MURDOCK: Allegedly Illegal Ballots Exceed Biden’s Victory Margins in Six Swing States

Mass-mail-in ballots sit atop junk mail in a trash can beside a Las Vegas apartment building, October 2020. Photo courtesy of Jim Murphy.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This opinion piece was written before overzealous Trump supporters attacked the U.S. Capitol, breached the Senate and House chambers, and shut down the exact debate on vote fraud that Trump backers demanded.

The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of

NEW YORK — Thirteen Republican senators and some 140 GOP House members are mounting a collective challenge to the certification of Joe Biden’s Electoral College votes as they are unveiled today in a joint session of Congress. The resistance is being led by senators Josh Hawley of Missouri and Ted Cruz of Texas and Representative Mo Brooks of Alabama. Citing an 1877 precedent, they are calling for an ad hoc electoral commission to conduct a 10-day emergency audit to satisfy deep concerns about the honesty of the November 3 presidential vote.

According to a Reuters/Ipsos survey, 39 percent of Americans believe “the election was rigged.” Among Democrats, 17 percent agree, as do 31 percent of independents and 67 percent of Republicans.

Democrats used this constitutionally mandated forum to question the elections of 1968, 2000, 2004, and 2016. So, Republicans are walking in the footsteps of their Democrat colleagues and their forebears.

Republicans confronting Biden’s Electoral College votes this afternoon have legitimate reasons to do so.

As the nearby chart details, once a variety of categories of allegedly improper or illegal votes have been subtracted from Biden’s margins of victories, his wins become losses in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. If those states shift into President Donald J. Trump’s column, he comfortably would win four more years in the White House.

Some of the more worrisome data include these allegations: 19,997 ballots in Arizona cast by those under age 18. In Georgia, 20,312 out-of-state voters seemingly voted in-state. In Michigan, 27,825 ballots apparently were “requested” by voters who made no such request. Nevada saw 42,284 suspected in-state double voters. Absentee ballots officially recorded as returned on or before the day they were mailed out total 58,221 in Pennsylvania. In Wisconsin, 96,437 able-bodied voters evidently skirted the Badger State’s voter ID law by claiming to be “indefinitely confined.”

Beyond this chart, senators and House members of both parties should be chilled to their marrow by a December 22 letter signed by 19 members of Pennsylvania’s State Senate. In that document, and a December 28 news release by 17 of these legislators, they calculate that 202,377 more ballots were cast for president than there were voters who voted. This is called “stuffing the ballot box” and is the most basic and profound species of vote fraud.

These 202,377 mystery ballots are just about halfway in number between the estimated 144,000 to 288,000 completed absentee ballots that U.S. Postal Service contract truck driver Jesse Morgan swore in a notarized affidavit that he transported on October 21 from Bethpage, New York, to Harrisburg and then Lancaster, Pennsylvania. After parking that trailer overnight, Morgan attests that he returned the next morning and was shocked that it had vanished. Were these 202,377 ballots the same as those Morgan says he trucked across two state lines into Pennsylvania? And what the hell were even 20 Pennsylvania absentee ballots doing in Bethpage, a community on Long Island?

I have compiled, questioned, and analyzed these figures over the last 10 days. They are based on court filings, public statements and private communications with state lawmakers, legislative-hearing transcripts, reports by government officials, discussions with election-law attorneys and vote fraud experts, and credible news accounts.

These figures can be debated. Some might merit refinement upon deeper scrutiny. Some ultimately may prove incorrect.

However, these serious and troubling numbers deserve much closer and more robust examination. That is what the GOP challengers ask today: a 10-day window to see if these disturbing indications of potential vote fraud are sufficient to reverse a presidential election in which nearly four in 10 Americans share no confidence.

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research. Bucknell University’s Michael Malarkey contributed research to this opinion piece.

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.

  1. COMMENTER’S NOTE: Your opinion pieces were part of the inspiration of the “overzealous” traitor’s motivation when they attacked and occupied the Capital Building of The United States, waving the flag of the traitorous Confederacy, over the right-wing extremist lies about election fraud. You should be ashamed.

        1. I think the 2nd word in your sentence is misinformation that this President has put up with for 5 years. Your worse then an imbecile. I can’t say it on this site.

