McConnell Caves to Trump, Introduces Bill Addressing Three Trump Priorities

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America via Wikimedia Commons

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell blocked a vote on a House bill on Tuesday that would increase stimulus checks to Americans from $600 to $2,000.

On Wednesday, McConnell has introduced his own bill to make the stimulus increase that also addresses two other Trump demands.

According to Fox News:

The legislation would also repeal Section 230, the controversial liability protection for online platforms, and create a committee on the Election Assistance Commission to study election integrity.

McConnell set the table for a bill to address these three issues in his floor remarks Tuesday.

“During this process, the president highlighted three additional issues of national significance he would like to see Congress tackle together,” McConnell said, before listing off the president’s grievances about the amount of the stimulus payment, Section 230 and the election.

The remarks were not a firm promise that any of these issues would receive a vote or that McConnell would push particularly hard for them. And McConnell’s bill itself is unlikely to gain the support of the 60 senators that would be needed to break a filibuster. Some Republicans, especially the handful who have already said they favor $2,000 stimulus checks, would likely back the bill, but most Democrats probably will not vote for it due to the other issues McConnell’s bill addresses.

McConnell Bill on Boosted S… by Fox News

President Trump continues to press Republicans to pass the $2,000 stimulus payments. It is unclear if he will be able to get McConnell to move on a bill that will gain Democrat support in the House and the Senate.

  1. McConnell is Pelosi in pants. I am ashamed he is part of the GOP. He is a crook pure and simple. I hope I live long enough to hear he has drawn his last breath so I can celebrate. If anyone needs to go home it is McConnell. The American people are the last thing on his mind. I despise him.

    1. If he fails to get the additional 1400 $ and the 230 clause, etc. then he will have hurt rather than helped the GOP. But if he succeeds he will be a hero. You have to look at the big picture and all in contains. Hero or chump. We shall soon see.

      1. unfortunately Floyd my thinking is he would be a “hollow hero”. Those other GOP holdouts for whatever it is that they are holding out need to be unelected the next time around. And the real message can be sent during the midterms and 2024 when the reports get back to politicians running for office that there are NO funds coming in and NO ONE is committing to vote for them… the biggee being NO CAMPAIGN FUNDS. I am tired of getting email after email and texts burning up my phone with the headline screaming “we are losing in Georgia, help now or we will lose” If you have not got a good platform and intel on the scummy democrat you are running against YOU HAVE already lost … Follow the money …… right down the drain

      2. To the dim wit morons and the infamous rinos now spouting off not getting the other two items off the limited agenda means the bill now has poisoned pills. To the rest of the nation it is logical to not protect the tech traitors and also not to fund the other crap either as in no safe port for voter fraud machines. But if you are a rabid left politician or pandering rino no more fraud voting roulette machines stops the auto wins. And removing the tech giants auto protection while they screw with the nation of internet users stalls their blocking of anything they chose. Two “poison pills” only the dim wits and rinos would claim as such. DAH! But old McConnell the fake GOP or rino in a short word really does not give a damn about any of it as he is now back in his comfort zone behind the dim wits who he follows.

    2. It will be worth the wait if McConnell can get section 230 repealed and some of those bribes to other countries stopped.

  2. The president means well. He wants most of the money to go to Americans. Republicans and mostly Democrats do not. I think Democrat voters need to call their representatives and address this issue. Saving our economy is not only a one party problem.

    1. And while they are at it; they need to demand that their party stop using fraud to win elections; they have made America the laughing stock of the world. They also need to stop inciting violence such as has been displayed against the police; Trump voters/rally goers; and store owners during their so called protests!

        1. As a V.N. vet and a student of The Word I know it is not about luck (a euphemism for Lucifer) it’s about steadfast prayer and fasting, just like Nineveh in the days of Jonah.

  3. The protection of the internet censorship should be a no brainer – they should never be protected. Election integrity should also be something no moral person should be against, on either side. I object to the additional handout though. But since congress is so corrupt, they will protect the censorship, not want election integrity, and since the dems don’t want a Trump success, they won’t pass the additional funds either. I want to know where this money tree is that we can keep spending money we don’t have.

    1. I am with you Shelly; I am a retired senior; I live on a S.S. check of 1083.00 a month (my only source of income) and I was against the government giving away even the 600.00, as well as the original check of 1200.00. It is not easy living this far below the poverty level; especially as a home owner, but I do it and I feel Americans should just learn to tighten their belts instead of dipping into the pockets of future generations.

      1. I am with you Shelley . We have corrupted politicians who are beholden to the power that be even before they are elected they’re already compromise to do the will not if the people but those who have easily bought them . They are deeply in this to take down the president he’s on their way and they stop at nothing to make sure even stealing an election so their funds will continue to trickle down to their pockets.

  4. That’s really a dumb question. It is SO obvious without a doubt he won the election…The left knew Biden was and would be in trouble so they fixed it ahead of time (voting machines) and thought no one be the wiser….Well, they were wrong. and they got caught…and as Paul Harvey would say..”In a moment ,the rest of the story”…The Democratic party will come crashing down and the whole world will know…Thank God !!

