Will Trump’s Pardons Come Back to Haunt Him? Michael Cohen Thinks So

By IowaPolitics.com via Wikimedia Commons

Michael Cohen, the former personal attorney to President Trump, thinks President Trump’s recent pardon recipients may be forced to testify against the President because of their lack of Fifth Amendment protections. The Fifth Amendment protects Americans from making statements that may implicate themselves in criminal activity.

In reports from The Hill:

“This produces a very significant problem for Donald Trump, in that once you get that pardon, you’re no longer able to invoke the Fifth Amendment … because you cannot be charged. All of these people may ultimately be his downfall simply because they’ll be testifying against him,” Cohen said while speaking with MSNBC’s Ari Melber.

The president has pardoned a number of loyalists in recent weeks, including longtime political adviser Roger Stone, former campaign chairman Paul Manafort and former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Democrats like Rep. Bill Pascrell (N.J.) have recently called for Trump to face criminal investigations over his use of power in office as well as his personal business dealings after his term ends.

Cohen in 2018 pleaded guilty to nine counts, including tax evasion and fraud, and was sentenced to three years in federal prison. He was due to be released from prison next November but was released to home confinement in May due to the coronavirus pandemic.

What do you think will happen to Trump? Will these pardon recipients turn on him?

  1. Sir…”I have no recollection of that” is the answer to every question the crooked Congress should be told. Or they could say now that I have nothing to fear it is my belief that that question is a part of the Russia probe which has been found to be phoney.


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