          1. I do not like Trump but he won. Despite the maligning and machinations of the mockingbird CIA media. Its called “tv programing” for a reason.
            Your not liberal, you’re brainwashed

          2. I do like Trump, and agree he won. Mockingbird Media. How apropos! We’ve been putting up with the biased Media for longer than President Trump was a candidate and then President. It’s just gotten more repressive of our side, if that’s even possible.

        2. Not related to Hitler’s Hess? Just asking, since being a deluded, corrupt
          dimocrat, it’s a reasonable assumption.

      1. typical blind, ignorant Democrat voter. Will learn the hard way that what is promised by marxists IS NOT what you get!

      2. Poor confused reality based bob
        His mind has departed to parts unknown
        Leaving behind only a mindless blob
        Unable to analyze, only to yawn.

    1. Antifa lookalikes{on purpose} were responsible for the violence, destruction and fear mongering at the capital and accomplished their agenda, to provide more lies and fuel for the Trump Haters. God Bless President Trump!!!! AND the VP is a Traitor!

      1. and to shut down the very information on voter fraud from ever seeing the light of day. This operation didn’t help President Trump only the rats. The capital police escorted people into the capital building and were directing them right to the senate chamber. This was a planned, staged operation and i bet the rats were in on it along with capital police.

          1. I think her stolen laptop has data of seditious and treasonous articles adverse to the country and that is why she wants President Trump to be put away asap before she is expose and could be sentence guilty and jailed and that would accentuate Trump to rule for four more years

        1. The fake media and Nasty blame it all on the President, and Trump supporters, However someone else saw truck loads of Antifa being dropped off, dressed like the supporters, who infiltrated the group, which is when it went from peaceful to violent. This may or may not be true, but there was one man who was on camera saying he was making a video to tell people he was so ashamed of what he had done, that he had to speak up. He said he was one of many people who were PAID to infiltrate the supporters and start a riot, which he said they did. I don’t know if anyone else saw this but I was on line the night of the GA. runoff. I turned to someone doing live coverage just to see who was ahead. There was a monitor on the screen and I saw Osslofs numbers going up, then I looked at Perdue’s who were a little lower but still going up. I looked away for a second and when I looked back Perdue’s numbers had dropped to 422,000. I can’t remember the exact total when I looked the first time but it was somewhere between 455,000 and 475,000. Even if it was the lower number that was a 33.000 vote loss. That does not happen. Someone else commented they had seen votes change also. .Who knows how many times that happened. I was only on the site for about 5 min.

      2. How many Antifa/BLM have been arrested?
        Was that an Antifa with his feet up on Nancy’s desk?
        That ignorant hick from Arkansas.

        What percent of Trump’s picks still give him 100% support?

        1. Since the treasonous deep state helped create this scenario, how likely is it that it would sanction the arrest of the players that made it happen? Typical dumb dimocrat, ignores all the riots, beatings, blocked highways, arsons, looting, and murders, even of police officers, by his fascist left hate groups like antifa, and the violent, racist, Marxist hate groups like ‘black lies matter’, that have been orchestrated over the last 5 years…incited, excused, and even facilitated by your party of dimocrat traitors, but suddenly finds his voice to condemn the Waahington protest.

      3. Created also to provide the ammunition in their endeavours to destroy President Trump. He frightens the power behind this fraud, as they know the power he now has with 74 million plus followers. SO they have to take his power away somehow, they have to expend their energy now (already happening) with the co-operation of the conspirators Zuckerberg and Dorsey TO totally destroy this power.
        DONT LET THEM.

      4. 3. busloads of Antifa were ordered by the DC mayors they all came with red Maga hats and were the lefts DemonRats countermeasure against the Trump Demonstration, They were the ones that created all of the Havok in the capitol.

        1. Agree. However, I think some of the good people just got caught up in the mess, like mob mentality. Don’t think the good guyys meant to do any harm. Some did act like pure numskulls!! And they shouyld be forgiven. Punish Antifa and BLM is possible. They are the scum of the earth!

      5. I’m not sure VP Pence is a Traitor. Less than courageous, perhaps, but he lives and works in the maelstrom that is DC. Once the propaganda began about the Capital Hill gathering, there was little else he could do. I don’t think he likes the speech suppression that has resulted, and I would bet he would have taken a better stance had he anticipated that would be the result. Again, not a Traitor, more shortsighted and too close to the problem.

