These GOP Senators Will Object to Electoral College Certification

Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Today Republicans from the House of Representatives and the Senate held a joint session to certify the Electoral College votes for President-elect Joe Biden. The usually routine process was interrupted when protestors stormed the Capitol and representatives and the Vice President were evacuated from the premises. As ongoing claims of widespread voter fraud continue to echo across the nation these brave GOP members have revealed plans object to the Electoral College’s results.

These Republicans objected to the Electoral College certification:

      1. He is following the plan. He is laying out to the World how the Election was stolen in detail. All he left out was the outside interference but that will all come out later. That is TREASON

      2. Alby boy still having TDS I see….what are you going to do with yourself after the 20th? I have some suggestions……

      1. President TRUMP is the greatest PRESIDENT atleast he got the economy going. WHAT HAD THE DEMORATS DO …

      2. It is time you got the message you stupid moron, your one liner comments are not well received here, you are one of the very few people posting comments that get lots of thumbs down. Go back to bed.

  1. I’m glad i am of the young age to collect my SS…OTHER WISE I DO FEEL 4 THE PEOPLE…that do NOT have employment…i can understand their feelings…4 i never made more than $20,000 yrly until i started collecting my SS :).

  2. I believe the riots were paid for by the democrats inserting antufa & black lives matter protesters into the crowds. Dems are evil & we will be paying for it years.

    1. You are exactly right. Trump HATERS, Dem. lied, cheated, robbed every law-abiding citizen who voted for the President lost our vote. The Election was a fraud,it was rigged, and when we as a nation cannot have a fair and honest election this country is gone.. If the lying, cheating, crooked Dem. wanted to do what was right for America why did they no do as Senator Ted Cruz proposed. That was the only fair way to settle the issue. Wait until Biden gets through with this country and see where you are that voted for him. May God help us. James

    2. Look at the video showing the police letting them pass by and saying while I don’t agree to this….Bet they were told to stand down …bet…..and that patriot would still be alive today if they just kept the doors shut..This is all a setup…who the hell lets people in and then doesn’t do anything to stop them. Ordered Standown is the only explaination.

  3. Satan is really going crazy! But my Faith is in God and God will see President Trump in the Whitehouse for 4 more years. Joe Biden who does nothing other than bribe for money and sleep in his basement, or whatever he does, only got 15% of the Vote. President Trump got 81% Officially with the Ballots that had the Water mark on them. Something the criminals never knew about 🙂

    1. I wish it were that simple.The “swamp”is large and deep and although President Trump put up a great fight,it is too much for one man.And there are too many TRAITORS imbedded in our government.But President Trump at least shed light on how corrupt our government is and that’s why they went all out to oust him.And watch what happens to him and his family after he leaves office because their not through with him yet.Thats when he’ll need us the most and I’ll be there for him and I hope everyone else does too.He created a MOVEMENT and that won’t go away.Stay active and keep on the politician’s asses ALL OF THEM.TERM LIMITS and DEFUND THE GOVERNMENT for starters.

    2. God??? Really??? Sorry, I believed too but I don’t believe God will do anything at this point…he let the devil win…the devil always wins! I am sick of always being on the losing side…Democrats have been winning and getting away with murder forever and they will continue to get away with whatever they want now at this point…there is no justice and there never will be justice…it’s over…..

      1. God is the almighty one. As a ppl we all must live and see through his eyes. With his word and act accordingly. Then you will be blessed. If you do these things you will have a place with him. Money power cars are all worldly things. God was thrown out of our government, Trump brought him back. Amongst alot of other things a president that had false credentials. That was your sign right there what we are we’re up against. The deep state is so deep it’s going to take a lot of ppl being a lot smarter then they are. This was a plan to take over America for at least 30 years. Ppl have to be smart and beat them at their own game. Look to God fr the answers. He is the almighty.

  4. This is the same scenario as when Obama became President and saddled us with Obamacare (Senate and House also went Democrat). That worthless rag became the Law of the land and could not be overturned (even Bill Clinton called Obamacare the craziest thing he had ever seen)!! How long before crooked Biden signs something that costs us FOREVER??!!

    1. Only so that the dems can get a huge kickback…lol…i’m Proud to state…since i did my own taxes since 2015…NEVER PAID that Penalty!! Could not Afford it…made peanuts :(.

  5. The events of January 6 did not occur in a vacuum. Although I oppose any violence, the motivation for the action of storming the Capitol was the failure of all branches of government to address the concerns of the voters regarding the probable wide spread fraud.
    Now the Swamp including Both Democrats and Republican, the MSM and Big Tech are blaming Trump. The narrative changed and the fraud concerns are no longer discussed.But people don’t forget.


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