Iranian Officials Target Trump in Revenge Plot for Soleimani’s Death

The White House from Washington, DC, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Top Iranian officials are suggesting they want revenge for the death of Qassem Soleimani, who was killed by a US drone strike last year. The Iranian officials are indicating they may attempt to exact their revenge by assassinating President Trump once he leaves office. In videos posted online Ebrahim Raisi, head of Iran’s judiciary, and IRGC General Esmail Qaani, commander of the Qods Force make threats against the President who they blame for Soleimani’s death. At the time of the strike, Soleimani was the world’s most wanted terrorist.

The Daily Wire reports:

“The (Americans) should wait for the hard revenge,” Raisi said on January 1. “The beloved resistance forces will determine the place and the time. The Islamic nation knows at what point in time and where this revenge will be exacted. The enemy should know that its life will be very difficult from now on. The resistance movement will make the enemy’s life much more difficult, in revenge for the blood of the martyr Soleimani. One of the aspects of the hard revenge will be driving the Americans out of the region.”

“Punishing those who gave the order and those who committed the crime is another aspect of this hard revenge,” Raisi continued. “I am addressing the enemy. Let no one think that if someone holds the position of the U.S. President, yet he commits or orders a murder, he will be immune to the enforcement of law and justice and will remain on the sidelines. Never! Those who played a role in this assassination, in this crime, none of them will be safe anywhere on the globe. This is final. The steel willpower of the resistance movement will exact hard revenge from them.”

Qaani gave similar remarks, saying that those who were involved would not be safe anywhere and that Iran may find assassins to carry out attacks “even inside your own house.”

“Those who committed this crime should know: They have done something that will (bring rise) to a man, somewhere in the world, who will repay those non-men in kind,” he said. “By perpetrating this crime, you have created work for all the free people in the world. Rest assured that even inside your own house, people may by found that will repay you in kind for your crime.”

The message was translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), the institute tracks Islamic extremism, anti-Semitism, and anti-American sentiment around the world.

    1. How many Americans has Iran killed since since they since they got rid of that American stooge the Shah of Iran.

      1. The Shah of Iran was very pro-American and the Iranian people were way better off economically under his leadership. Those mullahs are basically dictators.

    2. You mean like when they ran the US installed puppet, the Shah, out of their country?
      Or when they took over and terrorized our embassy personnel and trashed the place?
      (It reminds me of the the Capitol on Wednesday.)
      Iran talks the talk and walks the walk.
      You, on the other hand, are ignorant.

    1. Make that radioactive molten glass!
      But it had better be soon; Godfather Biden will bow down and kiss their hands just like Obutthole did.

      1. That’s what happens when you have nothing to live for and are unhappy – they resort to influcting death and violence on their neighbors and all others that do not stand up to them. That’s us now with the egghead in charge.

        1. Amen. Biden did not have sense enough to tell Piglosi and Schumer to offer the olive branch to Trump, his supporters, and the GOP. Now there is no reason for anyone to trust them to be fair in anything. They want absolute control, or you get impeached, or kicked off social media. Now shut up slaves, and do what we (they) say, or else face the consequences of our (their) wrath.

      2. Your admiration for these crazed psychopathic genocidal maniacs is sorely offensive to every patriot in America so shut the hell up wth is wrong with you boy??

        1. “crazed psychopathic genocidal maniacs”
          Are you referring to the people who trashed the Capitol last week?

      3. Also stupid. They are their own worse enemy. Stay away from them and they will kill each other off. They have had feuds that never die, just those unlucky enough to be in the way of a bullet or a bomb. Their buildings are constantly being torn down. No peace, no security, no happiness or prosperity.

    2. I would agree except Biden and his comrades would never have the stones to retaliate. In fact Pelosi and other lefties including most of the Democratic Party would cheer if they succeeded. They are already working to undo every single major accomplishment of the past four years which exceeds the combined accomplishments of every past democratic admin of the past 60 years.

    3. Unfortunately if it happened with a Biden administration that would be more grateful than revengeful! Sad state of affairs for the United States of America!

      1. Hopefully soon to be ridden with all the foreign undesirables that will bring their diseases with them. If enough Californians die along with them….

