Trump Responds to Michigan AG’s Push to Sanction Attorneys Over Election Lawsuits

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President Trump fired off on Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel after she announced the state would seek to sanction attorneys who “intentionally misrepresented claims of voter fraud.” The president blasted Nessel and called the attorneys “true patriots fighting for the truth.” Nessel is teaming up with Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson to push for sanctions against Republican lawyers, one of which is the ousted pro-Trump lawyer Sidney Powell

President Trump shared an article about Nessel writing, “These lawyers are true patriots who are fighting for the truth and, obviously, getting very close. AG should be sanctioned. Fight on!”

The Daily Wire reports:

“Some of these cases where we know for a fact there were intentional misrepresentations made — the kind of misrepresentation that there is no question of fact that these were inaccurate statements that were presented to the court — yes, myself and also Secretary Benson, will be filing complaints to the attorney grievance commission,” Nessel said.

Nessel and Benson also intend to file complaints against lawyers who brought election lawsuits in other states, as well. Michigan has yet to file complaints against any attorneys, but Nessel says that she intends to begin filing complaints after all the legal challenges over the election are concluded.

Nessel has sought to punish Republicans for questioning the result of the election in Michigan, or for even meeting with Trump to discuss Michigan’s election outcome. In November, Nessel reportedly explored whether she could bring criminal charges against GOP state lawmakers who met with the president and attempted to block the certification of electors for Biden.

Jonathan Turley, a professor with the Georgia Washington Law School, described Nessel’s press for retaliation as an “abusive use” of the law.

“When Democrats like Sen. Barbara Boxer (D., Cal.) challenged the certification of Ohio’s electoral votes in 2004, no one suggested criminal investigations. Nessel is threatening state legislators that, if they meet to discuss such objections, they might be targets of criminal investigations. That would seem an effort to use the criminal code for the purposes of intimidation or coercion,” Turley said.

President Trump has yet to concede the election to Joe Biden and has contested the election results in courts across the country.

  1. Somebody needs to “sanction” Nessel and Benson should they go forward with using their official offices to do as she has stated.
    In fact, it might be a good idea for all the “Red” States to place sanctions on ALL Michigan politicians, prohibiting them from entering, crossing, or doing business within their borders. Attempting to do so would result in ‘serious’ charges, possible fines, and possible jail time. Or both.

    1. Michigan and all other dishonest states should be punished for their acts of treason during this corrupt election.

    2. Hit all the corrupt Michigan Officials each with a personal fine of $10,000,000.00 and a 10 year Prison Term … they are NOT representing the Michigan Citizens !

  2. IF there is nothing to be found why do all these DEMO’s care??? Let the Rep. and their lawyers throw their money away? It if their reactions, acroos the board that bring more attention and make SOME people wonder why the Demos are so vocal and angry! Dem did it in Ohio last election….they SCREAMED BLOODY MURDER in the last Georgia Gov election and still claim fraud and fix! Makes you at least wonder? Does it mean those that scream the loudest are the MOST GUILTY and fear to be looked at TOO closely?

      1. I’ll Join your Club, 110% agree with You, Reason the DemonRats are scared shittless of trump, He knows of all their Crimes and Treasons. He held up their wars, their NWO. He backed up GB to leave the EU. Big sett back for the deep Swamp.


    1. Go away…your another meaningless leftie who never elaborates on anything, you just lay down irrelevant quips. Just another typical dem with no facts, just misguided “feelings”.

    2. Trump, A real man an a real President who has done more for the USA than anyone preceding him! He is no fake/phony president who stands with our enemies, he stands for truth and rightness and values this REPUBLIC was founded on.

  3. It is past time for our legislatures to do something about these dictators in public office. They do not represent the concerns of Michigan’s citizens.
    With neo-cons like Walberg; Shirkey; and others using their offices to enrich themselves and their families; it’s time to dump them and get some real conservatives in office!!! We sure can’t depend on the dems to do it for us!!!

  4. Noting like equality when women now join the male tyrants seeking to control the political arena with the heavy hand of censorship and crush anything that might expose their progressive socialist goals.

  5. You have to hand it to the slimy Democrats, they all stick together and do what ever they think will win them the election EVEN WHEN THEY KNOW THEY ARE CHEATING AND DEAD WRONG.

  6. Nessel is just channeling her inner NAZI. These people are like big cats in a zoo. Once they get loose everyone is dinner.

  7. Perhaps , we the people, could file charges against AG Nessel and Sec of State Benson for aiding and abetting the THEFT of our country’s election!

    1. Aand for abuse of power, and abuse of office. Other crimes, as well. Imagine threatening to do harm to someone to silence them. It reminds me of witness tampering, extortion, obstruction of justice, you name it.

