GOP Leader Cautions Against Lawmakers Electoral College Certification Objections

Office of Congresswoman Liz Cheney / Public domain

Congresswoman Liz Cheney is warning against the “exceptionally dangerous precedent” that could be set if some members of Congress object to the Electoral College certification on Jan. 6th. The House Republican Conference Chairwoman warns in a memo that by objecting to the certification that Republican legislators are playing right into the hands of Democrats as well crate a precarious precedent for the role of Congress in future elections.

The Daily Wire reports:

“By objecting to electoral slates, members are unavoidably asserting that Congress has the authority to overturn elections and overrule state and federal courts,” wrote Cheney in a 21-page memo, according to National Review. “Such objections set an exceptionally dangerous precedent, threatening to steal states’ explicit constitutional responsibility for choosing the President and bestowing it instead on Congress.”

Cheney also argued that Congress taking up such a role would be at odds with the Constitution, and would play into the Democratic Party’s attempts “to federalize every element of our nation,” including federalizing presidential elections. “Republicans should not embrace Democrats’ unconstitutional position on this issue,” wrote Cheney.

Over the weekend, a group of GOP senators publicly pledged to object to the electors from multiple states unless Congress appoints a commission to conduct a “10-day audit of the election returns” of “disputed states.” The lawmakers want Congress to follow the precedent set in 1877. Rep. Cheney pushed back on the argument from Republican legislators.

Cheney, however, seemed to suggest that the issues surrounding this precedent — multiple states sending votes from more than one slate of electors to Congress, instead of from just one slate of electors — were resolved with the Electoral Count Act in 1887. Although Cheney says the constitutionality of the act has been the subject of debate among experts, she notes that there hasn’t been a dispute that governors “submitted an official certification of the election,” and that the votes of those electors were then transmitted to Congress. “Thus, under the Electoral Count Act, those certificates are conclusive and must be counted,” she wrote.

It is not reasonable to anticipate that any commission so formed could wrap up its work in 10 days; indeed, the subsequent debate at both the state and federal level would likely require months. Did those proposing a new commission realize that they were in essence proposing to delay the inaugural? Did they mean to set up a new future precedent where the inaugural is delayed and we have an “Acting President?” For how long? Who decides when that process is over? Will that require another Act of Congress? Could the Acting President veto any such future Congressional action? If Congress has authority to create such a commission now, are state elections, recounts and state law legal challenges just “make-work” until Congress gets around to investigating and deciding who should be President? Members who support the new commission proposal may need to answer each of these questions. And in particular, Members should be prepared to answer how such a commission would be justified by the actual text of our founding documents.

Who are you standing with on Jan. 6th?

      1. Cheney is 💯 in- impressive —- she needs to join the Democratic Party so like Pelosi waters and this horrible women

    1. Sedition is overt conduct, such as speech and organization, that tends toward rebellion against the established order. Sedition often includes subversion of a Constitution and incitement of discontent toward, or rebellion against, established authority. Sedition may include any commotion, though not aimed at direct and open violence against the laws. Seditious words in writing are seditious libel. A seditionist is one who engages in or promotes the interest of sedition, much like Trumpets who try to overturn an election which was declared without fraud by CISA Director Christopher Krebs and Attorney General Barr. Another name for treason, punishable by death.

  1. Liz Chaney is a POS and can’t be trusted. Her husband, Dick Chaney was also a phony.Liz & Dick need to go get REAL jobs and stop living off the tax payers.

      1. And you are what, exactly? Certainly no genius, not a conservative,. are you even an American? Don’t really care, just curious.

      1. We have elected so many stupid registered Republican Rinos.
        Trump being the prime examples.

        He is just another disgusting Democrat turned Rino.

        1. You just answered my previous question, you are a complete and total moron communist transvestite with delusions of grandeur. How odd of you.

    1. Cheny’s memory is that the Supreme Court shut down the Bush/Gore count with Bush ahead by 762 votes.
      Gore very graciously accepted the ruleing.
      Trump is going to have to flip 4 states.