          1. They are not bankrupt.
            They have AA- bond rating.
            The Trump Organization credit score is 19 out of a possible 100.
            (They are associated with so many bankruptcies.)

          2. It is also the state with the greatest number of Illegal aliens. It is a state that takes the HIGHEST number of welfare dollars out of the Social Security Trust Fund. It is the state with the largest number of people in poverty. It is a state where real estate is the highest cost except maybe N.YorkCity.. All insurance costs are affected by your state and their lack of care for their forests so therefore we all pay higher fire insurance costs across the USA due to CA having catastrophic fires year after year, San Francisco is considered to be the most expensive city to live or visit. CA also has the highest loss of HiTech businesses and the folks who work in those industries…Furthermore I do not believe your stats because all working citizens pay into the S.S.A. but your welfare illegals are using it faster than it can be replenished. The rest of us pay for your cheap illegal labor..

          3. Welfare dollars do not come out of the Social Security Trust Fund.
            Illegals can not collect Social Security.
            But they can pay into it.

            High real-estate cost is the the result of a strong economy.
            Obliviously people want to live and work in California.

            The catastrophic fires in California are due to a very long dry spell/climate change.

            The catastrophic fires in in California are primarily on Federal lands.

            “we all pay higher fire insurance costs across the USA due to CA”
            Pure piffle – each state sets it’s own fire insurance rates based on the losses in the state .

            San Francisco Is the most expensive city to live in and visit because it it has the the highest concentration of rich people.

            Of course CA has the highest loss of High Tech, It has the highest concentration of High Tech.
            California is the birth place of High Tech (the fertilzation process took place in Massachusetts).

            “all working citizens pay into the S.S.A. but your welfare illegals are using it faster than it can be replenished.” – more piffle.
            The SSA has nothing to do with welfare.

            One more time – the Fed collects more money in CA than it pays out.
            “We described the difference as the balance of payments. For example, California’s balance of payments is -$13.7 billion. This means California residents get less in return than they pay for. However, Iowa has a balance of payments of $2.5 billion, meaning Iowa residents receive $2.5 billion more in federal services than what they pay in taxes.”

            To be a Trump Train News Conservative do you have to be both ignorant and deplorable.

          4. Yes, 23% more smog, more smoke, more scum bags, and higher taxes than any other state except maybe New York. That is why they are leaving by the bus load and going to Texas and other states.

          5. Price is determined by desirability.
            CA is very desirable.
            The price of real estate in CA just keeps going up.

    1. It is now! It used to be one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Same with Hawaii. Now they are filthy trash heaps!

      Speaking of CA, if the corona is so deadly, why aren’t there stacks of bodies, under bridges, all over the state—esp San Francisco?

      1. Trashy leaders usually deplete rather than increase prosperity, and pleasant conditions. All homeless street dwellers should be arrested and put in a public housing facility which feeds them, doctors them, and makes them work in a government program which benefits society. If they do well they can move out and get a better job and their on housing. At present they are only a liability with little hope of a better future.

        1. “We described the difference as the balance of payments. For example, California’s balance of payments is -$13.7 billion. This means California residents get less in return than they pay for. However, Iowa has a balance of payments of $2.5 billion, meaning Iowa residents receive $2.5 billion more in federal services than what they pay in taxes.”

          I am that stupid.

      1. Yes, and look at it!! It looks WORSE than a thrd world country! Yet Piglousy lives around the corner from this trash-heap & CLOSES her eyes to it. She & Maxine “incite” riots, live in mansions. Gee, wonder where they get all their money!

        1. I will give you two guesses as to where their money comes from and the first one does not count… I do know that Paul Pelosi Jr was working in the Ukraine same time as Hunter and also for an energy company. I also know that he had his series 7 license to sell stocks lifted forever. He was involved in some sort of something really, really bad in the USA. but I could not find out from the S.E. C .Nancy’s husband sold millions in stocks when Congress was told of the Corona virus before it became public. Insider trading is OK if you are an ELITE politician but not for the serfs that keep them in power and pay their extreme wages for the little they do plus really grandiose retirements.

          1. Yes she is a part of the Monopoly. Those $ Billionaires won the election through their powerful union of do it our way or hit the high way to oblivion.