    1. A microsoft engineer has determined, through forensic examination, that the dominion machines have an algorithm that allows a chosen candidate to be weighted greater than the opposition. He said that this algorithm was turned on for Biden in the election.

  5. McConnell and many others do not care to save our country from Communism, or a Socialist takeover. They want their cushy jobs ans obviously money laundering schemes which have kept them rich. Cowards should resign.

  6. McConnell is just another sick Rino.
    Trump is the last Republican standing.
    He will go down on the 20th.
    Or sooner.

  7. The Turtle still needs to go. He can not be trusted. He is a perfect example of a sleazy politician. Hey Mitch – go get a REAL JOB.

    Term Limits…………….Term Limits…………..Term Limits………… TERM LIMITS!


  9. Without Trump, in the White House, the American people will be without a voice again… we were under Obama…but this time, the entire country will be lost …all our freedoms gone, and China will be our leader….because they are behind all of this…Our elections will be useless because our votes won’t count…the elections are fixed…that is a fact…so what will we do ??? If you haven’t figured this out yet, we are being conquered , defeated, and taken over by the China government with the help and support of the democrat, demon party ….they are all part of a well organized plan ….and we are the victims…

  10. I understand the frustration regarding McConnell however, under his leadership the Republican Senate has done a great deal to uphold our President’s position. Let’s not forget, with McConnell’s help, President Trump was not found guilty after the disgusting impeachment charge the democraps laid on him. The same goes for the 200 plus judges, including three SCOTUS justices. Sometimes one has to look at the overall picture. This country already has a monumental debt, McConnell is looking at that and doesn’t want it increased any more, as a country, we are already in danger of having the dollar devalued. I would love to have that gift of $2,000 to help survive; I too am an old senior living on just SSI, but there has to be some serious rationale in the decision.

    1. Kenneth Bristow , Please explain the rationale of giving more borrowed money to foreign countries than to American citizens? Money spent is “borrowed” money spent! There are as many RINOS involved in this scheme as Democrats; such as, Toomey, Romney, and any other Republicans that refuse to support Trump in the revealing of election fraud of 2020. ANY idiot, even Toomey & Romney can see that they are trying to protect themselves or family members from corruption charges.

  11. Republicans get tough??? Good luck. They are a group of spineless cowards. McConnell is a asshat of the first magnitude and needs to go back to Kentucky and stay there.

  12. The bulk of GOP are swamp creatures too with their snouts in the trough and no Trump is going to disturb their feast on power and money in the establishment club. All the Dems and Reps stick together to preserve their goldmine.

  13. Two of the three items will never pass the house so McConnell poison-pillled all three. They might pass in the senate, but will never pass in the house.

  14. I fail to see this as “caving to Trump” If anything, your headline shows how the writer is in bed with the socialist party.

  15. We are heading down the road the democrats want. To destroy our country by giving away money we don’t have to foreign countries. Countries that no doubt helped them commit fraud in our elections. Our government isn’t ours anymore. Democommunists run it and those Republicans like Mcconnell have chinese influence at their backs. Why in God’s name did they repel in 1974 to allow Muslims in our government. That needs to be reversed also. They don’t love us or our country. That will never change but our government deliberately went against our forefathers. We have been getting screwed over for years by people who had nothing in mind but to destroy this country . I’m telling you you better prepare yourselves for war. Because this government is take take take and give to others and themselves. I for one will not stand for it I will fight. Our government forgot they work for us not foreigners. We elected them they didn’t elect us. They go around in their thousand dollar suits and spout their crap while people are loosing their homes, their jobs their lives. Guess what they don’t care either. WAKE UP AMERICA IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT YOUR CHILDREN TO LIVE THROUGH!!!!!!

  16. Last chance for republicans to survive, conservatives and moderate Republicans will stay home next election. The Turtle can go back into his shell.

  17. Why doesn’t he push to get the pork, especially the foreign aid, removed from the spending bill? THAT makes more sense instead of just spending even more money that we don’t have. He should never agreed to all of that spending in the first place!

  18. If Mitch doesn’t pass the increase he is guaranteeing democrats the win in the Georgia Senate runoff and control of the Senate for complete government control of the country. If the runoff hasn’t already been bought. If Republicans lose control of the Senate the country we know will finish collapsing into depths of hell.
    The next 1 or 2 weeks are going to be the defining direction of our future.

  19. Media must be dealt with and they must be honest! If they are not then they must be sanctioned. This is a fact of National Security.

  20. Mitch has proved that he is no friend of Trump when he has an opposing position to take. He has done well at getting nominations confirmed, but little else. He will not be a help in dealing with the next 2 years. Can’t the Republicans field an alternative?

  21. Question of the day. Did Biden really win the 2020 election? I’m getting sick of that question. Here’s a good idea, let’s just everyone not consider the volumes of evidence and just go within our own head and decide it there. This isn’t like the mountain of evidence the left had on President Trump for the better part of four years, it actually does exist. I so no but not because I don’t like him but because the evidence is there if one would choose to se it.

  22. President Trump, please open all the information you have so we can see if it’s real and you truly have the way to take them down. We want the swamp demons gone! Please 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


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