    2. REAL WORLD NOTE: This ‘attack’ was pure gaslighting as democrat BLM and ANTIFA locked people in buildings and set them on fire over the last year. Trump did nothing wrong and when OUR FIREWALLS ARE SUBVERTED BY CHEATERS BYPASSING STATE CONSTITUTIONS BY PASSING ILLEGAL ELECTION CHANGES THAT WEAKENED VOTING LAWS YOU DO NOT GET TO OBJECT WHEN WE OBJECT.

      1. Facts are facts some people just don’t want to know the truth,actually some of the Trump supporters were invited in of course it was a trap by the dems to make the president look bad,our president did not incite violence as Pikloski did, not too long ago fact is Presidents won by millions and again the election was rigged in Georgia ,too bad you dumrats can’t see The actual slime dripping from your party!!!! I pray President Trump comes back with vengeance all his people will be there!!!!!

        1. That is what Piglosi is afraid of, hence the impeach BS! The dems are scard of Presient Trump. He now has theur evil goods on them. Wish he could prosecute them. Wish he could and would sue them for defamnation slander or whatever. Those responsible for the4 ti5 years of hell they put him through! They need to be made to pay! And if it is proven they have stole taxpayer money for their crap then make them pay!!

      2. They can’t afford to have an examination of the facts because massive fraud is so obvious that even their brain dead moronic followers would be able to see.

      3. The press has shred no facts, yet. no judge allowed a hearing on the evidence. But the state legislatures held hearings. tens of hours of hearings, and we were presented evidence of election fraud. In fact four states and especially PA and GA have presented tons of evidence. Statistical to anecdotal we have tons of evidence. LOOK at it. LIKE THIS ARTICLE!! He is not wrong!
        Trump won. ANd a few dozen people in the capitol doesn’t change that.

    3. Signs of group think
      1)     Attacking the person, not the issue
      2)     Silencing the messenger, instead of examining and responding to their claims
      3)     Proclaiming the other’s viewpoint as morally inferior to your own
      4)     Promoting benefits whilst concealing costs and vice versa
      5)     Pretending to refute all claims by cherry-picking only the weakest points
      6)     Deciding on behalf of others what should satisfy them and interfering with their attempts to investigate issues that are of genuine concern to them.

    4. Putting “reality” in your name doesn’t make you any closer to it. Tell us how you feel about the Senate building breach in 2018 when politicians bowed to the LEFT WING mob and even held a dialog with them as the FAKE NEWS and Demonrats egged it on as “democracy in action”.
      Your clutching of pearls is laughable, to feign like you care about the Constitution even more so. You pick and choose which parts you feel can be used to your advantage. You are as much of a FRAUD as that kid touching sexual predator you voted for.

    5. If people like you have taken a GOOD look, you would be able to pick out the trouble makers! The apparel of most of the people were red, white and blue. Had flags and banners. The trouble makers were decked out in fighting gear! Where any climbing the walls and breaking windows Dressed like that? A good bet was the rats paid them to make trouble! JUST like all the mobs burning and looting we have seen! SORRY REPUBLICANS HAVE MORE CLASS! Many were there to protest ALL the fraud WE HAVE seen on TV! ALL the deleting of people on the social sites show s us who was behind this and the BIG Companies and Wall St! Now watch all the perks they will get for the BIG donations! Guess OUR PRESIDENT was too close to outing them.

    6. I remember not long ago the occupation of the Wisconsin Capitol building for an extended period of time. I don’t recall people calling them traitors. In fact many in the media said they were demonstrating democracy.

    7. OK, but the article was about illegal or inappropriate votes that were tabulated and counted.Have you nothing to say about that……

    8. Embedded FBI agent claimed he saw a busload of ANTIFA clad in Trump gear join the protest and cause the trouble. One of them admitted on camera that he was paid

      1. They have been paying them all along to do damage every where. Do you seriously think that they would have shown up? If they didn’t pay them too? They have no interest in anything let alone elections? They are gamers probably play games all day. They getting them out of their parents basement to do this stuff.

    9. A domestic terrorist masquerading in MAGA Trump hat FAKE
      Does not a true President Trump supporter MAKE.
      The activity of the criminal paid domestic terrorist traitors
      Was consistent as in all their previous criminal rioters..