    2. Don’t leave out the lawyers sending out “cease & desist” letters from Dominion computers & software used in the elections to all the watchers, poll workers, lawyers filing lawsuits against the voter fraud organization’s blatant cheating in 2020, hoping to intimidate all of the witnesses into recanting & lawyers to drop evidence cases submitted. IMO, they will fail in every attempt since one from USPS has already went public with his truth that reports he had recanted stating his supervisor saying he had recanted his sworn statement – WAS A LIE & HE STANDS BY HIS SWORN STATEMENT.

  8. Sanctions ! What are we now a Communist nation ? If any sanctions are to be place it should be on these two . There was massive and rampant fraud going on and these two knew it as does the rest of America . There is even video of the fraud going on and yet they claim there was none . The leftists of Michigan all need to be arrested on conspiracy charges to commit massive voter fraud on America . What’s more , it would appear that even the courts in Michigan are as corrupt as the Govenor and the AG .

    1. I doubt the two old crones occupying AG and Gov offices in Michigan were legitimately elected. Probably a fixed election.

    1. And it isn’t happening. The democrats goal is to destroy this country and turn us communist. Uneducated, misinformed, or just plain ignorant voters support this communist takeover. I see civil war on the rise, with a few states leaving the country. If the democrats don’t have to follow the constitution, then why should anyone else. We are in for some really bad years ahead, unless Georgia voters do the right thing and keep the democrats out! Then it will be two years when vote fraud happens again and the democrats take complete control.

  9. Why is it that when a DemocRAT does an action, it is noble, patriotic even; but when a RepubliCAN does the exact same action they are a criminal, treasonous even? Is it because we are getting close to exposing their criminal behavior? If there is truly no election malfeasance, then let it go through the system.

    1. Europe is following as probably the rest of the World are, They are calling the DemonRatPack the Biggest most corrupt Mafia Organisation the World has ever seen, Just look at all of the bribes that are happening, buying off all of the main players than can stop Trump. FB. Zuckerberg just added another 500.MILLION to the bribery plot.

  10. Obviously this woman thinks she and the state of Michigan have a right to change the truth about fair or unfair elections. If Michiganders are smart they would walk through a request to terminate the Democratic idiots in their state starting with the governor and all her minions. Fair elections are a right given to the people through our constitution. Obviously the Democratic idiots in Michigan have something to hide. Petition to oust these idiots. They work for you not the other way around.

  11. Women shouldn’t be in positions of power. All they care about is their offspring and that makes them socialist/communist right from the git go. Same with 3rd world people….they are handicapped and biased from the start.

  12. The good people of Michigan must recall that piece of crap Governor, and that piece of crap A.G. immediately. Get them the hell out of office and demand the election suit to follow through to closure. The People of Michigan had the votes stolen. It was a huge fraud played out on them and they deserve to have the President that they voted for. All those that took part in this fraud must be arrested and sent to prison!

    1. I live in the state of Michigan and can’t tell you how many have signs in yards about this governor of Michigan, I can assure you there is no way she will be re-elected unless there is tampering with the election!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so grateful I live in a Republican township and Republican County!!!!! The demorats don’t even run against the Republican that run for office, they know it’s no use!!!!!!!!!!! Just wish the rest of the state was as smart as our area is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With each passing day, I’m so concerned about Biden becoming our President, he will never be my president obama never was my president!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Thirty percent of Democrats voted for Donald J Trump or more. Believe me, your state did not vote unanimously for Joe Biden.

  13. Maybe we the citizens need to start class action suits against these people and the courts failing to uphold the law with GIANT sums of money attached to the suits. Hit them where it hurts let them see how many people are outraged and not going to take it….

    1. Judges are mostly not impartial. Even those who want to be are now being bribed, intimidate or threatened. Sometimes all of the above.

    2. The courts will claim you don’t have standing. That is one of the biggest problems we have – the courts, who are failing to do their constitutional responsibilities. When it comes to making difficult decisions, they claim “lack of standing” and then they don’t have do make any decisions. ALL people should have standing when it comes to our elections and the over reach of any elected person.

  14. Nessel does not represent a lot of us in MI. I think she lost her brain somewhere. Where did she get her law degree? Cracker Jack Box? Go after the real criminals out there…oh wait that is all of your constituents. No wonder Detroit, Flint, Saginaw and Bay City are such a mess.


  16. When the FB, Az Ho. Zuckerberg, Put 500.MILLION in the Bribery pot, The Clinton Foundation, The Gates Foundation, Soros, Bilderbergers, Rothschilds, and the rest of the deep Swamp has thrown 100’s of millions to make sure they all turn a blind eye to this Big Corrupt DemonRat steal of this election. Was Sure it was a crime to take bribes, Right, It is one set of laws for the DemonRatPack.

