DHS Chief calls on Trump to Condemn Capitol Violence, White House Revokes Nomination

Inter-American Dialogue via Wikimedia Commons

Chad Wolf, the acting Homeland Security Secretary is urging President Trump to condemn the violent protestors who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday afternoon and said he will remain at his post. Wolf released a statement calling yesterday’s violence “unconscionable.”

Fox News reports:

“What transpired yesterday was tragic and sickening,” Wolf said in a statement Thursday morning. “While I have consistently condemned political violence on both sides of the aisle, specifically violence directed at law enforcement, we now see some supporters of the President using violence as a means to achieve political ends. This is unacceptable.”

Wolf, who became acting head of the agency in 2019, was reacting to the riots in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday, in which Trump supporters who had attended a rally featuring the president then stormed Congress as it was certifying the Electoral College vote.

Four people died, including one person who was shot to death, and at least 62 were arrested amid the chaos that saw lawmakers evacuated and the certification delayed. Lawmakers later returned to certify the Electoral College vote.

“These violent actions are unconscionable, and I implore the President and all elected officials to strongly condemn the violence that took place yesterday,” Wolf said.

Wolf’s statement came moments before The White House announced that Wolf’s nomination to be the permanent DHS secretary had been revoked. However, White House officials claim Wolf’s statement did not play any role in the decision to reverse the nomination.

Wolf was nominated to the position in August by President Trump.

        1. Be Cool. That’s what this Nazi troll wants you to do (react). We the People know that it was a planned attack by Antifa and BLM. They were let in the gates by the Capital Police. We all saw the Video. Let the President get to the bottom of all of this. You don’t think he’s just sitting back do you?

          1. There was ONE policeman guarding the door. Really? Did he think he was Superman? I think a lot of the blame falls on the Capital Police.

          2. A hell of a bunch of the capital police higher ups got fired over not being properly prepared, though being warned Antifa was coming !!

          3. I attended. The first thing I thought when I got there was “man they only got 15-20 police up there total. What are they thinking? What if antifa or BLM shows up it’s gonna be a shit show!

        1. So now…it’s not just a woman…it’s a pregnant woman..!!??? That’s some loaded FAKE NEWS…!!!!

          1. The story takes a different turn every day. She looks familiar she looks like someone I seen.

          2. Yes it is n every old fart believes it was a “riot”. 6 people killed. I told them 100 times to stop watching that bullshit fake news and set the record straight. We saw it on tv. I said where you there? No, tv is crap.

          1. It’s probably all fake. You know the drill…. DS has done many FF to push their agenda… this is no different. Their pot of boiling oil is beginning to burn.

          2. It was men in the crowd who dragged antifa asses back but fake news took picture of them in custody with cops. Democraps set Trump up good!


        2. I think she was a crisis actress. It seems if she was bleeding from the jugular vein and arteries it would be squirting like a geyser, blood would of been on her clothes… she may of been another ‘I can’t breathe’ Hollywood dummy.

          1. When you take a bullet in the neck at close range–it is not likely that you will survive. She was an Air Force veteran of 14 years. She was unarmed and killing her was not necessary. She was just following the crowd. That cop should have never unholstered his weapon. When you do not have enough police for the size of the crowd–You do not make matters worse by killing someone.

          2. Put the Blue uniform and try the Job You are not an expert and would run crying for your mom.

      1. NO, but it wouldn’t be hard to use the photos that have been posted on Twitter, Facebook and various news media websites. They know many were definitely Antifa and not Trump supporters.

        1. That’s how the left rolls, they infiltrate manipulate, lie, create friction then stand back and point the finger at the guiltless. Spalms 37:1-13 will be their demise.

        2. Someone who was there took phone video of the protestors marching right up to the Capitol guards who let them inside the building without saying a word. The Capitol had been practically closed down for months, with no public access without special permissions, so what’s going on there?

          The Capitol security cameras were surely on also.

          1. Yes, I saw that video. They opened the fence for them. Very strange. I think this was all planned. They knew some Republicans were going to contest the election. This completely took all the attention from that. It is naive to think this wasn’t arranged.

          2. Everything was planned, starting with China releasing the coronavirus, the protesters, the BLM, fake news media, the fraudulent election, and ALL instituted by the liberal Democrats, to bring down President Trump! The Democrats KNEW that President Trump was going to win his re-election, and this was the only way to stop him from winning the election!! The Democrats planned the entire process, from the beginning to the end!! Biden, or I should say Harris, will be the next president, and because of this, China will take over America, lock, stock, and barrel!!!

          3. And to top it off, Pence, McConnell, Gowdy, and numerous other Rhino Republicans, betrayed President Trump. It’s the same old story, “Nobody wants to go down with a sinking ship,” so all of them deserted President Trump to let him fend for himself!!

          1. His photos came up an Antifa activist others next to hims were also identified as Antifa Biden supporters

        3. Well the crowd should have hurt those punks bc we are the ones who will pay with Trump. Biden said we need to be reprogramed. I’ll re-program his pedophile ass!