    10. Evidently ‘realitybasedbob’ (shouldn’t that be ‘realitybiasedbob’?), you’re just another far left extremist living in your fantasy swamp. This election has been the biggest theft in history, and this dimocrat party has now sealed in history, not only its less than coveted notoriety as the party of Jim Crow and slavery, infamy as the most treasonous, corrupt, anti American, criminal, and untruthful dimocrat party in America’s proud history. God help America because one thing is certain, and proven by history, the dimocrats won’t.

    11. Dems are the traitors here. Such hyperbole and spin . Anarchists and antifa lead the way into the capitol. AND why not receive them like the Kavanaugh protestors?

    12. Bob what would you say to facial recognition software that has linked 95 plus so far from the Capital building to antifa and blm protester web sites? and we are still looking for more?

    13. reality based boob is at it again. The brainless toad does what all liberals do He tries to blame his opponents for exactly what he has done.

  2. The unfortunate scene at the Capital 0n Jan. 6, 2021 does not, in any way, alter the facts on the ground. Let the majority of congress, and the D.C. establishment roll their eyes, but the evidence is clear that Donald J. Trump won the Nov.3, 2020 election and is now the rightful President-elect as well as the sitting President of the USA. Biden CANNOT have what is not his, and we will not stand for the corruption it would foist upon America!

        1. NO WAY on GODS green earth could a person get that many followers staying in the basement and talking out of his butt every time there was no teleprompter he didn’t even have a genuine Question/Answer session with LEGIT American voters! This was the biggest sham of an election I have ever seen in my 66 years!

        2. Frankly, I would be surprised if he even got 1 million votes, tho’ I have to admit we do have an overload of brainwashed people in this country.

        3. He couldn’t even draw a crowd of more than 10 people to come to his rallies. No way could he have gotten that many votes

      1. Those he chose, were NOT allowed to speak – -good example, CJ Roberts, black-robed traitor of SCOTUS, had enough power and tenure, with Breyer, Kagan and Sotomayor to make the three newest justices stay quiet. Don’t think, for a minute, that Roberts is NOT politically compromised.

      2. So your curiosity isn’t even a little piqued by the dimocrat demands that President Trump’s last pick for the Supreme Court had to recuse herself in the event of the election being contended? Of course not, you’d rather just believe whatever CNN tell you, right? The same CNN who used the word ‘terrorists’ some 38 times during the morning after the Capitol protest…a word they have never used even once to describe the countless incidents of extreme dimocrat violence, like the shooting of Republican Senators, the riots, arson, looting, beatings, and murders committed by ‘black lies matter’ terrorists, which included the murder of police officers?

      3. They probably did until they were threatened…. I have zero proof of that but I am taking a page from the democratic playbook. Just say it as if it were true and defend it ….

    1. Of course he won. They expect us to believe the alternate reality they are pushing. Because we don’t now they want to silence is.

  3. Your work will become part of the public record and is extremely valuable. Thank you! You also demonstrate that not all Trump supporters are wild yahoos.

    We’ll see what happens with Biden. No one who wins by this level of fraud can get away with it forever or be secure in his position.

  4. This election has seen democracy subverted by the collusion big-tech, main stream media and corrupt officials. The fascist tactics that are in play would make the big name tyrants of last century proud. A saying that is often attributed to Stalin, something on the lines of, “Its not the number of the votes that counts, but the person who counts the votes’. And as Big Joe Biden when he let out a Freudian slip of the tongue, and said ‘we have put together the most extensive voter fraud machine in history’ … Can so many jigsaw puzzle pieces fitting together be wrong? No. Here Mr Murdoch adds to the extent collections of evidence, both circumstantial and eye-witness accounts, and data analysis of this theft of the Presidency of the USA.

  5. realitybasedbob wrote: “COMMENTER’S NOTE: Your opinion pieces were part of the inspiration of the “overzealous” traitor’s motivation when they attacked and occupied the Capital Building of The United States, waving the flag of the traitorous Confederacy, over the right-wing extremist lies about election fraud. You should be ashamed”

    But fails to mention that Antifa organization was actively involved, notably John Sullivan an Antifa leader, was involved in organizing the storming of the Capitol building. Antifa have a history of violence, and vandalism, and despite their protests tot he contrary are one of the most fascist organizations in operation today. My guess is that realitybasedbob either is a sympathizer or a member of Antifa? Patriots aren’t the traitors, The antifa and other stooges working for foreign agencies are the traitors.

  6. If this information was presented before a judge and thrown out with evidence and testimony of this magnitude, then why has our government not revoked the judicial power of the judges who threw it out? They are clearly violating their oaths of office. They are unfit to do their jobs.