        2. And she loves peaches and wants everybody to send her some peaches. She love impeaching all her enemies and folks she don’t like. She wants to have prosperous Red states bail out the poorly run Blue states. She needs to be arrested for sedition, impeding the passage of good legislation which would help the masses. What she does is criminal or should be criminal. Get rid of her negative influence.

          1. “We described the difference as the balance of payments. For example, California’s balance of payments is -$13.7 billion. This means California residents get less in return than they pay for. However, Iowa has a balance of payments of $2.5 billion, meaning Iowa residents receive $2.5 billion more in federal services than what they pay in taxes.”

            Floyd, you ignorant deplorable.

    2. We’re in solantary confinement for no crime other than a stupid regime who I hope will recalled soon btw how’s the lockdown preventing new cases see you newsome in unemployment line soon dipstick

      1. Ps sign petition pls we need this dictator out he’s burned down our forest he’s killed our people he’s destroyed vaccines by not following protocol help me get him out

      2. We have not been in solitary confinement.
        We now have 1141 deaths per million.
        We had 1894 deaths last week.
        China was in solitary confinement.
        They now have 3.4 deaths per million.
        China is not now in solitary confinement.
        China had 6 deaths last week.

        Covid – 19 is a communicable disease, the more communication the more death.
        Think of not wearing a mask as the moral equivalent aboration

        Two years into the Trump Administration Newsom got 62% of the vote.
        A number Trump will never see.

        My family does not do unemployment, or bankruptcy, we come from old money.
        Unlike that New York City real estate hustler.

  1. I’m sure President Trump knows how to take care of a threat like that and will do it not only stealthily but quickly…!!! God Bless President Trump…!! God Bless America..!!

    1. Trump is a has been
      The Joint Chiefs of Staff will be making all the nuclear decisions until the 20th
      They said so. .

      1. You dipshit, Trump is commander in chief, the joint chiefs of staff are just that–STAF! They advise the President, they don’t run the show, as the old saying goes!

        1. The Joint Chiefs of Staff issue the orders to their respective branches.
          If they think that the Commander and Chief’s order is illegal they are obligated to ignore it.

          If the JCS ignores the President who is going to execute them for failing to follow orders?

        1. Trumps nuclear button does not have any wires on it.
          If the JCS says there will be no nukes there will be no nukes.

          Do you think think that any one on the JCS will allow an unprovoked attack on Iran in the next week?

          If so you should go to Washington and prevent the Inauguration of Biden.
          Don’t forget to bring your flag, war paint and Ar-15 pop gun.

    2. Trump has been sold down the river by the Supreme Court, Pence, the News Media, and Big Tech, and a bunch of RINO republicans. They lost Georgia because they claimed they did not need the 2,000.00 $ dollar stimulus bill. So, Piglosi, and Schumer, pointed that out and promised them the money as soon as Joe takes office. The folks in Georgia needed the money so they voted the Republicans out. Thanks to R- Pat Toomey, and R- Mitch McConnel. Trump wanted to give them the money, but these fools refused to negotiate with Piglosi. So now the Democrats own the Senate as well as everything else.

      1. Trump has been sold down the river by so many people now.
        They are like rats deserting a sinking ship.
        The really sad truth is that Trump has been sold down the river by We the People.
        Some say that Trump has sold We the People down the river.

        Sold down the river is an interesting term.
        Were your people buyers or sellers?
        Slavery is a stain that no amount of bleach can remove.

  2. DROP the BIG ONE on TEHRAN and send them back to the Sand squatters that they are! One of the Last things he could do, before leaving office, since he has had the B-52’s flying over them anyway, ELIMINATE for the GOOD of AMERICA & Israel!

      1. Too bad Hillary sold Russia most of the Uranium belonging to the USA. I do not know how that pot of gold was divvied up but I think Obama and the Clintons really made out. That info is still all locked up and taking up time that Trump could have settled her Treason. Nancy and sack of Schiff were busy with the Mueller fiasco giving Demomarxists attorneys 40 million in lawyer welfare money and then the impeachment full of lies and it failed and then the lies of Ben Ghazi they all lied repeatedly over. The Obama and Clinton cover up. Then Hillaries classified e-mails illegally going to an unsecured server that she owned and even after a subpoena for her e-mails she destroyed them but they were found on a PEDOPHILE’s Lap top belonging to the husband of her closest employee. she has proved over and over that she is a criminal and has no respect for the LAW..