        1. I believe it goes a lot deeper than BLM and Anti…I think this is the Bushes, Zuckerberg, other Rhinos and total hypocrites. They are going to miss Donald Trump treating them decently, his quick banter, class, decisive judgment, polite, honest, dignity. Life long politicians are afraid of President Trump’s intellect, savvy, work ethic, family, personal strength; they are weak, common, jealous, nobodies. Look how they set him up and are now trying to muzzle him. It may be entertaining to watch them bowing to a dishonest, drooling, burned out fool and nasty VP.

          1. They will very soon find out they are now passe useful idiots and discardable least they become irritants

    1. Antifa did the violence. Not patriots.
      They were bussed in to do exactly what they did dressed as patriots.
      Guess who bussed them in?!? Coommiecrats!!!

      1. Antifa incited the breach, but patriots only wanted to stop the steal in our chambers. It didn’t work though.

      2. Congress busted them so the slumbags could have a excuse not to look at the election fraud. and finishes the job.It was not Trump supporters.

      3. Plus they timed it exactly to coincide with Ted Cruz’s oration.

        The whole thing is part of the Dem’s plot.
        Some of those snakes need to be taken to gitmo.

    2. Antifa was their and said they also ones who released the bombs ya heard going off.the A ntifa let it be know they were coming to it week ago.It is always easier to blame us Trump supports.

      1. Appropriate spelling in the context used would be “there” I am glad you are a patriot, but pleas learn proper grammar.

    3. Think one of the not so smart ANTIFA domestic terrorist group has already identified they were at the rally, but pretending to be Trump supporters instead of George Soros & demonicrat domestic violent terrorists, Hope the 4 killed & all those injured were members of the antifa terrorists.

      1. It’s not that he’s not so smart – He knows that antifa will not be arrest by DC Police nor the FBI – 2020 is a yer of no ANTIFA arrest – so why arrest iin 2021?

    4. You would think he could since he is homeland security. Obviously, he doesn’t want to get the truth.

      1. No you are not the only one who saw what was happening was straight antifa scum. This was a total set up by the democratic party to keep the investigations of fraud from coming forth, and the Republicans bought it hook, line, and sinker. God help us all.

      1. No but I did have a conversation with someone who was, and she’s saying the same thing, it was ANTIFA. I read today that they have proof it was them.

          1. THAT is exactly what Trump has been doing! THAT is precisely why they are so afraid of him and why they want to get rid of him!!!

      2. They have photos of tattooed individuals who were in the House Chamber taking selfies. They were wearing black underneath their Trump clothes.

      3. Watch the video of the black SUVs arriving with State Police. Antifa gets out and is escorted into the capital. Antifa dressed as Trump supporters. Look at the ad sent out telling Antifa comrades to dress as Trump supporters or police. Do your homework, Albert.

      4. There are plenty of posts by Antifa providing instructions as well as photos showing some of the criminals with Antifa markings. It doesn’t take a genius to see the reality of this.

      5. There are videos and security cams of them buying Trump gear on street corners and putting it on over their clothes.

      6. You know Al, if you exercised your gray cells more than your mandibles you might find the experience both enjoyable and enlightening.

      7. You don’t have to be there to see the head honcho of BLM with his hands raised & stating I’m the first one here & yes I’m BLM. The picture are all over the internet. A young black male….

        Need we say more to a dummy who really knows nothing about what is happening around himself..

    1. So many are gone.
      Something like 80 percent of Trump’s appointees have enjoyed getting the your fired treatment.

      1. Well Hess…when you do something wrong and you’re not doing you job, you get fired. That’s how business works.


      2. Open Letter to Congress

        Our Representative Republic is dead. Our 524 “elected” officials ripped it’s heart out.
        Dead people, more votes than registered voters, duplicates and just plain stuffing ballots for the “elected” that the 524 want.
        Our elections will never mean anything to anyone any more. The USA once was “We the people by the people.” Now it’s elections are being bought by the highest bidder with out regards to our desires or our wants. It’s communism, socialists and whatever the desires the lifelong politictian.
        Even our Judicial system is rigged against the people only the “elected” 524 are exempt. You exempted yourselves from Obama care, you spend our money on pet programs, you cater to China, Russia and other countries that hate what we HAD.
        Enclosed is my voter registration card. I will never vote again as it would be useless to try and bring this Republic back.

        Jefferson D Atkerson
        Once a proud American
        Now just one of sheepel.

          1. What is the use of voting when it is been proved many times how the election was stolen? We just do not count, only the elites count. We The People cannot elect who we want –We will just have a crooked senile mean old man until he cannot sit at a desk unless Jill ties him into the chair and then we get a rookie with 2 years of senatorial experience who will help Schumer “CHANGE AMERICA”

        1. It’s not over yet…. The Art of War… Trump is appearing weak, when he is at his strongest and all these traitors think they are in the winning seat and all came out of the wood work to show their treasonous faces. Brilliant strategy.

    2. no twit , I have a tweet post by a NPR reporter on Jan the 6th , at 9:33am ET
      the head line Trump supporters storm US capital , this event happen around 2:30 pm ET
      if you watch watch America voice tonight at 5PM ET war room pandemic ,
      Bannon posted video of the capital police removing barriers for Anftia , and you will
      note in the video a man who is escorting them into the capital The media was in on the
      set up it was a false flag they are MF ING Liars

    3. Now that’s funny right there Viet so spot on ..DHS head that hasn’t done his investigation in to who actually did the crime …who’d a thunk it coming from our government officials to not do their job ..after all it was so easy for these posers to ” Break ” into the white house..each of those ass hats in costume with their backs to the camera spaced almost perfectly apart for a photo op with the cops standing in front of them perfectly apart like they were and staring them and the cameras down ..how stupid do they think the American people are …steal the narrative , steal an election , and you’ve stolen the country

      1. Multiple photos Al, videos Al, the busses were found Al, the pipe bombs, IEDS, and Molotov cocktails are signature ANTIFA Al; employ the little gray cells Al. Try it you might find the experience exciting.

