Pro-Trump Senator Introduces Major Election Bill

The White House from Washington, DC via Wikimedia Commons

South Carolina’s Tim Scott introduced election integrity legislation calling for a thorough investigation into the irregularities surrounding the 2020 presidential election. Claims of widespread fraud have echoed through the country since November, an investigation will help restore faith in our election process. The proposed commission would be required to produce multiple reports which include recommendations to prevent fraud in the future as well as how to hold secure elections during a pandemic.

Townhall reports:

“The beauty of the American experiment is the ability to freely question our processes and build upon lessons learned. We cannot move forward without looking back and scrutinizing the issues that led to millions of Americans losing trust in our election system. While every election has a modicum of fraud, the circumstances around the pandemic led multiple states to make rushed and perhaps ill-planned changes to their election systems weeks ahead of the presidential election. Simply put, Congress needs to act in a bipartisan fashion to examine the missteps—intentional or not—made this year in state legislatures across the country,” Scott released in a statement late Tuesday.

“My bill will establish an Election Integrity Commission that would study the merits and administration of the November 2020 election and make recommendations to State legislatures to improve the security, integrity, and administration of federal elections. It is absolutely critical that every American has faith in our electoral system and that their vote is counted. As President Reagan said, ‘Freedom is never more than a generation away from extinction,’ and now more than ever before is it our duty to regain the trust of the American voter,” he continued.

According to Scott’s office, the Commission would be made up of 18 members, half appointed by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (should Republicans win at least one Georgia runoff race) and the other half by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.They would investigate the following:

-The effects of the COVID–19 pandemic on the election;

-The election practices adopted in response to the COVID–19 pandemic;

-Practices regarding mail-in ballots, absentee ballots, and vote-by-mail procedures;

-Practices that would have allowed improper or fraudulent voter registration or votes;

-The scope of any improper or fraudulent voter registration or votes;

-Practices that would bolster public confidence in the integrity of future general elections.

Democrat Jonathan Turley is calling for a federal election commission to investigate the irregularities of the 2020 election cycle to help restore integrity in the election process. Much of Tim Scott’s legislation would address Turley’s concerns.

Townhall reports on Turley’s push for a federal commission.

I hate federal commissions. I have always hated federal commissions. Federal commissions are Washington’s way of managing scandals. They work like placebos for political fevers, convincing voters that answers and change are on the way. That is why it is so difficult for me to utter these words: We need a federal election commission. Not the one proposed by some Senate Republicans. And not like past placebo commissions. An honest-to-God, no-holds-barred federal commission to look into the 2020 presidential election.

With the challenge to the certification of election votes, some Republican members of Congress are calling to delay the proceedings for 10 days and impanel a commission to “audit” the results. There is precedent for such a commission. Just not good precedent. Indeed, citing the Electoral Commission of 1877 as a model of good constitutional process is like citing the Titanic as a model of good maritime navigation. The commission was an utter disaster.

Roughly 40% of that electorate have lingering doubts about whether their votes actually matter. Most of the cases challenging the election were not decided on the merits. Indeed, it seems they haven’t even been allowed for discovery. Instead, they were largely dismissed on jurisdictional or standing groups or under the “laches” doctrine that they were brought too late. Those allegations need to be conclusively proven or disproven in the interests of the country.

  1. They will never allow anyone to look into the 2020 election process let alone the Dominion machine’s and hard drives. They had plenty of time to do this had the Democrats only stood up and agreed. But we know why they did not. This will go the same way as the Clinton investigation. NOWHERE.

    1. Hell NO they won’t! There’s a truck load of brooms being delivered to the WHITE House to sweep all the Dems past deeds under the rug! Nothing to see here folks, please move on!

      1. You are spot on.
        This election was the most corrupt of my lifetime. With these traitors ruling all houses of government, you’re right. Under the rug. Nothing to investigate, move on!
        Like hell. Not my president ! NEVER!

      2. This is the VERY REASON why OUR REAL PRES. Should release all info we the people need to know, BUT have been kept under raps! DECLASSIFY everything! Before the rats destroy any and all proof of FRAUD LIES CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES (like the b and H) They will make sure we NEVER know the truth! China and the other evil countries are chomping at the bits. DESTROY AMERICA! ON day 1 biden will destroy all the info on his and hunters crooked doings! And hid what we have not been told about the Hoe! Seems there is plenty!

