Former Trump Comms Director Slams His Response

Former White House Communications Director Alyssa Farah recently went on Fox News and slammed the President for his failure to “call off mob.”

According to Fox News:

“In a time when the president could have called off the mob, he did not decide to do so, and to me, that’s just a breaking point,” Farah, who resigned in December, told “America’s Newsroom” Friday.

Former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley told the RNC Thursday that Trump’s “actions since Election Day will be judged harshly by history,” with which Farah agreed.

“I respect the president. I worked for him. I’ve defended his policies and there’s much to be proud of, but Wednesday was a tragic day for our country and it is a breaking point,” she said.

Farah drove her point home here:

“It doesn’t mean there weren’t cases of fraud, there weren’t irregularities that should be pursued, but I was very uncomfortable with the public messaging going out claiming that the election was stolen and was going to be overturned,” she explained.

She said it is not fair to President Trump’s supporters to give false hope.

  1. I pledge allegiance to the Swamp of the Damp Cesspool of Washington DC,
    and to the Bureaucracy for which it stands, one money whoring body, 
    undercover, invisible, with contempt and punishment for all.

    1. Pelosi and the “Swamp” for Gitmo! I want a camera on her cell, so we can enjoy the feed everyday!!!!

        1. Doesn’t matter even if there’s images of that evil scum cutting a person up she won’t even get a slap on hand the Justice system is head of the cesspool from judges, to agents, to persecutors, they’re all evil scum

    2. What I don’t understand is why banning Trump or anyone else on Public Media doesn’t violate our 1st amendment, i.e. freedom of speech?

      1. It does but the communists including our courts ie Supreme Court have gotten away with it alllll..,,., this is a take over of our nation . A Russian once said they’d take over the U.S. without firing a shot! And they have ! But it’s China . Someone needs to use the 25th amendment , ( if it were possible) against pelosi because she is not in her right mind and sure as hell doesn’t care about The People!

      2. A big violation of 1st amendment but doesn’t matter it’s Trump being banned so the evil scum doesn’t care. This is just the beginning everyone has their guns hid real well I hope, they want them so we are totally defenseless, so we have no more power at all to save our families from them, the Democrats are pure evil scum they would get away with committing murder on live tv. Our freedom is almost gone might as well be the way the evil scum got away with stealing this election. I feel so violated, as should every other American. Little China is what America will be in 10 days, they’ll be able to behead us in the streets for our beliefs. Pedo Joe and his whore didn’t even get 10million votes let alone 81 million, come on between the both of them in the primaries couldn’t get 2 million votes ok Bernie had 2 times the votes those two had. Bill Barr needs to be hung right on the steps of capital for letting that go on

  2. These people are a trip. Where are these so called tough people when there were chaos in other cities and state that Antifa was destroying? These people are cowards and don’t have what it takes to do the job but caves into the democracts at every turn. This is not trump’s doing lady this is Congress and the police like others get your facts straight

      1. Do you recall? Maxine hollering?
        Rep. Maxine Waters called on her supporters to publicly confront and harass members of the Trump administration in response to the “zero tolerance” policy that led to the separation of families at the border.
        The California Democrat and vehement critic of President Donald Trump made the comments on Saturday, first at a rally in Los Angeles and later in a television interview. The comments, which come after several Trump administration officials have been recently protested at restaurants, have raised fresh questions about the state of American political discourse and were seized on by Trump for political gain.
        “Let’s make sure we show up wherever we have to show up. And if you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. And you push back on them. And you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere. We’ve got to get the children connected to their parents,” Waters said at the Wilshire Federal Building, according to video of the event.
        ”Mr. President, we will see you every day, every hour of the day, everywhere that we are to let you know you cannot get away with this,” she added.
        Waters appeared on MSNBC later in the day to double down on her remarks, saying she has “no sympathy” for members of the Trump administration.
        “The people are going to turn on them. They’re going to protest. They’re going to absolutely harass them until they decide that they’re going to tell the President, ‘No, I can’t hang with you.’”

      2. If memory serves me, didn’t Harris only get about 5% to 10% support when she was running in the primaries? So we have the dumbest and 2nd dumbest running our country. Hang on, the ride will be a doozy.