        1. The same guy who couldn’t draw 10 people to his rallies. There is no way he won this election without cheating.

        2. Yes the same guy who told you Biden mental capacity is just super as we watch him talk like a blundering old fool.

      1. China printed over 4 million fake ballots…4 million fake ballots were used to give to Joe Biden. Guy from China had the receipts and gave them to our investigators.

      2. You mean the 7 + million “votes MORE counted than votes actually cast”? Oh, let me answer……Yes, there was an epidemic, all over America especially in swing states, of votes “magically multiplying” after the voting precincts closed! The numbers grew and grew until they far exceeded the number of people who voted! Now, how do you supposed that happened? Probably arrived in those out of town and out of state vehicles that came in during the wee hours of Nov 4 and people were videod loading cartons and even suitcases on carts and wheeling them in to add to Biden’s count when not a single Republican was there to “observe”! And in Pennsylvania, machine votes tallied for DJT actually decreased while the number of votes for Biden increased by the same number from one verification to the next almost to the vote! Now how convenient was that for the Dems? Your party had some pros who figured out all the ways to commit voter fraud and get away with it!
        History will not remember this election in a favorable light……too bad it will not be taught truthfully by marxist professors!

      3. Sorry the man can’t even get more than 15 people to listen to him——doubt he actually go 5 million honest votes

    1. He probably got closer to 80 million if you count the ballots in the landfill, in the rivers, in the oceans and hiding in somebody’s basement.

      1. I believe you mean Donald J. Trump’s ballots which were tossed by Postal Employees, Ballot counters, and bad actors all over the place.

      1. get rid of them through votes when their term of office expires these assholes and shitholes whom you put into office only playing for the money

  2. Wake up voters in Wyoming. Being Dick Cheney’s daughter does not make you a “conservative”. Dick was a typical “Bushite” all 8 years of his VP position and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. You can do a lot better with a primary candidate in ’22.

  3. BS. Just another Fake republican. This exact same thing was done by Democrats in the past and I don’t recall her preaching a single word about it.

  4. Is that a threat or just Democrat double speak!? I see. The new precedent should be to except outright corruption in our election process. In other words, Trump should have also accepted the Russian collusion theory and the impeachment proceedings and bowed out. Dizzy Lizzy is on the wrong Party.

  5. Another moron worried about setting precedent, blah, bla, blah, instead of worrying about what has happened under her nose, the future of this country as well as hers!!

      1. And, DJT is upholding his oath to protect and defend the Constitution and the American people (and you don’t count as a human much less an American).
        There is no precedent to be set here! We went through this with Bush V Gore in 2000 and it went to the SCOTUS! You probably weren’t even a gleam in your daddy’s eye in 2000 much less being able to remember it!

  6. What Chaney seems to ignore is corruption in the election process. Contesting the outcome is necessary in order to expose the gross mishandling of the voting procedure.

  7. Democrats have objected 3 times in recent years. Who can have a clear conscience that lets theft of an election go by? Who can stand by while an army of thieves cheated, with over 300 people swore under penalty of purgery that they saw first hand the fraud and thieves ? One machine was on tv election night on CNN showing votes switching to Biden, and Trump votes going DOWN in count. Nobody should stand by and let the thieves take away an honest election. It will happen over and over again by the democrats.

  8. Maybe Halliburton is not obtaining its profit estimates bc trump lowered the boom On OPEC by the US becoming an energy exporter which was in process when obysmal was president. It’s not as if Halliburton didn’t see this coming whether Trump or Killiary was elected but we know killiary was embedded in the Ukraine affairs which is the bridge fir energy supplied to Europe so she would have kept US energy bottled up while she was profiting from Ukraine/Russia/Europe kickbacks building up money to run American drillers out of business so they could be bought out at fire sale prices.

  9. Cheney is in the hierarchy of deep state. I’m sick of all of the anti-trumpeters, etc who can’t see how OBVIOUS this election fraud is.

    1. These people are not deaf dumb and blind of course they see it they just want Trump out because he won’t play ball with their little money making schemes and go soft on China

    2. Surprise – there is no deep state. That’s what Trumpets use for anybody who doesn’t agree with them. Theoretically, the deep state is all the non-political government workers who work for whoever is in office.