  7. Note to Editor: The Capitol wasn’t stormed by “overzealous Trump supporters”, nor did they shut down the debate. Antifa provocateurs, in collaboration with certain Capital Police, staged the whole thing, as MANY videos from the scene now prove. Once the doors were opened by Capitol security, who bade them to come inside, a handful of Trump supporters did so – peacefully -looking like any other respectful group of Capitol tourists. We’ve been played like violins by professional psy-op experts from Langley, and its been going on for years.

    1. If any, the HOE has bailed them out! She always does! ALL the troubles we have had are threats to GET WE THE PEOPLE IN LINE FOR WHAT EVIL THEY HAVE PLANNED FOR OUR COUNTRY AND WE THE PEOPLE! JUST watch!

  8. there is NO justice dept,which hand are you wishing in.BRING ON THE INSURRECTION ACT,BOLD FACED SEDITION IS UPON US>

  9. Fact is there was a rigged election the dermatologist did it and 5hey weren’t about to be discovered so they again as their usual ploy come up with a distraction as you saw,thing is rigged is rigged cheating is cheating no matte4cwhat your excuse is you demrats cheated,rigged,lied and hopefully you will pay!!!!

  10. We all know that the election was stolen there IS proof even tho the courts refuse to listen. This should not be the end of an investigation that would show all proof and the people behind it and those people, who we all know quite too well, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Waters, Nadler, Romney among others should be prosecutes and thrown in prison for the rest of their lives.

  11. Your article, though correct in many aspects, begins with an egregious falsehood, or rather a statement that has not been borne out by fact: that it was Trump supporters that “stormed” the Capitol.

  12. Get it right A holes. It wasn’t TRUMP Supporters that attacked the capital. You already know that but because you’re dungheads the truth doesn’t mean anything to you.

  13. If a election has evidence of Fraud, it needs to be presented to the Courts, the riot that happened on Capital Hill, should not change that.

  14. Everyone knew it was rigged but Barr sat on his lazy butt did nothing.. Another swamp rat. Liberals have no idea what they did to America by voting for China joe. Joe Biden picked every lowlives to fill his cabinet. Baby killers and communists. Mayors who did nothing for their cities but steal money.. Blm and antifa running wild in streets democrats pay them to this. Everyone one who voted for destruction of America makes me sick.

  15. The Fraud was so evident a blind and deaf person could spot it a mile away. As for the Confederacy being traitorous it all depends on what side your ancestors were on. As mine they were all proud Cavalrymen under the Great General John B. Hood. And as far as I am concerned what people commonly call the Civil War, was the War of Northern Aggression. And if this abomination of a fraudulent election is not overturned, I hope Texas secedes again. Any Republican who supports the Democrat Crime Cartel Fraud and shows up for the Biden/Harris Tyranny Inauguration is a traitor to their oath of office and the nation. Red Dawn is here and it did not come from invading forces, but from a traitor coup d’etat on the part of the Democrat Crime Cartel.

  16. We need to impeach Biden as soon as he is sworn in. Biden and VP both knew what was going on. Biden needs to be brought to Justice but of course, the Republicans will do nothing. Democratic have violated so many laws that nothing has been done and not one has been arrested. The democratic socialists don’t give a dam about America. So why on earth do people vote for those criminal democratic party? Every democratic are all liar and crooked starting with Bill Clinton on down to Obie. This government is absolutely totally corrupted that it will never be amended. America is to be blamed for voting so many crooked criminals for public office. I believe that America will no longer survive with so many liars and traitors in Congress and in senators. We will all be slaves under the New World Order. One last question: Why hasn’t Republicans and senators never impeach anyone but the Democratic had no problem impeaching Trump?

    1. The British General Thomas Gage told John Adams he would destroy John, his cousin Sam and their associates if they did not submit to the will of the Crown. That is what the Democrat Crime Cartel expects of us. I fear the only way the D.C. Cesspool has become so corrupt it will take forcibly removing every corrupt member of the Government and starting with a clean slate. Or all Conservative states secede.

  17. Its all moot now, the conspirators Obama, Soros, Zuckerberg, Dorsey and all the other globalist, corporate and elitist politicians have succeeded in pulling off this massive scam election.
    It is however frightening that a group of determined people can have the power to pull off such a despicable switch/fraud against the American President and the American people!
    What hope has the rest of the western world got? None, this scheme will be used with the same media backing, (both msm and big tech) to get away with it until the entire world is under the Globalist One World Order and the Great Reset which is now coming on FAST.