    1. The police were doing only what they were told to do by the Democrats I’m sure most of them disagreed. They were told to let antifa and BLM through I wonder why the people going over the wall were not tased or shot at in some way and why no mug shots why no histories on the people shot questions people questions

      1. If you look at the videos of the Americans angry with congress, the police opened the barricades for them to pass through –

        1. And if they didn’t they were fired. Just like all the nurses, doctors if they don’t say that the Covid-19 is true then they will be fired. Covid-19 is not a true pandemic it’s just another type of sars that attacks the respertol system just like any flu. They want us separated masked so they know every move we make. No one realizes that it’s the 5g that is killing us and or going to kill us.

        2. On instrx from Pelosi & Schumer.
          They planned it so Trump would look bad. He was ahead of them. Had Military white hats confiscate Pelosi &14 other laptops while BLM &Antifa roamed the capitol bldg. Gen
          Mcinerney says treasonous material found. Arrests will be made

        1. At least 3 Antifa, and one BLM, as these were identified
          …….via the videos, and their communist tattoos.

        2. Does it really matter albee babe? Your side has a different justic system. Look at your commie vp elect and listen to her comments. You are such a troll albee

      2. People who supposedly died at the Capitol were probably a cleaning up by the deep state of witnesses. Policeman that passed away probably one who came back after being told to go home prior to the people’s move to the Capitol. He likely found imposters at work as capitol police.

      3. Maybe so but didn’t they take an oath to protect from foreign and domestic threats? No one will stand up against any of it. And they kno they can get away with it. Because there’s no consequences.

      1. Get out of your rabbit hole. Just look at all the extremists that have been arrested and those that are pending arrest. None of them are Antifa. Listen to Hawley, Cruz and trump support the terrorists.

        1. Tony, you have made a very dangerous statement.
          We know where you live.
          We know where that gay guy lives who gives your daughter ‘ballet’ lessons, in his basement.

          1. Don’t threaten people! You may not agree with them, but no one needs to threaten anyone else or their families.

        2. well tony you mean that all year long antifa trash bag scum and burn loot and murder azzholes have been rioting and getting support from the media and bail money from that negro VP, but absolutely none of them showed up TO TRUMPS well announced rally .. guess that shows how litte folks really do know that think that cnn is a news channel .

        3. Thats because they claim ANTIFA is not a organization but a idea…just like Trumpism. Oh citizens if a person tells you to stick your head in a fire are you going to do it. Hell no by that admission those who causede choas did it of their own accord an will be dealt with under the law.

          1. That is correct. No one made those who broke in and caused injury and destruction to go there.

        4. None of them support those who broke in and attacked police and did other damage. I have watched and listened to exactly what they said. You evidently have not! Don’t believe what you hear from others, listen to them yourself.

        5. So far t least 3 Antifa, and one BLM, as these were identified
          …….via the videos, and their communist tattoos.

        6. Your pretty dumb the police couldn’t use any force on them . And no bail was allowed! CNN reporting “a peaceful March” while on camera buildings were being burnt down and people’s livelihoods destroyed! And Kamala Harris started a fund page to bail em out where there was bail, with the Hollywood elites support.

    2. Yes and he did call for peace! It’s on video. They choose to ignore that like everything else he has done.

        1. He said “peaceably march” to capito. Said nothing whatsoever about storming it. The people who did, did so on the orders of Pelosi and Schumer (paid BLM and Antifa actors to destroy Trump. However USMilitary infiltrated the group and confiscated Pelosis and 14 other laptops that Gen McInenry says contain treasonous evidence of a Democratic coup to overthrow Trump. Arrests are coming
          Nancy may get new orange dress and Pence a new necktie for certifying a false election. Trump will be President on Jan. 20, 2021.

    3. e-nuf-z-nuf wrote a while back…
      “Obama is my shepherd, I shall not work,”
      “He maketh me to lie down and watch Oprah;”
      “He leadeth me beside the still factories (the EPA closed down)..”
      “He restoreth my bling;”
      “He leadeth me in the paths of idleness for Barack’s name sake”
      “Yea though I walk through the valley of the sharing of the wealth,”
      “I will fear no workfare; for thou art funding me.”
      “Thy Gat and thy blade, they comfort me.”
      “Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of people who actually produce;”
      “Thou anointest my teeth with gold; my pipe runneth over.”
      “Surely rebates and earned income credits shall follow me all the days of my life,”
      “I will dwell in the house of Obama (and Biden) forever”

      ( my two cents worth..)