        1. Where in the the US was the uranium mined?
          How much did Russia pay for it?
          Who did they pay?
          How many tons?
          How refined was it?
          When was it delivered?
          Where was it delivered?
          Whose ships was it transported on?

      2. Long as one of them hits you on top of your empty liberal head professor Bookface since Biden will take over they’ll drop them on us anyway Trump had us protected now we’re a huge target with a bulls eye on our ass thank you treasonous traitors hate filled rageful left win lunatics destruction of America is y’alls only agenda crazy ass freaks

        1. Biden will protect us like Trump and Obama did.
          Bush did not protect us.

          As of now America does not really have any allies.
          The whole world thinks Trump is a Jerk.
          They have sent their congratulations Joe Biden.

          Do you count Brazil and some of those former Soviet bloc Eastern European countries to be our allies?
          That is so sad.

    1. What do you think China’s and Russia’s response will be?
      What are the chances they will drop 1% (72) of their nukes on US cities?
      Won’t that be fun.

    1. You are more right than you know. And it should all pan out in the next week. Dark days ahead but trust in the Lord and trust Trump Gods gift to America

  3. If Iran puled a stunt like that I’d imagine they’d be a country that would become uninhabitable for centuries.
    Democrat pussies won’t always have control.
    And if an American President was assassinated by a foreign government, the response would have to be overwhelmingly strong and immediate or there’d be a call for impeachment and removal of a cowardly “president”.

        1. It is the Senate that decides an impeachment and the Demomarxists have the majority–close but it could turn out like the very recent Trump impeachment. Nancy is attempting to keep Trump from ever holding a political position again. I hope he packs the House and any senators that have to run in 2022–hopefully she may have a stroke.

        2. Can’t you shut your damn mouth for two seconds Albert Hess you make a fool out of yourself everytime you open it shut the fuck up you doucher !!!! Holy hell you BUFFOON

        3. What kind of math are you using? The Democrats have a majority in the House and now thanks to Mitch they have 50/50 in the Senate with Harris the tie breaker. The House starts the impeachment and if the Senate confirms it then the president is removed. Last time the House falsely impeached Trump, but the Senate voted against it, and so he remained in office. No one ever paid for the false Russian Hoax, like Hilary, Biden and Obama, and the FBI! They remained free although they lied and cost us millions of dollars over these false allegations.

    1. Assassinations have consequences.
      Iranians have very long memories.
      They still remember when the Americans forced out their democratically elected leader and installed the Shah on the Peacock Throne.
      They will get even.

  4. Juat watch how much American Taxpayer money is sent to them to quiet them down. Second installment.
    Buying friends, only turns into buying enemies

    1. How much did it cost the US taxpayer to install the Shah on the Peacock Throne.
      Are we still making payments?
      Like we are on the cost of slavery.

      1. You do not know D.J. Trump. If the Demomarxists were not trying so hard to get him out of office with lies and more lies–He could have done much more. Thsi country will be destroyed with this senile old reprobate who should be in prison along with his son for stealing taxpayer dollars by skimming off as a large commission the dollars the U.S. Taxpayers are loaning to countries in great distress. Then Biden used his drug addled son to act as bagman and money launderer . Joe supports the entire Biden Clan on taken taxpayer dollars.He and Hunter have sold out the USA to China and so his new name. Beijing Joe. Hunter took 411 flights on A.F.2 doing these nefarious deals that hurts every citizen of the USA. The entire Biden Clan is corrupt and Joe is a Pedophile.

        1. Illegal Monopolies Derailed Trump’s chance of a second term. Now they are also shutting down competition like Parler. The News Media along with big Tech have supported the Democrats and are biased. By being a monopoly they exerted tremendous influence over the outcome of this election. It should be nullified by the Supreme Court, but they won’t because seven of them appear to have been bought? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ MONEY TALKS, while poor folks WALK. Shut up SLAVES the BILLIONAIRES have spoken!

