members of the MSM
      If you want to read the truth – read the EPOCH TImes, it’s breath of fresh air.

  23. Our great president should exercise EVERY available option to overturn the illegitimate election results. You’d think The Post might be upset with the globalist billionaires who squelched their blockbuster story on the Bidens!!

  24. The post Opinion is sounding shrill and hyterical. Sidney Powell releases 270 pages of evidence on the weekend and suddenly the Post call says ther is no evidence and calls Sidney Powell insane. – the editorsa of the opinion piece need serious psychological intervention – they need only look into the mirror to see who is insane – overnight TDS is the best evidence of insanity and is an affliction unique to Liberals and RINO’s

    For truth in print Media read the EPOCH times.

  25. THe biggest wrong that could come out of this would be to allow a President to be elected under extreeme voter fraud…. It makes anything else that people talk abbout pale in comparison…. If our Democratic system for electing our politicians is undermined by the corrupt practices of either party we are done as a leader of the free world.. And there are way to many proven instances of vote fraud and manipulation to ignore them….

  26. Why would anyone in their right mind accept a defeat with millions of phony votes (fraud)? NYT get the news and get it straight. BOGUS ELECTION RESULTS!

  27. Sorry NYP but it’s kind of difficult for trump to hear your “advice” over the 75 million American voices encouraging him to keep on fighting and truly win the this election. Maybe if you hadn’t gone the way of the New York Grimes, you’d have a lot more subscribers.

  28. What is shameful here is the New York post suggesting to the president to concede an stolen corrupted presidential election when he already won the election these people from the New York post must be a bunch of idiots and Hyppocrats!!!!

  29. How can anyone accept a stolen election? Never give up, President Trump. If Bid en takes the White House, we the people will have to TAKE it back!


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