      1. Don’t you know that old lady speaker of the house said you can’t say the words wife, daughter, son, and ects, but saw she used them on her social cite!!!!!!!!!! Also after the pledge he said amen and awomen????? This is so SAD!!!!!!! God only know what else they are planning.

    1. Why didn’t Biden call off the mob the one that’s going to bring us together, he was hiding in his basement watching it all

        1. he was hoping they would find some air head mental hate Trumpers hanging around outside in the gay girlie outfits .. must have missed so many of them because they are still commenting on social media. Of course soon the media will be solely for the fools, may change the name to “foolarama” where the mentally incapable gather to masterbate their tiny intellects hoping they will grow a few cells or so ..

        2. Call them off HOW ?? Go in front of the building and scream at them ? He was on TV telling them to go home, and that didn’t work. I wish you were there to tell him the best way to get it done.

      1. Seriously he and his partners , Harris or obama didn’t say a word on the antifa terrorists all summer. He just shot his big mouth blaming President Trump. Oh wait a minute isn’t that what him and Obama did for 8 horrible years blaming Bush ?! 😬

    2. Anyone notice that the FBI and DOJ blamed Trump supporters for the riot? What about all those BLMs and Antifa characters dressed in combat gear! Knee pads, elbow pads, flak jackets, tear gas, etc,etc.

      1. Trump has been in charge of the FBI and DOJ for four years.

        How many Antifa/BLMs have been arrested?

        1. unfortunately the mental midgets do not know that the President has to ask the governor to intervene with federal troops.Not only that why should they call the president when their supporters are burning looting and murdering in the name of free speech.. we have watched those worthless azzholes talk schitt about caring about their supporters as they destroy the cesspools .. many were finally arrested, but then released to assault other Real American Trump supporters. The worthless Trump haters will soon be eating schitt and enjoying it as their 47 year criminal asshole and his negro Vp slut .

    3. By telling the mob to not occupy and trash the Capitol.
      The Trumpists are loyal patroits.
      Loyal to Trump.
      And only Trump.
      He could have kept this from happening.
      He is a casino owner.
      He bet against the House.
      The House always wins.
      They control the odds.

    4. all leftist scum bags and moron hate Trumpers NEVER even heard the speech they are repeating schitt that they heard on cnn and the other sewage outlets that they think are news media ..

    5. democRATS tell me how many rallies TRUMP had and there was VIOLANCE????????? If there was anything it was started by the demoRATS!!!!! From what I heard there was to have been people there at the door to talk to the TRUMPERS but they didn’t do that which show what liars they were. NO WAY I BELIEVE the Trumpers started this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. I forgot to ADD the DC POLICE knew there was going to be a RALLY but made no attemp to have the police out there, there were wanting this to happen. I also heard there was a bus found that transpoted the ANTIFA into DC!!! I saw they were identified in videos!!!!!!!!! Anything to make TRUMP look bad!! They are afraid of TRUMP and the TRUMPERS and the elections for 2022 and 2024 and beyond!!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA, we are going to need it!!!!!!!!!

        1. It was a distract to. To incite fear so they wouldn’t vote against the electoral votes. Or to have the investigation. Just like they’ve done with covid which has 99.7% recovery rate.

  3. It’s time to pile on. However, once the smoke dies down, the information gets out and Americans wake up to what really happened this last year they will be appalled. There is nothing they can do to undo it but at least they will know how to move forward without too much damage to the Republic in the next four years. If it’s too little too late, well so be it. Good people will find another plot of land and build a new Republic. If we’re lucky it will last 275 years.

    1. YES! Loyalty and honesty are no longer the character traits of MOST politicians and MANY school teachers!

        1. You would know all about that wouldn’t ya little flake. We all know that if the jug eared halfrican dropped trou you’d be on your knees gobbling.

        2. guess jo biteminehole should have already been up against the wall along with millions of kenyan boy supporters, those ignorant hos ..