    1. If you are speaking about the GOV of PA– He has never had a job except for the family furniture business. He and the Secy. of State Bookvar made up their own voting rules and no mention about the midnight deliveries of hundreds of thousands of ballots from NY already filled out.. Legally only the state legislature can make the voting laws. More of the mail to anybody ballots were voted than the state of PA ever sent out. Many that had bee photocopied had no folds in the paper indicating they were never mailed and came in no envelope..

      1. Antifa/BLM are the militant arm of the socialist Democrat party. So most likely, it was one of the Democrat financial supporters looking to profit off the fall of the USA.



  2. Well known that it was ANTIFA who did this..mixed with Trump supporters. The Trump supporter killed in cold blood by the police is being spun by the commie/marxists as she caused all this. BS…The war has begun.

  3. This is a big deal, but we never hear anymore about the liberal rioters that burnt and looted cities around our country and ruined many business owners way of life.
    Liberals do no wrong, and get a free pass for all their illegal actions.

    1. The Democrats have supported BLM/Antifa for the past few years. Not one Democrat has ever publicly denounced any of the criminal activities of the BLM/Antifa criminals.

  4. The DC police let Antifa in and then they took some photos and “kil- led” a woman, that was supposed to be climbing thru a broken glass window, please FA KE NEWS.

    1. Don’t know but some reported the antifas were dressed as Trump supporters & bashing both republicans & democrats trying to make it look authentic.

  5. The corrupt media and RINOS all want to shoot their ignorant biased mouths off before the facts are known

    1. You can add Swamp Queen Pelosi to that list. She has already begun the process to impeach Trump for inciting the riot. Pelosi is one of the most corrupt politicians in Congress.

  6. Yesterday, antifa and blm groups dress in Trump clothing and do the damage. Am I the only one smart enough to see that?

  7. What is wrong with all of these clown always blaming the president that has done nothing but talk the truth. The Democrats are behind that violence with their mobs from the BLM and Antifa teams that went down in Washington DC.

  8. Unconscionable, unacceptable? For the last year antifa has been burning, looting , killing, destroying property and the media is making a big deal out of this because they believe Trump supporters did this, but they didn’t- antifa did it! Where was all the outrage from months and months of this. Dems just did nothing.

  9. How many times does he have to condemn it? Republicans are spineless weasels. Anyone with more than two brain cells should be able to discern that there were antifa thugs/agitators in the crowd. If they had a decent mayor, they would have been prepared for this eventuality

    1. It also appeared that the Capital police who defend the Capitol were also woefully unprepared and led the rioters into the building.

  10. President Trump just needs to point out that it was the communist democrat’s antifa that brought the violence and the poorly trained DC police that murdered that dear woman.

  11. Did Wolf make any formal complaint about the boundless rioting, looting, shooting, murdering going on in the USA since the inception of BLM and Antifa destroying property, statues, churches, and injuring people severely?

    1. No ..he, like so many other other DemSoCommMarxistRinoRepubFakeMedia types called that ” mostly peaceful gatherings and protests to exorcise one’s hurt feelings by President Trump being mean ” Those jackasses who destroyed entire cities and countless lives and economies , not to mention ( and of course they ignored it and they didn’t mention it ) the billions of $ in damage .. never got a mention from any of them

  12. Again, the dirt bags blame President Trump, good riddance, withdraw that idiots Wolf name. Did he do any investigation, to see if those thugs, where really Trump supporters.

  13. Well Trump said The Best is yet to come. I hope so. But I don’t know what he can do?. It makes me sick that these scumbag Democrat s sold their soul to the devil to commit this voter fraud and theft of an election. Trump has endured so much. People betraying him leaking trying to impeach him.. those spineless coward republicans in Congress in the Senate are all bought and paid for from china. now we’re going to be slaves to China by and gets in that piece of s***. Anyway I’m still praying Trump can get in somehow. He’s out maneuvered them on everything so far. If Beijing Biden gets in we’re done

    1. Oh he can & will do something. Watch him!! He is the most brilliant man walking. He leads them right into what they think he wants & makes damn fools out of all of them. Just the name Trump makes them know they are all stupid & will never be brilliant like him.

      He has a surprise that no one is expecting. Just wait & see. He may have said he is conceding, but, he still has other options.

      They think they’ve seen all he can do, but, they haven’t seen anything like what he is going to do.

      They think the Trump’s are finished. They’ve only just begun. This BLM/Antifia/government supported riot just created a whole new level of love for the Trumps from his supporters

      Double that 73 million & that’s now how strong the support is for Trump. Watch out, something is coming sooner than we think…

  14. The American people are sick of these Communists calling us every filthy name in the book and threatening us with death and assault for opposing them and nothing is done. But let a few Antifa thugs invade the WH and guess who gets the blame? That’s right, Trump supporters because the leftist Communist propaganda media is always pushing the Communist agenda on us at the request of Beijing and the Communist democrats in our Congress.