      1. Oh Lordy, you are young! I have heard about the “deep state” most of my long life! Deep State has nothing to do with DJT!
        Sniff, sniff, you have soiled your pamper……call your mommy for a clean diaper…..PLEASE!

  10. Liz Cheney is either highly ignorant or flat out deceptive. She should be well aware that the Republicans are setting no precedent as this political tactic/process has been done in the past by Demo-communists. She is a true RHINO deep stater.

    1. Didn’t work then; won’t work Wednesday either. It’s in the Constitution – try reading it.

  11. Eff you, Cheney, all you deep state scumbags have revealed yourselves. Americans now know the traitors among us. Every president after Reagan…all traitors including your entire family. I hope you sleep well…with one eye open.

  12. Well, we have a problem. But the biggest problem in my view is that States can’t guarantee their election process. The abscess must be popped and we must live with the consequences.

  13. It is NOT a precedent when the Democrats have done it a couple of times in the latest elections. It does show how deeply set in the swamp ‘willfully ignorant’ RINO’s are. Time for either the GOP to stop support RINO’s and expel them or for conservative to start a new party. We no longer have a two party system but a 1.25 to .75 system. 🙁

      1. I say that Trump will start his 2nd term as President as Scheduled in January 2021. “We Thank YOU, O GOD! We give Thanks because YOU are Near. People everywhere tell of YOUR MIGHTY MIRACLES. GOD SAYS; At the TIME I have planned, I will bring JUSTICE AGAINST THE WICKED…It is GOD ALONE WHO JUDGES; GOD decides who will Rise and Who Will FALL.” (Psalm 75) I trust GOD’S JUSTICE to continue to expose and DESTROY all wicked deeds involving the DNC-Democrats-Joe, Hunter Biden-all involved. Because GOD is the final JUDGE, the tables will be turned upon the Wicked. When Arrogant people threaten our Security, we can be confident that GOD will ultimately overrule and DESTROY all evil rebels involved in this Presidential Election fraud. No weapon that is formed against us (all who agree) shall prosper. I decree in JESUS NAME.

  14. The Cheney family has something to hide. Wyoming was once a great place to live. The marxists have gained a stronghold and I feel that the people are not as God fearing and Conservative as they once were. There was a muslim group back in the Obama reign that got it started. I loved living there, now I am stuck in another Marxist state and honestly, I think half of the US has gone to the devil, literally. Dick Cheney is her father not her husband by the way. Not a good fellow.

  15. So what they are saying is It m sorry setting a dangerous precedent. Because they are saying it’s okay to steal the election, it’s okay for voter fraud etc and oh well don’t dare challenge it. SMH so every 4 years we will see elections and our votes won’t matter what will matter is who can steal the election better!! So sick of the career politician’s and that’s one of the reasons President Trump was hated, because ha was/is NOT one of them and NOBODY has him in their pocket and he doesn’t owe ANYBODY ANYTHING. So freakin frustrating

  16. Cheney is genetically linked with McCain.
    They both seem to have had the same jackASS for a parent.
    Or perhaps it was just a retarded mule?

  17. Why do people want to stick their heads in the sand?? IF the ‘famers of our Constitution’ didn’t feel the necessity for this (ALREADY USED, recently by the democrat’s) provision, they could have left it out — or it could have been removed by Amendment. Its’ inclusion simply implies the “possibility” of election FRAUD. Since there is a STRONG possibility that this HAS occurred, the Congress has an opportunity to REVIEW the accusations and (hopefully) reach an unbiased conclusion. So far, any and all significant indications have been dismissed by both the “somewhat” biased MSM and several judicial challenges. I find it somewhat amusing that “the Congress” went through a “Russian HOAX and a strictly ‘political’ impeachment trial with nothing but false or circumstantial evidence. Here we have the REAL thing — being denied by the HOAX’ers. I say “run er up the flagpole and see who salutes”!!