    2. Why did they quit?
      Why were they fired?
      Good managers attract and retain good people.
      How many of Trump’s hires have been good people?

  4. In all fairness to the President, what did you really expect?. He accomplished more in four years than the previous three presidents, while working under a constant attack from those that should have supported him, while working tirelessly and donating his salary, to find himself cheated out of re-election and zero support from the legal system to make things right. The country has thrown him over for the same old corruption we’ve gotten used to. The shame is on us…..not Donald Trump.

    1. A big beautiful full length wall, not 470 miles of temporary steel fence that Mexico did not pay for.
      Reducing the national debt by ten percent per year.
      Denuclearized Iran and North Korea.
      Lower/middle income real income growth.
      Elimination of import taxes.

      1. your home boy f ed the USA for 8 years and now he has pimped that negro hore onto the stage using his former leg humper as a Trojan Horse… and mental midgets across the country voted for jo&thho, almost 55 Million, 81 Million plus voted for Donald J Trump and the chink owned democrat supported dominion hore hoppers vote software changed those votes..

  5. Haley, you are wrong. Trump did tell his supporters to march on, but peacefully. it was antifas and BLM reprobates who infiltrated the others and broke into the capitol How do you think Trump could have stooped this? The DC police were even told antifa and BLM people were there and they did nothing.Did you not see Representative Gohmert so state this on TV. You are disappointing.

    1. ALSCV, I just wonder how much the BLM and Antifa were paid to do this. The truth will come out but unfortunately, not fast enough. Turns out Nicki Haley and Farrah were only backing Trump to get what they could and now back stabbing him like all the other Democrats. How sad. Wolves in Sheep clothing :(:(

  6. Let the RATS jump ship, they will drown. It really doesn’t matter who it is, President Trump has the backing of over half the country….and it is WE THE PEOPLE who hold all the power when it comes right down to it. This could actually be a blessing in disguise, now we and President Trump know who the RATS are. There have been so many TRAITORS around him throughout his Presidency and now hopefully they will all come out and show themselves for who they really are and for all to see. We will not forget!

    1. I agree McConnel and Graham got their wins on the tail of Trump supporters and now they have turned. Question was did they ever really support him or did they see the writing on the wall of relelection if they didn’t. There are young hopefuls up and coming in the party.

  7. replayed his speech prior to the riot began… first no one in the crowd looked like anyone of those climbing the wall… or the pictures taken in the capital building! Second Trump did a great speech pretty much the same speech he does at every Rally! He told the people keep fighting for America! Don’t give up! He never said go riot and break the door down! Thank God for him!! We are losing our rights! Socialism has won!! He will and needs to keep fighting for America! He is the only one who has the guts to do it!

    1. A good observation. I also observed that the people in the crowd listening to Trump looked nothing at all like the scurvy bunch who was climbing the wall and invading the Capitol building. We are talking about two different groups.

  8. Well, it is really making it hard to say nice things about our Republican representatives in Washington, DC. The Lisa Murkowski and the Mitt Romney crowd have no principals. when tough or difficult situations they jump ship but if they want something they don’t mind groveling. These dishonest politicians will be the cause for the changes coming to America. I have tried to call, write and email my Senator, Mike Crapow for four years and no response. I don’t believe the drunk will run again but if he did, I can tell you I would primary him to he decided to quit. Pelosi and her ilk could have been stopped but spineless Republican members of congress finally showed their stripes. Mc Connell and Graham make me sick. Our voice must be heard, NO MORE MONEY for those who do not support and live by the policies of the Republican Party, WE DID NOT ELECT YOUR CONSCIENCE. We voted for because of what you said. Remember that!

    1. Why do so many elected Repblicans keep turning on Trump?
      No elected Nazis ever dared turn on Hitler.
      Hitler knew how to maintain party displine.
      Trump is just a weak semblance of the greatest leader the world has ever known.

  9. A stolen election, and a bunch of spineless,gutless,repukes bowing down, to the death party, to screw over the American people again, we have the banana republic u idiots, were wishing for. A senile,old,corrupt,dementia,78 yr old,racist,traitor,leading us into the abyss,and beyond destruction,prepare for the worst.