  15. Not only did they steal the president they have now stolen the Senators for Georgia.. Georgia is now the laughing stock of America.

    Yes, I think they have stolen America’s pride, the Dems have stolen our everything that matters. I hope you that did this are happy with what is to come, you ask for it.

    1. They are trying to break the morale of the real true patriots. Every little step they make has that intention. It is all part of the Marxist Alinsky plan. They have combined what Hitler did to take control of Germany with the way the socialists took control of Venezuela and a few more socialist countries. Beware of the saying, “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” That’s the one lesson that the liberal education system has failed to teach while brainwashing America’s youth with their socialist propaganda.

  16. Where was the “violence?” I heard a window was broken, and they pushed thru security fences, and marched through the capitol. They harmed no one. One of the marchers was murdered by a bullet to the neck. Has anyone from the Congress condemned the murder of the pregnant woman marcher? Antifa and leftist stormed the Capitol building during the Kavanagh hearings, and they were not blocked by the Capitol police, were not thrown out, were not shot, and no one condemned the leftist for storming the Capitol. Give me a break. Your psychological warfare no longer works.

  17. all these comments about President Trump is shameful, un-patriotic and a disgrace to a man who has allowed almost every AM to benefit from his years in office.. why doesn’t someone look at Antifa.. look at democrats who have contributed “NOTHING” to government for the last 4 years and will destroy what has been done; there are people known to friends of mine that were at this rally yesterday; in addition to the supporters walking on ground for Trump there were 2 bus loads of people brought to the site and unloaded to mix with others already there.. one person said “one that got off bus the word “Antifa” was tatooed on the hand”.. others recognized him from crowds of other ordeals that have occurred during present Administration.. doesn’t anyone out there really believe that anyone was guilty of this violence to shame our President except Pelosi, Schumer and other mean wicked democrats

  18. These were NOT Trump Supporters who were violent….only dressed like them..!! Stop the lying..!! Stop the madness…!! Stop blaming President Trump..!!! FAKE NEWS…!! President Trump called for Peace and he was banned by Twitter…!!!!!

  19. How about all the riots that took place. When will the Democrats admit to the riots that happened in there states under their watch.

  20. https://thepatriotictimes.com/antifa-behind-terrorist-attack-at-capitol/

    Same terrorist that caused violence in portland to to threated a senator and family just days before this and I am wondering sense no one wanted to hear our voice about the election in any court were they threatened too?I believe so.One court judge said he didn’t want riots what do they thinl is happening now? The Demacrates what FBI to investigate Trump over threats to 3 demacratic senators on the election.if they can demand that why can’t the people all get there sen a tors to this all tell FB I if they can do that then we the people want the votes all audited?

  21. The Federal Investigators should be working full force already on the ridiculous nonsense that occurred yesterday in the Capitol Building. There are photos that should be used for Photo ID of the culprits. The name of one has been in the news with the photo of him sitting in Swamp Queen Pelosi’s office with his feet up on a desk. That should be adequate for an indictments and arrest. It is time for the FBI and Justice Department to act promptly. No more foot dragging.

  22. When do these assholes stop saying there is no proof of voter fraud? There is proof, if there was no proof, they would of allowed a non-bias government investigation. Courts would of examined the tons of evidence. It would of put this to rest. Instead our evil and corrupt government forced it upon us and told us if you do not accept the (rigged election) you threaten our democracy.

    Our corrupt evil federal government truly believes they can silence us now just because they like all Communist leaders were able to end free elections forever, then end freedom of press with nearly all news being Stalinist propaganda tactic outlets, while communist copied censorship tactics used by big tech was used for those who tried oppose their rigged elections. Now soon no one will be allowed to oppose laws like in other communist countries, we have an illegal one party system. Accept this, propaganda lying news tell us, this means you are now free. The capital take over was dead wrong, but a fair and honest investigation when requested would of prevented it. There was no investigation because it was rigged, congress is full of lying sacks of poop. If it were honest the federal government and courts would of proven it to be so.

    1. there will be 74 millions of Americans they loved this great president, if you (joe biden, nancy pig) done anything to this president then yesterday’s event is just a beginning….i can tell the America people are not stupid.
      BTW, you’ve stolen Ga election again. why during 96% ballots came in and David P was ahead 3% then how come he’s lost the election???

  23. What happened yesterday was not the Republican protestors but infiltrators from other belligerent groups. They did this with the intent to reflect a bad light on Republicans who wanted to show their displeasure with the crooked 2020 election. The Infiltrators got their way and caused havoc!

  24. the President using violence as a means to achieve political ends. This is unacceptable.” well, then so is election fraud is unacceptable.