    If you have not read the World Economic Forum’s agenda, suggest you do, so that you are aware of what the Biden administration (under Lurch aka John Kerry as his Climate Czar and member of the WEF) is pushing quickly ahead on, within his first 100 days! (more power to the unelected elites of course), followed by the total dictatorship of world populations – “for your own good of course, as they know what is good for you, more than you do, you silly people”!!

  18. One thing I learn ! Most dangerous people in Washington DC. Not democrats. It’s the people who let democrats committe (Treason) fraud. Mitch McConnell, Linsey Graham, John Cornyn. Plus at least 75% of Senator’s,John Roberts & other 8 justice plus 300 constitutional judges federal judges Trump appointed these are leaders that Back stab American people & Trump for 4 years. Totally corrupted: FBI Wray & all agents, CIA director & all her agents DOJ Barr & all lawyers. All these worthless people work for US Chamber of Commerce, Communist China 🇨🇳 Money & Globalist. We know what Worthless democrats stand for. Everything good for Americans 30 years had been Stop in Senate. Mitch McConnell GOP republicans are who we are fighting!!
    American people & Trump won this election in landslide. GOP work behind our backs to make sure we lost. New Party Trump 75 million plus strong. Screw GOP primary’s get rid of every worthless republican. Republicans are the deep state and truly (TRADERS)

  19. I know Trump supporters that attended this Rally and have videos of 4 white Vans dropping off antifa guys. They did not realize who they were until later. they seen them in the crowd, he had a megaphone and he had a walkie-talkie. he was telling the people to go on in. then there was one up on the balcony with a megaphone dressed in black that was telling everybody to come on and storm the capital . that was antifa !!I believe as many do that this was set up by the corrupt politicians all 70% of them to stop looking at the Voter FRAUD . they took a break and they come back . they were all mad , nobody wanted to hear anything. they awarded it to Biden and did NOT look at the hundreds of affidavit , videos of testimonies of people that witness the voter fraud!! this was set up by the Democrats, the left side , it’s socialist, not even Democrats . Obama , Clinton , Soros , Mueller all the corrupt politicians. They got their way but hopefully that the end of it! seven of their laptops were stolen, I hear they’re in good hands along with President Trump . I’m still praying for President Trumps next term and all these to be in jail. that’s why they recently fixd up Guatamo ?sp. It WAS Antifa doing the Destruction as you can see in many of the videos on YouTube.

  20. WE SUPPORTERS DIDN’T DO IT. IT WAS ANTIFA!!!!!!!!. They were dressed like Trump supporters.I wasn’t there but I have friends who was AND THEY DON’T LYE.

  21. My gut feeling which is seldom wrong has told me non-stop that there is voter fraud. The numbers are now showing it. We need Trump to be our President, he actually cares about people. The dems are the ones that should be locked with criminal records including from treason to murder. How do they stay out of jail???? They have been so jealous over his ability to actually save this nation that they do everything possible to get rid of him. They are not Americans at all. They want only power and money. we must pray that he is our President as we are facing the middle East, China and South Korea. Not a pretty picture.

  22. I take it hat NOBODY guesses that the Left was at the rally dressed with MAGA hats and the like. Antifa was there for sure.

  23. This most certainly should have not been dismissed. It should chill everyone to the bone. However most bone dense people who are Democrats. They don’t seem to be concerned. Their party won an election, that’s all that’s good and fine. You can’t believe that doing the same old thing doesn’t make a different result. It seems that the Democratic Party. Believe that doing the same stuff makes a different result. It never will happen until you change what your doing. They can’t seem to change the rules at all.

    1. The problem is, They did not win the Election. They Stole it. The Supreme Court is a disgrace for not ordering the impoundment of Dominion machine’s and then a Forensic Audit.. It could still be looked into, but they would probably find they were bleach bitter and then hammered accidentally of course. I am sure they can find a scapegoat to carry the can. But the Truth will eventually come out.