          1. NOOOOOO We need to see out in the open just how stupid these wing nuts are… They are soooo easy to make fun of too…

      1. Don’t count kemp out just yet. Kemp isn’t a black hat. More going on than you know about. Beware of the misinformation on twitter, fb, instagram, tiktok, google: all run by ccp whom by the way is surrounding us getting ready to attack from deep within both pacific & Atlantic oceans as well as northern and southern border. Beware of misinformation by lamestream media. Don’t panick like the rest of the crowds. More going on than you know. Parler having problems. Learn more about Potus on Gab, MeWe, DuckDuckGo, and rumble. We are the digital soldiers to keep others informed. WWG1WGA. God bless PRESIDENT TRUMP, GOD BLESS OUR MILITARY, GOD BLESS AMERICA. Pray Gods protection over President Trump and Military as well as the ARMOR OF GOD over TRUMP AND FAMILY AND BRAVE SERVICE MEN AND WOMEN UNDER HIM.

      2. WAS a report as to kemp and newscum having evil ties to china. Along with salwell and so many others! That is what DC did not want OUR REAL PRES. to disclose. SO rather than work with him, get him out by any means possible. WOW, are our enemies laughing at us! 2 turncoat evil rats and govt commies to ruin OUR COUNTRY!

    2. globalist puppet barry soetoro sold all the voter machines to globalist puppet $oro$ so that globalist puppet $oro$ could manipulate all the voter machines to appoint globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party .

      1. Does anyone think that the Democrats would have remained silent if they had evidence of fraud in President Trump’s election? Instead, they set out to reverse President Trump’s victories in MI, PA and WI by fraud. Georgia was a little different, as the defeated candidate for governor sued and negotiated a settlement agreement with a weak GA official to ignore the requirement for signature comparison of mail-in ballots, setting up the conditions for fraud there.

      2. Dems were taken by surprise; they didn’t dream Trump would be so hugely voted in. Same problem this year. That’s why they had to stop counting to let the cheating catch up.

      3. WE SAW ENOUGH! SO SHUT THE H UP! NOT to mention ALL the people who signed papers stating what fraud they saw! NOT enough for you?

  2. Do you really think this commie congress will investigate anything except a trump supporter?????? We no longer live in the USA. Lots of bloviating.

  3. It’ll never pass in a dumocrap Congress. And they will use the fraudelent process over and over for many years and we will never be a free country. Dumocraps want us to be slaves and the Deep State and Libetard media support that position. Greed and corruption and demand for power are the Democraps.

    1. The senate already voted on election reform. 100% of republicans voted for it and 100% of democommunists voted against it. Extremely telling….just like fighting tooth and nail against ‘Voter ID’.


    1. god is too busy blessing; globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist puppet fbi criminal organisation and globalist media and globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep AND altar boy raping priests .

      1. The Lord God Creator has nothing but condemnation for workers of iniquity, no matter whether they claim to be Christians or claim to be heathens. Hell is real.

      2. I don’t think God is blessing these people on your list. A special place in Hell is reserved for all those you listed and they will burn for eternity.

  5. Libs will squash it. Why would they want fair elections that would prevent fraud and cheating? They want to hold power indefinitely.

    1. Thats why hiden biden was in his cellar! He knew the fix was in and the rats had to keep him under raps. He cannot say anything with out stumbling all over the place. And the hoe was their pick not his. Remember she only had 2% and dropped out of the debates. If I remember correctly she was not to nice to B then either! And the rest of the evil so called picks of his? Wanna bet there was a whole lot of help from BO plenty!

  6. 40% QUESTION? More like 80% question and the other 20% know for sure it was fraudulent and corrupt from start to finish.

  7. The bill will NEVER see daylight. Such legislation would be far too dangerous to the Old Style Mayor Daley Chicago MOB Plantation Socialist Democrat Party Political Machine. It’s far more than just about this sordid election.

    Since the days of the KKK, the Democrat Party has never believed in fair, honest, clean elections. Yet they’ve always projected their perfidiousness on Republicans, conservatives, and Libertarians. It’s their bent.

  8. While I would like to believe in he intentions of Tim Scott and Johnathon Hurley, I do not believe in the intentions of an 18 person panel appointed by two people who have no public belief that there actually WERE problems with the 2020 election! I have absolutely no faith that these two would actually appoint anyone who is truly interested in getting to the absolute truth of what happened. And quite honestly I have no faith that anything done by “Pitch Melosi or Mancy NcConnel” would be fair or honest! IN OTHER WORDS, I HAVE NO FAITH IN ANYTHING DONE BY THE CURRENT SO CALLED LEADERS! I won’t bother to set out any solutions of my own, as they will only fall on ears that have no ability to make something happen…

    1. How you think President Trump felt with all the back stabbers in the mix. God will take care of each and every one

      1. ..I do understand how you all feel, but I also know my hope comes from the Lord and that He has the last word…

        ..I intentionally choose His will, even if it means that I never see His justice done, in these evil times…

        I never falsely hope, friend!
        I trust and obey… it’s the way of peace!