  25. President Trump didn’t start the violence, nor did Trump supporters. DemonRATS and fake media’s with DIARRHEA OF THERE ROTTEN SHITTY MOUTHS OF LIES AGAIN AND AGAIN AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN were the responsible parties along with soros, the dirty cops that bussed them there in there dressed in Trump supporters cloths. STOOOOOOP YOUR LIEING. MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON ALL YOUR DIRTY ROTTEN CORRUPT EVIL,NASTY SOULS. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND IN GOD WE TRUST. IN JESUS NAME I PRAY THIS AMEN 🙏

  26. Whether Chad Wolfe’s statement had anything to do with his nomination being canceled or not, he should have refrained from blaming the violence of the rally on the massive group of Pro Trumpers, who obviously abided by President’s request for law, order & justice & for all to remain peaceful. I can only say I hope all 4 of those killed & most of those injured were a part of the left’s demonicrat backed George Soros & one world global government domestic terrorist group called the antifas.
    This group was there to create chaotic violence as they have a history of IN RIOTS, but to pretend to be Trump supporters.
    What a pity Justice did not prevail & denials of massive cheating were believed instead of the truth of the 2020 election. So now we have INSIDER enemy combatants thinking they are going to regain control of the White House. IMO the cheating on the 2020 did not end with POTUS/VP positions, but also included all congressional seat positions as well – since they knew they needed a majority in the Senate & House for them to pick up where Obama left off , return operation of our government back over to the central hub of the new world order’s shadow government & finish destroying our nation from within and avoid being held accountable for their decades of treason & being enemy combatant INSIDERS,
    The fat lady hasn’t sung yet – so keep those prayers of thanks going for the overthrow of this massive cheating to steal this election & the destruction of the one world global government, aka the new world order & the deep state establishment INSIDERS who put together Biden’s boasted of “the most intensive & inclusive voter fraud organization ever seen in America” who were obviously out in full force to use every possible means of their voter fraud organization to steal the election. Looks like we are going to have to clean out the entire corrupted judicial system who have all dodged listening to the evidence of the cheating by this organization & a lot of INSIDER enemy combatants inside our own Congress before we can see JUSTCE and regain our freedom, with liberty & justice for all & ALL LAWS APPLYING EQUALLY TO ALL – INSTEAD OF THE DOUBLE SET OF LAWS OF THE DEMONICRATS.
    Anyone else flabbergasted by the congressional members last night, calling Trump supporters rally for justice against the massive cheating to steal the election Treason?
    Think we must have he most stupid Congressional members of any 3rd world government on the planet. They totally ignored all the trashing of our Constitution by the traitors. WTH were they when John Brennan, Barack Obama, VP Joe Biden, James Comey & others were giving birth to the 4 year & the treason all through that 4 years of that INTERNAL COUP. Now they seem to find it Constitution to put one of the major traitors in the 4 year INTERNAL COUP in the top position of control of our government – so they can turn its operation back over to the central hub of the new world order’s shadow government to pick up where Obama’s treason left off.

  27. The Dems & rats will do anything to “shut us down”! Don’t fall for this lunacy from the left.! I think we should start a recall for Pelosi & most of Dem Reps & Dem Sens. THEY ARE DELIBERATLY BAITING US TO MAKE US MADDER & MORE ANGRY! In this way they will LOCK US ALL DOWN! We will have to “accept” this vile gloating from these scummy socialist commies!

  28. The media has put out some of Trumps cabinet members have put in immediate resignation letters. Why? They already know they will be out of a job 1/20. Biden will put in all Democrats. At least Trump tried to have both parties in his cabinet. This was a big mistake for the Democrats did everything in their power to destroyed him. It took 4 years but they accomplished their mission.

  29. Mr. Wolf might want to consider these accounts before denouncing his boss. Since I know these people, I have a high degree of confidence in their reports. Last names disguised so the Democrat Terrorists can’t easily find them – the New USA!

    Wednesday 6 Jan 2021
    From Elizabeth S – – – – who was there in DC
    I want you to know the truth about todays Washington Rally. I was there and so help me God I am telling the truth.
    The Rally had 5 Stages
    1st Stage: Our Rally crowd consisted of a very peaceful crowd. Guess who was not in the crowd? The police! We knew Antifa would be there we were not protected. Antifa members came with microphones shouting sickening obscenities at people, targeting women, calling for “revolution” and picking a fist fight. No help from police. Why? This was very suspect.
    2nd Stage: We walked to the Capital about a mile away. The crowd was signing patriotic songs & hymns, singing catchy tunes, many preachers, gospel tract passers, music playing. PEACEFUL! We got to the Capital lawn & there was the barricade then a large cement area & then steps where the police were located behind another barricade. We’re standing there chanting “Stop the Steal” & they shoot tear gas at us many times! Really? Our crowd was only standing there. We were NOT Violent! Far from it.
    3rd Stage: Who were these guys who climbed the scaffold right in front of the Capitol? Why did the police ALLOW them to do it? This was a 2 story scaffold perfect for the climbers to yell anarchy! The police did not run up there & get them. The guys GOT to climb the scaffold. The police did not go up there & take them down.
    They were not gassed. The guys GOT to stay up there and they shouted “storm the capital” then THEY stormed it. Listen, our Rally was being gassed we did not get through any barricade nor were we trying to. We did not storm the capital. This group was not from our Rally.
    4th Stage: Why did the police ALLOW these people to get on the Capital entry steps?
    IF THEY WANTED TO KEEP THEM OUT THEY COULD HAVE. Police are MANDATED to protect the capital entry. The police allowed this to happen.
    5th Stage: A very photographed riot. Who has the time to photograph a riot that your involved in? They knew it was going to happen and they were ready to follow through. What a wicked set-up!
    A woman was killed!
    The police killed a woman! What? They couldn’t take her down? These formidable officers could not take down a woman. Seriously? They had to kill her? Apparently she was expendable. Horrible!
    Antifa was the crowd in the Capital. Antifa were the rioters. Not us.
    Elizabeth S – – – –

    From Aaron G – – – –

    Okay. Some of you are going to not believe me on this item. But I swear on my Tenderfoot Scout Oath that this is real.