  25. Your point EXACTLY, Trump supporters didn’t do this, or didn’t mean to fully disrupt. (And the Guy who shot the woman was WRONG and should be tried as a criminal.) It was mainly other people, recognized antifa and anarchists we have seen ALL summer who instigated, broke windows and etc….
    And, what about when left wing demonstrators who interrupted the Kavanaugh hearings…they were championed and welcomed! That wasn’t a problem, but this was?
    The completely unprotected capitol building, and we read that mayor Bowser told her DC police to stand down–it was a SET UP by the radical left to disrupt the evidence–DUH!.

    This is a stupid and fake rebuke of Trump people. Trump said be peaceful. Sure he called BULLSHIT, because IT IS BS!!
    . Its the same lying CIA mockingbird press we have had for 60 years+/ in this country.
    Six multinational Corporations own 90% of the “press.” They are ordered what to tell us.

    AND at 1:16 pm Congress received an affidavit from Italy explaining they have the guy WHO SWITCHED THE VOTES! On Jan 6th they got this notice. No wonder they had to over react and shut it all down. Losers!
    Your disclaimer is stupid, virtue signaling without questioning what REALLY Happened.

  26. I would ask you to explain to me how facial recognition software has identified 95 plus so far of the so called Trump supporters at Congress on the 6th match up with other film clips from antifa and blm protests sites? They were not all Trump supporters that day and i believe they were set up to take the fall for all the violence to discredit Trump.

  27. First of all the demons have been planning this steal of the election for at least a year, ballots from all over the country flying in day and night ,stopping the count so they can make more ballots running ballots through 5-8 times ,switching votes from president Trump to sorry Obiden ,then to say Obiden had 81 million votes is such a lie of the century,then start up a ruckus in the whitehouse by bringing in Atifa and BLM so they can get away with it ,the demons cannot get any lower than what they pulled this time and somehow I hope they all pay for their horrendous crimes against this Nation and the people of the USA!,, Vengeance is mine says the Lord!,,

  28. If we allow ourselves to be marginalized and restricted on all fronts we have truly lost our democracy. RESIST!

  29. Of course ther was massive fraud! Disapponted in te spineless, gutless repuublicans that caved on 1/6/21! They cut and run like little children, as if the big bad wolf was hot on their heels! Did they really ever have itin them to stand up for truth and ju8stice? I doubt it! They are all wimps! And to use the rally as an excuse is sickening! Antifa and BLM and some paid protesters are what caused the damage. That and mob mentality did take over some of the good people. Mostly it was Antifa and BLLM that did the damage. Were they paid by the democrats, i.e. pelosi and shumer, Harris and the rest of the low lifes? Too damn bad those caught can’t be made to talk. Also imagine Soros was involved too! Harris and her bunch probably posted baid for the criminals as they did in the past! The democrats are bad news. And they do not play nice,m they play down and dirty! Every last one of them!

  30. Thank you President Trump for volunteering for this. You have reminded Americans of our constitutional rights. Freedom of speech and the separation of church and state.

    What we have now is a government run church of right think and right speak. It is a religion of intolerance.

    Christ Followers follow Christ not a government or King. Christ is our King.

    Our loss of freedom is the natural evolution of humanism. People want the government to take care of them. At our core we are lazy and hate work. America has made progress. Our country is basically good. Filled with people that sin and are imperfect. We all want life liberty to pursue our happiness.

    Lets agree to disagree on politics. Let’s move forward. Let’s see if VP Harris and VP Pence can find a way forward.

    Trump and Biden can go play golf and ride bikes together. They must be tired of all the smear and fear. God Bless America and every country that depends on her survival and strength.

    Sorry if you hate God. He has a remedy for that. It’s called forgiveness and grace.

  31. Why the disclaimer that this was written prior to the incursion at the Capital? What was true before is still true afterwards. The riots didn’t change the truth, they just shrunk the size of our Congress Critter’s balls!!

    …apparently those of the media as well.

  32. They caved and allowed this fraud to be put in control of our country. If they have this information, then every one of these fraudulent voters should be charged with a federal crime! They should have their voting rights stripped from them forever! These numbers don’t even include the corruption with the dominion machines! Biden did not win!

  33. It is pure fantasy to believe Biden beat Trump in our election. Few went to his hand full of rallies and even using Obama failed to draw a cround. Trump had hundreds of thousands at his rallies and many of whom said it was great fun and a spritual experience. Many said they wouldn’t miss one. We love president Trump. He has been assigned this tremendous task virtually alone. I can’t imagine anyone else on earth able to manage any of it. God bless him and God bless America.


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