        1. There you have it… a lesson from the foxhole… faith without works is dead!

          When JC speaks, it gives the hearer faith.. it is what you pray and hope for, and if it is acted upon, it overcomes the devil..the god of the world!

  9. Just who is gonna run this investigation? If it’s the Dems & their cronies then don’t waste our money and our time.Like all the laptops that the FBI has, Hiliary’s e-mails, the key to the voting machines stolen out of a Philly warehouse, Biden’s corruption & the Durham Report….ALL of this will NEVER see the light of day!

  10. I think it’s a little too late sort of after the fact. Give it up ppl the deep state will do nothing. It doesn’t earn them money or power. Nothing happens to the left they are untouchable. But God will prevail he always does. He let this happen to show the ppl what is really going on. Since we are sitting ducks now that we don’t even have the power to vote cuz it was taken away from us the only thing we have left ppl which should be the first is GOD that’s why obummer tried taking him out. But Trump brought him back. Listen truth is truth and fraud is fraud. They rigged this presidential election and also the senate. Pray to God

  11. I listened to the hearing regard FRAUD in Cobb and Fulton Counties !!! From the testimonies of several veteran poll workers I had no doubt fraud had existed on a large scale and these workers had submitted statements BUT the Georgia officials overlooked them and their testimonies as heresay. Of course, if the ballots are shredded it is difficult to inspect them. I am ashamed, angry and disgusted with Georgia officials and I feel sure the same thing went on during the Senate election… Also, part way through the hearing, the transcript was “unavailable” I am ashamed of the Republicans and disgusted with the demorats

    1. Well said. It’s only a matter of time. Honest men with good intentions trying to discuss with a civil tongue concepts with other men who have no morals would be nothing more than pounding sand in a rat hole, the more you pound the more sand you would have to keep putting in. There is A.C. and D.C., both will give you a tingle but the both will never work together.
      Virginia, the scope of what you stated should have garnered the attention of the Supreme Court but alas it didn’t. I’m ashamed of The Republican Party as well, they could have provided solid mentoring to Trump, encouraged him to reach back in time, dust off an event that took place in 1807, take action with out any words, let the world wake up and ask what did you do? He would have then had them looking to him for answers, and based on a forensic audit of machines and paper ballots (what was left of them), charges of Treason could have then been leveled since Federal and State laws that had been broken would be on full display. End of argument.

    2. The Commiecrats had a big truck to shred the illegal ballots that were evidence in Atlanta . There are pictures of it at work !

  12. Too late Tim the election we wanted you and the others let them steal it. I’ve voted Republican for fifty years. NO MORE WILL A REPUBLICAN GET MY BOTE I WILL VOTE INDEPENDENT!!!

    1. We need a new party. Conservative Party! There needs to be term limits 12 years as senator (two terms). 12 years in house of representatives (6 terms). Small government, low taxes, strong military, immigration by merit, law and order, must believe and support the constitution . Must be pro second amendment, pro life against abortion except to save mothers life. Must support free speech and religious freedom, must support due process of law red flag laws are illegal and will not be supported.

    2. There is no party other than the Republican large or rich enough to ever rip a win from the corrupt Dems! Any Republicans deserting the party had just as well flush their vote down the toilet and forget voting! Republicans had better get past this election the Dems won by highway robbery, figure out what we must do and get to work correcting this corrupted voting/election process! We all need to get personally acquainted with our people in both Chambers of Congress, tell them what we want and expect from them and let them know we are watching them! Either that or wave the white flag of surrender to the socialist/communist globalist/NWO!
      That’s brutal but, true!
      God bless and save America!

  13. Only if the Guilty go to Prison and the real numbers are Published.
    Several more Points:
    All Voting Machines will be used as an Artificial Reef.
    Voting takes place on Voting day only. Show Up, Present ID, Vote.
    ALL Counting people must include equal numbers of every major Party that participated.
    Absentee Ballots MUST arrive by voting day. All others are tossed. To qualify for this you must present an ID and sign a affidavit stating why you need to mail in the vote and that this is the only vote you cast under penalty of Law!
    Counting will continue until it is finished. No breaks, no broken pipes, no anthrax attacks.
    A bug with a 99.98% cure rate will not shut down any part of this election.
    Any cheating will be dealt with swiftly.
    Basically all things the Democrat Communists will never vote for.