  18. What is wrong with these RINO and even some conservatives? If anyone places credibility in polls…the last one I saw says 80+% of Republicans believe election fraud was rampant so, these Republicans are openly going against their own constitutes! More importantly, DJT swore an oath to protect the Constitution and the American people……he is fulfilling his DUTY! It is of the upmost importance that the American people have fair and honest elections, regardless of the party, AND at this time “IT AIN’T HAPPENING”!
    Why are they saying….DJT is setting an important precedent and they are worried and frightened by it? We went through this same thing with Bush V Gore in 2000 and it ended up in the SCOTUS to settle it! If either party is allowed to cheat and win by fraud….our elections are going to turn into “the worst cheaters win and are the leaders of America! Right?Everyone needs to “SETTLE” and let it play out!

  19. Need a party that is really for us or we are headed towards really bigger problems. Like New York LA Chicago picks the next dictator and we can vote yes like in communist russia. I have no intentions of doing what an illegal government tells me to. She is just another RINO preaching come together which translates to do what the DAMRATS say like we’ve been doing for a long time. Enough already!

    1. You must have flunked history. The Democrats have done a better job with the economy than the Republicans and you can actually look up the statistics to prove it. I know Trumpets are the least educated in the population but give it a try.

  20. Well, that is simply BS!!! If there was not so much evidence of fraud, it would be different. It is so blatantly obvious that Trump won, that anyone, who would deny a thorough investigation, must have something to hide.

    1. Where’s the evidence, dummy. All those lawsuits with absolutely no real evidence other than somebody saw something or an affidavit which can’t be cross-examined. NO EVIDENCE from Uncle Rudy and the Kraken.

  21. I’m not to good to die for standing up for what is right!! Someone done it for me and I will do it for the ones coming behind me. Lock and load people!! It’s gonna be fun!!

  22. President! The dems have done this the last 3 times. They can’t control Trump so they all want him gone so they can go back to making their millions.

  23. I stand with Trump! Any republican who opposes throwing out the electoral results is a coward and deserves to be thrown out on their ear

  24. Dear Ms. Cheney for your information, people are elected to enforce the laws of the country and hopefully make this country safe and prosperous while serving. It is not their job to worry about re-election. That’s what is wrong with politicians today.

  25. Excuse me, Lizzie, but the Congress works for We the People, not for themselves. That’s something that needs to be addressed immediately! We the People elected Pres. Trump in a landslide and the Commie/Dims stole it away. However it has to be done, we need to be heard…. LOUDLY!!

  26. Liz Cheney – you can go to H!!! You are turning into a platapus – go grovel elsewhere – Patriots do not want the likes of you!

  27. If something is fraud and we don’t speak up and they get away with it what do you think will happen to elections in the future we have to fight for what is right sounds like to me the left has bought her

  28. Here is another Rhino that does not support their oath to support the Constitution and protect the American people. They are only looking after their own perks. There are selling us out to the socialists/communists and here comes China. High taxes, d epleted military, open borders and lost freedoms. How the heck can they preach open borders and lock down for citizens. Just one example of the wreck to come for American citizens.

  29. Ladies & Gentlemen this is what is called in the “bananas republics” a COUP to overthrow a sitting president by illegally and with all due intention to change the election rules just by the mere acting of corrupt politicians without an ounce of honor and shame, they went ahead without going thru the legislation of each particular state, which is the legal body to intervene in such matter, thus therefore we the people have the constitutional right to deny the results of such election, it’s not even the congress that have the final saying but we the people which the constitution clearly says that we hold “ALL THE POWER”. This is a very historic moment in our nation and therefore there is no room for any fear neither cowardness of the moment, we must rise to the occasion with patriotic courage and determination. Dear God our nation was founded under Your Name seeking Liberty, Freedom and the Pursuit of Happiness, please help us now in Jesus name we ask. AMEN

  30. Does this SUPRISE ANYONE? Her Dad was a war monger in the Bush era of unending wars in the middle east. We should not have taken out Sadam Hussein. Ask any Christian Group now in Iraq what the conditions are for Christian evangelization, and they will tell you it is very difficult. Under Hussein they had freedoms.

  31. I think it is right to throw into question the vote, as has to be fraud, or the mentally retarded voting for Feely Joe. He cannot vocalize a ten word sentence without screwing it up. JUST ASK YOUR DEAR POTUS OBAMA!

  32. The Chennys are Republicans, Trump is a Democrat turned Rino
    $2,000 for doing absolutely nothing is pure Rino vote buying.