    1. Americans love to rumble.
      That sure was a fun rumble on Wednesday.
      Excerpt for the dead people.
      And the 100 plus who will see some serious slammer time.

      1. Antifa and BLM should be in jail but Kamala will bail them out unless George Soros beats her to it. The two who used fire extinguishers on the Capital Cops heads and murdered them may be in jail till they croak or get killed in jail .Maybe the Cope that shot the Air Force Veteran almost point blank through a window– he may go to prison for that horrible act.

      2. Likely there were some Antifa, MLM and rabble rousers among the Trump crowd who urged them to riot. Now Trump has been blamed for the whole thing although he urged them to be peaceful.

  5. At the moment of hostility with this vile nation, the U.S. military should destroy all their gulf and Caspian Sea ports, airports, weapons factories, military stores and bases. The U.S. also should boycott Iran and any nation that trades with it. The U.S. should deport all Iranian citizens and reject all Iranian travel into the U.S. Any shipping at sea when hostilities begin should become training targets for U.S. military assets.

    1. We should declare out and out war on Iran?
      How do you think other countries will react to that.
      So many of them have nuclear weapons now.

  6. Impeach President elect sleepy Joe Bidden if he fails to warn Iran that such a threat is being taken seriously by the USA!

  7. President Trump while he is still our Commander in Chief should give those Mullahs, including their supreme leader, a taste of what Soleimani got before China Joe takes over as he will send them another plane load of dollars like their fellow Muslim Barry gave them

      1. It should since they give them to liberals like candy but Trump deserves a Noble Peace Prize the Nobel is probably a paint by number document so low IQ libs can understand them

  8. Don’t laugh guys. Remember these are Obama & Kerry’s “friends” AND Brennan was their CIA “man”. With a little help from Clapper & the rest of the Deep State, nothing is impossible. The Dems are full of HATE, lead by Pelosi & I believe “this threat” has legs.

    1. The people of this country need to take Facebook and Twitter off. 78 million Americans g cm oils hurt there money.

  9. Does not matter, our elections from now on are rigged, no investigation to or court hearings allowed to address it, we are censored on public websites, we are labeled thugs by “Beijing Joe,” the crook, the same FBI that sat on the Hunter lab top for 18 moths like the Weiner lab top are making off the wall accusations about the party over 36 nitwits that three Antifa and BLM Democrat party sponsored terrorist joined, Michael Moore telling audiences we are plotting to get our guns and March on state capitals and federal capital to over throw the government, I do not own a gun, neither do my conservative neighbors but we are terrorist now, ABC news one of the 98% one party mouth piece propaganda outs telling readers they democrats shoukd want political cleansing of Trump supporters like the Pol Pot leader of the Khmer Rouge, meaning “Red Khmer,” or the lunatic Bosnia, “task of ethnic cleansing,” should be planned for us. We are as Beijing Biden said thugs, and white supremest, democrats want GOP kicked out of Congress for a communist style one party system.Governor Cuomo during the deadly BYC riots said, “ who said protests had to be peaceful,” now he want Trump to resign or be impeached since he claims with fellow comrades he incited the 36 nuts to break into the capital and kill an innocent policeman. Where where these democrats when cops were murdered and injuries in the 4 months of deadly riots? Comrade Harris praised the rioters raised bail money for them. Now we are suppose to sit by and watch Trump be impeached by what we consider to be the most evil and vile political party in our history. They not even sworn in and already are freedoms are being taken away, we are accused of what they did to us four four months with fear of punishment. I am not violent, I am filled with apathy that my government congress in particular could be this evil. Fir four years nonstop 24/7: nonstop every minute of the day, we heard hatred for Trump. Some how we are the party of hatred and their not, we are the party of lies they are not. Like in all Communist dictatorships no more free elections, censorship and punishment for political opposition, a two tier justice system, and a congress that hates the majority of people they are suppose to,protect. Biden said BLM was treated worst than the nitwits criminals that stormed the capital, why does he feed the fires of hatred and no one questions him or democrats. Four months nonstop violent riots and your telling me they were treated harshly? I watched the beat people to near death, burn down building with families inside, loot stores, and kill plus cause life injuries to police and cops stood by watching. It is saying the capital intruders were supposed by the 250,000 there when footage showed them booing the thugs. Why dodge we have stalinist propaganda news every single station the Maoist/Stalinist style propaganda. Look, these are not just rich Marxist, but ten times worst New World Order Socialist Globalist. They are the the threat to the republic not us. A fair non-bias investigation into the accusations would of settle the issue, but we got a song and dance with the lies by media courts and investigation proved no fraud? Lie to me for four years and I am suppose to believe you now. Impeach Trump yet allowed democrats who really did incite violence walk freely? Apathy is my only outlet now, I lost all faith in my government and party.