  10. His Twitter feed was suspended, Lady. How was he to convey that message? Moreover, he did try. I heard it. Didn’t she?

    1. Trump can convey his message by going on televison or the radio just like our 16 Presidents.
      Smart phones all have TV and radio.

  11. The Rats within the Administration are trying to firm up their positions in the D.C. Cesspool hoping top get lucrative lobbying jobs or join the Democrat Crime Cartel Propaganda Machine as expert commentators. I hope they enjoy the thirty pieces of silver.

    1. The Democrats will steal a lots more then just 30 pieces of silver from us. You people never realize why they wanted to get rid of president Trump starting before he was in office. They knew that he would find out what they were really doing to the American tax payer. Hell ,check it out they even had the top FBI and CIA leaders in on the take and that was another reason they try so hard to get Trump out —And that was just the icing on the cake to start with.

      1. They have just begun , big fish to fry as they start the attack of free speech. Trump will be designated as a terrores’t and any one behind him will be arrested as one also. Don’t think so? look what they did to the guy drawing a picture during Bengasi.

      2. The Democrat Crime Cartel is just that a massive leviathan of a criminal organization comprised of politicians, academicians, media personalities, and Bureaucratic Deep Staters. They use legislation to launder money they extort from the productive people’s living wages through a punitive tax system to line their own pockets and those of family and associates, plus for vote buying scams such as welfare and food stamps. They also use their positions to destroy and censor anyone who opposes them Red Dawn is here for real and it wasn’t some outside invasion force. It is a massive subversive criminal organization posing as a legitimate political party, known as the Democrat Crime Cartel. They are truly the enemy within Joseph McCarthy was destroyed trying to warn us about in the 40’s and 50’s.

  12. He did put out a message, I think on Twitter (which was promptly removed by Twitter) to stop the invasion.

  13. People need to get the facts first before you start condemning someone. I seen what was happening and I said oh no that’s not President Trump’s supporters. I knew it had to be BLM or Anitifa. Our President and his supporters was set up by the Democrats. Them people was paid to do that. Democrats will do anything to keep the POWER but guess what God has more POWER than any of us. I’m standing still praying and watching the hands of God move.

    1. Amen! 🙌 You are right. I was watching and said the same thing. So obvious. Shows how scared and desparate the Democrats are.

      1. You forgot we can’t say Amen after the prayer in the house of representatives they are now saying Amen and Awomen.

  14. Haley is wrong History – conservative history will judge Trump fairly. The liberals will not. Do you not know the antifas and BLM anarchists infiltrated the Trump supporters? hey are, by and large the ones who broke into the capitol. This was verified by several Representatives, one being Mr. Ghormert. He stated the DC police was warned about this and they did nothing.Now the police chief has resigned. The wrong one resigned; the mayor should resign. She did noting just as she did earlier when the anarchists ransacked DC. Do some research Haley and be quiet !

  15. People Are pissed, He Did Call For Calm People Go Home In Peace, A Good Excuse For People To Blame Him One More Time. If Biden Wants Unity, He Will Tell The People To. MovOn..You Have No Idea What Information Is Out There..

  16. Haley and Farah are politically dead to real Republicans. Haley and Farah are both loyal to the DC swamp and are showing that their concern is for themselves.


  18. I guess all those weapons of mass destruction. Huh! I knew they were here somewhere. Damn! How many are lost and physically lost due this. How about Benghazi. Of course Slick Willie. Twin towers was really due to his laxity of office. Learning to fly planes right under our noses !!!!

  19. How misguided Ms. Haley is. Trump supporters are God supporters…God who is in charge and He has plans for president Trump like 4 more years as for you and your ilk He has plans for you too.

  20. She simply thinks she is saving her future in politics. She actually threw it away all by herself. The Democrats will never touch her. The Republicans know that if a person turns on their organization they will easily do it again.