    1. I love your post. However, I just saw a clip with some woman who’s going to be part of the upcoming bunch, and you can’t believe the excuses she gave as to why the current voting system must stay. It was purely frightening.

  14. I agree with this DECISION and ACTION! Get all the TRUTH out, by leaving NO STONE UNTURNED! This kind of thing must NEVER TO BE REPEATED IN OUR COUNTRY! WE, THE PEOPLE, we want the TRUTH! OUR COUNTRY IS: For the PEOPLE! Of the PEOPLE, and BY THE PEOPLE! We, the peole, we have the LAST WORDS!

    1. It will be repeated and repeated cuz they can. All this talk will do nothing. We have to have an intervention is our only hope pray ppl

    2. globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist media love globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ bribes and will accept all globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ bribes to allow them to appoint their globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party .

  15. It’s a great bill but we all know the FIX is in and nothing introduced by Republicans will ever be passed. The Democrats are all in to ‘cleans’ the Republic of conservative, Independent or Republican voters and their ideas.. They are determined to have a one party country and ‘Republic’ has become a dirty word. However, making purge lists and banningfree speech and some stridents suggest burning down the Republicans or putting us in re-education camps is a little over the top and bound to cause an upheaval. There is a tipping point and the New Democrat Socialist party might do well to think about that.

  16. It will be interesting to see if cult leader Pelosi rips Tim Scott’s bill up faster or in smaller pieces than she did DJT’s State of the Union address!
    I would be shocked into a serious attack of “vapors” if she agreed!

    1. Because globalists own the media and globalist puppet, chester the molester biden is a globalist puppet .

    2. It all is getting White Washed … didn’t you hear about it ? Biden and the Minions will never let anything come of the charges !

  17. There’s one thing our side has NEVER learned from the KKKRAKAS. They stick together through thick and thin. Just look at Swalwell sleeping with the spy. NOTHING will happen to him. Just watched world news. Our RINOS only to happy to go on camera criticizing our President. This truly infuriates me to no end.
    We need to cleanse our party and get rid of these enemies from within.




  19. I am disguisted at our elected officials of both parties at least those who are actibg like children. . .Democrat/Socialist party members who appear to be very frightened of the leadership and management skill of President Trump. . .and what will these underpowered members of both parties do when the presdent releases all ofthe classified (nonmilitary) information that is seriously feared by most politicians. MESS WITH HIM AND I HOPE HE DOES THIS! ! !

  20. Mr Scott , we don’t want it fixed in the future we want it fixed now!!!!! This ain’t gonna work !! President Trump won !! They did it the general election and in Georgia!!!! Enough with all these politicians thinking the masses are stupid!!!! Fox it now!!!!

    1. The globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep are mass stupid and globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist media and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party know libby snow flake sheep are mass stupid .

    2. Yes, yes, and yes!
      I don’t know about any of you???
      But, to me it’s extremely obvious, now more than ever that these politicians do not care one iota about the people who elect them. Their constituents. The way they have addressed the protesters, not once acknowledging that there was an infiltration. Same with the election.
      Short of calling us all crazy for knowing the election was rigged. It’s absolutely disgusting.

  21. Bill Barr, I mean fat ass Bill Barr proved the DOJoke won’t do anything for republicans. Remember he, and that other worthless piece of shit, were going to look at the spying on Trump. You see where that went. Right in the crapper.

  22. nothing short of the Issurection Act employed by Pres Trump will correct the total corruption and NWO communist dem takeover of the USA.Americans KNOW!!There is NO JUSTICE DEPT.BIDEN LOST AND SO DID THE COMMUNISTS IN THERUNOFFS!!!THIS IS TOTAL INSURRECTION TO OVERTHROW AMERICA INTO NWO COMMUNIST RULE!!WE ARE SCREAMING FOR THE INSURRECTION ACT TO AVOID CIVIL WAR!!!!!

  23. They already stole 4 years of Presidency with this fraud. The Supreme Court hearing on PA election two days after Inauguration likely ends with it is too late for the Court to do anything. Without sweeping Election reform, I think the red states would be better off not be part of the United Socialist States of America because they are not.