    My niece (one of several and most are as radical as I am) travelled to Washington DC with her husband to participate in the Trump Rally. I just got a text message update from her. They were in the group near the capitol building. They were not part of the group that made its way inside, but were close enough to watch.

    According to her, there was scaffolding in place where some construction was being done. They saw “protestors” climbing the scaffolding and making their way onto the steps and inside.

    Now for the fun part… The folks doing the climbing and the entering came on scene IN BUSSES ESCORTED BY THE DC POLICE. The word on the street (and I mean literally on the street) was that these were ANTIFA activists being escorted in.

    Yes, this is a bit hard to swallow. I believe my niece. I am convinced there was some skullduggery going on here.

    1. So you believe this was a contract with Antifa to infiltrate the Trump group and crash into the Capital Bldg. Maybe that is why folks on site saw the Capital Police opening gates and escorting Antifa to the doors of the Capital Bldg. Who paid ? Soros? Now Kamala is insinuating with hatred dripping from her ugly face how Trumpers will be punished. She is the most mean spirited ugly female who will soon be the President. She plans to put all Trump supporters in jail. Sounds like what the Communist Chinese are doing to the Tibetans and the Chinese Muslims–slave labor.. Is that the future of those who supported President Trump? The political hack from the Obama years and will be Jill’s assistant called all Trumpers FU&K**s on T.V.. Even Michael Mooch wants us all in jail.


    If you did not believe in the Deep State you can start believing right now. What happened at the Capitol today was no random act; it was the first of many daggers that the spurned Deep State will be stabbing into, what they believe, is the dying carcass of Donald Trump and the counter-Establishment movement he represents. This was a classic setup and, to his detriment, the President fell right into the trap.

    All was well until the rally in front of the White House ended and a percentage of the crowd started moving towards Capitol Hill. Upon reaching the Capitol they found Congress, in full session deliberating the fate of the election, essentially unguarded. How can this be? Even if the demonstrators were proven non-violent, would it not be prudent to provide enhanced security? Arm to arm cordon type of security? Yet that did not take place. The door was, to all intents and purposes, wide open. Criminal neglect or willful negligence? I opt for the latter. Why?

    There was still massive support for the President prior to today’s events. The best way for his foes to discredit DJT was to cast him into the role of a lunatic rabble-rouser and his supporters as skinhead louts. To accomplish that they needed a dramatic televised event. They staged one. I postulate that between the time of the end of the White House rally, and the far smaller movement to the Capitol, the crowd was infiltrated by leftist agitators posing as Trump supporters. 

    Implausible? Hell no! Implausible that it was not! Every massive Trump event has been nothing other than peaceful. How did this turn so badly wrong? Outside influence! So, led by outside agitators, overzealous Trump supporters were coaxed to storm the Capitol. Makes Trump look bad, but bad enough? 

    Somehow a hapless Federal officer shoots and kills one of the intruders. Game, set, match. Our unhinged President has blood on his hands and needs to be removed by the 25th Amendment two weeks prior to leaving office. His entire Presidency, legacy, and future influence on public affairs has been reduced to tatters. Throw his family into that bucket as well. The disruptive monster and his escutcheon have been neutered and we’re back to regular programming!

    The moral of this tale is that there is an embedded core of global elites that crosses borders and party/ideological lines and will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. Their agenda is likely not designed for the benefit of the American people or to maintain our traditional values. Donald Trump dared to go up against that agenda and he is feeling their full wrath for that impertinence. The Elites are trying to destroy him and the ideology he represents. 

    More people voted for Donald Trump than any sitting President in history and he lost to a cognitively impaired, corrupt career politician.

    How? Through barely disguised fraud on a massive scale. Now they are trying to finish the job by painting him as a lunatic despot when he dares question the validity of a rigged election. 

    The way in which this has been crafted to dis-empower and discredit Trump has been brilliant and meticulous. Even more so, it is frightening. We should be gravely concerned for our future.

    1. Maybe he didn’t fall right into it, but, maybe he played right into it. We all know he plays those games with the idiots. No one has been able to figure him out yet. I’ll bet he has something up his sleeve by playing right into their wishes. Trump is not anywhere close to being done.

      As the old saying goes, it ain’t over yet……

  31. Wolf has now joined the others who have sold out our President..this was a FF psyop done by the Deep State.. not by Trump supporters. Amazing how they are all showing who they really are. Trump did say a long time ago that the Swamp was deep.

  32. We know how the leftist, communist, socialist and un-American Demo-krats play the games. I know personally, I was lied, cheated and stolen from my human rights in the land where I was born. I know pretty well their game, but this was destined to be my LAST STOP and NO ONE, NO ONE is going to take away my freedom any more. WE ARE and WILL BE their PERMANENT RESISTANCE and their NIGHTMARES.