  17. Don’t think she wants to go there…the truth will come out and she will look like the idiot she apparently is. Idle threats to intimidate and silence the truth seekers. SHE needs to be charged with conspiracy to illegally influence a presidential election.

  18. This Michigan AG is abusing power, CCP style, in order to stifle legal processes at work, to right a wrong, perpetrated against the voters of America, who unanimously elected Donald J Trump in 2020, to preside for a second term. as President of the United States of America. Millions of Ghost ballots, illegal ballots, dead people ballots, and electronic voting machines, connected to the internet, were used to falsely give Joe Biden, 81 million votes, when he couldn’t even get a dozen supporters at any particular rally, including Iin AZ, MI, WIS, GA, NV, PA.

    1. This is probably CYA activity, more so than political reasons. Which says that both the Michigan AG & SOS Benson are part of the “most intensive & inclusive voter fraud ORGANIZATION ever seen” that Joe Biden boasted of being put together under the Obama administration. IMO, former CIA director John Brennan & Holder were probably the major designers of this voter fraud organization from day one. How ironic that the same VP Joe Biden who was working with them at the time & they considered as the best
      electable candidate they had went on video to brag about this one accomplishment he had to boast about of his political career *& his bragging point is the worst of crimes called
      We must remember that John Brennan’s handwritten note/memo re his debriefing Obama, VP Biden, James Comey that Hillary had signed off on the Trump/Russia collusion hoax to deflect attention away from her own e-mail scandals & other criminal activity had to have been written between the Stop Trump and the FBI’s treasonous Crossfire Hurricane. It proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that all of the ones in that meeting were committing treason, when they initiated the 4 year INTERNAL COUP against Trump and our entire nation. This ATTEMPT TO STEAL THE 2020 ELECTION IS THE FINAL ACT OF THE TREASONOUS 4 YEAR INTERNAL COUP BY THE NEW WORLD ORDER & ALL THE DEEP STATE ESTABLISHMENT INSIDERS INVOLVED IN THE STOP TRUMP, THROW THE ELECTION TO HILARY & THE FOUR YEAR INTERNAL COUP PROVE THEY ARE TRAITORS WORKING TO DESTROY OUR NATION FROM WITHIN.
      Unfortunately these traitors appear to be prominent in the CIA, NSA, FBI, DOJ. EPA, CDC, FDA, NIH, Dept, OF Education, UN, WHO, federal district judges, FISC judges & possibly even into the SCOTUS itself, Bureau of Land Management (BLM) working out of the Dept. of the Interior. They seem to be top echelon of all federal government departments or agencies & even hold a majority of congressional seats (as evidenced by the activity inside the final days of the INTERNAL COUP inside the House.
      i so look forward to seeing all of these traitors arrested, handcuffed & marched out to carry to a place of detainment, while awaiting trials for their treason.

    1. Looks like a soros mad dog. Gov of Michigan is a relative of soros so it’s no wonder the whole gov there is so corrupt. I feel sorry for the people of Michigan.

  19. I am in full agreement with President Trump on A G Nessels & Michigan’s SOS Benson.. I also agree with “Jonathan Turley, a professor with the Georgia Washington Law School, described Nessel’s press for retaliation as an “abusive use” of the law”. IMO thus A G Nessels & SOS Benson’s threats amount to a blatant attempt to silence all lawyers into dropping all investigation into the blatant fraudulent voter fraud organization activity in this state & several others.
    This also amounts to the Michigan A G & SOS aiding and abetting the voter fraud organization to cover up the TREASONOUS attempt to steal the election from the rightful winners of the POTUS & congressional seats.I certainly hope everyone of the Michigan legislators she is trying to intimidate into silence will file a complaint to have their deep state establishment AG investigated for the purpose of permanent disbarment for “abusive use of the law & her position as AG.
    I think all of those who received “cease & desist” intimidation letters from Dominion computers used in the fraudulent 2020 elections should have the lawyer who wrote thsoe letters investigated for the same.

    1. Also, who is she to file suits against matters in other states. Isn’t that the reason the supreme court used to throw out the Texas lawsuit against the swing states?

    1. Bunch of spoiled bitches who know someone with lots of money that got them into their jobs. Moneybags got a lot of state attorneys elected in many states to get done what he wants done.

    2. Yet it looks like we will have a woman vice president, who isn’t constitutionally eligible to be VP. Then when Biden resigns, she will become president, and a totally illegal one! But try to challenge it and the courts will shoot you down.

  20. It was fine for the Attorney General of that STATE UP NORTH to make a blatant statement that there was NO FRAUD in the 2020 elections, and threaten sanctions against those lawyers who legally challenge this assertion.
    Well, is Nessel confident enough to make the same statement UNDER OATH and face the consequences of PERJURY.




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