  33. It’s getting easier all the time to separate the patriots from the traitors. If we let Joe and Ho get in there won’t be anything left to build on in 4 years. I’m really disappointed in some of the Republican senators that I had hopes for in the future (Cheney not one of them, she’s too far gone.) Get with the program and get it right!!

  34. The “exceptionally dangerous precedent” would be accepting flawed election results. This has to be corrected. To hell with Liz Cheney’s political bias.

  35. I remember when America was great.
    Trump was a registered Democrat who made generous donations to the Clinton campaigns.

    1. DJT became enlightened and switched to the GOP! That is only one of the many reasons you hate him! Another is all the money you don’t get from him any longer! If DJT was a Democrat President all you Democrats would be shaking your tail feathers, strutting, crowing and squawking at the top of your lungs, boasting about all the wonderful things he has done for America! AND…..HE SURELY HAS!

  36. We should either be made to vote in person or find another way because dems stole this election and will do it again


  38. So, we are just supposed to sit back and accept election fraud and pretend that everything is just fine!

  39. What dangerous precedent? The Dems have done it for years when a Republican has won the Presidency. Nobody told them it was a dangerous precedent. The 2020 was an outrage. Massive fraud. And she thinks nobody should say anything? She is wrong, and her constituents will let her know the next time she is up for re-election. Nobody is going to for those who turned on Trump. Just like we will remember those who stood with him.

  40. Well Lizzie, I always thought you were a dem, now you prove it. The apple never falls far from the tree.

  41. Liz Cheney SMH. Her dad basically was the president under Bush & Bush has turned out to be a traitor, says a lot about her dad. The apple doesn’t fall far from the rotten tree

  42. Cheney? THE QUINTESENTIAL BUSH STYLE RINO! Already kissing old Joe’s behind. And a warmonger too. Here we go, another round of Bozo in reality and old Soros!

  43. So Cheney is warning against challenging organized election theft. Like the Mafia challenging law enforcement not to investigate Criminal enterprise that the Mafia controls.
    Not using Dominion voting machines would see Cheney calling it obstructio of criminal commerce.and shouting “Give Crime a Chance”!

  44. What about stealing the election ? Does that not set a precedence also? Would really rather uphold our Constitution, our Country and our Freedom than to be concerned what might or might not happen in the future with Congress. Have to fix this mess first and this looks like the way to go

  45. Basically she is saying ignore voter fraud, so the American people will never have another fair election. Let the liberal socialists get away with destroying our country, that’s better than getting the facts. NOT! If Congress doesn’t want fair and honest elections, and doesn’t want to stand for their constituents, and the constitution, they need to get out of DC and politics. We have very little real representation as it is.

  46. Hey, HEY,Hey–Liz is gay and a RINO also .Folks like her should stay out of politics if they only want to destroy the USA and turn it into a filthy degraded hellhole.

  47. Liz Cheney needs to sit down and shut up. This election was like no other. The evil, corrupt Democrats have been plotting a way to take down President Trump since he won in 2016. If the Dems get away with this extensive voter fraud, there will never be another fair election. As Biden stated, they have one of the most extensive voter fraud operation in history. President Trump needs to fight against this fraud not just to win his re-election, but to save our republic from the corrupt Democrats, RINO’s, and China.

  48. Your title is very misleading. Liz Cheney is not a top GOP leader! She is full of it! The whole election was rigged and she expects Americans to give up our freedom for communism! Fat chance! We are fighting fir our freedom and she needs to be fighting with us! Thousands of men gave up their lives so we could have freedom and she isn’t going to fight? She us a traitor to America!

  49. Just wondering’ Where were all of these deep state establishment ISIDERS (in all parties) when the demonicrats were screaming stolen election in 2016? How did President act then? The way any innocent person should act by not rushing to destroy evidence as the demonicrats have in 2020. The demomicrats soon halted all investigations& screaming) when the only evidence of cheating appeared to have done by the INSIDERS in 2016, just as it d0es in 2020;

  50. Dangerous precedent? How about the precedent being set that elections can be won fraudulently as this one was? Cheney is betraying her countrymen.


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