  33. Trump condemned the violence. Why is everyone blaming Trump for what happened? He called out the National Guard. Everyone turning on Trump is not okay. It just makes the people even angrier.

  34. The Deep State is deeper than we ever knew. Anyone with common sense knows Trump did condemn them, plus no true Trumper would do that in the first place.

  35. From the very first time I saw the window smashing this attack was just too easy for these guys. The plan all along was to do this and it was working out just fine. Backpacks and all smelled Antifa how could you miss it. Once in the building had no problem knowing just where to go and still little to no resistance. Capitol police are to be on their guard for this type of behavior – especially a day like this – yet it happened very easily. Just another of the many smears orchestrated from the inside against The President and the millions of us patriots.

  36. While I agree with the basic principle of Mr. Wolf’s statement concerning violent protest I still have a few bones to pick:

    •I wish he would have made a strong and pointed statement condemning the extremely violent terrorist groups of Antifa and BLM. These groups have been and continue to terrorize multiple cities and suburban communities around the entire nation.

    •I would request that Mr. Wolf not rush to judgment and condemnation of Trump supporters as the perpetrators of the destruction and violence on display at the Capital. It is basic common knowledge by any strategic military tactician that infiltration of a peaceful group by a secondary clandestine group of agitators to instigate, promote, and lead an insurrection event is not just possible but I highly suspect likely the explanation for yesterday’s violence. I viewed three separate photos of violent comrades committing violence at the Capital uprising that had corresponding photos of the same individuals committing violence at Antifa and BLM protests in multiple other states. I believe these are the primary culprits responsible for the violence at the Capital with a very few actual Trump supporters being tricked into going along for the “show” with the violent agitators. The unfortunate women who was tragically and wrongly shot to death presumably, (not verified and may be a Trojan Horse act by Antifa), by Capital police was shown on video that she was NOT acting in any violent manner. There was no legitimate reason for this woman to have been shot other than an evil act to promote and escalate additional violence.
    I also believe that some of the Capital police were under orders to act complicity with this clandestine agitational group. I watched an additional video of the police actually removing barricades to allow these violent agitators into the inner Capital grounds and these agitators then signaling to Trump supporters to follow them. This is pure Marxist color revolution 101. These group tactics have been used by the communists for a hundred years.

  37. Yes yesterday was tragic but so was all the burning and looting in several major cities but nothing was said or don’t to the rioters and looters why all of a sudden trump supporters are held in the lowest reguards. I think your priorities are so miss guided. Using your political system to control its people. You work for us. We are the people not congress, pelosi and all trash in congress yes I said trash because they are all in on all this deceitful stuff

  38. Violence against anyone is never to be tolerated or should it ever go unpunished particularly if it was a criminal act (reasonable self-defense actions always excluded).

    Further, NEVER should anyone jump to a conclusion and profess that anyone or any group is responsible for a violent act until all the facts are rigidly fixed.

    It is really a tragic and pathetic situation when a Government official, (whether appointed, hired, or elected) tries to advance his own expertise, and massage by visibility his own ego through violating our basic sentencing axiom, i.e., one is always innocent until proven
    beyond a reasonable doubt as guilty.

    It is even more abhorrent when the Head (acting or fully appointed) of a Federal Law Enforcement Agency, as in this case DHS, opens his mouth to spew completely unfounded and a non-investigated situation to take an uncorroborated position stating or implying the guilt or complicity of anyone or any group.

    Wolf took this position with conviction when he said, “some supporters of the President using violence as a means to achieve political ends.” At the time he said this he was fully and totally acting on his own personal assumption with absolutely no confirmation of the facts.

    I for one am thoroughly disgusted and more than tired with such behavior!

    But the problem is we as citizens are constantly confronted and some are more directly faced daily with this behavior from our socialistic politicians and those that complicitly support them in their vehement spouting, which they try to convince us is the normal way to do business. The concentrated hate spewing as a stable philosophy has been growing exponentially on our political stage for way over 100 years (1917).

    In the last 30 years it has become more visually prevalent and shown up on our Country’s stage. In the last 22 years it has become a staple of one-sided (partisan) politics.

    But it is only in the last five years that it has reached its apex and become a major political posture with its firm and unyielding foundation of socialism (i.e.,. Communism) in our Country.

    Anyone with any brains at all knows that hating extremist and terrorist infiltrate and use severe violent actions, including random killing, assassination of legal authority and the elimination of law enforcement, as a primary means to make citizens afraid to exercise their legitimate God given rights.

    But more recently in these our United States of American, it has become the normal means by which government officials, particularly elected official, in areas like California, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Oregon and Seattle–just to mention a few, have illegitimatized gatherings of normal citizens, and have postured their actions to cover up, enhance and justify terrorism by asserting that terrorism is a “legitimate” element of protesting.

    In fact, these politicians not only passively and openly support the acts of terrorist but more pointedly they by their non-corrective action, not using and defunding proper police authority and passive verbiage encourage and make it legitimate.

    If one studies the last 100 plus years of World History (since 1916 specifically), it becomes abundantly clear to those who have a reasonable intelligent quotient (above 65) that terrorist use infiltration of all gatherings of peaceful citizens to ensure the creation of a hate-on-hate condition between individuals and groups.