  21. President Trump nor Trump supporters did this capital bs. It was set up by congress, pigleosi, schumer, senators, mcconell,pence. Who the hell you liars trying to convince of that. AMERICAN’S RULE AND AMERICAN’S WILL PREVAIL AND STAND STRONGER THEN YOU RAT’S 💪. LORD HAVE MERCY ON THE SOULS OF THESE PATHETIC, WORTHLESS, LIEING, CHEATING RAT’S. IN GOD WE TRUST. AND GOD BLESS THE USA 🇺🇸. 🇺🇸. RATS DO GET CAUGHT IN THERE OWN STICKY TRAPS. LORD HEAR MY PRAYER IN JESUS NAME I PRAY THIS AMEN 🙏

  22. Another person trying to protect her future. This Constitutional Republic is under attack from even the 11 % congress. BLM and Antifa can riot, set buildings of middle class people on fire, attack federal court houses, spit and attack police and absolutely escape the halls of justice. Rule by curbing free speech and ignoring the Constitution as the FBI, CIA, DJ (I am the presidents wing man – so said his AG), and the Clinton’s all escaped the Lady of Justice. Where was the mayor of DC when her “friends” were attacking the WH? Pelosi spent her time tearing up the State of the Union address and ignoring COVID while launching a FAKE impeachment. A president experiencing over 4 years of constant harassment and interference – but look what he accomplished while Congress “slept.”

  23. Did you read or hear what President Trump told the marchers, stand down and stand by, in normal language it means back off and wait for further instructions.

  24. Awww, girlfriend. You’re just hoping someone will give you a job now that you’ve stabbed your boss in the back. Here’s a hint: they won’t! Enjoy your future in the bread lines that the other side is setting up for you.


  26. Hmmm, strange as I seem to recall Trump doing just that, telling them to act peacefully (nit exactly his words but meant the same thing!
  27. I seem to remember differently than she does…she should hit the bricks and resign! Not a necessary person anyway

  28. Trump did not call for violence. Trump DID call to stop the rioting but MEDIA giants interfered and obstructed that message!! Those media giants need some prison time along with the rest of the swamp creatures who actually stirred all this up!! Can’t happen too soon…We need Trump back at work supporting the American people and continuing those promises he made!!

  29. I just seen that President Trump is starting THE REVENGE TOUR FOR 2024. There investigation going on about voter fraud. Share what you know. WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS TOGETHER. GOD is in control and it’s not over.

  30. She has her own goals. We know that the elections were stolen, we also know that the big majority of the demonstrators were peaceful. We know they were peaceful when Trump spoke. If Trump had stopped them then he would have been accused of denying our rights of peaceful demonstration. Let’s be serious

  31. Isn’t this the way it seems to always work out for republicans??
    These morons who breached the Capitol only succeeded in totally destroying the good things that Trump has accomplished.
    These goofs should have known that they could not do what blm and antifa did.
    They should have known that the media rage and public outcry for sitting in pelosi’s desk chair would be 100 times worse than burning police stations, setting fires to occupied buildings, looting stores, beating store owners and killing people.


  33. No one can say how much fraud occurred since the investigators were denied access to the ballots and machines. There is growing evidence of massive fraud from Italy, etc.. The results of the election proves that future elections will be contests on who can cheat the most.

  34. I guess it depends on where you get your news. Trump did not condone the riot on 01-06-2021 at the white house. If you democraps want a war I am ready. The Republicans have a few cities to burn down and people to kill before they catch up with you.

  35. President Trump was blocked from sending a message to supporters requesting civility in behavior on Wednesday evening by Twitter , but Twitter blocked President Trump’s account!

  36. It’s also not good to be lied to by Democrats that have lied since he first became the nominee. Demos will go down and it is we the people that shall take down a tyrannical government. Pelosi just committed treason to go to joint chiefs to take code from President Trump. When will she be tried and hanged for treason? DOJ has not made any move to do their job. Citizens have a right to justice regardless of who committed it. No one is above the law including Democrats. Clinton should have already been hung. Shift and Nadler along with the rest of Democrats for their push of false russia allegations’. The entire Democrat party and MSM was in on it from beginning. We will not give up our guns to the marxist Dems for that is what they fear – an armed populous that will appose them! And assure u i will be among them

  37. I do NOT hold PRESIDENT TRUMP, responsible in any way for the crowd actions in DC. I fully support the President and side with his views on the election. ALL states MUST get their “shit in one sock” and clean up their voter rolls. I know for a fact there ARE discrepancies with government records and with modern data sharing, the records CAN and Should be cleaned up. I just received a letter from my local government and found out that my brother-in-law was still listed as a property owner, he has been “dead” for a number of years and I have the cert to prove such which was issued locally. Computer programs can be written to “adjust outcomes”, your vehicles do it almost every day. Wise up people!!