  10. Has anyone considered the possibility of the new administration will remove President Trumps SS detail and turn Trump over to the Iranians?
    I wouldn’t put it past them! After all Biden and his handlers, Obama and Hillary, are on the Iranians payroll!

  11. Taking OUT Iranian’s top super spreader of TERRORISM around the world is a good thing..!!! God Bless America..!!

    1. Won’t happen things are going on and we all will be surprised. God is going to save us with whom he picked to save us. The deep will be flooded and flushed

  12. Why is the Tech machine allowing terrorist regimes violent inciting post? Huh when they claim w/o proof incite violence some spraining to do Lucy

    1. They are private companies.
      This is America.
      They get to decide who to do business with.
      Just like my local Walmart when I wear one of those pink fleshy hats with a big hole in it.

    1. Your right it’s biblical but it doesn’t say an eye for an eye you imbecile. You have got to be the stupidest person here. Get lost

  13. Had enough of Iran. Gone, Gone, Gone. We don’t need to deal NOTHING WITH THEM. BE DONE WITH THERE B.S .GOD BLESS THE USA 🇺🇸. 🇺🇸. IN GOD WE TRUST AMEN 🙏

  14. The lying, evil democrats’ false narrative about Trump and Trump supporters are responsible for putting these lives at risk. Shameful conduct by democrats. Democrats must be held accountable.

  15. Republican leadership is feckless. This whole fraudulent election wouldn’t have even happened if they weren’t in bed with the enemy. We can expect rhetoric like this from Iran, but it’s coming from Capitol Hill and it sucks.

  16. I am sure Nancy Pelosi will be happy to participate in collusion with the Iranians, and Adam Schiff will somehow not find the evidence in plain sight if she does.

  17. Perhaps this threat by the ‘top Iranian officials’ signifies that it is time to seriously consider setting the Iranian people free from the tyranny and enslavement of the top Iranian officials??? Their people have demonstrated with signs and chants supporting President Trump, such as ‘We want Trump’. The Iranian people are too smart and talented to be happy about being controlled by ‘top officials’ who literally control their very lives. If the ‘top officials’ are putting out statements like that about Trump, then I would take them at their word and then it would seem to me that perhaps they would like to have another ‘visit’ by the US if it can be pulled off with precision such as was done with Soleimani? The world seems to be a whole lot more peaeful with him gone. Maybe the Iranian people will consider the idea of being set free of the tyranny at the top of their ‘government’ and let the world know what they would like done to help them?

  18. A Monopoly exists. It is not legal. In the past Large Corporations often had to divest part of their business in order tom ensure competition would not be entirely eliminated. They used their monopoly in the News media, and through social media to stifle Trump and the Republicans. They censored them and suppressed their posts and ads. Now they have denied Trump and many others a platform to explain their political views. They have even shut down Parler. Apple, Google, and Amazon joined forces to shut down Parler. This is Treason. By cutting off the President, and many Conservative supporters, they have put the country in danger. His communications or lack thereof could put the country in peril First they stole the election, now they have incited the riot that they accuse Trump of starting. Although he called for peaceful protests, they accuse him of starting it. They now want to impeach him with only nine days to go. Yet, they call for unity. What a laugh. They ignored all the riots earlier, but now suddenly don’t want a riot because they felt threatened. We need peace, we need justice, we need a Congress that works for the people, not just for power, or for accomplishing a vendetta against someone they don’t like.

  19. Mexico is going to build their own wall.
    Out of concern that they might be invaded by violent Americans.
    Canada will provide the financing.


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