    Groups normally would resolve differences through reasonable verbal and written interactions and would conclude these interactions with a handshake. But, because of the ingraining of terrorism, these people find themselves, particularly now, on opposite sides of an issue with at least one side holding the philosophy that violence, property destruction, physical attack and killing are the only solution.  In otherwords, legitimate peaceful gathering of groups in opposition to one another cannot be allowed, and hate and fear must be the cornerstones of citizenship interaction and thus, population control.

    This is and can only be described as the open and blatant execution of a full terrorist insurgency.  As my peers know, since the ending of World War II, our Country, Asia, Africa, and at many times in other areas of the World, this disease is being openly, vehemently, and constantly used to infect a citizenry (not with-standing the COVID19 disease and any of its mutation).

    For Chad Wolf to jump up, particularly without firsthand information, and allude that he knows what factually happened in Washington DC yesterday shows just how unequipped, irrational and incapable he is of handling the position of Head of the Department of Homeland Security.

    But even worse it demonstrates how desirous he is of appeasing a political, partisan, and communist (socialist) philosophy. A philosophy which is completely contrary to the fundamental principles upon which our Country is and was founded. (Here we are not addressing wrondness of the implementation of the principles.)

    Regardless of Wolf’s resume, his background and employment in secondary and lower positions of responsibility, or his background in law enforcement, this one act is so grievous as to affirm he is generically and completely unfit for any title rolls. But, specifically, it shows how unfit he is to be head of a major federal security agency.

    (Although he may be able to handle the position of leader of a latrine cleaning detail, which could also make him fit to be a member of the Norman M. Thomas and Saul Alinsky’s Communist/socialist faction in Congress.)

    The President (or any real president) is and would be 100% in the right to remove this Mr. Chad Wolf from any consideration for head of HHS!

  39. IF only the few who were actually Trump supporters had burned businesses and cars while looting merchandise. Let’s not forget that a USAF veteran was executed by some trigger happy cop.

  40. Hey Wolf, are you part of the swamp, corrupt, or stupid? Trump shouldn’t be the one to say anything, it has always been the leftists that insight violence. I guess you are now flushed out as a traitor.


  42. Pure BS. The vast majority of the violence was perpetrated by Antifa members dressed like Trump supporters. If they don’t like what is going on here, where were they when anti Kavanaugh rioters broke into congressional offices?

  43. Where were the National Guard forces the mayor told us had been called up to keep the peace? The mayor and police chief knew there would be thousands of Trump supporting peaceful protesters. They also knew here would be hundreds, if not thousands, of Antifa and BLM mixing in with the crowd to cause violence. They should have called in a lot more police to keep what happened yesterday from happening. I am still waiting for the riots and burning because the police shot and killed an unarmed woman. Oh, that’s right, she was white, so it doesn’t count for the press and the racists over at BLM.

  44. They will eventually learn that Antifa infiltrated the Loyal to Trump Group. This was planned in advance. I still cannot bring myself to believe that a flawed career criminal who has shaken down businesses, lobbyists, other politicians and even uses his drug addled son in collecting political riches from foreign countries and Joe has crawled into bed with the Elites in the Chinese Communist Party. Good by USA.

  45. Antifa invaded this demonstration dressed in red and wearing Mega hats to blend in. The capital police were informed they would do this and they were bussed 8 and they caused this riot! This was not President Trumps fault but Antifa and George Soros !!!!

  46. The USA needs another registered political party besides the current demos and repubs
    Trump has his base of many many many followers will form up and others from the current two political parties could join up to form that new political party to make AMERICA MORE GRATER AGAIN

  47. Impeach Biden, Harris, pelosi, shummer,, . Tell Obama and wife to go to where ever their from and shut up. Term Limits now and forever. Impeach that idiot from Baghdad who wants to impeach trump. The people who came to support trump did not riot. Who shot the victims that died. They need to be investigated

  48. What a stupid idiot. Trump has already condemned the violence. It was not the Trump supporters that were causing the violence. It was the ANTIFA and BLM that had infiltrated the crowd that were causing the violence so that Trump could be blamed for the shenanigan’s and removed early. You liberal nitwits are so f****** brainwashed you can’t see the light because the shit has clouded your brains or what is left of them.

  49. I don’t know a single conservative that hasn’t condemned this as well as all of the destruction over the past 12 months.

    I don’t know a single liberal that ever condemned the BLM/Antifa destruction over the past 12 months.

    But, liberals sure are on board ignoring the BLM/Antifa members leading the charge on DC yesterday as they blame Trump for all of it.

  50. Someone from my area was identified as one of the people who broke into the capitol. Turns out he had a criminal past and probably was part of antifa who infiltrated the group of Trump supporters to make them look bad. These are scary times, especially when these democrats are threatening to destroy the lives of pro Trump supporters. I never heard a threat like that from Trump supporters against democrats, even as they stole the election.

  51. Wolfs statements show that he is and probably always has supported the “establishment D.C.”since he failed to mention confirmed Antifa,and BLM activists shown on facial I.D programs doing all the damage,and so he will be just another dishonest,disloyal discard!

  52. In the video it was really planned including those Antifa and BLM they planned it to blemish our President Donald Trump. God sees all this and beware God will do a terrible thing to everyone just wait. And may God bless our President Donald Trump and his family.


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