  38. Doesn’t it sound reasonable that IF Trump supporters started this surge into the Capital that they would have done it at the END of the vote not the beginning? Storming the Capital before any votes were cast (to anyone with a brain) would ruin everything. Which it did. Who wanted to ruin the opposition to the Electorial votes? Trump wanted the opposition heard.

  39. Do not think the ones that instigated the violence would have listened to the President.
    Some are blaming the wrong people. They had all summer to condemn the violence.

  40. Trump while POTUS without any evidence has been called Hitler, a war monger, a fascist, a xenophobe, a racist, a con man, an abuser, an abject failure unfit for office of the POTUS, and a danger to world peace and prosperity by every MSM outlet and the entire DNC. The MSM and the DNC do not exhibit any civility or reasoned thought, and are nothing but haters. As citizens of the greatest country to have ever existed YOU are failing to uphold the foundations that made America great.

  41. How, pray tell, was he supposed to call of the mob? He never intended there to be a mob or any violence. Most of the people in that crowd were peaceful. Where were those who broke in located? I would guess from what I have read from people who were there, once the doors were open, people went in. I doubt everyone crawled through the window.

  42. Farah is a weak, spineless individual who thinks it is always someone else’s fault when something happens rather than the individuals who do it!

    It is not President Trumps fault the idiots who were destructive did what they did! It was the individuals.

    I listened to the Presidents speech and NOTHING he said could be construed as an act of insurrection!

  43. Separation of wheat and tears. Now we know and Trump knows who can be trusted and who can’t. Hopefully he is 5 steps ahead in this chess game and the “tears” are playing out moves that will destroy them in the end. We need an honest party to represent the people. No more Dems or Republicans. Hopefully we can become truly UNITED States. All for one and one for all the people!

  44. Everyone should close tweeter, FB, Instagram accounts, dump their stock if own any before they are worthless, stop buying from Amazon, buy direct from the seller/merchant don’t wait.

  45. Talk about a knee-jerk reaction. God help us all if the Dems & Rinos receive a threat against America & act first & “think” later. With this “election” we are all screwed, & any freedoms that we HAD have just evaporated, compliments of that WICKED WITCH sitting in the Speaker’s chair.

  46. The media is to media is the blame of all the violence in America, the lies and enormous lies are the cause of violence and division them and the evil Democrats. He moron reporters I heard with my own ears and seen with my own eyes Trump went on live tv and told the breachers not to breach and be peaceful that we are the party of law and order, where the hell was your lying ass when he gave the speech you lying disgusting evil pigs. All lying ass reporters should be in jail and banned from reporting for life, they are evil scum feeding people disinformation everytime they open their disgusting lying mouths . Public hanging for all lying ass reporters

  47. Evil will censure the truth they won’t post my comment about the media is the cause of the hate in America

  48. Ya I think I’m gonna call my lawyer in the morning can’t believe tnt is putting this crap I just might own them at least a piece

  49. A Monopoly exists. In the past Companies often had to divest strategic parts of their business in order to ensure future competition. Apparently these companies, Apple, Amazon, and Google have joined forces to oust competition from Parler. They wanted to cut off Trump’s line of communications which could be considered a violation of his freedom and also a security threat tom our nation. When a company can delete, or ban, a president, while allowing enemy political parties, and foreign countries, to post whatever they want with impunity. It clearly show they are biased, and breaking every law which protects them. But Congress, the FCC, and the Justice Department ignores these gross violations of freedom of speech and threat to our very National security. Their license to operate should be suspended until they agree to operate fairly.

  50. Has anyone heard of the movement to return your tax forms with just a signature? You are not required to fill in blanks and possibly incriminate yourself. Let them take 74 million people to court

  51. Everyone should close tweeter, FB, Instagram accounts, dump their stock if own any before they are worthless, stop buying from Amazon, buy direct from the seller/merchant don’t wait DO IT NOW.


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