  24. This Country desperately NEEDS a Justice Law Enforcemt Agency that would be a Watchdog Agency for Government workers, Politicians, and Media that have been weaponized for Sedition. The recent decade we have seen the Democrats,in collaboration with Media artistically manipulating events to portray the establishment in an unfriendly perspective. One way would be to contract, say with a virology lab in a foreign Country like Wuhan China. The lab could for instance develop a virus that could cause a pandemic that would spread across the Country to make the current President look bad. That would be an opportunity to make statements as to how ineffective that President was to fight a Pandemic. That Fact that they murdered 350,000 Americans is secondary to these Democrats, BUT IF WE HAD THAT DEPARTMENT TO PROTECT AMERICANS, THAT JUSTICE WATCHDOG WOULD COME INTO ACTION AND,PUT,THEM IN JAIL ! ! !
    But, alas, America doesn’t have that Judicial Watchdog, and we need it. We could call it the Department of Justice !

  25. Not surprising that a Republican would introduce an election integrity bill. The Democrats will quash it because election integrity doesn’t support either their agenda or their methods.

  26. Why is nothing being said about the election steal out of Italy??????? Or about Comey giving or selling Hammer and scorecard. And Pakistan on the steal of the run off election in GA???

  27. Claims of widespread fraud have echoed? In my mind’s ear, they were democrat klaxons announcing their colossal victory. The problem with all this perverted rhetoric is Trump didn’t lose. It was obvious that floor workers stuffed the box with duplicate ballots, manipulated computers, accepted votes from other states, switched votes electronically and destroyed GOP ballots.

    It was a tragic and obvious end to America. For more than two centuries, our constitutional republic has settled its differences with honest debate, respect for each other and disdain for oppression. Today, winners are the slickest criminals. Seems the only path to ending oppressive taxation, reestablishing limited government, free enterprise and prosperity is hostility and force.

  28. Oh my Goodness, Scott. Where were you when Cruz was introducing such commission for at least 10 days to at least investigate such fraud?? You were not there to support it. You voted NO! President Trump talked about you like you can never do wrong and put you on the pedestal. But when he needed you, you were not there. Such a hypocrite!! Save your saliva for something else because you will need talk to people to convince them to vote for you the next time you need them. I will be surprised if the people will not primary you. Good luck!!

  29. I open my phone with my thumb print, why do I not vote with it. Then you have to only watch the registration process. 10 year minimum sentence for knowingly performing or allowing a false registration. Would help alot

  30. If we still have leverage in the Supreme Court I think they will okay it, just to end the controversy once and for all. But they need to keep the Democrats’ mouths and opinions out of the Court’s decision.

  31. It seems to me to be an improbable venture to attempt to find out what happened in the November elections! It’s doubtful that an answer can be found through such a search as most of what took place is no longer available for examination!

  32. Nothing wrong with any investigation if done in the open with members of all Political parties involved in it, and done by competent investigators, who are as unbiased as it gets, and there are many of them. Durham is a very good example of unbiased investigator, at least at this point he has shown he is. Not taking sides just following the law as it is written.

  33. For months, Lindsey Grahamnesty has been on TV promising disclosures on DIMM misconduct. ZERO results out of RINOboy! Now he is in the minority and cannot do anything–even if he were to come out of his stupor and want to!

  34. If this investigation is not done and completed before the 2022 election, then that election will be as fraudulent as the 2020 election was. American Citizens must demand this investigation be started and completed. Mail in voting, illegal voting registrations, illegal voters and voting without proper ID must be eliminated. American Citizens MUST demand this investigation be started and completed.

  35. In dictatorships like Russia, China or North Korea, we only see change when the dictator dies. When Stalin or Mao Tse Dung died, the first new changes came about in Russia and China. Our current generation of leaders in the USA are in their 70s or 80s and we can only expect significant change when they pass on so that we can restore an orderly, unbiased change of office. George Soros is also a component of current leadership that needs to change.

  36. Anyone with a functional brain either dem of Republican supporter show have known that the whole thing was the biggest scammed ever, the dem supporters voted for BSanders and the Republicans voted for TRUMP and somehow bident is the winner and he has not idea about anything except that the backhoe harrier is in charge.

  37. It will never even be discussed. The real shame is this man will be called names to his face by his “own kind” (I hate that phrase) that even I have never done and never would.

  38. Everyone should close tweeter, FB, Instagram accounts, dump their stock if own any before they are worthless, stop buying from Amazon, buy direct from the seller/merchant don’t wait DO IT NOW.

  39. There is still hope Patriots!

    A judge in Michigan, has allowed the case from Antrim County, to proceed into discovery with regards to the election fraud!


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